$1 Street Food Around The World



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    From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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    1. AWildAnimeWeeb

      there are better street food for 1 dollar in China .-.

    2. Santiago Flores


    3. Shakira Ramyr

      In the Philippines. For 1 dollar you get burger steak with rice and drinks in Jollibee! Linamnam ulam! Linamnam ulam! 😂

    4. Maddnex

      You can get a candy for 5 cents in brazil.. i mean 1$

    5. KIM JONG UN

      When he eats it next thing u know he throws up.

    6. Izuku Midoriya

      When your country is not in the video. Triggered.

    7. Sista Aurelia


    8. Javier Pena

      Stop saying YUMMY

    9. Erdenebileg Jeux

      Too much dirty hands there

    10. jaderson tenorio

      No Brasil com 1$ vc não compra nada !

    11. Mithril

      2:34 when the street food is THAT good

    12. Carlos Izaguirre

      baleadas from Honduras,so yummy

    13. noel bear


    14. Aryan Mishra

      In India 1dollar=70candies or chewing gums

    15. leandro perez

      Hi , I’m from Spain, and the food that bought is a PorrA , no PorrO , hahaha . PorrO is a cannabis 🚬

    16. Dan Marrino

      The porro is very expensive, i am from spain and the porro in my neightboorhood in 0.5€

    17. James Kalman

      Beaver tails in Canada

    18. Dung Nguyen

      Maybe vietnam street food? We sell 1 bowl or pho for 1 dollar

    19. Monkey Marc

      Can you do Scotland? If you haven't done it it's just because I'm half Scottish

    20. Football 04


    21. Jennifer Escamilla

      Y’all should do el salvador

    22. Tonancio Miranda

      Tamalito wins, Fatality

    23. Tonancio Miranda

      Taquito de pastor wins

    24. Kevin Serrato

      1:17, no sé ustedes pero yo vi 15 pesos

    25. Silly - Stuff

      U forgot Ireland

    26. Keylor Navas

      Wtf was the mexican one

    27. Laura Schofield

      Maltese street food!!

    28. Tikli Kirpi

      Do u wanna buy some food poisoning?

    29. Doble T Matutino.

      La Guajolota a 16 pesos? Me estarán a diario con 7 pesos de más >:v

    30. Sofía Celorio

      in Spain u put porro (it's porra) Porro means a cigarette with marijuana or another drug 😂

    31. missmiddle27

      Very nice video, but once again Buzzfeed completely ignores the entire continent of Africa...

    32. 1000 subs no videos??

      What is it with indians and car horns

    33. Bilge Hatun Türk


    34. Jungkook Oppa

      Who is south korea?? ❤❤❤😊😊

    35. Timotej Leginus

      For $1 you can buy food? Rich people

    36. Marcelo Leyva

      El porro en mexico se llama churro

    37. All For You

      2:8 this is and Indian Bengali food its call is India 'Momo' really search on JP-news and its like 1 more India food that's called 'Rasgulla' but in rasgulla there is not soup its a sweet desert

    38. Travis Raw

      Hey le diste 15 varos a la doñita !!! Te sobran 3

    39. PakiBoi Gaming

      Pakistan, you can buy a building with one dollar And I'm not exaggerating

    40. Jaime Dammert

      go to Peru! to Lima and other peruvian cities and towns! taste our differnts kind of potatoes!!

    41. Parth Bhammar

      Pav Bhaji!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm drooling so much

    42. Hasan Yiğit

      In turkey you will get kebap for 1 dolar🤣

    43. Evelin Sziráki

      In Hungary you get a hotdog for around 2.10 dollars

    44. JorgeHP

      Porro xd

    45. Lui-G Bambinoli

      PORROS NO!!!! ZUMITOS!!!!

    46. Ramil Babayev

      Where is ‘Shavuxa’ ( russian food ) and Doner

    47. GFL Football


    48. Dottor Porcus

      Bread with mortadella italy

    49. Ang-e

      In Greece 1$ street food is pitogiro(souvlaki) it costs 2,5€

    50. Solar Tech

      In Thailand if you ask for any food for $1 you will get 1 kick.

