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    Ground chuck is a great all-purpose, buy-it-anywhere choice for burgers. But if you want to get ambitious and blend, say, chuck with ground short rib or brisket, we say go for it.

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    Carla Makes BA Smashburgers | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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    1. Carla Music

      Guys: I didn't burn the buns.

      1. Sylvester Pillay

        Then who????

      2. Kristina Baker

        Carla Music 😅 "Shack it up" *singin' the shake shack is the little ol' place where we can get togethaaaaah... baby shake shack, baby shake shack! I bet you have asoke fans who want you to burn their buns... oh no, I didn't say it..

      3. Giuliana Soldano

        Yes u did

      4. Giuliana Soldano

        You did we are bot dumb

      5. Jordan Christopher

        Carla. If you don’t like raw onions, try soaking the onions in water for about 5 minutes. It keeps a nice crunch but removes the rancid flavor.

    2. nosJax

      Buns look perfect to me. Commenters saying they're burnt need to check out Francis Mallmann and the Maillard Reaction :P

    3. Drake Dahlinghaus

      thank you carla we love you

    4. katrina loona

      The cross contamination... Aaaahhhh

    5. Sara

      Why would you put the buns on before the meat?? 😂 you're killing me!!

    6. TheresSomethingAboutSherry

      2:22 Add my name to that list. Thanks.

    7. joppe peelen

      Haha american cheese, that lends its name from a UK product that actually is rather old cheese instead of yellow very very very young cheap cheese :)

    8. kvbaby

      Not even a smash patty, almost just a normal burger with burnt buns, 5/10

    9. sigliph

      Hahahahahaha so many burnt buns.

    10. Jordan Sanchez

      where is that apron from!!!!

    11. james franco

      Omg stfu and pay attention to the buns Carla. This isn’t good for my anxiety

    12. Jared Minzel

      The best part is when she said "I'm not gonna burn the buns." Then proceed to check them (they were burnt af) she then placed them back down on the pan and said "not quite."

    13. celtic745

      thank you for your service at shake shack carla

    14. mrjamesgrimes

      Go down to 3 ounces and give those fuckers a proper smashing. Way too thick to be called smash burgers

    15. Katherine Bryan

      Oh Lord. I want. I've never had a potato roll. I'm gotta go find one before I make a burger on the stove like this!

    16. ian5576

      Great video. Brad, American cheese is great on a smash burger, try it sometime.

    17. ice

      Love watching Carla cook anything, she makes cooking so un-intimidating! Cooking can be a hassle when you don’t know how to cook lol

    18. Iqbal Ahmed

      This screams salmonella

    19. Jeff Jones

      Is there a taste difference between smashing the burger on the griddle vs smashing it before you put it on the griddle? If so, is there a theory on what causes the difference? Would have like to see the video comment on that idea.

    20. paintur68

      After she said jay shack or whatever....for the fifth time, I stopped her video and typed this message. Okay, let me turn on some Vince Guaraldi while I iron my work clothes....

    21. Creamy Boi

      Can carla read me slam poetry

    22. Anahita Sura

      Can you make them on the grill? Thank you!

    23. YouAndJah

      TIP 💡 : if you burn your buns (ehe Carla) just grab a grater and start « grating » the burnt part. 😃

    24. jesuslovesmebetter

      If you downvote this you have absolutely no soul.

    25. Austin Nelson

      People like shredded lettuce because some one always tries tot put a stack of 5 leaves of lettuce on a burger for them.. Like you almost did, or did do. There should not be that much lettuce. I love fresh or sauteed onions on my burger, and don't like American cheese more of a pepper jack guy. Burgers looked delicious!

    26. Julia Mihajlovich

      Gross. *touches meat, then touches pepper grinder*

    27. Daniel Gillrup

      I love the channel, but this was a pretty pathetic "how to"...ugh

    28. unCrownD

      you look like the mother of the Browns in Paddington

    29. StojanBre

      Carla is my q u e e n

    30. Josh Fredrick

      THE BUNS!!

    31. Ash Monkey

      Carla is my spirit animal.

    32. Philthy Phil

      My mom used to make the best smash burgers at home. We used to call them mom burgers.

    33. lexiii dawnnn

      What is shake shack?

    34. Mea

      Just imagine cooking amazing foods all day and then just eating it and enjoying life and talking about stuff while cooking. This is the dream rigth there lmao

    35. nkrulez

      I stopped watching when she pressed down on the party

    36. Matthew Jordan

      I made these exactly according to recipe tonight and they were the best homemade burgers I’ve ever had.

    37. mrTabascohot

      I would love to eat Carlas burger.

    38. LorenzoRM85


    39. Who Cares

      i love carla omg

    40. benjamin rouvier

      Wow how weird... american chefs who don’t like american cheese? Never saw that comming... but though american cheese was good and won awards and stuff... YOUR CHEESE IS PURE GARBAGE!! ABOUT TIME PEOPLE REALISE IT!! Luckily for the rest of the world you guys keep it for yourself with the rest of your disgusting food. I mean, come on, with all the money and passion about food your contry have you should be able to great food materials, not those pseudo garbade ingredients

    41. Jurriaan de Jongh

      I keep returning to this vid.. ye gods I promise, one day I'll make them. Or smashburgers move over to Europe...

    42. Toad Gnome

      "American" cheese gets a bad rap. Try making it yourself sometime. I made a brick of smoked cheddar and gouda "American" cheese and I think you'd have a hard time disagreeing that it is not the absolute best for a burger.

    43. Brandon Levy

      this ws really amazing but not shredding the lettuce is such an L

    44. Bradley Marger


    45. Maria Flores

      Everything got burned 😖

    46. OpinionsGetYouBanned

      smashburgers are for fake people.

    47. Pavel Berky

      Americans - let's put sugar into everything... In Europe, apart from the necessary small amount of sugar that is required to rise the dough, we don't make sweet buns.

    48. typingbacon

      *once we smash we wait* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    49. THE SUNDAY COOK By Anthony Gerber

      Hey Carla, Is a potato bun similar to a brioche bun? Or is I called something else in the UK?

    50. Timothy Ramlogan

      10/10 I would totally smash...the burgers, of course.