Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Male/Female Character Comparison



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    Take a look at Kassandra and Alexios, the playable characters in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
    Watch more from E3 2018 here!ビデオ-R0RmpVWSiqM.html&list=PLraFbwCoisJAcQvOvliIp_1bYkRlB8cVP&index=1
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    1. Bosque Harris

      Kassandra is so blurry and kinda lagy

    2. Johnny Wyper

      well im glad they didn't force the player to play female

    3. Мария Жевлакова

      Почему у меня никто не вырвал на этом острове?

    4. Fellow Templar

      Funny how everyone says Alexios has no life in his voice, I guess those who say that have never played The Witcher series, 3rd one in particular. XD Imho Alexios seems more appropriate in all of cutscenes, I have a feeling, that people interacting with the character look at them as a male. I also like he's badass responses, how he finds threats to his life funny, as some sort of demigod.

    5. Asha Kennerly

      I have played this game 3 times and not once have o seen the scene where they vomit on the beach. Am I missing a mission? Can someone tell me what this mission is called?

    6. Христо Мартунков, граф Лозенски

      Modern Greek pronunciation in a game set in Ancient Greece. 0/10.

    7. Rananda Girindra

      I always play female for rpg, but now, the female is too bulky, so i prefer male, make it more realistic hehe

    8. Eleni Lykou

      On 1:00 you can see the mountain behind Cassandra changing and the ship has no men in it.

    9. SittingBull

      They should’ve made the female character more slutty like soul caliber it would’ve made playing her more enjoyable

    10. StarVision

      I like them both but I try to stay realistic even if the game is not. So I choose a male over a women cause women just are not built for war or hand to hand combat especially with a 200+ pound man and if this offends you its only cause its true and I am sorry. I will still play as both though.

    11. Matěj Novák

      Male is better

    12. HybridHD

      Kassandra is the canon character and you are actually meant to play the game as her. She had more work done to her than Alexios had.

    13. gia Huy

      i like kassandra, but she too tall LOL

    14. utónév vezetéknév

      So,its the same game ,but with difrerent caracter texture?

    15. booby b

      Play as a man. Women aren't warriors wtf

    16. SpaceOrca


    17. Theodore McCarty

      The graphics are extraordinary!

    18. Hazqier

      3:12 Hit or Miss, I guess I...

    19. Nalle Buh

      Kyra jumped Off a cliff Sad... Very sad... Hah I spoiled it!

    20. BuddyPs4King


    21. Laven

      His facial expression after saying "You missed" are pure gold omg

    22. Aradhya Dey


    23. Constantine Joseph

      Kassandra has more character and she's very charming. On top of that she's the canon character. Alexios oozes debonaire suave but Kassandra is gentle yet deadly, a rarer character than the male counterpart.

      1. the fighting liberal


    24. Samuel Maurice

      This is a prequel to Deathnote. There was a Greek Kira it turns out.

    25. Callum Achneepineskum

      It is better to play as: Kassandra, because "Deimos" fits perfectly for Alexios and other things through the game. #Ubisoft

    26. Malaika Mirza

      Doesn’t Alexios have a different story to Kassandra? Because I thought if you played as Kassandra then the story is completely different to when you play the game again but as Alexios? I think there should’ve been another voice actor for Alexios and he should have more natural way of speaking like Kassandra, for example facial expressions etc

    27. OneofInfinity

      Well, hello there Kyra.

    28. Marek Ren

      The male’s voice is horrific, I now understand what people have been saying

    29. Wolf Reviewing

      woman looks like she knows that this is fake and playing a game smiling slightly at everyhting man looks more serious acting and is paied more to pretend its real life XDDDD

    30. mistariel.

      I mean Alexios sound like Ezio

    31. Kotełusz

      I like Aleksios more :p

    32. Awakening_Music


    33. Zaoshi Kung

      Dude sounds like the guy from just cause so I went with female plain and simple the guy shoulda had a more Spartan King Leonidas tone too a more ferocious tone if you will....but they did a phenomenal job with the female period very impressive!!!!!

    34. Skol Cole

      Almost 60 hours in and I gotta say, Origins > Odyssey.

    35. TropicalShark92

      everyone choosing one boi imma play this through twice one as each character!

    36. annabears 3

      Kassandra Is too much cool

      1. the fighting liberal

        love her.

    37. Vape Nation Pepe


    38. Megadriver

      I like Kassandra's acting better. Seems a bit more genuine. Also I like the concept of a female assassin. Women are lighter, more agile and more flexible than men. Leaping from building to building, branch to branch like a cat ain't for a big, burly guy.

    39. GAMING MACHINE (tankionline)

      Kassandraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa U thought I would keep on typing a 😁😁😁

    40. Can I get 1000 subs with no videos

      Alexios is the main character kassandra is made better

      1. the fighting liberal

        not exactly kass is cannon.

    41. Soulless Husk

      Reminds me of Mshep and Fshep, I sort of like the deep male voice, but the female has more spirit. Still took male cause it just makes more sense historically.

