ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History



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    Relive all of the mesmerizing, jaw-dropping dunks that have received perfect scores in the slam dunk contest!
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    1. Adrian Tudor

      Jordan's dunks are lame as hell

    2. MrJohnnyTN

      Skywalker never got a 50... surprised

    3. Maurice Jackson

      I said it then and i say it again gordan got robbed in 2016 zack was raw af but that sit in the air over the mascot dunk was literally the hardest dunk ever

    4. BMWMED1

      All these guys are tall AF. Spud Webb was more impressive that all.

    5. fred mox

      NBA Street V3 is based on these incredible techniques. ⛹🏀 since it is one of my favorite games ..

    6. G_Spec

      4:50 you guys argee this is sick!

    7. Andy Matt

      How the video evolved with Shaq using a tape recorder to people live tweeting from their phones.

    8. craig shaw

      Shak ????????????

    9. TJ 4hunnid

      Savages dunk

    10. Salockin

      Jason Richardson, what a beast.

    11. SUGI GUCH

      In 2016 Aaron Gordon should have won the dunk contest lavine copied what Aaron did and still won? That's a load of bullshit

    12. five Amelia


    13. nick constantinides

      Where’s Kenny sky walker s dunk didn’t he win a slam dunk contest #7 knicks

    14. Dedrick Johnson

      no dee brown no skywalker no shawn kemp.. these are dunk legends im mentioning here.

    15. Trevor Darnall

      is it just me or did the rims just sound better back in the day...when dominique 5:46 and jordan 13:54 dunked it you felt it more

    16. Martin Xayachack

      All these dunks and yah forgot about my boy dee Brown WTF, seriously half the dunks were repeated so many times it's unreal.

    17. Dan

      This isn't sport...

    18. boomeyeay

      Somebody needs to fire Kenny Smith

    19. Justin Behrenshausen

      Gerald Green > everybody don’t @ me

    20. ronald vaughns

      wheres Blake Griffin Dunk when he jumped over the Kia car

    21. courteo

      Zack might be the best of all time. He jumps out the gym, has tricks and flushes with power.

    22. John Tompkins

      Zion dunked from the free throw line and he is only 18. These young kids coming up are extremely athletic but VC is the all time best dunker.

    23. Drippy Mane

      Aaron Gordon got robbed

    24. Fatal Ritte2

      I was playing old school teams on 2K. Dominique came thru the lane, went up on me. I tried to block with Patrick Ewing. He switched hands in the air & dunked on Ewing. And I’m sure he would have done it in reality too.

    25. Maurice Markray

      Dwight Howard superman dunk was trash

    26. Joseph

      Best dunkers 1.Vince 2. Dominque 3. Lavine and Gordon tied 4. Spud Webb 5. Jason Richardson

    27. nham887

      Howard's Superman "Dunk" should have gotten a 0 but ok

    28. Frank Castle

      Lebron is a bitch for not participating in one slam dunk competition

    29. Alex Kaz

      Ok Jordan did the same dunk like 5 times #origanal


      The first Aaron Gordon dunk, and first Vince Carter dunk 🙄

    31. montavious simmons

      Tbh Jordan dunks was ass

    32. Jack Kampwerth

      Your maf

    33. Dave Beckett

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    34. Brunel Matthieu

      Vince is the best for that. The best ever.

    35. Ben

      Theyre gonna need 60 points when Zion comes up

    36. BuShi Do

      Come on WNBA you can dooo eeeet!!!

    37. Calder Dryden

      most of the old school ones were not 50's

    38. Married You

      best duck is the best

    39. James Noles

      Some of these guys r plumbers compared to my generation of dunking

    40. Lovely Oropesa

      wheres reggie millers dunk

    41. SonOfTheShogun 11

      Vince Carter and Zach Lavine had the best Dunk Contest performances of all time.

    42. Ladule LoSarah

      Then: "Now that was a 360 move that was rather impressive." Now: ?

    43. Corey Schramm

      Blake griffin??

    44. Delbert Williams

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    45. Miggy Boy

      Pa JANTOT Anne

    46. Ronald_Xavier1996

      zach, Gordon and Vince are the best dunkers of all time...

    47. J Money


    48. Joel Bates

      Damn I wish LeBron would've did at least one dunk contest 😭

    49. Eric Gunnar

      JRich, VC, Nique!!! Best ever!!

    50. Nahshon Devose

      You can tell that the older dunks were wowing to the audience because of the length they jumped while the newer ones take more technical skill to complete