All of heat 3 in ninjas tournament w/myth

Optic Saga

Optic Saga

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    1. Edward Yanez

      25:53 courage said shiting at...

    2. Elizabeth Hernandez

      I don't even have an iphone and when I saw "20% left" I was trying to click on low battery mode 😂

    3. Mahkai Cunningham

      Did I really watch this video for 1 hour?

    4. Josh Spag

      Who else thought it was cute when ninja kissed his wife XD 3:58

    5. zoomba world

      Which headphones was ninja using ;-;::.

    6. T20 Smh

      Lol 3:06 really funny

    7. Gary Mullan


    8. Codi Anderson

      Like if you have a JP-news channel

    9. Cherry Cat

      Guys in the background DanTDM is dabing XD 1:17

    10. The Spider Dude


    11. Fatal Zerkzz

      Deadass my phone was charging and I saw that low battery and I was like Tf

    12. Patrick Ewing

      Courage said each shitting

    13. Chanise

      Ninja didn’t hesitate to kill ANYBODY in this game!😭

    14. Bryan's Lit Life

      Everybody plays so bad😂😂

    15. Rebekah Pitman




    17. Hector XP

      48:16 lmfao

    18. Jake Is dad

      I look back to this and realize how ass they actually were back then 😂

    19. Random Guy

      Exposed low batteri lol exposed

    20. Chimp142 Gaming X

      Trying to destory ninja? Hmmm no Im gonna destory your pussy real good u hot chick hmmmm yeahhhh

    21. Jess Drenner


    22. Archie MG

      3:06 I acctualy thought my phone was low


      Whos see ffgtv when ninja dies in fortnite

    24. A b e r z y _

      1:06 the guy who won is there

    25. Johnmyrick R6

      9:36 throws up gang signs at a fortnight tournament

    26. LordOfCreepers

      No frikn sound for the 3rd game boys👎

    27. Magma King

      Who else thought you where on twitch when the thing got skipped?

    28. Blain_ Scoots05

      When I saw myth build a 1 by 1 lmao I died 😂😂😂

    29. Jovanni Alejandre

      Why tf did I think my phone was on low battery at 3:07 I was pressing close 🤣🤣🤣

    30. Baf Lange

      So it isn’t so obvious all the times ninja blatantly let the last guy win?

      1. Baf Lange

        The match when myth fell off the mountain... he has the guy dead to rights twice and just doesn’t pull the trigger, but instead turns his back and walks up stairs in the middle of a shotgun fight ? Lol

    31. Fortnite Gameplay

      I thought my phone was on 20%😂😂

      1. Seth Wyde

        Fortnite Gameplay by

    32. charvon white

      Your very attractive 😂😂

    33. The Unknown

      3:07 anyone else click “close”😂😂

    34. Bepis Fire

      Myth looks so awkward at the start

    35. Jayne Selinger

      im a EYE

    36. Jayne Selinger

      im a EYE

    37. Dontai's broke headphones

      I clicked on low power mode *and i have an android*

    38. kinley reece

      48:16 ninja lol

    39. Morgan Little

      Did anyone else’s volume cut out for the rest of the vid at 1:19:54 ? Or am I the only one

    40. kyle chey

      You should do a freestyle after you win every video. It’s lit you thot

    41. Brandon Orrelsio

      Is it just me or the commenter on the white T-shirt looks like the one who won a Fortnite game and mr beast donated 75,000 dollars?

      1. Brandon Orrelsio

        Kyle Samuel Dias oh well thanks lol srry for my ignorance, that’s pretty cool!!

      2. Kyle Samuel Dias

        Brandon Orrelsio his famous he sometimes will play with ninja n his name is courage

    42. S E S H

      Look at ninjas bitch ass

    43. Storm Jensen

      Why did the audio go away in the last game?

    44. Santeri SIVEN

      ninja needs to upgrade on the wife department

    45. RUST Ripstar31

      ah i see its not me ok

    46. RUST Ripstar31

      the last part off the clip has no sound whit me is it the clip or me???

    47. Elizabeth Reyes

      Didn’t mrbeast donate to the guy in the white shirt (the announcer)

      1. Optic Saga

        Ya thats courage he’s a twitch streamer

    48. Tomi Optimistic

      When nick gets a 6.6m viewed video 😂

    49. Sonny Castillo

      ninja, tfue, myth, smythy best sqaud

    50. Zer0metal Rl and GTA

      Tfue and myth best duo???