BLACKkKLANSMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 10

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Focus Features

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    A Spike Lee joint. From producer Jordan Peele. Based on some fo’ real, fo’ real sh*t. Watch the #BlacKkKlansman trailer now - in theaters August 10.
    From visionary filmmaker Spike Lee comes the incredible true story of an American hero. It’s the early 1970s, and Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is the first African-American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department. Determined to make a name for himself, Stallworth bravely sets out on a dangerous mission: infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. The young detective soon recruits a more seasoned colleague, Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), into the undercover investigation of a lifetime. Together, they team up to take down the extremist hate group as the organization aims to sanitize its violent rhetoric to appeal to the mainstream. Produced by the team behind the Academy-Award® winning Get Out.

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    1. Andrew

      terrible. spike lee is a pedo

    2. Bobby Pickles

      You had me up until I heard them chanting “America First” - nice propaganda product placement

    3. El Manic

      Can't stand that midget race baiter Spike Lee .

    4. Anthony Roic

      The actor who plays solo then this is totally a whipped literally bitch LMAO

    5. Marty McCoy

      Can’t wait to see this!!!

    6. Dingus E. Dow

      J How is this not supposed to create racial tension?

    7. Anthony Roic

      Just pirate the movie. Its hollywood garbage meant to distort on all racial fronts.

    8. Steve Downey

      This was the third add just scrolling down in JP-news videos that popped up for this usually when movies are advertised this much they suck but I wouldn't expect anything less from the race pimp Spike Lee

    9. MrShiftingEater

      None of this is true.

    10. Anthony Roic

      Just pirate the movie. Don't give your money to the scum in California lolololol

    11. HEHE HE


    12. Click Bait

      I'll make a film called the white panther and we'll see how far I get.

    13. Anna Palacio

      Victoria Whatley , Chris Jacobsen, Tom Clancy, Anita Parker , Penny Richwine, Alli Richwine, David Richwine, and David Heffelfinger, and Kelly Richwines, and the Governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallin is trying to purposely get me dismantled it's not gonna work. I will not be dismantled. I could sue the State for Liability. My mother Jan Jacobsen is purposely smoking my weed from the state of Oklahoma. I feel set up. The State can't get me kicked out I am a Christian too.

      1. Anna Palacio

        Ms Debra Tuel of Agape Home contacted the Sacred Riana from America's Got Talent. I can't be dismantled on purpose I want my bank card and my rent money.

    14. Shawn Osborne

      The black Klansman? They really are trying to copy all of dave chapelles bits arent they

    15. Vintage Storms

      BRO. That place they shot the police station part is where I go to the doctor lol

    16. Blog of The W3ST

      Kinda makes me wanna read Duke’s book.

    17. Mohammed fuckedgoatsandoldwomen

      Another shit film from Spike "small cock" Lee.

    18. joshua hoppe

      Another political movie.

    19. Troopertroll

      Can't wait for the third total race-baiting in two years. This shit is the reason I get spit on while walking to work.

    20. Paul Koehn

      Looks like the dumbest, most racist movie I've seen a trailer for lately.. Most racism in the last decade is black on white..

      1. El Manic

        Paul Koehn Sure it is, stop trying to be the fucking victim.

    21. Jessica Lake

      Liberals are obsessed with WAYCISM

    22. Mike Greer

      Democrats!! The first KKK

    23. Imana zi1488

      This is completely retarded.

    24. Malcolm X Infinity Gauntlet

      He sounds like Denzel.

      1. Cliff Jumper

        Malcolm X Infinity Gauntlet- That's because he's Denzel's son.

    25. Ceviche

      John Wick ?

    26. Coaster Corps

      Wide ben

    27. vegastyphoon

      Wow . Shocker, huh. Spike Lee does another movie about being black. Talk about being one dimensional and having blinders on. I wouldn't go see a movie made by that racist

    28. Blondie053

      Spike Lee is a liar and anti White racist, this didn’t happen. Kkk was partially formed because of the out of control black rape and murder of White women and murder of White People and deserved. Black males are 8% of the population committing over 50% crime and still kill White People 18x more, top all crime charts, 200x more felonies on White People, trash our cities, hundreds of shootings and murder daily in all major cities, car jack, drive bys, looting, riots, drugs, gangs, prostitution, shoot up schools, neighborhoods, nightclubs, 90% gun violence, rape 35,000 White women a year. It’s about time we rise up to these black liars, and make them take responsibility for centuries of atrocities to White People worldwide, the liars. Spike lee the racist, needs to make a movie of his murderous race, and how they had White slaves for two centuries, and in the US, and how there genociding Whites in all black countries and stealing their lives and property, the devils

      1. Marshall's Law

        Blondie053 wow a kkk member did not think they had the smarts to use the internet.

    29. IloveMonie

      Wow I can’t believe people on this comment section are quicker to bash the black people in the movie than the kkk members/organization itself. How come people can watch a fictional movie about superheroes and aliens and be so cool with it, but once they see a movie about real life and history it’s political propaganda. Racism really happened. Slavery really happened. The kkk, neo-Nazis, white supremists really did and are happening. For you to have a problem with that just means that you prefer ignorance over truth.


      Fuck Spike Lee. He sucks. He's racist. And this movie sucks a BIG PIECE OF SHIT

    31. Crafty Fingaz

      Saw the original 60's version looks completely different story wise but is "Spike Lee" so gotta peep it.

    32. Tri Edge85

      Racist much?...why is it ok for blacks to be racist

    33. Aaron Long

      More propaganda i see

    34. Alex SwaffarJones

      Logan Luckkky

    35. Jamie D.

      I watched Spike Lee on the Daily show. Turns out this is based on a true story.

    36. Joseph Meagher

      Should we call it Jesse Jackson Prince Hall Mason sequel chocolate Klan or maybe we should call it the ANC African National Communist Party. Or we could call it the southern law province of marxist communism. Or we can call it the Farrakhan race-baiter Muslims. I forgot Jesse Jackson's erase better..

    37. FuzzyBalls _04

      The movie WAS FUCKING FUNNY 😂😂😂

    38. CaptainGalaxy

      Kinda off-topic but his afro is awesome.

    39. Jason Michael

      Nasty racist Hollywood.

    40. Rob Hunter

      Spike Lee needs his ass whoop. This is the worst movie i ever seen. Fuck u spike Lee for making thus shit. Im still 😠

    41. pickzkickz

      Based off Chappelle skit....

    42. OG Grandslam

      Just saw it, was amazing. Would 100% recommend watching

    43. Agent_47

      what a shitshow

    44. epicsaxgy


    45. Donald boomer

      I heard that it was made up or artistically exaggerated to the point of nonsense. Clearly an anti-white hate film that reflects sadly on its director. Jesus said to love your neighbor and love your enemies if you would be perfect as your Heavenly Father (and avoid Hell and judgement). Such unfair judgment as this movie gives will no doubt return to those who champion it. 🤔

    46. Lord of the Trash

      Kkkylo ren

    47. bigsmokiee55

      Tarantino and Spike Lee really need to collaborate on a race movie

    48. Puggerino Pug

      Jews aren't white LOL

    49. ThePhantom Timelord

      Do yourself a favor and don’t read the comment section

    50. Lachasity Brown

      This movie is soooo good