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ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History



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    Relive all of the mesmerizing, jaw-dropping dunks that have received perfect scores in the slam dunk contest!
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    1. alex nounesis

      i dont know how they dunked back then, maybe Webb was revolutionizing, but man if he deserved 50, Lavine deserved 100

    2. mike nakayama

      wheres kobe?????

    3. MrQuicky2407

      Magees double dunk is massively underrated

    4. Jonathan Albertson

      #1 stoudemire/nash - by far.

    5. Veni Varghese

      You pay only when you play! Have you explored upUPUP, a powerful yet simple Sports App..

    6. Valentín Mañas

      JR last dunk in 2003 was SICK

    7. Mira

      Vince Carter, Spud Webb and Zach Levine lightin' it up! No props needed!

    8. Jack Wallis

      All the old dunks soft as hell. I damn sure can't do them but compared to how dudes are jumping nowadays. It's all about creativity.

    9. Homonus Sapienus

      Where is blake..

    10. JDeppFan2272

      Wish it were in order. Oldest first, newest last. That way you can see how the contest evolved over the years better.

    11. Phoenician Avatar

      I miss 90's basketball

    12. J Soul

      Wait ... what happened to Harold Minor??

    13. Vince Castillo

      Who's that guy's name after Vince Carter? I can't remember, I was frozen!

    14. dennylafoss

      Kenny smith ruins the dunk contest

    15. Wilbert Arenas

      The Cedric Ceballos dunk was lame. He admitted he could see through the blindfold

    16. Truth Witness

      *Jordan then Wilkins then LaVine. MJ has the uncanny ability to suspend gravity. Wilkins dunks with authority. And LaVine makes his dunks look crazy.*

      1. atDavid

        Where’s Vince carter exactly

    17. Max Fignole

      How yall gonna play Blake Griffin Tho !!!!!!!! my mans jumped over a car

    18. borne1

      After watching all the dunks. Jordan had a lot of basic dunks.

    19. Iqbal Firismanda

      LaVine hanging in the air just scary.. Like 80's rim was shorter than now. smh #freethrowline #leaping

      1. Dallas Salmon

        Aaron Gordon should’ve won 2016...all of his dunks were never done before 0:47 10:03 13:07

    20. jimjonesthreethousand

      which one has the 6 championships, his own shoes, 2 gold medals, college championship, defensive player of the year, you know what, I don't have the time to type it all:

    21. julius torregrosa

      those who are 6ft below should give the credit for this contestp

    22. Soewowo

      5:40 It's called super dunk

    23. Matt Kelly

      Let’s go home

    24. Terry Graham

      They all double drible,walk, carry,I want these people protecting my country.

    25. kevinerosa


    26. David C.

      A lot of the older dunks wouldn’t be 50s today. In my opinion, Lavine and Gordon had some of the best dunks in this list. I thought 2016 Lavine v Gordon brought the dunk contest back...I was wrong.

    27. Urban Decay

      Lavine, Gordon, Carter, Richardson, and Jordan...

    28. Cobi Cash

      Aaron Gordon cheated.

    29. Krishna Nayak

      Favorite 13:45

    30. Brett Sullivan

      on dwight howards super man dunk he didnt even come close the the rim, man pulled a blake griffen but from like 5 feet away. lol

    31. Joshua Tan

      aaron gordons dunk is the only dunk that cant be duplicated

    32. Little_ Baymaxx

      Whos here after zion williamson’s injury?

    33. Guy Le Douche

      I still believe Aaron Gordon got robbed that year

    34. Tommy

      Diallo saved the 2019 Dunk Contest from DSJ’s shit dunks and 1000 attempts.

    35. Sydney French

      Lmao Jordan had the worst fucking dunks ever lol so boring


      We all know that Gordon’s Under-the-legs is the best dunk ever made. But,unfortunately, it was made by the wrong player at the wrong time..

    37. Aren Allen

      Jordan got the worst dunks

    38. Wong Dr

      3:09 Legendary commentary !

    39. CCC

      0:25 That is a perfect dunk, never seen before, will not see it after. everything Carter shows in that dunk just perfect.

    40. philly guy15

      What do people say when making excuses for LeBron never entering the Dunk Contest...." Oh he's an in game Dunker!!! "What !!!!" I don't want to hear that shit!!! I want to see his big ass Los Angeles Lakers ass in the Freaking Dunk Contest !!!...damn Coward!!!!

    41. philly guy15

      Where is Lebron at the DUNK CONTEST??? Oh on the sidelines as a spectator...hahaha!!

    42. philly guy15

      You can't be the GOAT Lebron and never enter the dunk contest!!!

    43. philly guy15

      Zach Levine wins dunk contest at 19 years old and Lebron James never!!! Because he was too scared to enter!!!!!.....chicken!!!!!!!!

    44. philly guy15

      Where is Lebron at in all of this????? Enter the Damn Dunk Contest you 6 foot 9" chicken!!!!...Spud Webb did and he's only 5 foot 7"

    45. 5ervant

      Zach LaVine #8

    46. Nott Dawg

      Can they invent a white man contest with an 8' ring?

