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Adrian Peterson | Mid Season Highlights | 2018-2019



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    1. Diondre Baker

      & they said AP was washed up in 2017 & he should retire & he actually cane out & ran 1,000 yard even a year later that y’all said he was done. Still very fast, powerful, first guy still can’t hit him, can beat any DB to the corner just like he did in his prime & y’all said he was washed up. If I’m a NFL team I’m bringing AP on a 2 day year deal even at 34 he’s shown he’s still playing at a high level & the crazy part is that it’s a very high level almost pro bowl level even

    2. Tanner Terwilliger

      Ap juked the shit out of Patrick Peterson

    3. JT b

      If he had this o line when he was younger her probaly could of ran for 2000 twice

    4. Nkosi Rooms

      Ap was nice but we need another back to give him A breather.We over used him this year.

    5. GhouliishL

      Adrian Peterson is my cousin believed it or not reply to me if you believe it or not

    6. Juve Duran

      God I hope we sign him for atleast 2 more years. They dont call this man ( all day) for no reason . What amazed me is that he was still able to get over 1000 yards with a terrible offensive line. He had sherreff and William's out . Our 2 best lineman and he still was able to do that . He should had gotten more yards running behind one of the best right guards in the league ( Brandon sherreff )


      3:10 he still haunts the packers

    8. Vic Diesel

      He’s my all time favorite runningback. People were all on Reggie Bush and how he was gonna dominate in the league but I called it. AP’s running style is far more effective at that level. Don’t me wrong Reggie is good. But he got away with outrunning people at the college level. Can’t do that at the next level. AP is definitely going down as one of the greatest to ever run the rock in the history of the sport.

    9. Albinoo oo

      Adrian peterson is kobe t

    10. Endtimelion !

      He was other worldly now he is all world. Still better than everyone else. Beast Mode!

    11. KK Landscaping

      Mr 1,000 yard season AP This guy is my favorite running back and I'm a seahawks fan.. I'm glad I got to see him play live atleast once im my life.

    12. Austin Davenport

      Unbelievable player

    13. samxyx

      He may have lost a step, but he was already 2 steps ahead of defenders so he good.

    14. Err0r R3X

      Nick Chubb is The next AP

      1. RedskinsRunn21

        Trash Developer he’s not that explosive stoop it

    15. Pancho Villa

      So what if hes 33!?? 33 is YOUNG.. Even more explosive. Stupid people

    16. Don Hennis

      Peterson should go back on the Vikings

      1. Crazy Kev73

        Don Hennis he’ll prob sign a one day contract with the viks so he goes into the hall as one.

    17. Brenden Heckman

      He should've stayed with 28

    18. Domislive News

      Give him some good blocks he's unstoppable dame miss him on his he Vikings

    19. Travis Donald Stanley

      AP just passed John Riggins for most rushing TD🤗 He should be one behind the amazing Jim Brown. THat will get him in the top 5.

    20. 360player0000

      AP is amazing. I never dreamed of the day he would come to my team HTTR

    21. L_LKoolKid

      I miss my guy man. SKOL for life ad

    22. youngboi24


    23. Yashar MJ

      Redskins wouldn't have this record if it wasn't for AP!

    24. Danny Amos

      comeback player of the year 2018 no question

    25. Travon Webster

      The "OG" beast AP!

    26. UndoneDead guy1

      The GOAT 🐐 🙌

    27. HumbleBeast TV

      🎗Hall Of Famer🎗

    28. Mrrampage73

      G.O.A.T A.P , Siiiiiiiiiuu 👊

    29. Señor McChicken

      its funny people say he lost a step or is slower. That may be true but half these highlights are him turning the corner on people. He still has some good speed.

    30. Señor McChicken

      his signature move... a jump cut that looks like straight poetry. AP. AD

    31. Señor McChicken

      comeback player of the year

    32. DJ Tanner

      I gotta say.... These highlights make me forget that he beat the fuck outta his son.

