Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics ECF Game 2: May 15, 2018

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    LeBron's 42 point triple-double not enough as the Celtics have six players score in double figures and go on to beat the Cavaliers 107-94 and take a 2-0 series lead

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    1. José Antonio Del Cid Campos

      Ese es lo que es estar Anonadado

    2. Jumel Rugas

      Lebron is a great player .

    3. 霧矢葵


    4. Soul Clan OFFICIAL

      Cavs: LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyle Korver, J.R Smith, Tristian Thompson, Celtics: Jaylen Brown, Kyrie, Al Horford, Jason Tatum, Monroe No likes

    5. Allison Smathers

      let s go Celtics

    6. nunya

      They just don't call traveling in the NBA anymore.

      1. Since when

        nunya Kevin Durant travells while dribbling on pretty much every possession. Just watch his feet in slow motion, he takes about 3 steps to 1 bounce!

    7. carl fagerstrom

      Cavs 123 Celtics 84 Final.

    8. carl fagerstrom

      Jayson Tatum will get dunked on and posterized in Game 3 in Cleveland.

    9. carl fagerstrom

      This will NEVER happen again in this series it will be the Opposite, Cleveland will 30 ball Boston, and Cleveland will be getting the W's

      1. Since when

        carl fagerstrom lol are you ready to get your ass kicked tomorrow? You ain't shit!

    10. Nick Nickels

      Brilliant Mind. I will win --- LBJ

    11. Argelio Perez


    12. - Dee

      Are the Celtics about to sweep the Cavs ? 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    13. Some 1 Azn

      That Cavs roster is pathetic as fuck. 😂

    14. Qwest SQM

      You call this highlights?

    15. Diego Demarchi

    16. x SUDAN x

      This is like me in Call Of Duty, Im putting in all the work yet still lose. Lebron bout to join the rockets lol

    17. Jaylen Jackson

      Andi d nsmdhrirhd


      So I'm just here to say all the shit talk from the Celtics fans to the bucks, on how it was a pathetic performance without a couple of there starters playing and how close the series was. Turns out the bucks were the best matchup thus far against the Celtics, better than cleveland and Philly. Great season to you Celtics and all the hard work you guys r putting in without some of ur starters. But Milwaukee, great year and amazing talent. We will go further next season. Can't wait to see what this new coach does for us.

    19. Jeffrey Takahashi

      imagine if the cavs still had jae and isaiah

    20. Adrian Curry

      The refs were responsible for that injury to LeBron because they were not calling all those hacking fouls Boston were giving out prior to the reckless foul that caused that injury.. the lack of calls against Boston gave them the green light to play reckless defensively that lead to that injury which could of been more serious. Those refs need to call fouls before some one gets seriously hurt or a fight break out.

    21. Alniyat

      1v9 LB said

    22. Derek Cain

      This was basically Cavs highlights da fuck

    23. Yimou Feng

      LeBron needs some help

    24. kung fu fury 2

      Cavs fans be like, Cavs in 5 or 6 or 7

    25. BRADY_ BUNCH

      Mean Green🍀your team is AWESOME!

    26. Mo Lo

      Mediocre East will get annihilated by the Western Conference finalists - either Warriors or Rockets.

    27. Pez

      *Celtics are playing like how Raptors should have played, watch and learn Raptors players and maybe coach too*

    28. Maoan Zhou

      LeBron got almost half of the team points, with a high shooting percentage.

    29. victor martinez

      Lebron can't beat a Celtics team with out their best player I don't want to hear Lebron is better then Jordan ever again.

    30. One on One BEAUTIFUL

      Hope the Celtics beat there pants off,very strong young team of players.

