ACTUAL E3 2018



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    に公開 7 ヶ月 前


    1. Ragnaros

      No one gave attention to Fe from EA...

    2. Daniel TIGER117

      It appears I stumbled upon a cringy dunkey clone

    3. Semper Fi Music Band

      Dunkey clone. Boring.

    4. The French Guy

      lol fallout 76

    5. Max

      How the fuck can someone fake dunkey as hard as this piece of shit does srsly go to hell

    6. Alexander Cipher

      Is it just me or this video feels like a videogamedunkey ripoff...

    7. Tin Tin Plays

      2018 E3 tomb raider= ctrl c ctrl v AC Origins= ctrl c ctrl Far Cry 5 Ctrl c Crtl v batlefield V it´s still the same shit over again

    8. Alex Moore Eklund

      This currenlty has 420 k views

    9. Shamrock

      Biggest fucking dunkey clone in the world

    10. Binary

      Dunkey's video made me wanna watch this again

    11. Wnuczek Pl

      New Ori comes out R34 artists more excited than gamers

    12. Sco&Zero

      Bro...Elder Scrolls 6?

    13. Mohammed Nsouli

      3:23 fucking preach, what is this game?!?!?!

    14. Marma

      Are you a dunkey clone

    15. Kaius Legg

      Dunkey is better

    16. sandstorm ekko

      Darksiders 3

    17. Cody Nutkiss

      your a dunkey clone

    18. Alongcame Adrian

      Now, everyone is gonna call him a clone.

    19. Luke Mardesic

      Thx for the video dunkey

    20. david salazar


    21. Max

      You filthy clone

    22. Nate

      *cough* *cough* videogamedunkey clone

    23. Jrue McCarty

      Wow you really are a dunkey clone wtf hahaha you unoriginal weiner head

    24. Jonathan Cedillo

      Anyone else here cause of Dunkey? This guy is a clone.

      1. whipcream on your forhead

        Yea bro definitely is a clone

      2. Cody Nutkiss


      3. david salazar

        Same, yup thats Dunkey

    25. MoNo ThE G

      Black panther in this shit 😂

    26. JKaro


    27. Pengyeggs _27

      Copying dunkey ey

    28. Lswarmruler

      upvote this if u are dunkey subscribers just checkin this vid

    29. ThoiRòm 84264

      Dunkey , everybody ?

      1. david salazar

        Video Dolphin All Day

      2. Delicious joker


    30. Bojo777

      You don't mess with with the dunko babyyy

    31. Mike Alan

      Dunkeys was better

      1. Cody Nutkiss


    32. HeronOfHeaven

      "Talking to you is like talking to myself" - Dunkey

    33. Nathaniel Foga

      Dunkey 2.0

    34. Alex Stewart

      This new dunky video is hilarious

    35. bill smoke

      I thought dunkey was joking but you are a clone

    36. thanatos

      2019 :^ )

    37. Timon Lah

      Acctualy, I dont think fortnite will last till the summer of 2019

    38. MagicHadi

      8:49 when you need to extend the video to 10 minutes

    39. Desm 0708

      Matt never stops bitching about video games I’m honestly surprised that he likes anything at all. Like, oh no a game is played by a lot of people? Well fuck it must be shit.

    40. Agust Billmark

      Why cant they do hentai puzzle 2?

    41. Lucidity

      A list of the good stuff missed in this video: DMC 5 Cyberpunk 77 Sekiro Babylon's Fall

    42. MangoWango

      Fuck Waluigi

    43. Cyber

      How the fuck do you make Light and Ryuk fighters?

    44. pearl lake ancient wins

      bro bro, Waluigi will be in the game. hes an unlockable. They even announced that everyone from every game will be in the game. even if they were a DLC or just in for one game, they will have everyone in the game. I just watched the 25 minute video with one of the game creators and he confirmed it :D

    45. Wenhao huang

      6:09 it’s confirmed that they aren’t in the game

    46. Darksiege357

      What's the song used in the outro?

    47. Wolf Namina

      I wonder if I’m Fortnite are we gonna be able to wield the Infinity toes

    48. Joel R.

      Sea of thieves is the bootleg version of Assassins creed black flag but way way shittier

    49. Hełiophobia

      I am late, but isn't Royale just free for all?

    50. A Goat

      Sea WUZ KANGZ