Assassins Creed Odyssey Is The End of A Legacy | For Better AND Worse



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    Assassins Creed Odyssey is awesome but there’s a pretty good chance it will be the 2018 game you hate. After seeing the trailer and gameplay and having origins in our hands for a year, we know where ubisoft is headed with AC, but where does that put this game. The Assassins creed odyssey gameplay reveal was interesting in that it appears that every origins review had hit home with ubisoft. There’s no doubt that the game will be intriguing but there’s a balance. Today we look at assassins creed odyssey.

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    1. Cleanprincegaming

      What do you guys think of what you’ve seen from odyssey? Do you like this new approach for Assassina creed or would you rather see the series return to its roots? Where would you want to see the next game take place? Non cap clip credits below! Twitter: cleanprincegame Patreon: cleanprince Non cap clip credits: Ubicentral, jorraptor, polygon

      1. Jose Villamil

        Cleanprincegaming, I was always a fan of Assassins Creed, mind that I’ve only played the first three games, later on got Syndicate and played the first 10 min and deleted the game for good it was just bad, Origins came along and in the beginning didn’t liked it but the more I played it the more hooked I got, when they announced Odyssey I did not liked the fact that Ubisoft kept going backwards, why not start with Odyssey and go from there? Anyways got the game, but didn’t start until I was done with RDR2, so I start Assassins and it was horrible, the mechanics, glitches everywhere, the horse, the API’s, repetitive and stupidly annoying quests, the loading is longer than the previous game, the graphics could be so much better, I mean I keep on trying to see if I like it but I just can’t. There are things that I do like, like the huge map, being on the ship the sceneries are beautiful and the story so far it’s pretty cool. And it’s weird when you hear everyone talking on how great that game is...

      2. felipe silva

        Odyssey is awesome, but its not AC

      3. A Nightmare

        The actual game like navigation options etc.. far better than any other but.. the fact it stays from reality like "demi god" etc. I think that's what they lost. People want to see all the touches of the new one.. but more historically accurate. Well that's what I think.. odyssey is by far the best one.. but.. I think it should be more real.. and if they want to do massive bosses which are cool.. then they should keep it as a daydream or nightmare or machine or mind controlling apple.. like they did before..

      4. Danny Davila

        Dude you’re a fucking clown lets not forget that your opinion means jack shit and youre completely wrong go play Zelda

      5. Tanner The Phoenix

        Assassina lol

    2. Michael Ramsey

      Assassin's Creed 1 was not a mess...just saying

    3. Rueben Aragon

      I stopped playing assassin's creed after black flag and I'm so glad. Every game after looks like absolute shit infected with SJW agenda and buggy animations

    4. Samuel J

      The story in Odyssey is so good

    5. Samuel J

      Every two years is perfect for AC. Just give us some DLC leading up to new game

    6. Samuel J

      I’d be down with a game like unity but different location

    7. Samuel J

      Don’t see why people hating on the last 2 AC games. Yes they’re “different from the originals” and I really enjoy the older games but these new ones are good.

    8. Samuel J

      I really enjoy the new assassins creed games but I want them to make it more worth my while to actually be stealthy and not just run in and kill everyone

    9. F

      While Origins and Odyssey might have been really good games, they were however not good as Assassin‘s Creed Games. Had Ubisoft just left the Assassin‘s Creed Part out of the title and screwed the modern day / past duality to instead give us two full scale games on ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, honestly nobody would complain

    10. Luis Salazar

      It not even close to assassin creed wtf

    11. jay brincat

      Whene u become leader of the durts of avens who thinks that when u take over a fort that u can send them to defend if for u and become a fast travel point and that become part of the war against spata and avens sos I can’t spell leve and a like if u agree

    12. Markie

      Origins and Odyssey are trash imo, I enjoyed Syndicate and Unity much more

      1. F

        Markie I enjoyed the in-Animus-Parts in Unity (except the world war 2 side mission) and Syndicate, however the modern day parts were awful. And since that is, at least to me, the main story, I didn‘t like them that much. A name-, gender- and faceless protagonist who doesn’t interact at all and sees everything through drones is just not very interesting

    13. fede M.

      Don't care. Odissey it's pretty fucking Good. It's a fresh bottle of water.

