Hope enjoyed and if you want to
and if you guys would like to play with em sometime on stream then this is my PSN name Opticphantom14 have a great day and love ya

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  1. dmstewart924

    bro you got 5 million views

  2. Optic Saga

    Love all the support on the channel really appreciate it,love you guys and I will get some good streams in this week so come out to the streams and enjoy

  3. TGN - Chris

    Hi Optic Saga, I wanted to follow up in regards to a email I sent you. It was about a business offer - cchapa@tgn.tv

  4. yaboi dacow3

    sub to me im doing a x box ? ps4 give a way at 1000 subs

  5. Optic Saga

    I am streaming today for as long as I can to celebrate 1k and hopefully I can do a cool video for this great moment but that is only going to happen if you guys keep supporting the channel thanks for the support on the streams and see you later for the stream today

    1. shahroz hassan

      np bro