    47. Alan Craig

      How jordan get all 50 for dping same dunk everytime almost

    48. santiago tassi

      Was there a gap in the 90s? haha

    49. Jackass Dick

      All the 80s dunk are worth 40 points these days


      I’m confused you’re telling me Dwight Howard got a 50 on a hard layup

    51. LuigiFan1305

      Jason Richardson is the best drunker imo

    52. Thomas Rocco

      I remember the ‘Nique/Spud / MJ when I was a kid in Jr High. And to think that kids that are seniors in HS right now that we’re just born when Vince carter did his thing. Wow time flys. Seems like yesterday. Good memories.

    53. Texan Tom

      Somehow got here from motorcycle racing a real sport not some no skill overpaid fools playing with balls... What a waste.

    54. aneebaba06

      Jerome we miss you 😢

    55. jp3813

      Back in the 80s, the judging was based on execution rather than originality (kinda like gymnastics). In 1984, Orlando Woolridge merely got a 48 for the very first between-the-legs dunk in the contest's history.

    56. Aubree Moore

      I hate watching the 2016 NBA dunk contest because Aaron Gordon won but Zach Lavigne got the trophy

    57. Farhana Nazmin

      Who remembers the day when getting a 50 was actually Rare?

    58. Legend-_- SnPzz

      Is it me or are mjs dunks not that impressive like spud Webb did better common

    59. CoachPeteQuinn

      I guess the NBA has wiped Harold Miner from Dunk Contest history.


      Vince is still the best.

    61. Dwight Schrute

      Levine is smooth as my aunt Ruth’s butter. Very, very decadent.

    62. Josh Vinasco

      Let’s go home! Let’s go home! LETS GO HOMEE!

    63. Josh Vinasco

      Aaron Gordon’s dunk was one of the best in my opinion

      1. Dallas Salmon

        Josh Vinasco which one 0:47 10:03 13:07

    64. BobxLawxBlaw

      2:20 holy shit, it's good to hear Hot Rod's voice again!

    65. Spinx Edits

      That Vince carter one gets me every time, not sure why I never hear his name in the best dunkers conversation

    66. DW Ethiopia

      Top 10 Dunk Contest Participants of All Time 1. Vince Carter 2. Zach Lavine 3. Michael Jordan 4. Jason Richardson 5. Dominique Wilkins 6. Aaron Gordon 7. Julius Erving 8. Dwight Howard 9. Spud Webb 10. Gerald Green

    67. blxxxd red

      The ball was a paid actor

    68. JAYEM

      6:40 J. Cole lol

    69. JAYEM

      6:40 J. Cole been fire on the mic and in the court

    70. King Donny J

      14:35 I’m mad at how dead the crowd was during that dunk, that was a nice ass dunk

    71. twizzle Spellman

      Where's Blake Griffin dunk

    72. CauseItWontFit

      honestly that javalle mcgee dunk could be the best 6:40

    73. F M

      Some of these guys are already 6' 10" plus. No big deal for them to dunk.

    74. Jonathan Painter

      IM sorry but that Aaron Gordon 360 arm behind the head was so clean holy shot

    75. Bape Tommy

      On Dwights dunk, he didn't even touch the rim😂😂

    76. Journeyman

      10:10 best reaction ever 😂😂😂

    77. AJAVON Jico

      zack lamine top

    78. Denis K

      Man... Zach in 2016... he is on another level that kid!

    79. Jonny Avison

      Vince Carter’s dunks are overrated ngl

    80. W ! L L

      U can’t just give Spud Webb a 50 because he is short. Has to be a fair game for every one

    81. Duham

      Vince Carter, Zach Lavine, Aaron Gordon and Jason Richardson

    82. Philly Sports!

      Does jordan do the same dunk almost everytime ?

    83. Philly Sports!

      That blindfold one was weak

    84. CB Ling

      No Kidding. 1:50 I also can dunk like that

    85. MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ

      Man I know there's only so much you can do but I'm getting sick of the same old thing every year. How many more through the legs and windmill dunks will we see before people have had enough?

    86. Philly Sports!

      Alot of those older ones are just your normal competition dunk

    87. Sergio Barreda

      What a pass by steve nash

    88. Bayu Aldrich

      In the millenium era, VC was the best ever. J rich is the second best..right now, lavine and gordon are amazing.

    89. Northwest Shredders

      0:41 wait, that’s illegal

    90. Nick Harris

      Gordon had the greatest dunk of all time. Imagine jumping over someone while sitting in mid air. Thats wild

    91. Jack

      jason richardson best dunker of all time

    92. Random New Yorker

      I wish this was in chronological order

    93. Artur Kominek

      where is kobe?

    94. 달라이신


    95. toby_belize

      Michael Jordan His Royal Airness

    96. Don Atello

      Richardson was underrated

    97. Specific-Personal Training

      So why is Jordans drunk from the 3 throw line immortalised as one of the greatest in history when Dr. J Iriving did it 10 years earlier and only ran from half court? Surely it should be Irving who is the poster boy and not Jordan as he just copied it?

    98. Mhay Cacas

      Lets go home!! lets go home!! ladies and gentlemen 🤣🤣🤣

    99. James Wong

      Where is Curry's dunk?😂😂