    33. Thành Hồ

      The greatest strongest and fastest running back in the league

    34. plmoknty

      still has it


      I love how intimidating his running is. You can tell defenders want no parts in tackling him

    36. nate blackwell

      some people dont age normally peterson terrell owens etc

    37. SouFakinHaj

      I dont know why are people talking about his fumbles that much. I just did a research and compared him to other all time greats. Only a couple are better than him actually but stil pretty close. Tomlinson Marshall Faulk Curtis Martin Barry Sanders have fumbled a bit less. But Emmit Smith Walter Payton Tiki Barber Eric Dickerson Tony Dorsett have fumbled way more than Adrian Peterson. Maybe people dont remember those guys fumbling as much as they did and Petersons fumbles are fresh in the memory.

    38. Drew

      Even though I'm still a vikings fan, I love watching this guy show up the defense

    39. Spencer

      I'm happy to see AP have more gas left in the tank

    40. lawrence hill

      peterson has seen greater years

    41. Gabriel Brymer

      Looking like Clinton portis out there

      1. Enigmatic 1

        Naw Clinton portis was a product of that bronco's zone blocking.. he was good but he can't hold a candle to AP.. at any age. AP is a all time great

    42. Damien Fauolo

      Good to see AP thriving and still proving people wrong

    43. Jacob Petty

      Incredible. 33 years old.

    44. will irv

      He big as hell he may be 33 but I'm still not trying tackle an ox asked Patrick Peterson LMAO

    45. Adult Onset Diabetes

      I wish Jordan Howard was running half as well as this

    46. Enigmatic 1

      A couple of those runs I can tell he's lost a lot of burst otherwise they'll be longer or even tds. If he gets two more 1000 yards seasons... he's an all-time top 5 back. Making me a believer in the Redskins

    47. jon snipe

      AP the goat

    48. Devon Kildare

      I fear the worst for *Diesel 2.6* after his whole O-line went down with injury this last Sunday. *Austin Howard* , *Jonathan Cooper* & *Luke Bowanko* will have to play their pads off! *Cyrus Kuwandjio* is still out there too, & he's from the DC metro 'urr'ea.

    49. Brandon Grady

      Adrian “Fuck you Mark Ingram” Peterson

    50. Malachi Robinson

      The derrick rose of football

    51. Danigeh Hucood

      It's funny he could have been a New England Patriot doing this shit scary thoughts

    52. Keen Eye

      The cut at 3:35 boy what a beauty

    53. Tomok McCarty

      Hey Chris Carter and Shannon Sharpe looks he is doing it and doing it big. Yall some scumbag haters for talking down on him. This is AP. Put some respect on his initials

      1. Day Be Trippin

        +Justin Brown lol the only people who he really praise are Aaron rodgers and lebron James. That's it.

      2. Justin Brown

        +Day Be Trippin The Truth

      3. Day Be Trippin

        Shannon sharpe is just a hater in general

    54. J. Anderson

      He's only 33! AP is still in his prime!

    55. Fi Yah

      This dude is comeback of the year. A fucking beast running

    56. Deshun Slater

      Comeback player of the year

    57. My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ

      He’s still the same AP, jump cutting, breaking tackles, only thing lacking is the speed which I think is due to injury, he’s played hurt all year. Next year with rest, you see something really special. He needs to be resigned by the Redskins

      1. Booker The Wolf

        My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ he’s still fast though. He out runs all line backers and some db’s

    58. Keith nunya

      Those jumpcuts...smh...Damn!....and that power.... Something special

    59. Walter Brown

      AP Are you With Me ! The Comeback player of the year !

    60. Chris Lee

      Where the 67 yard run from last week when he got 150 yards? You should add that.

      1. Crazy Kev73

        Chris Lee and the 90 yarder vs the Eagles

    61. Jeremy Andrews

      AP has the best eyes in the game. And did I mention he is a straight up BULLDOG !

      1. Jeremy Andrews

        +Clappingpig whipping your kids ass isn't child abuse ! More folks should

      2. Clappingpig

        He also fumbles to much, and abuses children. The guys worthless...

    62. redskinjim

      thank god we have him

    63. b allodium

      #dog #httr

    64. Jason Jones

      AP is still young even at 33 years old the only time he’ll be old is when he’s 40

      1. Jason Jones

        jackson neyens I was saying he’s still at a young age

    65. Jason Jones

      Even at 33 Adrian Peterson is still running like a monster

      1. Daniel Olsen

        As a Vikings fan, Peterson is the key to the redskins play-off hopes

    66. vajleexi

      All AP needs is a super bowl ring and he will cement his legacy as one of the best running backs ever.

