All of heat 3 in ninjas tournament w/myth

Optic Saga

Optic Saga

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    Have a awesome day and go subscribe to tsm_myth and ninja they are awesome

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    1. scarlet81uk

      play Minecraft plz

    2. juroshi gaming

      wait oof i clicked these becosue the. thumbnail word had heat and i thought someone was going to fight

    3. The Big Bient

      Sorry ninja but your wifey is BUSTED 🤣🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

    4. Badboy DCX

      This shit was so cringe😂🤣

    5. AnisaOMG yt

      Dose this dude look like dr lupo 3:57

    6. Nightingale146

      13:01 *ROBLOX?!*

    7. Luan Semedo

      Bar do motorista que irá ser entregue até que irá fazer contato que tá no ar condicionado direção do hospital da

    8. ugly

      9 ads 6m views 10k subs fuck this shit I’m out

    9. iToast

      My battery was at 97% but when I looked at 3:06 I plugged my iPad in for 2 mins and I was like wtf It charged so quickly

    10. asiancrazyking 45

      I CANT HEAR ;(

    11. AA KíñgšĆültûrè

      The announcers/commentators were ninja dick riders couldn't get his dick out they mouth

    12. Madara Uchiha

      17:14 thank me later

    13. ztheg

      That low power thing freaked me out. I had my phone plugged lol.

    14. jimmy dean

      Dude the amount she says she is ninjas wife makes me sure she is a gold/ fame digger

    15. Kylie Simpson

      Myth looks so scared

    16. m4atty.r21xd

      i use android but the low battery thing like 3 mins in still got me lmfao wut

    17. Augusto Gamino

      Myth sounds and looks shy

    18. Kevin The flag

      Who else at 3:05 thought it was your phone on low battery

    19. Fortnite Live

      Such a amazing video ! ps. Im very close to 15,000 Subs and upload everyday 😍

      1. TSC_ Psycon

        Fortnite Live l

    20. Hussein Nassar


      1. Hussein Nassar


    21. Kayde White

      Sneaky beaver sucks ninja for life

    22. Robert Arballo

      Why is he so hyped up? Im new to this guy so I'm not making fun. Just wondering why he seems different

    23. Default Skin

      3:04 Did u try to tap close or low power mode 😑😑😑

    24. Rasheek Bonds


    25. Rasheek Bonds

      I'm just kifding

    26. Rasheek Bonds

      Ninja suck fuck u #fuck fortnite

    27. King Of Gaming

      Who else clicked low power mode at 3:05?

    28. Victor Villas-Bôas

      What the name of the asian reporter? Such a gorgeous girl

    29. pasha otoy


    30. Devon Bittle

      U look so shy

    31. ROBLOX and Cubing

      I did

    32. Singy Dingy

      Wait when did Myth first die

    33. Singy Dingy


    34. Pj Thomas

      myth looks so stond

    35. eduard jordaou

      Here’s when u realize myth and Ninja aren’t pro lol they just good streamers

    36. Robin Zollinger


    37. Mr Money

    38. antisocial_cat

      This is Jay he is 0 years old. 😁 👕 👖 👟 1 like = 1 year older! How old can he get? 🧓🏻

    39. Rasmus Bjeldbak

      Be free 1919

    40. EnderGamer

      Fravvvv vfv

    41. penguin gamer

      Better charge dat phone

    42. Ian Harper

      the last hour has no sound

    43. Renee Simpson

      “Besides Ninja” oh Jess

    44. Jackson Anderson

      Yes low

    45. Moha Nur

      Can you give me 100 vbucks

    46. Aiden Cintron

      Like we didn’t see that 48:16

    47. The Regular Gamers

      Anyone else look up sneak e beaver on twitch or JP-news after this lol

    48. L killzit L No name

      3:10 thought my phone was about to die but it was plugged up lol