    42. Atomical0923

      I don't care if it's historically accurate or not, but I am looking forward to the mod that gets rid of Kassandra's "realistic" armor and gets her into something more revealing.

    43. Eagles_Eye

      is there any difference in the story between the two? i play as kassandra atm, you meet him as secret weapon for the cult, how does it work as being him? is she suddenly the secret weapon?

    44. _ Cyatorrein _

      Everyone complains about Alexios' voice but I don't really see the problem with it 😂

    45. Its Me- Jane

      Alexios looks like Geralt...but with black hair and no scar

    46. Daniel

      playing as female is historically inaccurate :p end of story

      1. Gigi Gaming

        Have you read anything on Greece During their civil war? Spartan women would fight too. It was part of their agoge as well. Boys definitely had more aggressive training, but girls had to train to fight and maintain fitness too. in order to give birth to strong children. and in case their homes were under siege, they would defend their nation and homes. You need some Historical lessons not to mention a bit less machismo. Daniel

      2. the fighting liberal

        not reallt bro.

      3. Daniel

        +the fighting liberal it is basic

      4. the fighting liberal

        who cares AC was never historically accurate dummy

    47. 13Wayz

      i like kassandra a lot more she comes off as more charming

    48. Aba Aba

      χαχαχα μαλακα... μια λεξη που δεν υπηρχε στα αρχαια χρονια!!

    49. Casper Vlaar

      3:10 If that isn’t the derpiest assassin ever, than i don’t know anymore

    50. Xavier H.

      male armor is cooler but everything else is better about kassandra, most importantly them BICEPS 😩

    51. Berry Griffin

      Can we stop pretending that women are as strong or athletic as men?

      1. D de

        the fighting liberal oooooook buddy

      2. the fighting liberal

        +D de doubt it.

      3. D de

        the fighting liberal I’m talking about being naturally stronger. A man is naturally stronger than a women, but of course there are woman that are stronger than men. Secondly a fighter doesn’t have to be strong, a lot of it is about your fighting style, if I brought some puny afghan from my neighborhood he would murder some big buff suburban kid in a fight

      4. the fighting liberal

        +D de yeah they are tho i bet some MMA female fighters can put down some men.

      5. D de

        the fighting liberal they aren’t but who cares it’s just a game

    52. Charles-Olivier Trudeau

      Is it just me or this armor is not in the final game? Ive been looking all over for it but cant seen To find it anywhere. If anyone knows, let me know! ;)

    53. Shawn Fernandes

      There is no significant difference between the two just cosmetic.

      1. the fighting liberal

        shawn wrong.

      2. Shawn Fernandes

        They’ve decided to toss the depth of Greek society of the time the game is set in because it’s convenient. And Kassandra doesn’t look like she has the weight to knock Alexios down.

      3. the fighting liberal


    54. Captain Murica 1776

      They really don’t seem that different... I don’t know why people are saying one is better than the other.

      1. the fighting liberal

        kassassandra is better voiced imo and i jsut like her.

      2. Captain Murica 1776

        Eh I see no difference and I’ve made it pretty far

      3. the fighting liberal

        you will find out.

    55. funnyhappyharry

      The males acting is 10x worse than the females. Yes it’s unrealistic but when I get this game I may play as the female purely for the care that went into the animation and voice acting.

    56. AlliSnake

      I'm glad I'm playing as Kassandra cause she has spirit and shows more emotions than Alexios.

      1. the fighting liberal


    57. thejmeister

      This game is such quality. One of my favourite Western RPGs.

      1. the fighting liberal


    58. Juan Veneroso

      Now this is a female I'd like to play as ;)

    59. TriplosX


    60. Victorius Lpx

      So any differences between 2 types of people Who acts differently. . Very disappointing👎

    61. Vedant Pithia

      The Mykonos mission took 5 minutes to complete, that was it.

    62. farihin haji mohd lisa

      Male character were inspiration of geralt the witcher 3, look at his haircut and beard. XD

    63. SkunchNation

      i like Kassandra's accent more, Alexios sounds more...I dont know, Italian?

    64. creforce

      ty for deciding my character for me IGN

    65. Sharon Mandy

      the end ... f***ing fantastic! XD

    66. Marcus Dorfstatter

      Idk cutscenes look unpolished and jumpy with wierd head movment physics, and the expressions are even worse then ac 2

    67. Ninja Tree Frog

      I want to play as Kassandra, which is surprising for me, but honestly the developers lack of willingness to address the fact she's a woman is a bit disappointing. It feels like playing as Alexios would be the most believeable but Kassandra's VA is so much better. The occasional jabs at Connor or Adewale's race in 3 and Freedom Cry made those stories more authentic and made those characters seem even more powerful for overcoming the challenges thrown their way. Kassandra is just an alternative skin for a story that would make more sense playing as Alexios.

    68. elementofmass

      A female character is historicaly inacurate. Its a big mistake from Ubi to put a female character riding a horse and carry swords. Idk about acting i will play with Alexios

      1. the fighting liberal

        by loser no onew cares and AC is not historically accurate and i love plying as a female.