    14. DUTCHMAN 15


    15. DUTCHMAN 15

      I hate this new combat system 💯old ac you could defeat 50 gaurds like a real assassin💯but now we struggle with 5 gaurds thats always the same level as you no matter how many times u rank up

    16. Dzago Productions

      Alltho AC Odyssey is my favourite game of all time, it's not at all like other AC games. It's good yes and the AC spirit is still in there with an open world, options to go stealth or guns blazing, side quests and great and interesting historical characters (these thing were all prevelent in AC ll), but the spirit of the game is mostly gone, i mean it's still there, but it's mostly gone, sadly. You don't have great big buildings, to climb, the parkour is 100x better in other games, the Templars are gone, you don't have a hidden blade, and you don't have A FUCKING HOOD. I love this game to death, but it's unrecognizable as an AC game. Yes it's a drammatic improvement from other games and it is better the AC ll (don't @ me), but while Ubisoft tryed to make an improvement that we all wanted they unintentionally sucked the spirit out. If they make another game, they should put keep all of the mechanics, like the new eagle vision, the fighting mechanics and no mini map, but they should put it in more modern times where there are big buildings, there are Templars and Assasins, there's amazing parkour, have a hidden blade and a GODDAMED HOOD. They could set it during the Russain Revolution, or in Nazi Germany. They should either do those things or give up on the franchise.

    17. Darksoft

      But Odyssey was really good. And they are making one in 2020.

    18. Asim Nabil

      Odyssey is a good game, but it's certainly not an assassin's creed game.

    19. Duffie Moore

      I’m not a fan of the other AC games but I absolutely love ACO

    20. TEN10TEN

      it should stop making games in ancient era

    21. ToxicReaper107

      Good video

    22. The Royal Saiyan

      I honestly think odyssey is there best game yet and I have beat all of them besides odyssey I haven’t beat it yet

    23. Shawn Coyle


    24. You Always win4 Gomes

      I hate how it’s called odyssey but the game has nothing to do with the real story of oddseyus

    25. Güven Kuyucu

      Who the fuck are you that you think that you can call Assassins Creed 1 a mess?

    26. felipe silva

      The problem os not the gameplay (the RPG) the problem is the fecking lore, i want assassins and creeds, i want ansers for whats happening on the present day, and more history

    27. funtime freedy

      But thas not how ac works they just adopted a new game and threw the other of a cliff

    28. Iam wade

      Fuck ur mom

    29. Kevin Gomez

      I’ve played every Assassin creed game that hit the market. I like what each one has to offer, Odyssey is 100% different and I absolutely LOVE it. The story line, side missions, graphics, and the history are all amazing. Better then I ever expect

    30. [RN] X 神

      AC died for me when the Egypt version released

    31. Holly Jackson

      I have an idea about australia that has a history that’s not well known. -It should be set in Australia during the gold rush. There were assassinations and there was a big fight like in origins and odyssey but not as full on. The fight was between police and civilians. You could explore mines and raid places, camp out late, set the southern cross flag on fire. (Which they actually did, there were too many fires to count, some drunk set a whole hotel on fire, welcome to Australia.) there would be new animals, like kangaroos, koalas, echidnas. I could see this game as a new modern syndicate almost, but new and Australian actors, and storyline. It keeps a similar vibe. I rambling on way too much for an idea that Ubisoft is never gonna see in the comments of a video xD

    32. Tronald TV

      you thought AC3 was awful? i can't agree my guy.

    33. Danny Davila

      dude you guys are all nerds who beat off to porn and play this all day and creepshot girls ahaha

    34. Amber Radebaugh

      Basically you just want to shit on AC as much as Ubisoft does for money. That's all I got out of this.

    35. 9600GTMAN

      cleanpricegaming the channel i must watch to know what games not to choose or to know that those games are good or bad ....

    36. Redwanul Taseen

      AC Odyssey is the last thing a AC gamer would want to see. I love the old ones. I want ASSASSINS CREED.I don't want Witcher.

