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    We build a Rollercoaster in Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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    1. Joshua Robinson

      You should change the way you say here

    2. John Kotzamanis

      It’s not loot lake it’s leaky lake

    3. Mr Lizard gaming

      Funny at. 632

    4. Carolina Primo

      Aww so close

    5. Aidan Rege

      Imagine that with Golf carts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Kayley & Kayanne The KSisters

      You sound like true when he says oh my godness like if u agree

    7. Kaden Berryman

      nice coarse

    8. jeff flanders

      good job

    9. Ben Rutter

      This is why you need to be able to save playgrounds

    10. Da.1.Flooky. YT


    11. I T

      That is soo fun

    12. Liv Colton

      Best course ever

    13. Force Wrestling

      On 4:40 there’s this thing flying down on the right side of the screen

    14. Teandre so smooth

      Plat ground need to have a set your on time

    15. Drew Steele

      VIK why are you in the sidemen team? Why

    16. Ciaran Lynch

      That was so unsatisfying

    17. Nick Pittsley

      Where is this at Disneyland

    18. Terry Andrews


    19. Aman Nambiar

      raly cookl aweasdopme

    20. Yodanoda Gaming

      The one roller coaster you weren't tall enough to ride

    21. Rich Boys

      Sick vik

    22. Silent_Assasin 14

      This was so entertaining to watch loved this vidoe

    23. Defence No


    24. TG Familyfoundation

      Was that muselk saying oh noo also at like 2:57 or 2:58 🤔

    25. Cian Caldera

      And more

    26. Cian Caldera

      Do this again but with multiple paths each with a different result like one might be death or fight to the death or survive the spike fall

    27. Andrew Martinez

      You sound dumb when u say lit and dope so just stop

    28. Gabino Anastacio


    29. Sam Ellis

      Viks had a trim

    30. Angel Garcia

      you should recreate the same thing now but add some new things bause you will have more time because you know what you are doing

    31. Trey McWilliams

      Yall are geniuses like no kidding

    32. DC Gaming

      I also made a coaster and it was a solo and took way longer😂🤷‍♂️put lots of work in check it out and sub

    33. PAC MAN

      That was a sick video

    34. Tommy TV

      Vikk there’s no such thing as TOO MUCH FUN BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    35. Luke Herpen

      It is Wednesday my dudes


      Another excellent quality video vikk you put in so much effort to make the whole thing and it was so much fun watching it man GG

    37. Syed Maroof

      What is this server called

    38. Robert Streater

      Nice haircut

    39. Charles Okeke


    40. Charles Okeke


    41. Sienna van Straalen

      Who else has noticed he cut his hair !?

    42. Paul Ardelean

      omg when you said i Believe i said i believe i can fly

    43. Aaron D

      Actually heartbroken!

    44. Jeevan Grewal

      Vik stole everyones kart and made them let him drive 😂😂

    45. Anonymous *

      You should make a roller coaster ending next to a stop sign

    46. ITZ STEVEY


    47. Makayla McNutt

      My fellow Architect of the group

    48. Makayla McNutt

      I forgot my Instagram name but look on my Instagram and I have a few of these videos _makaylaa_javonaa__ something like that lol idk .But I only ever do it by myself if with one extra person and I’m not a pro so they aren’t this spectacular

    49. garycoeycoe

      Your so close to 5 million subs

    50. Ivan Vukojević

      YOU should try that with golf carts