    69. Dank Link

      I just started playing it, the characters look okay, but everything else is damn beautiful...

    70. Zain844

      I do like how they made Kassandra really burly and butch. She actually looks like her punches can generate a lot of power and she's not all small and dainty, She's built like a warrior.

    71. can we get 10,000 sub with no video?

      We didnt do playable female in orgins. But game still better..but this one ITS BEAUTY. I WANT BECOME FEMALE.

    72. Zyllo

      Can you shave in this game? I'd prefer to play as Alexios but that scruffy looking beard needs to go.

      1. Soulless Husk

        If anything I'd wish he could grow it longer, there are some badass beards on certain npcs.

    73. FEDEL89

      They never removed ezio's family theme in every ac theme.......ezio's theme got more famous than ac 1

    74. Adéwalé

      bad animations

    75. Kaito .Link

      yay! the option to not play as a 40 year old generic bearded man !

      1. Zain844

        He basically looks like Geralt just with brown hair.

    76. championofgods

      Alexios is just too generic. Kassandra is much better

    77. Cody Mason

      Man I usually like playing as females when it comes to being a more agile character, but I'm not feeling the female character. She is voiced really well, but in my opinion, most of the sets in this game just do not fit her well. Gonna have to go with the Male. He looks better in the gear sets. More fitting. But that is the beauty in choice with this game.

    78. DrShocktopus

      Alexios voice is lit, but really like Kassandras acting.

    79. dan

      almost all of it was the guy

    80. Sean Keating

      Dude I just can't with Alexios' voice acting. The emphasis is in such weird places in the sentence, plus there's like no life in his voice, just the entire sentence is one tone, either higher or lower than normal. At least Kassandra changed her tone, and has natural emphasis. Definitely going with Kassandra for the first playthrough

    81. Kim

      Overall I love kassandra more then Alexios, but man his expression and look at 3:11 when the knife hits it priceless. You missed is so much more funny then Kassandra's one (which isn't showed in this video no. But i have seen it elsewere)

    82. Chris Rivera

      Why is the male character so much worse? Agenda anyone?

      1. DS

        Agenda? Lmao yeah ubisoft hates men obviously thats why every single AC has had male main characters.

      2. the fighting liberal

        nope are you dumb or something?

    83. epiccthulu

      Really feels like this game was going to be just a female protagonist but publishers were like "What? No no no, we're not doing a female lead. Throw in a male option."

      1. Anvil Games

        +Time Traveling Old Man well, she is the canon character, not Alexios. also how much sense do the forerunners and the apple of Eden make to you?

      2. Slovakian, Slovenian or Russian troll

        +DS Minotaurs are part of Greek mythology and gender segregation part of Greek history. Women in combat was considered barbaric and the other city states would probably declare war on you for being a barbarian that allows women to be slaughtered on the battliefield.

      3. DS

        Time Traveling Old Man 1. Neither does the animus or a minotaur. 2. Thankfully then the main charater is not a spartan warrior but a greek mercenary. 3. The creators said that kassandra was meant to be the canon main character.

    84. gamer A

      1:05 just beautiful to hear it... so beautiful, a tear appeared on my cheek

    85. Den Piñga

      the game is already prepared for the kassandra as we can see on their animations

    86. Basedbrawler

      Just note this, whoever voiced it 2nd had to try to mimic the first voice. That's crazy

    87. Sgt Snuggles 911

      I don't see the point of a choice in gender. Why not just have us play as the woman or the man. It seems like a waste of time and money to record so many other lines for what has basically no effect on gameplay. I wouldn't have had a problem playing as the man or the woman and the choice seems virtually pointless.

      1. the fighting liberal


    88. Rodrik Forrester

      Kassandra sounding like Gerdur from Skyrim.

    89. Vad Zulenka

      Project Director for Saints Row 3. I'm sold on that alone. Gotta have faith in SOMEONE these days.

    90. Dylan Pfannenstein

      I’m struggling to decide which character to play as. 2 concerns: not a fan of alexios’ voice acting. I’ve noticed they made kassandra’s walk/run animation overly femme/sexual, swaying her hips. Kind of bothers me. Idk what to choose because it’s a choice you have to stay with through a long fricken game. Can we customize hair like in Origins?

    91. Cool Dude

      Finally real wamen in video game!

    92. Marques James

      According to the novelization of the game, Kassandra is the main protagonist. I was wondering why Alexios sound more wooden, and/or generic.

    93. Hendy Halim

      Male character much better then female characters 🤔

      1. Caio Vargas Comarella


    94. Nome boy

      Wish we had bayek here

    95. Peter Jackson

      Is Kassandra inspired by a real person? She is so beautiful. Stunning

    96. Atlantean

      More virtue signaling bullshit.

    97. IMONan

      going w/ kassandra for sure... the male voice actor is just meh

    98. Just Me

      Alexios looks more like a Spanish Thor. Why can't they get characters looking right?

    99. WurtonWill358 OWO