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    Please check this song jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-UtjFu8c_goE.html I just a kiroro lover and why you let this dirty thing,

  2. BlueGuy

    Shame on you guys for blocking stuff worldwide!

  3. Dice Phoenix

    Lowlife corporate scum pissing on long time dead JP-newsr's grave with copyright takedown. Hell is too good for you.

  4. Icey

    Victor Entertainment, Inc....why do you do this? I just started, I am just trying to have fun and showing people, hoping they will have fun as well so I ask nicely and I will not start up anything or do anything if you just remove the Copyright strike I got, thank you.

  5. ancalyme

    Why are you filing copyright claims against license-free vocaloid songs???

  6. dhrcat


  7. Maxter Scorpbrother

    Esto será en español, pero esta mierda hizo que ya no pueda escuchar soundtracks en youtube, mejor vean el canal de GilvaSunner

  8. Eduardo Ubaldo

    i encourage you all to report this channel for fraud and anything else you can think of. they are ruining people channels and reputations, and above all else restricting creators from creating content for us viewers on youtube, which cannot be idly passed by. "DONT WAIT - `REPORT TODAY!"

  9. Eduardo Ubaldo

    fuck you victor entertainment group, once you put info onto the internet IT STAYS THERE FOREVER YOU CANT CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS WITH IT ONCE ITS UP. its only a matter of time until the community finds a way to destroy your channel here on youtube if you keep up the copyright claiming

  10. MysticSeireitou

    You people are the worst assholes. It's people like you that make the world so fucked up. Fuck all of you.

  11. Fajar Bagus R

    Dear Victor Entertainment I want post my video cover guitar of song LM.C - GaMuShaRa... Can I get Permission from you to publish my video ?? or maybe i can post after LM.C tour Done ?? please reply

  12. Dovaah

    Why did you try to block everything? I just want to listen to the music from an almost-two-decade-old anime. There's no way to block it - there's always a way around it. It just makes the people giving the copyright strikes look like an ass and annoys their fanbase.

  13. Coci 1Am

    can someone explain me why there isn't the full version of Dangerman and rainbow from Se7en ?

  14. Albert Wolford

    Victor Entertainment, go fuck yourself, your that shit, Blocking Creator Content videos without no reason other than just place ads on the vids, but nope, your that retarded, so, if you haven't read this letter, than still Fuck you. Sincerely, SOS P.S Fuck you Twat.

  15. _ PiNeapple

    Hey! Please answer the channel builder. I have received this copyright strike email from JP-news and have come to this channel. I am really sorry I violated copyright. It seems to be a matter of song. So we deleted only some of the copyrighted songs and provided them. I'm really sorry. I will not do it next time.

  16. Tr3TownMusic

    Hey Victor Ent I was wondering recieve a Content ID claim from you guys on my video 'How U Feel' jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-CTqC0u-_L0A.html

  17. Spiritas

    Been dying to listen to some of Yuki Kajiura's work from the Dot.Hack series, any idea why I can't find any of it? You guys do know that whenever you block content that it shows that it was you guys who did it right? Why own an entertainment company if you are just going to hoard all of the hard work of talented people from the world, you fail at your main purpose. You are failures.

  18. Conner Anderson

    Please remove your strike on kitty0706's mass defect video. It pisses me off to no end that you would block a dead man's youtube video. Disgusting.

  19. Amano Hashidate


  20. greta galleta

    hola con todo respeto, porque no puedo ver sus vídeos, no es justo que los artistas se esfuercen y se quieran dar a conocer y lo que ustedes hacen es que todo su esfuerzo sea en vano. espero que algún día pueda ver los vídeos se su canal.

  21. Waponiw00

    Really, the problem isn't Victor Entertainment, it's JP-news trying to force JP-news Red (a worthless service) down content provider's throats, and V.E. standing up and saying "no". Unfortunately, this hurts Victor's label. I miss Live Moon.

  22. Brian Cebula

    And I thought Harmony Gold was bad. Please let people in the US, who do not have access to your artist's entertainment..(AKA : Walkure ). I would think you could at least market a performance with one video's release!

  23. メKawaiiYanderleeメ

    Great job at claiming stuff that is not yours, nerd. Like what, do you own Vocaloid or something? Get a life

  24. TreetopDraws

    Im watching a series on youtube, and they use your music about every other episode. SO I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT GOING ON. :/

  25. tatsuya

    今 TBSでやっている音楽の日という番組で 午後2時から午後9時までの部の中で、はなわのお義父さんという歌をはなわが歌ってました いい曲ですね 売れているかのかな?

  26. Haruu 2902

    Te odeio Victor Entertainment :3

  27. Spiritas

    Why bother creating shit if you're not going to let anyone enjoy it.

  28. Dylan Doxey

    I don't understand why Victor doesn't want to generate sales among fans outside of Japan. We can't buy Sakanaction videos, and we can't watch on youtube. WTF?

  29. Tomoki -

    I got a copy right strike on my new channel on the 3 video because of this person noe victor entertainment you better stop before all the people on JP-news go after you because I'm one step of blocking you so quiet trying to take people channels down

  30. Otaku Anonymous

    Just because we used a part of one song from the Devil May Cry soundtrack for our DMC Abridged series, you're gonna be dicks and file a copyright strike on us? Good job. Hope you're happy hurting the anime fandom by doing this to so many people. Your mothers must be so proud of you. :P

  31. Matthew Booth

    You stupid pieces of rubbish, you're only forcing people to seek out your media in ways you can't control, you had a chance to actually generate a market but instead you got all self-righteous about it.

