6 INTERCEPTIONS IN AIR JORDAN 11 CLEATS! Madden 19 Career Mode Gameplay Ep. 12



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    1. RedFox 1012

      8:42 one of those moments where your in right spot at the right time

    2. Jamir Bball

      Are you playing hall of fame

    3. Shandon Smith


    4. Michael Dahill

      Still got the rawest intro on JP-news I see

    5. Delpriest Stokes

      They should’ve kept the6”s in the game

    6. Brian Loger

      thsi is a great video


      Good video

    8. black ninja Edwards

      How did he get that helmet

    9. Diquan Naughton

      Ba ba ba bridges !!

    10. Enzetik_Jue _YT

      qbj OP

    11. Karlly Thief

      He should do a fantasy draft it’s in the custom settings and see who you get drafted by

    12. Konnor Hunt

      How did you get the cleats

    13. OneBigMeatball YT

      Is player lock ever coming out?

    14. Chase Battle

      Do you put everything thing on all madden you know what let me just watch you make it on your creation episode

    15. Chase Battle

      I literally want you to make a me a player EXACTLY like that!

    16. Reymon Romero

      How do you taunt into the endzone

    17. I play Games

      Do the SAINTS next year please bro!👍👍

    18. LAM Vlogs

      I was looking down at the scores and lots of them were 0-0 final

    19. Drew Savage

      Giants vs Colts and Bengals vs browns

    20. Dead Pool


    21. Prince Abu

      Can we see you on offense 👀👀

    22. kaeto Nwodika

      the cards choked more than mahomes

    23. Lakersia Daniels

      You are a goat

    24. Shawn Darden

      Madden 19 trash

    25. Christie Silver

      What position are you

    26. Joey VanDeWeert

      @qjb It looked like you were playing linebacker

    27. Kaden Schaefer

      Do Vikings next year because you need extra defense

    28. Kaden Schaefer

      I once got 8 picks on my brother

    29. elixx

      why don’t you do the owner and flip the camera and lock on

    30. Aldajior Muhammed

      He play on rookie

    31. YoBoy PIZZA

      Da user da user dauserdauserdauser

    32. beverly clamon

      a I want v bucks

    33. Sruthi Arekapudi

      one of the best youtubers

    34. V Trend

      How did two teams tie 0-0

    35. Damarion Crayton

      Dude you are the best at football in the game I don’t know about real life!😅😅😅😅😅😅

    36. Juan Medina

      Play WWE 2k19

    37. Kammie Williams

      Cleats clean tho

    38. Zariah Harris

      Boo boo boo boo

    39. Zariah Harris

      Boo boo boo

    40. Carson Hagler

      I feel like this guy just makes a 99 Ovr monster of a player's and then chooses him for a career and people actually think he's good

    41. Jalen Thompson

      For every like I add a football 🏈

    42. michael Dunford

      You should wear a shooter sleeve

    43. Chicken Tooth Productions

      Madden 19 ovp

    44. Lil PFG

      The last digit number is the the position you are 1.pg 2.sg 3.sf 4.pf 5.c 6.Bench player

    45. Stacey Hall

      Do Michael Thomas carer mode

    46. Stacey Hall

      The user the user the user do some falcon vs giants play now gameplay

    47. One poptart

      Like if in 2018

    48. Anthony Fields

      What’s the song at the beginning?

    49. Jaeden Barksdale

      Rams always scoring 50+😂

    50. Wade Garner

      Most folks say numbers never lie. But this is a perfect example that proves it wrong. This final score says blowout. But it was a 1 possession game in the final minutes.