Axolotland - The Cutest Creatures You've Ever Seen



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    Welcome to Axolotland, a new mountainside village aquarium and habitat for two aquadragons, i.e. axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum). These very unique and cute amphibians, which are closely related to tiger salamanders are pretty interesting creatures. In this video, we watch these two axolotls evolve from strangers to best friends. We also watch how they hunt, forage, relax, and feed. You'll be surprised how intelligent and endearing they are. Hope you like this week's non-ant related (for a change) episode. Enjoy!
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    1. An anonymous person

      Those axolotls looking for the pellets remind me of me looking for my keys when I drop them in my car

      1. Autumn Loy

        Yea same I always suck in my keys when I lose them it’s so annoying when I end up just eating a dime

      2. Sam Bro

        So a mating pair

      3. Yoefi Fransiska

        Good One

      4. GRAYRAPTOR13 !

        An anonymous person you suck them into your mouth?

      5. SkullyTheCreator

        lol that is good.

    2. elenathelithuanian

      trying to find similar driftwood with no luck. any ideas?

    3. Salai Aungzin

      When the babys come hes so names starting with a girl "Korl" boy "Sea- j"

    4. ZenXtraordinary

      😁 can you name them?

    5. JC Scaletta

      what is the music track overlay?

    6. Lunala Mations


    7. Holli McAlpine

      What happened those two

    8. Yma Htebazile

      Did anyone else tear up for these two lives that just got a whole lot better 🤧🤧😻

    9. Ragnaroek

      Even thou it might be safe with small sand, i would avoid letting the pellets fall on it. Let it fall on the rock or smth.

    10. Gabriel Cerqueira

      This guy smokes a lot of weed

    11. Beatriz Pozos

      I would love to see more axolotl videos 😊💕 even if it's just them moving around, maybe do like different clips of them being cute/hanging out

    12. Alpha Machina

      You have to change their water every two days? Dayum..

    13. Axolotl Studio

      I love it

    14. Mivhael Leiby


    15. Jacob Gibson

      They’re so cute!😮

    16. Shana Wagner


    17. Jayden Michael Macatangay

      Ok ok axolotl a god from gravity falls made by alex hirsch it is an animal god of fire and thunder i think thunder yeah dipper asked what do know about bill cipher the illuminati he said before he dies he said he will have to invoke his name to be alive again a diffrent form a diffrent time

    18. Slizard

      I have three axoltols. I black one named Edgar Allen Poe and two pink ones named Marie Antoinette and Amelia Earhart.

    19. Slizard

      Omg what an amazing upgrade!

    20. Wishby

      An interesting and educational video, well done.

    21. Dweebozoid 456

      Update please

    22. Sean The Prawn

      Slug cats worst nightmare

    23. AJ Summer

      We always called the aquadragons "mud puppies" when I was a kid

    24. mega sonic hunter Ramirez

      Awww I love the axolotls

    25. Ashley Duchuck

      Once again you are very entertaining man! Gotta be one of the best JP-news channels

    26. Heidy Cespedes

      I feel happy for him

    27. saturnnfox

      I remember when I was a fetus I did an entire project on axolotls without researching anything

    28. John Wilkinson

      You have to change the water every two days?!?! Damn that's a lot of work....

    29. Joshua Dela Cruz

      Alam ko pong Pilipino ang may ari ng channel na to. Gusto ko lang po magtanong san kayo nakabili ng axolotl? HAHAHAHAHA

    30. Dillon Cooper

      U take such good care of your pets

    31. Dirty Spoon

      you should put guppies with them bc one guppies will spawn and would be a food source for them

    32. Animaker

      Yes I am aware

    33. corgi master

      My heart has afishly mealted

    34. Krystina732

      Do u really change 30 gallons of water every two days ?

    35. Mysteri0usChannel

      But who resides in the golden springs now?

    36. The Sucker

      they're cute and all, but i wanna watch them regrow their heads

    37. Csalamádé

      Your aquariums look soo good!!

    38. bernie mcfadden

      Well you have to name the male either "falcor" or "Haku" and the female could be "light fury"

    39. Axolotl God

      indeed my children are cute

    40. RABID YT

      Love em

    41. L.fu

      stop talking rubbish

    42. white salt

      4:00 cute beauty mark

    43. Rebecca Nga

      I like them I wish I could have one

    44. Nintense

      12:04 I'm not

    45. Chald Smith

      aww so lovely

    46. Berta Umana


    47. Jason Vail

      I liked and subscribed to those two there so cute but your channel is sprouting so much

    48. Joaquin Reyes

      Double agent here

    49. KiwiCupcake

      I want an axolotl now

    50. Kayla Mai

      narrative skill on point! it's like reading a book! but visualizing it in real life!

