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    1. Sunflower X

      I like Beyoncé but I'm sorry guys this Coachella might be the most *OVERRATED* performance of all time. Honestly back up dancers and the band were doing all the show, she barely moved (she even sat down lol) and made a few dance steps(mostly shaking ass) every now and then and sang (she is a singer after all not?I mean it's her job.. I know that "singers" nowadays lip sync all the time so this in comparison seems great but it's actually not a big thing lol) *NO FUCKING WAY* this performance was better than any other Michael Jackson performance. Michael could make the crowd go crazy and people faint just standing there on the stage doing nothing without all this chaos and theater. And when he started dancing and singing (look at especially Bad Tour performances) ... DAMN ! That's a *real performer* ! He didn't need all this to amaze people. In all honesty imagine Beyoncé without all the backup dancers and the special effects... You can really claim the she *danced* like Michael? C'mon guys! I have to remind you all that Fred Astaire himself named Michael Jackson his hier ? He invented dance steps and had his own personal and unique dancing style which is partially copied by guess who? Beyoncé bitches! (ass shakes don't count as dance btw) And about voice oh well.. Michael Jackson had a vocal range of four octaves and a half ( basically an half away from whistle range), he could go from baritone to natural male soprano and his songs are *ICONIC* , Beyoncé latest songs are total crap compared to the old ones, she barely sings in them and mostly raps/talks. They're boring as hell (and filled with egocentric motivational quotes and sexual content). Michael sang every musical genre possible rock, pop, soul, R&B etc and was *FLAWLESS* . Hopefully this ridiculous beef MJ vs Beyoncé will end in some days and we will look back at this as a moment of hilarious foolishness. *MJ IS THE BEST PERFORMER OF ALL TIME* . No one can argue this! NO ONE.

    2. Ana Martinez

      The Queen of all times

    3. Zoey Neighland

      SLAY Queen! SLAY!

    4. Mark Smith

      Not sure what the fuss is about. Too much going on.

    5. Danica Sandoval 2

      Goddanmnnit triangles everywhere beynce messy fr that

    6. missnovember8707

      Queen Bey!!!!

    7. anal blockage

      Dude the crowds at coachella fuckin suck

    8. HiTea

      Rani I'm sorry

    9. Normal Life?

      Great opening👍 Beyoncé keep it up

    10. crystal

      I wonder what it feels like being beyonce

    11. Bobthekill3r

      Is it just me or she just slapped herself back to the 20th century😂

    12. Albal 247

      1:29 well someone felt the need to be different

    13. Fluxey

      Beyonce can still move pretty good for her age. 🙋

    14. Lionel RichT

      People at a concert filming a screen with their phones!?

    15. melody carroll

      love her beyonce is so amazing

    16. Kairo

      Walking into your ex's funeral like...

    17. dshan1W W

      All those Pale PILGRIMS had NO IDEA what dey just Witnessed.!!!

    18. LOOKING

      the tickets were only $300 for each weekend.

    19. Pablo Menguy

      Please put all these smartphone down...

    20. freddy Guterre

      I can not with this ... she's very perfect.



    22. rokkkz


    23. Ali Andreea

      I've watched this when it has 1200 views. I turn around and 6 M??????

    24. London belly dancer hire samba dancer wedding entertainment Sandrine

      Ok so that’s not even her best. Am I supposed to be impressed by the number of dancers, or by the lights?...

    25. melissa23. V

      Roses are red, Violets are blue, Beyoncé is queen and sexy too.


      ID RATHER WATCH CHRIS BROWN DANCE😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    27. jeremy amogola

      noticed that most comments are by haters talentless nothings no one cares about your opinions go watch something you like then shove your thoughts up your dirty asses

    28. beachgirl

      My wig is on tour

    29. Tsuname

      Those dancers though

    30. Jenny Balaguer

      Omg! I'm so sad she didn't perform last year :( I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!

    31. mma


    32. KKAY


    33. DJ BNEL

      awful performance

    34. Chris Hanson

      The same booty shaking shit she's been doing for the past 15 years. Time to change the act, fat old lady!

    35. theflush

      Damn, that woman knows business! This was beyond epic. QUEEN!!

    36. GABII Go

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    37. Akeyla and the Beat

      This is what we mean when we say your fave could never. Beyoncé, like Prince and MJ have set the bar so high for me in terms of artistry and performance that I don’t cut anyone on slack. This woman is deemed the hardest working woman in music for a reason. Others are compared to her, and she is not compared to others for a reason, because SHE’s the standard. Folks want Beyoncé accolades but don’t want to do Beyoncé work. Nothing bothers me more than when she is compared to lazy artists who do not have their hands in their own craft and who show no artistic growth. You can’t compete where you don’t compare. Beyoncé gives us ERA’s, she is a FORCE. No one sells out tours like her, she gives the fans the show they CAME TO SEE, her stamina is crazy, your fave could never serve you a full dance routine while still giving you top notch vocals, she is in complete creative control. Singles and streaming mean nothing to her, like many of the greats; at this point she is with them. Most artist get comfortable, but she still works like she has everything to prove. Her artistic mannerisms should be studied like the Bible for newer artists instead of being deemed overrated in juxtapositions with subpar artists. I honestly fear for the future of music when Beyoncé dies. Her work ethic is indicative of someone who wants to be a star, not just famous. I don't want to say your fave could never, but could your fave ever?

    38. Big Daddy Toyota Corola

      this is so mediocre. the internet just over hypes

    39. Yoongii Taechuu

      Did these people enjoyed her performance even if they were all holding their damn phone and recording her? P. S. I know some of you will say, "You'll do the same if you were there."

    40. Black Doll

      Beyonce is the greatest performer of all time! Way better than the pedophile called Michael Jackson

    41. Dndex

      Nesse começo com o apito eu ja pensei que ia começar : envolvimento diferente eu ensino a vcs a vcsss

    42. rokkkz

      Beyonce being the usual queen she is

    43. Lalynn11

      Thank you for posting this!

    44. Wonder Neo

      The Beyonce cycle: 1: Perform a mind blowing performance 2: Outshine her previous performance 3: Repeat step 2

    45. Sofie Nissen

      There are so many phones

    46. Selma Esse


    47. Leonardo Cucchiara

      Why is everyone filming? Lol so stupid

    48. Felicitee Bimina

      She was born to be Beyoncé

    49. Wonder Neo

      How I feel when I enter school on the first day

    50. A Gogue

      I never see her dance and song ..