    37. doom lasagna

      ac 3 brotherhood Revelations black flag and origins are my favorites

    38. Cole Lowery

      I hate it

    39. Caesar the Squirrel


    40. Ѧṡıṃȏṿ Ȏṿєяċѧṡṭ

      Oh boi you were wrong

    41. Mike Reds

      I think your praising a game that is trash iv been playing it due to the fact that iv played all ac games and origins was awesome espeicaly the fighting odyssey shouldn't even be an ac game the fighting is fucking trash origins was perfect and they changed it to the boats also suck and pale in comparison to black flags boats and that dumb ass spear take that shit back were is my fucking hidden blade furthermore shove them choices up your ass and tell me who to kill the game is nothing but a grind and a check up on your moral values in other words trash i think the game is kinda boring and stealth is ruined to seing how you have to spend all your points to fit one style of play rather then be able to just play how you feel at the moment realy the only thing they did right was the setting real fans of the series are goong wtf is this shit rpg and why did i buy it

    42. Tyler Alexander

      I do like the new way assassin's Creed is changing and I would like it to continue to make more games like AC Odyssey

    43. Ginger Ninja

      Origins was fucking amazing. Odyssey isn't not assassins Creed, they just ruined some of the decent parts of origins, and didn't improve what little needed improving. They threw origins from the mountain it so almost conquered.

    44. Negan

      Well If Assassin's Creed which is now a Witcher clone they have a backup plan . Watchdogs which is a GTA clone . They don't go 8 steps back they take the steps which makes other games good .

    45. That One Guy

      Woah, that jab at assassin's creed 3 was uncalled for

    46. andrian paul manansala

      They should focus more on parkour and make it more fun like unity i love running around in unity

    47. Michael KerBingle

      Ubisoft needs to implement some fresher IP's. I can't respect a company that lets things stagnate over many years of "New games". The series has been dead since unity, you are right. I disagree with your revolution of odyssey. For a game to truly reinvent itself it needs to do what sony santa monica did and reinvent the wheel, not take ideas from multiple games and slap them on your own.

    48. ricardo rodriguez

      This feels like an ad for the newest ac games..

      1. 9600GTMAN

        it is... cleanpricegamnig is a shill if he says a game is good it's the opposite...

    49. Jonathas Numeriano

      Forest Gump by Frank Ocean sample playing at the end?

    50. Rico Bruno

      My favorite part of AC is the whole Ezio storyline. To ME (myself and I), that was the AC series at it's best.

    51. TheGamerKingYOREK

      Who's up for remastered stories of A1 A2 and brotherhood?

    52. TheGamerKingYOREK

      Origins was good though- tell me I'm wrong. If origins not in you top 10 you haven't been playing Assassins Creed since Altair

    53. FubuKi

      I personally don’t like the direction Ubisoft is taking Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed is a stealth game franchise, but in the new ones, one hit stealth kills not being guaranteed turns assassination missions from “go in, kill the guy, get out” to “go in, fuck up the stab, fight the whole fucking garrison, get out”. If Ubisoft wants to make an RPG franchise, okay. But keep Assassin’ Creed as Assassin’s Creed. There aren’t enough stealth games out there and I don’t want the last one to be about fighting every Guard because you didn’t spend the last 20 minutes hunting to upgrade your equipment.

    54. LelNub69

      Odyssey is amazing i have around 60 hrs in it and it still suprises me

    55. Danny D

      Dude, I love your stuff. You put so much thought into it and bring things to light that many don't think about.

    56. Sketch Stevens

      Actually it was really just 1 and 2 that were good. Then Ubisoft whored out Ezio and delayed making AC3(which still came out buggy and started the buggy game trend). The series started to die after AC2. When I played AC2 I felt like I did everything I needed to know about Ezio, the only missions that stood out to me were those ex girlfriend missions and family burial mission.

    57. Ryan

      Your joking right ?

    58. AA Battery

      The whole territories, huge battles and captains sounds like they took all that from shadow of Mordor/war And then getting praise for originality?

      1. 9600GTMAN

        it is basically a shadow of mordor reskin with Ac slapped on it... evne the fucking menus are there ....