    51. _Anonymous

      *In Greece we have 2 euros souvlaki/gyros* 👌

    52. Ashley Martinez

      South Korea

    53. SugarPloom

      1€ churros in spain? Ha

    54. Shakil Rahman


    55. fasiha waheed


    56. ikigai x

      I want tge fish one in tokyo

    57. Try To Play

      serbia pljeskavica on 1 euro ;D its so good novi sad

    58. Lili Bell

      Hot dog sin mayonesa!!! Creo que desfallecì

    59. Wolf Gaming

      In Germany you can buy a beer or Brezel for 1 Euro

    60. AlexisRC

      LOL hahahahahah in spain "porro" is joint, instead of porro" is "porra" xd

    61. KrispyNoKen

      *sees NYC hot dogs* Wait? a $1? Why everywhere else selling it for $1.50 or $2?

    62. talia kanza

      Omg India food Waaw 5:05

    63. Bhagyashree Anand


    64. Sñøødlë Dræ


    65. zan auersperger

      3:41 gay look

    66. Maxwell Rosenberg

      In India the process of making it looked better than the food itself

    67. Arax

      Streetfood in Germany/Austria

    68. BKGamez23 Games

      On Phillipines where i live you will probably get burger steak or spaghetti or fried chicken or 22-25 oz chocolate milkshake for 1 dollars worth P69

    69. Kian Bob

      We’re we’re were the pounds£££

    70. craftygurl_154 Milicevic

      Please taste Serbian food

    71. craftygurl_154 Milicevic

      In Serbia, you can find baked corn and pancakes.

    72. WeirdGlow

      india and china wins this one

      1. WeirdGlow

        +rihardo123 on what basis?

      2. rihardo123

        in those countries comes with all goodies and bacteria.

    73. Alejandro Ruiz Picazo

      Em españa se llama porra no porro el porro es otra cosa 😂

    74. Ayan Khan

      Pav bhaggi no 1

    75. مطفش ابليس


    76. N P

      1$ pav bhaji featured in the India clip is extremely expensive. For 1$ people can afford a wholesome meal here. At some places, even 3 meals.Pav bhaji is more or leas a snack.

    77. Umg Void

      2:36 ew that noise he makes 💀

    78. Rifki Drsmn

      pempek, kue cubit, gorengan

    79. Eyah Paguio TV

      In the philippines = lomi =50 pesos=1 dollar

    80. Daily Islamic Video

      In pakistan you can get meal for 4 persons in $1. West is expensive

    81. Nhu Hoang

      1 dollar can buy phở in VIETNAM

    82. Zgen T.

      En México 1:17 pagaste 15 pesos por la Guajolota no 12 pesos 🤔

    83. Troll Cancer

      Tangena sa pinas busog ka sa $1 sa street foods

    84. Val 1701


    85. Duc Anh


    86. Game And Watch main

      Boi I can get a gumball for 25 cents at a candy store

    87. symptomsken30 cool

      You said around tge world wheres the philipines????

    88. CharlesAndrew Evangelio

      Mexico , Mexico City Is So Much Similar To Philippines My First Look Was Like, Oh Philippines LoL

    89. Nitu Kumar

      Pani puri from India

    90. Dj Morsa

      -En Argentina con un dolar te ajustas una nariz. -En Perú una paloma. -En Bolivia el mar. - En México un muro. -En Chile un temblor. -En Uruguay unos dientes puntiagudos. -En España el fornay :v Like si llegaste hasta aquí... Si amas a tu mamá...

    91. Mr Samkhan

      In Cambodia you can buy chicken for 1Dollar in Phnom Penh

    92. Doctor Strange

      In the Philippines you can get buko juice(coconut)fishball icecream and chips for $1=51 pesos

    93. Mr Samkhan

      In Cambodia

    94. rodolfo jr Flores

      Bolivia please

    95. 운이 좋은

      a dollar in india u get very complicated bread lol..

    96. eliza martinez

      Definitely the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

    97. My only one

      PHILIPPINES. you can buy delicious street foods in only $1

    98. Marigona _


    99. Vampette♥️

      I’ll stick to fish and chips. And nandos