Ariana Grande - 7 rings



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    7 rings (Official Video).
    Song Available Here:
    Connect with Ariana:

    Video Director: Hannah Lux Davis
    Video Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
    for London Alley Entertainment Inc
    Music video by Ariana Grande performing 7 rings. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Diana

      there's not a single man in this video

    2. Muhd Fairuz

      The audio gives me Beyonce vibes and the video gives me Nicki Minaj vibes

    3. dull dull

      favorite things

    4. Fight Me

      LOVE IT MOTHER 😍😭💗

    5. Xiomara Blas

      Desde cuando ariana rapea :u? Y wow~~ :0 su cabello está muy largo. Me voy un año y todos cambió tan drásticamente :000

    6. LeandrothekidRS

      I love that this doesn't feature anybody else. It's better with just her

    7. rawan

      this video just makes me think of her as more of a blackfish

    8. unicorn ___

      I love you and this song too ❤️

    9. Everything at once

      I wish I can brag about my money like this one day.... I mean😍

    10. Sneezy The Pidgeon

      This song is kinda boring. Knowing what Ariana can do, with her voice, I don’t think this is a good song. A thought I do like some of the background vocals

    11. Batuhan Altunyay


    12. Fathima 007

      Malayalis get it 💓Nostalgia💓

    13. Fight Me

      yk when you see a spider and everything stops for a minute because you’re so shook? that’s what I felt after watching this, wow her mind

    14. Aldo L'Amico

      Most hip hop Ariana Grande song yet in my opinion. Great stuff.

    15. Nikos Karfa

      Isn't this her house kitchen?

    16. лунный свет


    17. Maya Chhatralia

      It’s the same tune as favourite things

    18. maisie hi

      Anyone else hear the sound of music movie track?

    19. Sara Pasca


    20. Purple Girl

      Best song to the best start for the best year like if you agree

    21. CaiohBlox :3


    22. stay salty

      Love the song

    23. BTS In my Heart

      Ariana Princess

    24. Manon Nell

      Sound of music flow...

    25. le monde de seyna

      Ariana grand ( do you like my hair ) M'y ( yes i like your hair ! ) Ariana grand ( thank u next ) M'y ( you well com !) 😂😂😂

    26. Alex Vargas

      Besided fame and money this is just another worthless bitch, listening to this shit all the time makes a guy go braindead retarded.

    27. rita yhkobovski

      You feel poor *WE GET THAT*

    28. LyricsVideo

      1:40 *SHINE* So annoying 😒

    29. Hassan Gadaffi


    30. Mina A

      she snapped!!!

    31. Olor Sano

      God is a woman

    32. Mila Asbeck

      u like my hair, gee thx, just bought it:) *laughing my head off*

    33. Romqqn

      The chorus is literally a ripped off version of XXXTENTACION - I am. LLJ

    34. Liz Michelle Sanchez Garcia

      Praise the lord cover

    35. Isabelle Paige

      Sound of music remix ❤️❤️❤️

    36. Fight Me

      Ariana called me poor with this song and I want to apologize.

    37. おにぎりむーん


    38. _Gamer4life _

      *i* *love* *you* *~*

    39. 야융

      Queen Ariana

    40. jade ._rg

      I like that song omg 😍😍

    41. Dražana Ramljak

      I see It? I Like It, I Want it? I Get It. Ari My Favourite Singer... 🔥👌💎

    42. Satenako G

      The only lyrics I remember is “ i want it I got it”

    43. Danielle Morris

      Who ever said money cant solve all your problems? Musta not had enough money to solve em Haa shes a boss don't hate she needed a little vain & fire banger, every real female artist has one or more. I fucks with her more and more the more time that passes. Shes bad af too shewwwwww YOU GO GIRL you're awesome for spending your hard-earned & well deserved money on your loved ones. I'm sure wayyyy too many celebs DON'T do it enough, they become greedy. And it's dope that it was a bunch of your girlfriends. They're your real life soul mates--men just fill the gap to make us feel better!!💙💛

    44. Chibi Louise

      Ngl im a bit dissapointed with this but still great voice and video

    45. Muddy Fox

      OMFG we’ve got her to number 2!!! Get her to number 1

    46. Kelly Papamorou

      It’s “pretty boy swag” with “favorite things” together....but he song is lit

    47. Izzie Noble

      how can a video be so perfect can’t wait too see you 17th if seltember xxxx

    48. Eirene Cellz

      Waww so amazing

    49. bono. gaming!

      Oops, wrong video

    50. Luka With a k

      *Pete Davidson has left the chat*