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    Ground chuck is a great all-purpose, buy-it-anywhere choice for burgers. But if you want to get ambitious and blend, say, chuck with ground short rib or brisket, we say go for it.

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    Carla Makes BA Smashburgers | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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    1. Carla Music

      Guys: I didn't burn the buns.

      1. John Kang

        No shame. I go to in n out (heheh) and ask for extra! Toasted buns

      2. Saundea Barnett

        Riley 🤣😙🙂

      3. Alex Tudor

        You dont't like raw onions?:( best vegetable ever, after strawberries

      4. MochaTater

        Personally I like a little burn to my food. Meat especially but if you are combining meat with buns the buns can be a little burnt. Tastes amazing

    2. Sam Williams

      I 100% expected a "that is a tasty burger!" after that loud Mmmm that sounded exactly from pulp fiction.

    3. yearofram79

      Carla is Shake Shack OG

    4. Colin M

      Can you not say "this guy" and gender identify the burger also the buns have no gender identity so i dont like you burning them! clearly shows how left aligned you are...

    5. CJ L

      Touching raw ground beef, touching salt & pepper shakers...

    6. mahchymk93

      I can totally crack that word document password, send it to me

    7. Ervin Fowlkes

      OMG just made these and simply WOW! The smash creates this salty candied shield that was delicious. Great recipe! The devil really is in the details.

    8. Francis L.

      Message me I’ll unlock ur word doc for free. Easy thing :)

    9. John Christmas


    10. larrysheetmetal

      NY cheddar cheese! !!!! sandwich kind from store deli !!!!!!!!!! Pretzel Rolls make the best Cheese Burgers and Chicken salad ( black woman turned me on the the chicken salad )sandwiches You gotta try it!!!!!

    11. FireeStyle

      i like when she says sauce

    12. Pannemat

      It's a good effort but she's not making me forget, ehrm .., what's her name .... OH DAMMIT!

    13. Lil Sickness

      Personally I'd make the patties a little bit thinner, but they still look delicious :)

    14. CruiseGuy

      A new warning about the health risks of eating browned potatoes and burnt toast draws a link between a chemical called acrylamide and an increased risk of cancer.


      Just like the cheese most American food is mostly not food. It's foodlike products

    16. The Griddle Guys

      Awesome looking smash burgers!!

    17. Allan Dsouza

      first you gotta season the meat....I work at shake shack......then toast your buns or burn them.....I work at shake shack.....then grill the Patty.....I work at shake shack...... assemble the burger with lettuce and pickl.......oh did you know I work at shake shack?

    18. BillyBob Bobbins

      Incapable of serving a not-burned-bun...... I wonder why she's just another "ex-manager".

    19. phreebsd

      i am able to remove the password on your word doc recipe. Let me know if you want that done.

    20. Case  White

      pretty sure i can crack that password

    21. Nick Gupta

      No info on the seasoning; she just taught how to smash the pattie; my 2 year old could do that

    22. Parsa Saei

      She can hear us...SHE CAN HEAR US

    23. Dog Tumor

      *plastic American cheese ughh*

    24. Anon

      How to burn EVERYTHING!

    25. antranette williams


    26. Harry Smart


    27. Terje Müller Karlsen

      Wow. Just found this channel and find Carla and others videos both educational but so refreshing unpretentious:) Love the relaxed tone and how they also show the mistakes! Super inspirational.

    28. Alice Boudreaux

      YUM, my hubby cooks those ridiculous I can't get my mouth around burgers1. First stop in NYC from NOLA Burger Shack Times Square!

    29. Lim Jae-Beom is my spirit animal

      The buns are *BLACK* wtf

    30. Anushka J

      These videos are usually calming but this gave me so much anxiety coz of the damn buns

    31. Austin Piper

      Dont burn the buns!

    32. Jacob Newman

      I Stan Carla

    33. KayGot Memes

      Arent smashburgers from smashburger?

    34. mixa leena

      Did anyone else notice she was handling and flipping the raw meat and then using the salt and pepper?! Ahhh!!!!

    35. Ebony Rorie

      I promise u my burgers is way better

    36. j Man

      Even looking at American “cheese” makes me feel sick.

    37. Horst Tristan von Wittenbach

      I like raw onions on my burger - and I definitely love to wash the salad first before assembling... 😄👍🏼

    38. that one cancerboy

      i love seeing brad in the background every once in a while

    39. Daniel Zimmerman

      Carla’s buns are sexy

    40. Michael Katt

      Cheese has not business on a burger, talk about ruining a good burger.

    41. MrSparkula

      Those buns are perfect.

    42. Rshdz Sub

      All talk, no show

    43. AuthenticLogic

      11/10 burned buns

    44. Cobb Knobbler

      Jesus. Do yourself a favor and go over to BBQ pit boys. This NYC pretentious crap is annoying as hell.

    45. MauiWowieOwie

      She's not a very good cook. Also the "secret sauce" is probably a version of russian dressing or literally just that. Every restaurant has a "secret sauce" and it's almost always just russian dressing with like one or two extra ingredients added.

    46. abbie baker

      I love Carla so much.

    47. kara bella

      I’d like to burn the guy in the white shirt’s buns 😍

    48. NINO you in the window

      Where did she work again?

    49. Car3434

      Carla is my favorite

    50. aeipee13

      Cold murdered all other online tutorials/recipes. Best burger I've ever had and I cooked it. thank you!