    59. Halo Toy

      you didnt play this game either

    60. YT BaraNo

      I love the new change but the stealth kills getting debuffed is wack. I would love to see an Assassin's Creed in Japan or China but not that side scroll crap they did with Chronicles

    61. Tony Stark

      I've always loved this series i havent play Black flag only but i knew that AC series is fucked when syndicate came out orignis and odyssey are fucking trash and shit

    62. Captin Fuck You

      I thought AC3 was great! I think Black Flag, AC3 and brotherhood are the best. Why does everyone dislike AC3? I loved roaming around the streets of Brittish occupied Boston as Hathem Kenway, hunting in the winter forest as an Indian or sailing the seas as a coloniel captin! This game spoke volume to me as a young kid. Watching the American Partiots, Washington, Franklin and the rest fight the Brittish for independence, fascinated me! It brought to life a yearning and love for histroy (especially my own county's history. The USA.) One love that has not weakened, but has strengthened through time. Now of course the game is not perfect. I know that much, but how could you call it dreadful or awful? To me it was filled with a certain charm and a warm American spirit that I believe has been lost. With that said I'll end here. AC3, although not the best game at times, is, if you take your time and look around and think, a little masterpiece. Thanks for reading...

    63. Trey Smim

      Are you high ac3 was the best fucking game they have published

    64. Adam Dragon

      I don't like the RPG elements that they put in the game. it doesn't matter what armor you wear or what level you are an arrow through the skull or a knife to the neck should kill you lost count of how many times i shot someone in the head with an arrow onto to still walk around like nothing happened and that was annoying as well it fucks over the stealth element it used to have. i loved running around the city's making as many guards to follow me then fought them using counter attacks.

    65. Zeo Mempho

      Revive the series. Go to japan. feudal era. samurai. ninja/assassin plot. Concentrate on the story. AND add a "present day" plot like Desomonds story. You are good to go.

    66. brian messalti

      okay but talk to me when you have a shirt that fits correctly

    67. Irish Boi

      Bro origins is da best

    68. Josh Blount

      I got Odyssey on PC and used Cheat Engine to enable my own 50% XP boost. Only greed can explain why a developer would hurt their own creation.

    69. Axe Dryan

      Whatever tf man, I still care for my viewpoint synchronization and the hidden blade

    70. Aka The Flailing Chicken

      Honestly, the new games are beautiful and I really enjoyed them, but in a different way than I did the originals. I kind of miss the old game play, and the old games hold a very special place in my heart. But the newer ones do too in a way. (Odyssey more so than Origin) To be totally honest I hate the equipment system in the new games compared to the old ones though. It is a pain to collect materials for gear upgrades in between every other quest. And I think the big hoopla around choosing your gender is really ridiculous. Pick one and write your story around one. I’m a female and I could careless whether or not I play as one, infact I chose Alexios over Kassandra anyway. They also need to work on their “present world” story in the new games (because honestly I have no idea where the plot is going or where it has been lol). Even still I just don’t really get why people are making such a big deal out of the whole situation. It’s just a game don’t play them if it is going to make you so upset.

    71. 38MBH

      103 hours played to complete the main stories. Great story, not as polished as Witcher 3 but the combat/skill table/crafting is so much better and less frustrating. Overall preferred the story in Witcher 3 more but Odyssey is far better for gameplay.

    72. J22

      I think the modern story line is a important part of the AC games

    73. Spencer Belyea

      I think people are failing to see how odyssey and origins fit into helping develop the mythos of the universe itself. Origins sees the origins of the creed itself meaning it isnt full blown yet, odyssey shows the bringing of the templar order such as the cult working to control the world through ancient technology. All of the games you play now are ancestors of Desmond himself, besides alexios and kassandra pretty sure. I do understand why people are upset ac isnt really ac anymore. But theirs no denying that passion and effort was put into odyssey because it's a good Greek rpg, besides really being "role playing". The game itself is packed with tons of content and an actually decent storyline with plenty of endgame objectives. They should take ac off the title but the universe of ac fits and makes odyssey more coherent.

    74. Rob Smith

      Odysey is amazing I'm about half way through I held of buying it cos I thought they were going to focus on the mythical beast's ect but then i saw it on offer and seeing as I've played every AC game except number 2 I bought it so glad i did

    75. Lucas bentley

      The faction system doesn't really work that well because both Athens and Sparta are basically the same.

    76. Oliver Lowe

      its a great ac its not dead yet my friend

    77. Matthew Rowland

      I stopped the video at the 5 minute mark when you completely trashed assassin's creed 3, having already showed little respect and utter disdain for the first games in the series as well. There are many of us who love the early entries, especially 3, and I for one am really excited about the 4K remaster of AC3. That game wasn't trash. Most players who hated it simply had an over-infatuation with Ezio and couldn't let go (which, ironically enough, was weird because most of these same haters were pissed at AC Revelations too).