  32. Megurine Luka

    Dear Victor Entertainment, I have never seen such blatant irresponsible and LAZY use of the JP-news copyright system. You deserve every single bit of hate you get.


    So i got copyright claim because of the song that release 15 years ago of Ghost in the Shell SAC soundtrack. Ok i understand the claim or strike whatever you guys think but why all Yoko Kanno work never show in Music Policies?...When i typing your company name, all the songs show doesn't relate to Yoko work especially 'Run Rabbit Junk' song. So what the problem...? I have two reason include that song in my video,Creativity and Free-Promote. So yeah here my answer for you guys, don't get greedy. Mainly because you don't have to pay us because we promote the song for free, if someone ask what or name of song i just simply share to them so they know and will buy the song directly to you. Second, If the your song didn't show in Music Policies, don't interfere someone work or study project. That is the bad move, making customer avoid your product and many singers left and make new song in other company better than you guys. My are entertainment gaming video and anime fanart etc. If there a greedy involve on song that i share along with my video, i just remove it or re-editing with new song and promote it. Right now i re-upload the video got claim before without song, even tho there a song in in-game but it the 2 reason why i include it in the first place. So don't misleading your customers, don't take they hard work money and most importantly don't destroy your fan and youtubers that helping you for promote your product by composer and singers.

  34. it's joke

    FREE LEAH DIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Francine Parker

    I just want to watch sss warror cats is that a crime you fish head eating jerks

  36. TBK Julles

    Victor Entertainment へ、 あまりにも長い間、会社はアメリカ人から日本の音楽を奪ってしまった。私たちがしたいのは、日本のアーティストが作った素晴らしい音楽を聞くことだけです。だから、収益化されている限り、JP-newsのユーザーがあなたからコンテンツを投稿できるようにしてください。シンプルな解決策は、会社の収益化を行い、アメリカで許可することです。ご協力お願い足します。 敬具、 アメリカのJP-newsコミュニティ English: Victor Entertainment, For too long, your company has taken away Japanese music from Americans. All we want to do is listen to the amazing music that is produced by Japanese artists. So please, reconsider allowing JP-newsrs to post content from you, as long as it is monetized. The simple solution is to take monetization for the company, and allow it in America. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Sincerely, The American JP-news community.

  37. A Cat


  38. Inquisitor Chloe

    Fuck you scum, give Kitty0706's video back, the guy died from Leukemia, and the money made is going to cancer research. I doubt you even own a single thing in that video.

  39. pottskiller doompotts

    Hey dumbasses, blocking your videos based on country isn't going to encourage me or anyone else to buy them via imports. In fact it guarantees I will never spend a dime on your shit. Retards.

  40. bulbinking

    Fuck you guys.

  41. Starflight, Basement Dragon

    How fucking dare you block Mass Defect from being viewed in the United States. That video has been up for six years and YOU'VE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH IT UNTIL NOW. *ahem* Please take off the copyright bullshit that I know you don't have the right to do, kay, thanks.

    1. Starflight, Basement Dragon

      The creator of it is dead, and you disrespect him by limiting how many people can view his efforts. Fuckers.

  42. MystPlaysGames

    Nights Belongs to SEGA Not you

  43. Jeremy Riley

    Nice. Flag smoke072's video because you claim it has content you own when it's very obvious you do not. I hope you liars get sent to court by the real copyright holders and have your pants sued off.

    1. Jeremy Riley

      And now, you block a longplay of Gungrave by Longplay Archives for the same BS reason. This is the exact reason why we, the people, hate you, and the reason why we wish you would change and make your content available for viewing in the States.

  44. Utharlon Whydoesgoogleallowyoutohaveanamethislong

    I know I'm really late to this party but I am really sad that I am now going to be unable to listen to my favorite playlist on youtube that I had been listening to for years. I wouldn't even have known what vocaloid and stuff like that was if I hadn't listened to and liked that playlist. I don't speak japanese and I can't read it I just liked the music and now I have no way of retrieving this or finding it from whatever japanese company owns it and copyright striked it down in the US only from what I can tell. Is there no way I can get this music legally anymore if I live in the US? IS there any way I can fix this? Will I just have to learn to read japanese so I can find your company and figure out why it is you have taken such a harsh stance on this? Please help.

  45. Cody Gutridge

    Fuck you for blocking the video of a dead youtuber.

  46. ZionThe Lion

    can you do all of the youtube community a favor and stop being a fucking prick

  47. ZionThe Lion

    hey just wanted to inform you that my video that you put a copyright claim on didn't even have any music in it i still have not even put any music on it

  48. McSherreh

    I'd make you pay for taking down my video if I spoke Japanese! Ohhh I so would

  49. DTylerFultzVA

    Dearest Victor Entertainment, Screw you for trying to copyright-claim something that you don't own even when it's under fair use, screw everyone else who thinks they're doing justice by doing so, and screw you for being cheap, moneygrubbing little bastards. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be sitting in my room, plotting your imminent, bloody, and painful demise that will have you begging for death. Your best option for survival is to stay locked in your room, keep the lights off, don't eat, don't drink, don't even think about going outside, and instead opt for staying holed up and wallowing in your own filth and excrement. Sincerely, Your Worst Nightmare

  50. DTylerFultzVA

    Did you seriously block my video for a music track you don't even OWN? Copyright Nazis...