Bohemian Rhapsody: The Movie - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

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Queen Official

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    Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury, who defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound, their near-implosion as Mercury’s lifestyle spirals out of control, and their triumphant reunion on the eve of Live Aid, where Mercury, facing a life-threatening illness, leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. In the process, cementing the legacy of a band that were always more like a family, and who continue to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day.
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    1. ALAN ALDO valencia cortes


    2. Jefry Problem?


    3. marc07112

      Just give me masters of the universe baby!!!!

    4. Devilsagent667 Yau

      0:46" so much grace, rhythm and debonair from one man?"

    5. Rocket 205

      I think Sacha Baron Cohen looked a lot more like Freddie

    6. sanne2299

      I just realised... that is the faraoh Guy from night at the museum...

    7. Andreessen andrei

      Русские есть?

    8. Gaia V

      Nosotros somos los campeones...luchando hasta el final...🙌😉💪

    9. Zellama Corn

      I cant stop watching this bec its cool af

    10. Júlia Fernandes

      Acho que o Marc Martel poderia ter feito o papel de Freddie Mercury, se encaixaria perfeitamente.

    11. George Tull

      trailer of the year 2018

    12. Axl Rose

      I'm from indonesia, and i'm so proud for all who making this history about queen. Amazing 👏👏👏👏

    13. Aldi Brito

      Como se llama la canción del principio?

    14. Fernanda Buldrini


    15. Jefferson leite

      Simplesmente foda!

    16. 윤여정


    17. Bartek Pingwin


    18. Ricky FT

      Does this movie contain only Queen Greates Hits I Album’s songs?

    19. B Tullu

      looks fuckin good

    20. Buenomars


    21. Misicks0349

      Brendon Urie should have been Freddy

    22. Linda Strautmane

      This is going to be something.

    23. Rappin Mumble

      woah! awesome!

    24. Kevin Caes

      My idol, the legendary Freddie Mercury. Can't wait to watch this movie. All the way from the Phillipines. Hello. 🙂

    25. Nisa Peter


    26. Mr .PLadominal


    27. mint

      "it's lookin' good!" -Vinesauce Joel

    28. Eleanor Singh

      Omg can’t wait

    29. Matinas gamer

      So good

    30. lord Tachanka


    31. S A D B O Y

      grandee FREDDY MERCURY!!!!!!

    32. Jack Warner

      that's how u make a trailer

    33. Dilshod Atabaev

      terrible actor for freddy and doesnt look like him at all... what a joke? I know the movie gonna suck major balls!!

    34. Danny W

      Can’t wait for this movie to come out! We’ve been waiting forever and it’s finally coming.......i thought Borat looked a little more like FM but I’ll accept Malek

    35. lauren brooks

      this movie is going to be fucking awesome.

    36. Jose Marcos

      Muito bom aguardaremos a estreia aqui no Brasil

    37. Killer Queen

      смотрю и плачу... как же не хватает тебя. Фредди (((

    38. P Silva

      Que massa....❤❤❤ qdo estreiaaa???

    39. couldn't think of something funny

      3 words... Get.Fucking.hype.

    40. IssenKai

      freddy mercury with bulgy, i guess it sounds cool

    41. Elizabeth malec




    43. Miguel Mercury

      In This Movie of Freddie Mercury will appear Mary Austin and Jim Hutton

    44. Duane Burnett

      Who the hell would dislike this?

    45. the ginger gamer

      Why do I feel like Roger Taylor r will be the comic relief

    46. the ginger gamer

      Nobodies talking about Mike Myers in the movie

    47. Tavon Lockridge

      well, if you pause at 0:32 it technically implies his sexuality, so i don’t see the big fuss you guys this will be a good Mercury for sure

    48. Trejo Maxter

      Me voy a pagar el gas

    49. Qiana Robinson

      I cried while watching this, oh how if reminded me of my crazy British rock n roll dad.

    50. A diaz

      I want my last husband to be a real artist. I read gemini are