    78. tannermilo

      funny reading all these old comments of people shitting on a game they haven't played yet where after playing it I think its the best AC yet the action is great, the stealth is great, the world is beautiful, story is compelling but the best part is the merc system where other mercs are after your head just adds so much randomness to the game

    79. Chris Vazquez

      Never he said “just the awful ac 3”

    80. Dr. Freeze


    81. 2Smooth One

      I haven’t played origins but I have played all the other Assassin creed I am the early part of Odyssey I am fully enjoying it so far

    82. Ronald Lane

      I haven't played odyssey. I grew up with ac and odyssey just doesn't feel like ac so it will be a while til I play it.

    83. Mike G

      This might be an AC game I enjoy. I always thought the out ones were to repetitive torwards the end.

    84. Solomon Jean

      Yeah yeah its a good game....but we just cant kill of the meaning of the franchise and pretend we are blinded by the so called 'good' game

    85. Laura Healy

      My 21 yr. old-son: who has played "Assassin's Creed" since "AC1" bought "AC:Odyessy" played it for a while and gave up on it. He said, "I simply gave up on it because I got tired of doing the same thing over and over. Besides, there was no assassin's things in it, because it takes place before the Assassin's even started. Ubisoft should move on and call it something else." I agree with him after watching him doing the same two or three things over and over again when I walked by the room where he games.

    86. Zelda Henson

      I'm not gonna lie. Before Origins, I didn't like Assassin's Creed because the action-y/stealthy gameplay just didn't interest me. Then I bought Origins after watching a bunch of videos about it and I love it to death. To be honest, I don't really like Odyssey. I don't like the characters (Alexios/Kassandra). I was in love with Bayek's character from day one and I just don't care about Kassandra nearly as much. And if I don't like my main character, trying to enjoy the game is super difficult. I don't know...

    87. Srujan Uppuluri

      I honestly have nothing against Odyssey, the game is amazing (you have got to admit), but if it weren’t for the fact that it was under the franchise name “Assassins Creed” I feel like the game would have gotten much less hate. Now shut up OG fans, do not hate on an amazing game so much, just look at the game like a story in the Assassin’s creed universe

    88. 32V_Lucas

      not ashamed at all but i had to go back and listen again. He said "awful AC3." and thats where I'm stopping. I honestly haven't been this triggered since some said Destiny was better than Halo. lol

    89. aww rusty ev

      U shouldn't judge without playing bt honestly I enjoy origins more than odyssey

    90. ToXic

      If you dont like it dont play it....

    91. nick silveira

      Your stretching, the combat is different but I feel like the franchise gradually switched, but honestly they look similar it’s just more of an rpg

    92. Daniel Jones

      Lazy and incompetent JP-newsr who takes other people's opinions and incorporates that information into his own videos without bothering to play the whole series of games he's criticising! Obviously does not have a clue about the game series and the lore behind it. Furthermore he made this video months before the game even released so I'm afraid good sir, your point = INVALID

    93. Aivern Tan

      spent so much time about the technicalities and semantics of what genre this game should fall into. you have a cool narrative voice but this video has absolutely no substance at all man.

    94. End-Gamer

      I never liked any AC until this one. I love it! Long live Kassandra! Be sure to keep an eye on Aspasia!

    95. ZZZ HipHop

      Why is Anita by Smino playing in the background

    96. Jake Banman

      I have played every AC game released; I did enjoy Origins as it still had some tie to the series roots (you were still an assassin, albeit not officially until near the end of the game) and I am playing through Odyssey and although so far I am enjoying it, it does feel like a game that is not an actual AC game.

    97. Channel 4

      Ya know, when this guy talks about games you really know he sounds like a pompous, ignorant, jerk.

    98. Robert Field

      I’ve been playing the AC games from the beginning and I like the new direction of RP, open world, meaningful customisation and meaningful choices however i disliked that there were no assassins in the game. I like the era they chose to do and think it would have been better if Odyssey was actually the origins of the Creed.

    99. KIEYEEZY 101

      So fallout 76 gone good

    100. Nate Robinson

      This is one of the most well made videos I’ve ever seen 👍