Pastel Cat Worldへお越し頂き有難うございます。こちらのチャンネルでは、好奇心旺盛でおてんば姫のネコ吉と、元裏庭のボス猫で体の大きなボス吉の日々の出来事から、お散歩、猫用品レビュー、飼い主ドラ吉の猫DIYまで、ユーモアたっぷりの編集を加えてお届けしていきます。
Thank you for visiting Pastel Cat World channel. We have 2 cats, Neko-kichi, romping princess cat, and Boss-kichi, actually ex-leader cat of the stray cats' troop. In this channel, we upload well edited their videos in several categories, such as vlog, walking, cat toys DIY, and unboxing & reviewing cat products.In addition, our latest videos are only available on the official website, so please visit there!
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