10 E3 2018 Announcements That Would Make Us Freak Out If They Happen



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    E3 2018 is right around the corner and the internet is filled with leaks and rumors about the newest games. Here are the things we would love to see announced this June.
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    1. gameranx

      Let's play a game here. Leave one unrealistic announcement you'd love to see AND leave one more realistic announcement you'd love as well.

      1. ActivePython 17

        gameranx they anounce Fortnite 2. Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer game and singleplayer

      2. Osku

        Kid Icarus on switch, a new game or port, never had a chance to play uprising.

      3. Osku

        Team Fortress 3 lol

      4. Raita The Living Meme

        Despacito 2 and another main series game for Sonic

      5. jani marin

        Doom 2🤘

    2. Play !!

      Aww Man What About Def Jam: (

    3. Matthew Morcos

      10: No 9: Yes 8: Yes 7: No 6: No 5: Yes 4: No 3: No 2: Yes 1: Yes/No Bonus 1: No Bonus 2: Yes 50% isn’t bad

    4. Matthew Morcos

      10: No 9: Yes 8: Yes 7: No 6: No

    5. Cypher XY

      Well guess what? CnC is now a mobile games!! And its a fcking garbage!!

    6. Rares Macovei

      Most disappointing: No new Splinter Cell. No Rocksteady announcement Disappointing: No new gameplay for Darksiders 3. No Prince of Persia. Most amazing: Devil May Cry 5 announced! Cyberpunk 2077 trailer! Still amazing: Yakuza 0 and Kiwami on PC! Halo 6 on PC. Metro Exodus gameplay! Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay! Resident Evil 2 Remake gameplay! Shadows Die Twice trailer! New Remedy game!

    7. Ahzeen Welch

      Ninja storm 5

    8. Ryan Swiney

      Hey you predicted ES6

    9. JD Perini

      Warcraft 4, half life 3, duke nukem nuclear edition

    10. Stay Frostie

      I know we probably won’t see any GTA but to hear something anything just a whisper confirmation that there is a GTA6 being looked at or worked on, in the future. Would be great

    11. Michael Loprete

      Skate 4

    12. Pure Insanity

      Surprised Kingdom Hearts 3 didn’t make the list! Still happy the release date finally got announced

    13. SIG442

      I couldn't give a shit about consoles and most of the mentioned games. Elderscrolls 6 would never be done before 2019, they said it often enough that they wanted to do another game FIRST. Meaning you could have known that ahead of time. That we did get a tiny spoiler, which if I may add had some hints in plain sight, that is just a bonus as it was added at the very last moment. I just hope they won't fuck up with lootboxes, micro payments, multiplayer/mmo crap or other things along those lines. Fallout 76, well... I give you that one for not mentioning it. There are more people worried then excited. And now with the presentation passed, we could say with good reason that those fears are justified. Bethesda is trying to make us happy with a dead mouse so it seems. A multiplayer that makes it so easy for assholes to grief others, both in PvE as PvP, it's just cause for serious concerns. We don't even know if we should call it PvE as there are no NPC's aside from robots and probably some random critters. It makes no sense at all and it likely killed the fun for most players.

    14. Sauna Boy

      Skate 4!!!!

    15. GenjiMain


    16. martin ortiz

      Que es despacito 2?

    17. Benderino

      Half Life 3.

    18. Thepicdude

      Where’s typomam 2?

    19. The Viewer

      Did u just use ea sports logo in thumbnail. My god

    20. mukti dutta

      GTA 6 Fallout 76

    21. Niggato Bans

      I'm gonna completely go fucking insane if a new Infamous game is announced

    22. Niggato Bans

      I'm gonna lose my shit if they announce GTA 6

    23. Carter Danger

      Smash delay

    24. Prathamesh Meshram

      Elder scrolls 6 is fixed 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

    25. Salty wolf

      Fallout 76, destiny 2 forsaken, and assassin creed odyssey

    26. Critter

      EA Sells to Raven 🤣🤣🤣

    27. MelonTheMelon

      Animal crossing 5

    28. Ben Hamilton

      Skate 4 skate 3 coming to new ps4

    29. sans the skeleton

      Halo infinte

    30. Cash Collector

      Prototype 3?

    31. Neno Caine

      Sleeping dogs 2 The Last of us 2 Saints row 5 Grand theft auto 6 Call of duty modern warfare 4

    32. Xavier Perez

      Falcon you’re a gosh darn oracle

    33. Eileen Pettersen

      es6 confirmed ;)

    34. James Ultrabot

      Crash bandicoot 2019

    35. M.R Penguin YT

      Just say valve makes an appearance that would make me so happy

    36. SirButtFuq

      Call of duty modern warfare 2 remastered Borderlands 3


      Halo infinite bb


      Elder scrolls 6 was announced bb

    39. ryan amini

      They did announce a halo game called Halo Infinite where you can return to playing as master chief

    40. TNS Shiftz

      halo infinite and another elder scrolls

    41. Banoffiman


    42. Ultraviolet-Games

      Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls 6

    43. Findox

      I want fortnite on Nintendo switch

    44. GalacticFaz

      Nintendo will dominate again, they have smash and that’s enough.

    45. UI Goku

      Nintendo's win

    46. Guy Manson

      lol Skyrim 2 was actually announced

      1. Rocky // Docky

        Good one

      2. Guy Manson

        @Rocky // Docky its 100% skyrim 2 both have mountains, same music, same game

      3. Guy Manson

        no dude its totally skyrim 2 its even had the same music

      4. Rocky // Docky

        MLGKITTEN OFDOOM It’s Elder Scrolls 6 goddamnit, not fucking “Skyrim 2”. Sorry, just sick of hearing people call it “Skyrim 2”.

      5. H N

        MLGKITTEN OFDOOM no? there was an Elder Scrolls VI and Skyr very special edition not a Skyrim 2 right?

    47. Xse YE

      GTA 6 LOL

    48. HeyItzRosie

      I’m kinda hoping for some stuff about Minecraft, Pokémon, and Sims 4 (specifically for Xbox one) *Please don’t hate on me. I like Minecraft and no, I’m not 5.*

    49. Tiddie Boi

      There can be a spiritual successor to bloodbore. But bloodborne took place in a dream. That you end up waking up from

    50. MrDjBigZ

      Rocksteady rules but not a fan of Superman :P just most boring hero every