    31. Ante Mercep

      Hope Boston wins this, its much more rewarding watching proper team play than one man show. Also with all these arguing who is GOAT MJ or Lebron is unfair to one player who is for sure contender to that title. Larry Bird... So go Boston

    32. Junior Jackman

      Its so sad to see Lebron playing his heart out and still falling short. Very gifted player he is indeed but he is paying a heavy price here thats gonna take toll on him and leave him very frustrated. I said it before that he failed badly when he went to strengthen the Miami Heat in order to get his 1st championship and this is why MJ conquered the nba because he took his beatings although being heavily frustrated by other teams like the BadBoys of Detroit he still built his own dynasty and move forward with a dominant force with the team that he built around him. Hard luck Lebron but you had your chance to build Cleaveland how u wanted in order to conquer the nba but you choose to go elsewhere to get that recognition. Hard luck bro.

    33. mas 24

      They will start playing like Chris Bosh did when lebron leaves

    34. Dwight Karijoredjo

      Never be the GOAT as MJ give back his 23 you stupid f

    35. The Truitt Kid with the vibes.

      Thank you Boston for demonstrating to Toronto that it's all heart and confidence 🗣🗣

    36. Joseph Moore

      Refs let the Cavs get away with murder, i didnt know you could hold somebody on a pick. New rules?

      1. Elven Sang

        When the NBA wants Lebron in the NBA finals anything is legal lol

    37. FWparadoX

      whats music at the beginning?

    38. Blade Brown

      So what was the point of signing Kendrick Perkins

    39. Grond269

      So...Boston won, right? Then why are there only 3 Boston highlights? Your bias is showing...

      1. Michael Muniz

        Grond269 lebronbots more impressed by his stats then the Celtics accomplishments.

    40. Mike G

      So guess I can finally admit Cleveland got the short end of the Kyrie Irving trade . The Cavs got an injured IT and J Crowder who never got his game going in Cleveland . Plus you don't do a trade with your main competitor Boston , who you had beaten in the prior years Ecf !

      1. Michael Muniz

        Mike G Cleveland should have kept Crowder they need the defense

    41. NiNoLiberté Fioz

      What are the chances Boston could beat Gsw or Hou?

      1. Mo Lo


      2. Michael Muniz

        NiNoLiberté Fioz yup I hear that. They continue to underestimate the Celtics.

      3. NiNoLiberté Fioz

        Michael Muniz Look I'm a San Antonio Fan so i know what fundamentals & good basketball looks like Boston checks all the boxes. Honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if Boston won it this year. I mean look at them lol

      4. Michael Muniz

        NiNoLiberté Fioz right a healthy roster Irving and Hayward. I wouldn't be surprised if they did it this year because I don't believe the Celtics young roster has reached they're full potential

      5. Michael Muniz

        NiNoLiberté Fioz right a healthy roster Irving and Hayward. I wouldn't be surprised if they did it this year because I don't believe the Celtics young roster has reached they're full potential

    42. Marek Kizer


    43. Donald Alexander

      Labron is always cry'n about not having this or that. I mean, that's each and every year. Did you hear Kobe cry'n the same ole song. The Only, only thing Kobe wanted a player to do was stay in shape, and give 💯 percent effort. Super man/D Howard didn't give 💯 percent so he had to go. Shaq admitted he didn't come in camp ready to play, that's what fucked wit Kobe. Watch the Queen go to Houston, cause I pray my team doesn't get'em. He's not cut outta Laker stock. Hell his disrespectful ways made Kyrie leave.

    44. Naty

      Weak asf highlights 😂.

    45. Carlos Randolph

      Cavs still gonna take the series. 4-2

    46. lesvil rtsl

      Cavs is just rely on one gives a screen on James defender...LeBron makes points but waste too much energy..

      1. Elven Sang

        That's how T. Lue sets up the play.

    47. Noah Wahl

      These are the fucking worst highlight reels. Doesn't even show what happened in the game.

    48. Jaime Palomino

      James makes all his teamates so much better. Not.

      1. Elven Sang

        He sucks the life out of teams

    49. Mario Kart 7 Big Q

      Cavs better pray they win the next 2 games in Cleveland or else it's night night

    50. OMAR -T

      Celtics are a TEAM! And it takes a TEAM to win it! Cavs on the other hand have LJ and the rest are bang average, take him out of that team and they won't get as close to the finals as they are now.

      1. Jaime Palomino

        Have neutral refs and they wouldnt win the first round.