Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Full Game Highlights / Game 1 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

MLG Highlights

MLG Highlights

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    🏀Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Full Game Highlights
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    1. Shawn Lim

      2:42 wow that speed by Corey Joseph tho..

    2. Ranjie ALAG

      i love this Match

    3. L. Laurenti

      NEVER give up on Mr. LEBRON James. His capabilities are INNATE and he's taking great care of himself. Unfortunately, it remains IMPOSSIBLE for ONE man to WIN! Thinks, for a moment, those who are paid $MILLIONS to help....example? TRISTAN THOMPSON who marshmallow body produces hard plastic results. If he is really out there eating ROTTEN cunts and has NO time to practice, in order to polish and elevate his CRAFT, no wonder the CAVS cannot do as well as they are capable of doing. Already, their DEFENSIVE selves are ABSENT. Additionally, there is hardly any communication, telepathy, CONFIDENCE and BB IQ...with the exception from Lebron James. Their coach is yet to put out a DEFENSIVE STRATEGY.

    4. 蔡聖柏

      Cavaliers is lose.

    5. rodney TigoaSide

      Travelin ass Lebron 6:30ish

    6. Jepooy Tayactac

      cavs probably aint goin to have rings for the next couple of years

    7. MinistryMuzik

      I owe my whole ministry to God and the CHH movement!

    8. ThatProEzzy

      1:11 ANKLES

    9. dennis angeles

      I wonder how much the referees received from LeBron James. . . this sucks!

    10. Kobe Parreño

      g hill trash start calderon

    11. Melvin Miraflor

      Put Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love on starting 5. Not cavs fan anyway. LBJ always sucks

    12. Projeto : Ekko

      GO cleveland cavaliers direct the brazilean

    13. Janoo King


    14. Aldrin24 Batac24

      Common .. clarkson give him a break..

    15. Corsino Paran

      for James, on game 2 just improve your defence,,isolate oladipo not to recieve the ball just keep in your mind your the best player in the world try your self to be calm so that the wining technique flowing to ur hands

    16. Jim Bertido

      Cav's a bunch of scrubs. Pacers in 2.

    17. Edilbert Lacson

      Cavs should start with Jose Calderon....

    18. It's Fucking Dotarded

      lebron needs to stop chasing triple doubles ffs. he isn't playing a finisher role this season. russel westbrook breaking oscar robertson's record made lebron feel jealous.

    19. Nory Luis

      Hahaha the crowd , just keep silent when the cavs are lossing.. Congratulations PACERS...

    20. eddie manriquez

      we need calderon and osman not hill and hood.!

    21. WuTangFan1000

      well, its lebron vs the entire pacers team, what did you expect? he has done a god-like job carrying a squad of these scrubs all season long - whithout lebron, there would be no playoffs in cleveland

    22. anabella raymundo

      Cavs will be out in just the 1st round ha ha ha ha ha , queen James how ya do'in haha ....

      1. Oscar Esquivel

        Queen is even to much of a title for him #babyjames

    23. 林晓凡

      That's a signal,LeBron's dominate is over.

    24. James Rises

      0:32 blatant travel even by nba standards

    25. Kahn Yoo

      LBJ starting his decline?

    26. GOOGLE Go

      The loss of cavs this season

    27. Kahn Yoo

      King James? More like King Oladipo

    28. B13 1161

      IND: when the boys want to win, giving their all CLE: when the boys think lebron will shoulder all the load

    29. Indira June Ugmad

      cavs will bounce back

    30. Ronald Omalay

      Indiana Pacers - One Of Lebron's Biggest Nightmare!

    31. itvstream

      lebron james padding stats was the main reason the cavaliers lost...

    32. Makenzi Jerome

      finished everything thoroughly!

    33. Kevin Hodges

      I see pain in Cleveland future!


      lebron is starting to struggle

    35. BlackIsBeautiful

      Eh..It’s one game. Cavs will bounce back like they always do

    36. Jose A. Ramos

      Cavs should of kept D.ROSE

    37. Gregg Roberts

      I would rather live in a Third World Country than Cleveland.

    38. Spider Comics

      poor lavs

    39. Keith Witcher

      My hometown Cleveland Cavs are pathetic. They will lose to Indiana in 5 games. Cleveland's defense was terrible in game 1 LOL. I also can't believe Cleveland scored 38 points at halftime LOL. Lebron James will probably be gone after this season or after next season LOL. Cleveland fans will be mad again when Lebron leaves LOL. Lebron missed free throws in game 1. He's a terrible free throw shooter. Victor Oladipo of Indiana was killing Cleveland. Lance Stephenson made me laugh headbutting the basket post after he dunked on Jeff Green LOL. Lance is crazy LOL. Cleveland won't be going to the finals this year LOL. I think Boston or Philadelphia will go to the finals. I'm always gonna be a Cleveland fan if they don't go to the finals. I'll still be a Cavs fan if Lebron decides to leave again. I was a Cavs fan before the Cavs drafted Lebron.

