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    Ground chuck is a great all-purpose, buy-it-anywhere choice for burgers. But if you want to get ambitious and blend, say, chuck with ground short rib or brisket, we say go for it.

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    Carla Makes BA Smashburgers | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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    1. Carla Music

      Guys: I didn't burn the buns.

      1. Sam Palmer

        yeah but you clearly did

      2. Taylor Love

        I believe that you believe that.

      3. Andy Woodcock

        I don't know if anyone's offered this already and I'm far too lazy to read and find out: but you can definitely get the password from that recipe 🤣 it'd take seconds. Be happy to show, don't need the file or to even ever see the file ✌️

      4. John Kang

        No shame. I go to in n out (heheh) and ask for extra! Toasted buns

    2. Luis Rivera

      The fact she's burning the buns says everything about her cooking.. hard pass from me

    3. Madison Ozment

      She didn’t talk with a southern accent, she just said y’all 😂😂

    4. grapefruitiswinning

      oh man that looks so good. exactly what I like on my burger, too!

    5. Zach Donovan

      i dont think she should use a spatula with holes in it. right? also... those buns look a little burnt to me

      1. Zach Donovan

        plz upvote this

    6. Katie F

      When Carla said she doesn’t like raw onions so she won’t include it in her burgers I got so sad :( I love them so much in my burger I usually get extra!! But I guess to many people it’s pretty weird to love onion so much... more for me I guess :)

    7. Cale Floyd

      Is anyone else distracted by that mans booty?

    8. mfmondragon

      Wow. Hello Andy :)

    9. Terrence Nguyen

      :)))) she keeps forgeting to NOT burn the buns and that's cute. :))))

    10. Charles Tupper

      Show us again how to burn bread. Please don't cook anymore. It's obviously way to complicated

      1. Charles Tupper

        Shake shack sux

    11. Rock Moon

      I might be shunned, but if it doesn't have an egg, avocado, and bacon it isn't a burger. Yes i'm a fat kid leave me alone. Interestingly enough, i picked up the egg on my burger while i was in Korea(South Korea).

    12. Irish RedBone

      check out the Wisconsin Butter Burger, with WI cheddar, grilled onions 😋

    13. Robert Ramirez

      Out of everyone there, she was picked for this video? She makes a horrible burger.

    14. Robert Ramirez

      You definitely aren't a multitasker.

    15. CJ Fraze*Shykes

      Never had a smashburger. Think I need one now ...but it's 3am!

    16. Vermillion

      What does she mean by "Angel hair of lettuce"?

    17. biggreenbananas

      Everyone here's so caught up those buns!!

    18. Joseph1NJ

      American cheese-the kind you get in the individual plastic wrappers-is processed cheese or “cheese food,” meaning it's not actually real cheese. ... In short, Kraft Singles are made with less than 51% actual cheese, so it can't legally be called "cheese." However, not all American cheeses are made equal.

    19. Daryl Mart Mar

      That "ummmm" sensation i wanna taste it!!. Luv burger!

    20. Dalton King

      Open the document in notepad instead

    21. GoMhaaad

      This is finally a burger that would fit my human mouth, Thank you for the guide.

    22. Khalifa gold & silver

      I love her

    23. Ashy Pharoah

      Do people really handle raw beef and then touch their pepper grinder? 😓

    24. protectbodythetans

      I need a smash burger right now

    25. alfrediscool

      I just made burgers like this and I ate two.

    26. Nicki6321

      But how do you make the special sauce?

    27. Brendy Navarro

      "DON'T BURN THE BUNS!" 🤣🤣🤣

    28. Mike Cole

      Looks delicious. Great tips. Please keep the notes that pop up on the screen a little longer. Thanks

    29. David Azinger

      Looks good -- but I don't buy into the smashing down concept -- your pushing all the juice out. Looks stupid to me, but Im not a cook, so, maybe Im missing something. but nobody in their right mind would smash down on a rib eye while they are cooking it. That's why they let a steak cool for 5 mins before you eat it -- so, the juices don't run out !!! Somethings missing w/ this concept. If I get in the hamburger business -- just look out. Ive got a mind of my own.

      1. Adam J. Pitcher

        Smash it down while the meat is still raw to make contact with the pan and get that char. The juices won't run out because the fat isn't rendered yet, it's still a solid at room temperature. Don't smash the burger again after you flip it because then the juices would run out everywhere, which would be bad.

    30. Luca Ortolani

      I've been screaming *THE BUNS* all the video

    31. Red Hot Chili Pepper

      she burnt the buns, she burnt the chicken on the other video what kind of cooking is this

    32. D. C.

      I can easily recover that password for yah if you want it.

    33. fruitoson

      oh my god the buns are burnt

    34. gary robertson

      Carla all day long!

    35. Dutch Oven

      All I could think was ‘the buns... the Buns, the BUNS!!!’

    36. Fiona Wang

      Those buns are so burnt I would totally return them if I was in a diner and received them...................

    37. Robert Beauregard

      The linked recipe does not follow Carla's steps. For example, the recipe does not call for pepper but Carla heavily peppered her meat, and it calls for ketchup. Where is the secret sauce recipe?

    38. J Sanders


    39. Kenza Belakziz

      Yumm ! ! - Kenza Belakziz

    40. Tochii Tea

      skin: cleared wig: snatched burgers: smashed

    41. jennifer curtis

      Advert for shake shack!!!! Her voice!!! Chalk down a blackboard....not good.

    42. Rinuka Kaylie J


    43. Alison Roberts

      That’s settled. I’m having a burger for lunch.

    44. mjmoore87

      These aren't smash burgers....and learn how to toast a bun ffs.

    45. Kaitlyn O

      You should make the shroom burgers also!

    46. Rawcoder87

      Most boring burger ever. Absolutely nothing special about it.

    47. Justin Chaney

      7:56 - I have an instinctual hatred of angel hair pasta, but I need a culinary reason why. Someone please enlighten me.

    48. mrearlygold

      1st you use only chuck? And you like to squeeze ( smash, whatever ) all the juices out of the meat as you cook it? That makes for a nice dry burger. Thanks, no thanks.

    49. Adam Massinger

      If the word document is 2013 or earlier I can remove password.

    50. MoDeen’s Monkey

      I’d have to scrape the burnt bits off with a knife..