Oh, hello there… we weren’t expecting you. Not that we’re mad, it’s just JP-news is a big place and that you ended up on the Amazon Studios About tab is an honor. Before you return to watching those cats pawing each other or that guy fall off his skateboard again, here’s a little more about us.

We share stories with you the way all great cinema is meant to be enjoyed - on the big screen. Once more for those in the back… Amazon Studios puts movies IN THEATERS. So when you’re done here, go catch of our films at a THEATER near you, eat a bunch of popcorn and candy while you’re at it, then come home and watch another Amazon Studios original movie on Prime. Because that’s where they go after they’ve been in theaters. It’s a beautiful circle of life.

In theaters - You Were Never Really Here

Coming soon - Don't Worry He Won't Get Far On Foot (7/13), Generation Wealth (7/20), Life Itself (9/21), and Beautiful Boy (10/12).

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