      1. William Finn

        vajleexi except that he already is.

    67. Brayden Hall

      comeback player of the year

    68. Ruben Gutierrez

      Come back player of the year, AP!

    69. Ruben Gutierrez

      Whenever the Redskins have a good running game they become a great team.

    70. Mack the Trucker

      I’m a die hard Eagles 🦅 fan and AP still got it that make me nervous

    71. jsong21

      I cant believe we picked him up from unsigned players for pennies on the dollar.

    72. jsong21

      Ferocious runnner.. he is so dtermined with his runs.

    73. Slash687

      Old man strength

    74. jay

      He’s looooose

    75. Tarquan Pearman

      AP DNT got that burst no more u can tell

    76. jesuz doe

      The First Time I watched AP in Oklahoma I was At Awe ! Never have I've seen a running back have all great aspects and qualities. Super Fast (4.3 Laser), Extremely Strong, Great Vision, Quick (cuts, Jukes, Spins, Jumps) . He would find a way to get it done. Now to see him Years later but Wiser I knew he would be doing exactly what he's doing now. Through all his troubles in the league from injuries, legal, being wrote off ... His mentality has Rose above it all and it shows in every way of his life. Through whatever obstacles he will find away to get it done. One of the greatest to do it.

    77. Jordan Lea

      So happy to see him bounce back this year reminding everyone why he is one of the greatest runningbacks of all time. If the success keeps coming im very interested to see what happens next year. Redskins got Guice who looks to be the future of the backfield.

    78. Michael bowers

      Sucks that guice and AP both need a lot of touches. I want them both

    79. Mark David

      What he does to Patrick Peterson at 1:35 lol how you get juked and trucked in the same play

      1. rooster555555


      2. Jay Jay

        Can't really expect cornerbacks to be great at tackling

      3. Enigmatic 1

        How you get ran over by a man just bumping into you sideways lol AP was even going head up and still ran over a all pro

      4. will irv

        Yoooooo u literally took the words out of my mouth lol yeah he had a rough game after that he wanted no parts of AD lol stayed far away lol

      5. Enigmatic 1

        Reminded me somewhat of how Barry did that Patriots player dirty

    80. Chris Henson

      Jump cuts and pure power. HTTR

    81. Mellow Mellow


    82. Mellow Mellow

      Redskins wom

    83. Buckets

      Adrian Peterson is a BAAAAAAD BROTHA! sure is nice of the saints and Cardinals to have no use for one of the greatest running backs to have ever played the game, you know, the old man that young players can't seem to get their hands on, yeah, the 33 year old that's got nothing left in the tank, the dude that seems to be breaking new records every other game, a man who every single analyst on television talked about like it was laughable to think he could still be useful, that "he's not the type of running back that's useful the way the game has changed" that '"he's too old, and his stats with Cardinals, and the Saints was proof in black and white, he's washed up" That's skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, Chris Carter and that big nosed Gonzo looking dude, Steven A Smith, and Max kellerman, every damn one treated the question like wasn't even a legitimate question.. its been fun watching every damn one admit how they couldn't have been more wrong..... Yeah he's 33 years old, infact that 64 yard run against the Giants was the longest run by a man his age in 97 years, looks like for the second time Adrian Peterson has been written off, torn acl, they said no running backs have ever done anything special after that type of injury, he was written off, then ran for over 2000 yards that season, was unemployed when the Washington Redskins called, didn't even have a job, 32 teams, none thought he'd be worth considering as useful.... Well, I think it's safe to say that once again Adrian Peterson is not your average football player, or even close to an average athlete, no, Adrian Peterson is an absolute monster, frankly to call him human feels dishonest. The best part of all of this is that Adrian Peterson is a Washington Redskin, my football team.. Adrian Peterson is breaking records while breaking ankles, proving once again that he's a football player like none before him, and won't be anyone like him to come along again...... I hope he understands how much he means to us Redskins fans, especially since we've been irrelevant for so many years. He's a leader by nature, an inspiration to these young guys, and while they're in aww of this man, he's never ego driven, he just loves to play football. When the season began, it was instantly obvious this man was still as dangerous a running back as you'll find, he was going to the sidelines after big runs and telling Chris Thompson, and some other players that he fed off of watching them, that he was inspired to be awesome from watching them playing, thanking them for his own accomplishments, that's leadership, and I can't believe that Adrian Peterson is wearing burgundy and gold

      1. Booker The Wolf

        Not gonna lie that essay you just wrote was a little intimidating

      2. Buckets

        +Dade Dolphin Yeah the guy is special, and even though it was during a loss, that 90 yard run the other night against Philadelphia was his longest run in his career somehow..... 33 and they still couldn't catch him

      3. Dade Dolphin

        Well said bro! Im a dolphin fan, but Im a football fan first and I also heard how these analysts completely wrote AP off, so im glad to see him having success.

