Browns vs. Buccaneers Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018


  1. Chrysafis Stamoudis

    I deliberately waited a long time to rewatch this game as it hurt a lot in the beginning. You D allows 26 pts (in 70 minutes including OT), has 4 recoveries and scores a safety... what else do you need (as a QB) to win the darn game ? Is it MAyfield's fault ? The playcaller's fault ? I dunno. But if we are to blame BM at least a bit I'd say it was his most disappointing game :( I only hope that after winning a couple of games (Browns are at the time of the comment 4-6-1) their "anxiety" will be reduced and they'll start playing more seriously offensively.

  2. henry barnes

    Carl Nassib has 2 sacks agains his former team

  3. Jonathan Holt

    Dafuq....the Bucs couldn't even give the game away 😂😂...I'm glad I'm not a Browns have a f'n mental breakdown smh

  4. Joe Laird II

    Browns fought hard. Imma have to watch this game again! This was game of the year#SuperbowlChamps

  5. Joe Laird II

    I been seeing nothing but the almighty browns. But can we talk about winstons passing game, this dude does not miss💯

  6. celli351

    Browns deserved to win this game


    Fact: The browns have played almost 8 games this season

  8. JaY Da DoN

    browns have the most take aways if they offense could play a little decent they could be a threat

  9. KingJr D

    Wow Browns still trash with Jarvis Landry

  10. Cuddly Lemon

    At Browns are not getting beat up

  11. Aidan Forrest

    having josh gordon right now would be something

  12. failtolawl

    Always fun when the two biggest train wreck organizations in the past 16 years come together.

  13. Darnell Monk

    Bro Winston's snap cadience is so funny idk why 😂😂

  14. David Poulton

    I'm from Birmingham England but the Browns are my team I chose them because they were crap and didn't want to support the obvious teams, I'm so glad I did I think big things are coming, this is a season too soon but next year who know. We need to turn our chances into wins we done enough to win with ease need to be more clinical. Good signs tho

  15. IketheBike21

    The Browns celebrate too much for how bad they are.

  16. nathan tibbs

    Don't feel bad browns fans . did you know the football follies film @ the HOF is really a Bucs highlight film. Bucs fan of over 40 yrs here

  17. chris madsen

    Lol happy Baker Mayfield lost. 🤘

  18. Alexander Kincannon

    God, that final kick was like the Penn vs Mishawaka game.

  19. Lace Nikks

    Make America, i mean the Browns great again. 1

  20. JustABoringDaily Halloween

    Baker just stands there with the ball doing nothing until the last minute and then he gets sacked

  21. JBTEsquire the Seventh

    You know what, Browns fans, I'm a Titans fan, but I hope that Matt Lafleur ends up with you guys, maybe not next year, cuz he hasn't had enough time as a play-caller to create much of a solid offensive philosophy, and play-scheme, but maybe if he manages to fix up our offense next year, the Browns will actually fire Jackson, and you guys will have a Browns team, that finally adds that last long missing piece to the puzzle, a head coach that can run a competent offense.

  22. Black Mask

    Is it just me or is Jameis Winston close to being just as fast as Baker Mayfield? If not the same speed

  23. Dan Koning

    Next time you go by a cemetery, look for all the flags. They do not STAND for the NFL, but Americas FREEDOM. Why promote overpaid, unpatriotic, thugs who care more about the $ you're giving them (via support), than they do about America, or those who fought/died to play this game? You recall its just a "game" right..throwing, kicking, catching a "ball" right? No one's saving a life/protecting people here as a doctor, fireman, police officer, or a SOLDIER would! Call Aaron Rogers next time you need help.

  24. Timothy Roddy

    The browns just make it a little inconvenient for your team to win. They put up a hell of a fight but loose

  25. Bernard wade

    Baker trash how times does the defense got to get the ball for you and they scored and he still couldn't win the game

  26. Daniel Freitas

    10:05 And props to number #59, that even makes sure Mayfield is well acomodated before starting his celebration *clap* *clap*

  27. A True Love Official

    Browns always gives us a hell of a match in every game they have. Both teams were amazing.

  28. Ty E

    lucky modasuka got his job back

  29. Freedom of Speech

    Jameis Winston needs a better team. This game was just straight up weird. LOL!

    1. Freedom of Speech

      +SSJ Pharaoh I agree with you. He was pretty bad today and is terrible this season as he was much smoother in previous seasons. Well I am a Jameis Winston fan and feel he can do much better but judging from my observation he looked out of place in that game and looked lost, but he did try you can't deny that. The QB needs a good O-line and can't do all the work himself as I wanna add that. Well I guess you are right that Buccaneers need a better qb, but FYI the Bucs were 2-14 before Winston came to the NFL and Winston was the 1st NFL pick yet somehow he's bad this season. I don't think the blame can be entirely on him.

    2. SSJ Pharaoh

      Freedom of Speech Buccaneers need a better Quarterback lol are you dumb .... it’s a blowout if Jameis doesn’t throw interceptions

  30. No Name

    What do you guys think about the Steelers game coming up this Sunday? Overtime again?

  31. Zach Lutz

    That was a great game!!!

  32. CDZ Games117790

    Let’s see if they beat the Steelers but there not

  33. Wrink

    get T2 back out there

  34. pantherteen1

    5:13 Idk who told Lavonte David to make that play but when you see anyone on offense going for it on 4th down, that right there is textbook and clutch play. That’s just smart straight up

  35. Mike von Zabern

    “All receivers out.”

  36. Tijan

    Baker Sackfield

  37. Senboy 12

    Ik that pain

  38. mohammad akhlaq


  39. Starbuck

    Buccs tried their best to lose it, but fortunately they failed.

  40. Simon Mulholland

    That’s the second time we lost in OT, but we’ll get another win some day...

    1. Gallardo 5Million

      Yea next year

  41. Bill Sanders

    Bucs kicker misses a 40 yard field goal to send it to OT - then makes a 59 yard field goal to win it. Oy vey....

  42. S2K_ Blitz

    Browns left 6 points on the field because they r so stupid not to get the field goals when they had them

  43. Travis Hoover

    Need to slap the coach. Twice they could have had points but Nooo he went for it on 4th down. They left 6 point out there and could have one

  44. Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk

    God dammit I love the browns

  45. Endurable Planet

    Ayy don’t mind me just driving my whale through the middle of the browns defense.

  46. Jermar Makins

    I will say this the browns are entertaining as hell to watch

  47. gordon harker

    Awesome Game.

  48. TJ Lawless


  49. Maximilian Kraft

    The browns has some heart. they really fighting. nice to watch

  50. Bob Dewey

    I was really hoping that Cleveland was going to win the game, but what a game this!!!