$1 Street Food Around The World



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    From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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    1. Blank Picture


    2. Jeel Hernandez

      Come to the 🇵🇭

    3. Maria Chehab

      Lebanon ! Mankush

    4. Mica Santos

      thought yall would feature ph street food, you could eat tons under 1 usd

    5. Deidara Akatsuki

      in my country (Mongolia) you can buy 5 big dumplings called "Buuz" Бууз in the normal way to write it and also get a fried rice with a omlet on top for 1 dollar

    6. ini kafetiam

      You should come to Malaysia.... we have "Pisang Goreng" and Keropok Lekor"👍👍👍

    7. Bert Labra

      phillipines plese do it

    8. Ghandi Edlyne

      In indonesia Candy Yup. Just candy

    9. Cassandra Gil

      You should try 1dollar in Philippines 😏

    10. Erwin Forte

      oh i'm filipino kamusta means hi

    11. Kit Kat

      In the Philippines u can get 2 hotdogs for a $1 😮

    12. Carmen Chau

      They should do this in Vietnam

    13. Nina hereee

      Am I the only one who's disturbed about the Indian guy who used his bare hands(that may not be clean ) to touch the food and used the same hands to touch the money...

    14. Quraysin 123

      In indonesia we can buy fried rice for $1

    15. Lê Anh Tú

      Banh mi in Vietnam

    16. Vibol bot

      In cambodia 1 Dollar you can get 40 gumballs 😂

    17. Krisha Panchal

      Pav bhaji,❤️❤️❤️❤️😥

    18. eduardo martinez

      Spanish 1 euro food it's not called porro, it's porra :). Btw 1 euro is so much for just 1 porra, you can have that for 0.5 euro.

    19. Rapa Mole

      Kkkk ela quer uma porra bem quentinha e.e

    20. Lonely Jake

      Some street food from Brasil and France will be cool

    21. TheGamerBros

      Try Eritrean food 🇪🇷

    22. Memey Inkling

      In Vietnam, you can get phô for a dollar. (Yes, I’m Vietnamese)

    23. Trần Văn A

      Yummy Im Vietnam

    24. identidade do Cabo Daciolo

      in Brazil with 1 dollar you can buy a biscuit or chewing gum

    25. mason tobert

      in ohio you can get mcchickens any soft drink any size Sausage McMuffin

    26. Magnetic Waffle

      bro, couldn't he have gone to different locations of McDonald's all over the world? much easier

    27. Shadow Wolf

      Davo Philippines would be cool to see.-.I know, Its weird that I'm not from Manila but that's fine with me

    28. luisale 22

      you left mother russia >:v

    29. Chocolate Chip Kookies

      Vietnam and Korea please

    30. FarNightHD

      3:26 Jajajaja un "porro" igual soy yo pero eso desde siempre se ha llamado porra xD

    31. sara torrey

      OK but those Chinese pork buns look bomb

    32. jeeha khan

      can you please do gol gappa aka pani puri from pakistan?it is a crispy layer with chick peas and spice fillings!

    33. irna sylvia

      INDONESIA please! 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

    34. Mji

      In my country 1 dollar can give you 5 chicken nuggets

    35. R.i.p Craig

      The hot dog guy was ready

    36. Nekito

      I WOULD NOT EAT THAT LAST ONE not saying the taste is bad or the hygiene was bad but because of the oil

    37. Nadia .Galván

      That wasn't 12 pesos, but 15 pesos

    38. NinjasHyper927 %


    39. Melody Chen

      South Korea

    40. Set_fire_to_the_dane

      We don’t have anything like that in Denmark ;-;

    41. Parappatherapperfan

      In brazil the street foods i know is Fair Pastel

    42. TOXIC N1gHtMaRe

      Turkey 🇹🇷 🇹🇷

    43. Aina Sofia

      First one is Halal

    44. Cuong Le

      How about vietnamese food

    45. Afra Rayhana

      that indie one i relly like to try it's look delicius😚😲😮

    46. Reynard Chandra

      In indonesia for 1dollar you can get 1fried rice...

    47. Jack


    48. Olek Raczkowski


    49. david Prenaj

      0:09 did he say gay?

    50. everything master

      Pav bhaji would be 60 rupees mince 1 dollar