      4. herbert nelson

        I really appreciate your words of admiration for a truly great football player, running back, and icon. He is truly one of the all time greats. No one takes on tacklers like Peterson. He runs full speed into would be tacklers without consideration for protecting himself upon impact. Only Earl Cambell ran like that. He is a ferocious runner. Thank you for your insightful commentary.

      5. Buckets

        +Mike Doss I appreciate that you're a true fan of football period. What Adrian Peterson has done this year has been a privilege to watch, nobody gave him a chance, and I watched all the shows for opinions. This guy is special, after all the punishment on the field, being unemployed, and doubted unanimously on television, to do what he's been doing has been a display of true greatness

    84. cowpoke02

      he nees a ring for when him bret farv lost championship game. they played great defense but refs made me lose a super bowl ring at the end . he running good and team play .. reminding me of old packers paul hornum 5 and jim taylor 31 combined way peterson runs ,, team play .

    85. Wayne Eatman

      Them damn jumpcuts ..are cant teach that..Derrice Guice has that same style as AP..Cant wait to sée him..healthy..i saw him twice do that jump cut.

    86. BIG RAY

      It's funny how He's 33 but he's still outrunning these youngsters out there

      1. jon snipe

        +beach life hope get a good team next year.. all he need is 1 ring

      2. jon snipe

        +beach life ok thats even better..point is AP can still run

      3. beach life

        +Monroe if you wear the right pads the tackling is not as harsh as some peep think yea you get injured gettin hit a certain way

      4. beach life

        +jon snipe nah he played till 35 he had almost a 1000 yards in his last season look it up

      5. jon snipe

        +beach life emmit smith played till he was 34 and that last year he had he almost had 1000 yards

    87. Derrick Brown

      The Redskins have to resign him now

    88. Jose Demar

      I love what we doing on both sides of the BALL#STRONGTEAM#HTTR#MINDSET#OURTIMEISNOWMINDSET

    89. Dale G

      AP goin to the pro bowl!

      1. Daniel Olsen

        He is future hall of famer

      2. Alex Nelson

        Dale G no hate but prob not

    90. Jason Frye

      Boy just run to damn hard

    91. rhodus333

      Love seeing them rocking the Gibbs era uniforms again. championship!

    92. Makaveli Raider

      Definitely still has it.

    93. Donovan Lewis

      2 touchdowns today 1 receiving and 1 rushing . Beast

    94. Jordan Foose

      Skip said he would take Zeke over Ap, he's such a fool, go skins, next up tony Dorset , and Eric Dickerson to pass on the all time rushing list, goat status.

      1. Cleveland Cavaliers

        Jordan Foose as a buckeyes fan, I gotta take zeke (obviously biased but whatever lol)

    95. Drip Bayless

      Ap is ageless

    96. Snoop Frogg


    97. Lynne Foose

      🐐 🔥 🔥 best rb , pure running back ever, Jim brown, Barry Sanders, now AP.

      1. Aries Anderson

        JT b is it because of the Dallas offensive line was the best at the time and Barry didn’t had a good online but was still putting up numbers he would of reached 20k if he hadn’t retired

      2. JT b

        Aries Anderson Emmett Smith is prob the most overrated runner of all time

      3. Enigmatic 1

        You forgot Sweetness

      4. Aries Anderson

        Lynne Foose enmit Smith

    98. Robert Jenkins

      AD must be protected at all costs

      1. Grant Smith

        fernando gonzalez balderrama AD is his nickname, “ALL DAY”

      2. fernando gonzalez balderrama

        Robert Jenkins AP*

    99. Jerry Stacks


      1. Eman's Life

        Bro 33 is not old!!!! That's young as hell. Even for a running back.

    100. Aaris Reed