Axolotland - The Cutest Creatures You've Ever Seen



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    Welcome to Axolotland, a new mountainside village aquarium and habitat for two aquadragons, i.e. axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum). These very unique and cute amphibians, which are closely related to tiger salamanders are pretty interesting creatures. In this video, we watch these two axolotls evolve from strangers to best friends. We also watch how they hunt, forage, relax, and feed. You'll be surprised how intelligent and endearing they are. Hope you like this week's non-ant related (for a change) episode. Enjoy!
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    1. An anonymous person

      Those axolotls looking for the pellets remind me of me looking for my keys when I drop them in my car

      1. werewolf11799

        King Axel and White Queen

      2. dragon gaming Hatfield


      3. Ninja360 Ninja


      4. Sholah Verassa

        Yin and Yang? Atlthough, reversed ones ;)

      5. meagin jackson

        +Chad Faraone gota hit u with a no u

    2. Oscar Hartzenberg

      I have axolotls of my own and they are not meant to look bright and colourful. Try lowering the water level. if the gills are red it means they are trying to hard to get oxygen. Another tip is if they are nibbling each other try putting them in the fridge. cold water helps them heal better

    3. Krish Striker

      Anybody else find them cute?

    4. Krish Striker

      Another love story Comin' up!

    5. Jacob Bau

      Haha, only Antscanada can use a rap backing over footage of axolotls and have it make sense.

    6. Aye Lmao

      13:27 boop

    7. Aye Lmao

      9:03 so much for being intelligent creatures…

    8. gav.-.1106

      🅱️-Series is gay

    9. Dragon killer 690

      We should name them king and queen pearl

    10. Snow Elf

      Fuq her urself

    11. ThisIs Monarchy

      dude i think the water currents cause stress for axolotls. 1:21

    12. Jam Orendain-Roa

      All i could think watching this whole vid, *_Sir fluff?_*

    13. Chef Big Dog

      I want one soooo bad

    14. jack kirkbride

      I have always wanted an axolotl

    15. Doglexus 123


    16. Bacon Lord

      "They were so cute, I could watch them bobbing for air all night long!" I actually nearly choked on apple juice when he said this, just saying, it could be taken out of context..

    17. _ HAVOC _

      float? RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM???

    18. Moustafa Ghaddar

      Seems like a dumb creature to me

    19. Sivfair And elite

      The t-posing dragoons

    20. PixelGames ReaL

      Tipp: If you're mad. Look to an axolotl's face and you smile😁

    21. Ashie :3

      I LOVE THEMM THEY ARE CUTE! (Eee I'm weird) but still I want one!! -w-

    22. TYK theyoungking


    23. Mark King

      I know im late but was Axo'lot'o love a pun?

    24. Jack Witting

      Do a ants vs triops

    25. Beast of The Blade [BOTB]

      You need more bubbles they love bubbles

    26. Noble Troller

      Name the male Falkor, from Neverending story 😀

    27. Genevie Lee

      Do they bite???

    28. Genevie Lee

      They are totally adorable!!! Like if u agree

    29. DaFlying Dutchman

      Is the background music from inside out?

    30. Sealweth

      It's wonderful that you decided to make this for them. They look so happy

    31. Daralynn B

      No way!!!! Another one!

    32. tigerwoman484

      Retard giving them fake food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. tigerwoman484

      Retard they are ugly retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    34. Abdul Basit Wahid

      They find food depending on their sense of smell and movement in water

    35. Kittycat Lover

      Xolotla la land............ anyone? Ok I will leave now....

    36. VegaSims

      The life of luxury.

    37. arda 85

      Axolotl: hey what's in the menu AntsCanada: Meat pellets Axolotl: ok can i have some? AntsCanada: No i will hide them at your house you will have to hunt them down

    38. john tripp

      I would recommend Romeo and Juliet

    39. FriedDuck74

      “They nuzzled each other like any cute couple would. They were definitely besties now.” He friend zoned the axolotls for them.

    40. melissa  morris

      Ok, now I want a pair.

    41. eleni !

      I beg you call one of them Kirby, the way they suck up food reminds me of the character

    42. Rowan Ritts

      what is the music you used?

    43. Edu's games

      Life according to the bible in a nutshell

    44. KD JAM

      Sol and luna?

    45. Amanda Miller


    46. Evara Ripple

      Male Axolotl: Coal / Strawberry Female Axolotl: Silver / Sherry

    47. dorito chips

      From time to time each day, you should turn off the light so then they can feel like they’re in their natural habitat

    48. julianne davis

      To everyone that says he doesny acclimate them pretty sure he drip acclimates

    49. Scott Sneddon

      I really want to hear you named them Wessley and Buttercup.

    50. Mj Delaroca

      Name the male drago