    51. Kayla Mai

      "a rounded corner?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?"

    52. seth pz


    53. Sharayah Ellis

      Your channel gives me utter joy. Thank you for such lovely content ❤

    54. SIKE

      Balot and penoy

    55. MoeDay

      One of the most beautiful videos yet

    56. H*ck

      These Axolotls are actually really cute. When they were foraging for the pellets, seeing their noses in frame made me squeal from the adorableness. I want to boop the snoots

    57. Kitty Löwe

      Not sure about cutest... but adorable yah

    58. H Wegener

      Honestly shoulda named it Dragons keep the land of the pearl dragons

    59. Sonny .koufax

      I need to see more of axolotls PLEASE😭 Theyre so gorgeous and incredibly cute. I NEED More videos of them 😍💖

    60. LadyRavenEyes

      you will have to keep an eye on them, axolotls can be vary aggressive with each other. (as her injuries show) it will still be some time before they can mate they are both still babies

    61. DangJace

      Me: “Welcome.... to Axolotl Park” Jurassic Park Theme plays

    62. Miranda Elaine

      Baby Bichir are the fish version of these, check them out 😊

    63. TheDoctor_DH

      Your gonna have hundreds of babies I hope you know

    64. Caitria world Animations!

      He: they looked so cute together Me: YOU look cute taking so much Care with them

    65. Horrorgag

      Ive been trying to get one of these for 2 years and its just impossible..

    66. Minamii Lucatorta

      I normally get pissed off when I see stupid "I know everything about pets" JP-newsrs or commenters posting on videos saying that the person in the video is abusing the animal etc or that they are stupid because they arent absolutely spoiling the shot out of their animals, but I'm glad to say I don't see any of that in the comment section! The comment section is filled with the positivity you not only deserve but makes sense. You really have spoiled your babies rotten, they really will have the best little life possible

    67. ethan cho

      14:57 the Axolotl is waving goodbye so adorable

    68. Emily Roybal

      These two are so lucky to have an owner like you

    69. Jayda Iordanidis


    70. Kimberly Harvey

      5:16 who got httyd (how to train your dragon) 3 vibes from them faceing eachother? Like this comment if you did!

    71. Dalton’s Reptiles


    72. Alex Fu

      This tank is much bigger in terms of size, but I think it would be nicer if the setting was more natural with more vegetation.

    73. Liya Nur

      Reminded me of the Cosmo Sheldrake song - Axolotl

    74. just a sheep

      so so cute 😍😍😍

    75. Gael Pena

      Put a castle

    76. smwa 6773

      this is the day Axolotl become my favorite animal.

    77. TiGeR _MoTh

      Axolotls are my absolute favourite animal 😍

    78. Emma GLatif

      their such a cute couple and love to them

    79. Emma GLatif

      and there so cute together

    80. Emma GLatif

      call the male Kalahaku and call the female Pearl

    81. CoCoTea Inc

      Imagine giant axolotls

    82. Tord Markus Birkeland Jakobsen

      were do you get the money for all this?

    83. Pixel By pixel

      Soooo cuteeeeee

    84. TheTrendyArtist

      You should be more careful. They are very very endangered. They only live in one lake in the world.

    85. DRAGO_ CV_Gaming

      Its nice that you like translate the moves of the axolot

    86. Onyok Jr.

      I feel like you’re going to be in blue planet as one of the voices, because how your voices has so much excitement and enthusiastic in it

    87. Circus Clown

      what a weird looking ant

    88. Jess Mai Her

      Want to see more from this!!!

    89. Natalie Albarran

      I ship them

    90. Sammi’s Aquariums

      What chiller do you use? What do you recommend for chillers?

    91. exterminater MK1

      make ur pets talk plez is cute!!!!!!!!!!

    92. Reggicide

      Ye ye ye ye ye oh oh oh oh oh 😂😂😂 I swear that song sets the tone for the vids lol

    93. oEntity

      um hello? are you alive? why would u ask if someone ot something is alive XD

    94. Claire Bear

      Its so cute that his eyes are black and hers are silver.

    95. Drake Kay

      That's more like it! That ten gallon in G land wasn't enough, you were so right to move him. But adding a friend, that's the best!

    96. SS BAJA

      Everytime I hear the celestial sounding music I think of Kerbal Space Program.

    97. Seamus Gallaway

      those look cool

    98. CyberRabid

      If they have this much trouble looking for motionless pellets how in the hell do they ever survive in the wild? Some species deserve to go extinct!

    99. Alan Pruden Gaming


    100. Sam Bro

      Babies please