I live in the East Bay, California
When I was two years old my parents made a horrible mistake and bought a nintendo, (For themselves) and it has been a giant orgy of video gaming (For me, not my parents.) ever since.
I'm a feline enthusiast and full time kitty slave (according to the cat) who also dabbles in music production, broadcasting, and various other performance arts.
I'm an avid runner, and enjoy getting out to enjoy nature equally as much as I enjoy experiencing video game worlds.
I hope you enjoy my videos. :D
PO BOX 10602
NAPA CA 94588
Press / Business inquiries : Splattercatgaming[at]gmail.com
A HUGE thank you / shoutout to Agge Göthe for the channel art! His portfolio :www.deviantart.com/?q=zxoqwikl

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