    40. Andres Rodriguez

      Kardashian kurse kicking in....should of traded Tristan when he started dating khloe

      1. Brendyn Guinn

        Andres Rodriguez lol true

    41. louis martens

      Proud average throughout command evolution theology tomorrow powerful.

    42. Lucky strike


    43. Yarichek G

      Верю в проход Индианы

    44. Gordon May

      Without MLG Highlights im nothing

    45. Lito Ts

      Cavs needs to keep with the 3 point shooting of the Indian Pacers..

    46. Lito Ts

      Cavs needs to keep with the 3 point shooting of the Indian Pacers..

    47. Ian Henry

      The Cavs are terrible at defending pick and rolls that lead to a made 3 pointer. Change it up!!

    48. Andrei Kozlov


    49. Kur Brinson

      So are we just gonna ignore 1:11 ?

    50. Shing Hui


    51. Arnold Ventura

      Tambakol nyahahah

    52. matthew robinson


    53. matthew robinson

      the cavaliers are not going to make it in the finals

    54. 哈哈哈

      the cavs will win 4-1

    55. Ariel Gape

      what a waist of a year for LeBron. i hope he leaves and turns whatever team he goes too into final contenders.

    56. Kurt Cobain

      see u in game 2 revenge Cavs go go go! coach lui it time to change

    57. last card

      Yes lose clvlnd

    58. jerome cortez

      Cavs and Phila fans be like, "at 4" Cavs vs Phila will meet in the nexit season.

    59. Emmanuel Buenviaje Jr

      Haters been waiting for this loss... Big time, you cannot put down a heart of a Champion...

    60. Tony Luna

      Pacers in 5 LeBron really needed kyrie.

    61. Mata the One-X

      He and his team get decimated, yet his over-hyped ass is ALWAYS in the thumbnail!

    62. Cuosu Huang

      i think somebody needs a new team again

    63. Chasing Chickens

      Two years later LeBron needs more help still... Save #LeHelp today.

    64. Hakeem Romance

      This is something minor, but both teams were travelin like a bitch lol! Yall mine as well throw that out the rule book because yall obviously don't call those anymore

    65. Allen Su

      1:28、1:54、2:08、5:03、7:04、8:30 James's defensive so good~

    66. Philip Dumaua

      court pa ng cavs , kunin mo si jordan ng pumasok ka sa finals ....

    67. Kyle Johnson

      Pacers in 5

    68. Peter Tolibas

      Seriously? Only 14 pts in 1st quarter with a healthy Lebron?

    69. Ben K

      Sweep ? Lebron is garbage.

    70. Mel Ramirez

      my boy larry, getting rusty xD

    71. Agree2Disagree

      *WTF is wrong Tybron Lue??* Calderon Clarkson/Hill Lebron Love Nance Jr. !!!

    72. Александр Лопуха

      Hello for Oladipo, Gilbert)

    73. Dantz Cabuenas

      Walk it out!! Leflop Blames.

    74. Leizel Tamana

      Go cavs... Better luck next tym... Kaya nyo yan..

    75. Jay Ray

      Cleveland never had the lead. . .straight ass whooping!!! Boooo Lebum!!

    76. ismail öz özdemir

      Let the kid play! They need Cedi !!!

    77. Jeremy Silas

      I just want to know how come in these highlights we didn see Lebron guarding Oladipo? I mean people say he's a great defender and he can guard all 5 positions right??? But then again they're quick to say he can't guard everybody and that he's 33... Well Kobe and Jordan would never watch the opposing team best perimeter player tear their team apart without taking it upon themselves to do something about it... LeBron wants to guard the least threat on therr opposing team so he can play the passing lane, chase down blocks and double team players... I don't wanna hear anything about he's 33 and has played this amount of minutes and this amount of years because on offense he look like he hasn't missed a beat!!! I guess he's 33 on defense and 22 on offense LMAO smh... I just want to see what the fans have to say cause y'all are horrible, not all Lebron fans but dammit majority of you lol...

    78. Matt Byler

      I said it once and i'll say what I've been saying all season... Love is not a center. And we are in trouble if we do not get a proper big man. Mark my words..

    79. StormSong8

      Bwah ha ha ha ha!

    80. mardi resan pineda

      Cavs always ignoring there 1 homecourt and dont understand why cavs always playing like that..losssssing...shit

    81. JaM EvolvE

      Why they sag off of Oladipo when bag up and let him shoot???? If he drive a two better than a 3 anyways these dudes do not know how to play d

    82. Kurtreyes Galarpe

      Bad bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Cavs Is Lose

    83. plainform


    84. Kenneth Gabito

      Stephenson knocks Your Head Lebron 😃 lol

    85. shaun douglas

      how bout that defense?

    86. jerry allover

      If I were any young up and coming team, I wouldn’t want Lebron on my team. I feel bad for Clarkson, Hood and Nance, in fact, I feel for everyone what that plays or played under that LeBron James system.

    87. Shel

      Don't worry Cavs fans. Adam Silver and the refs will be their to bail you out on game two. We all know how this works.

    88. Mücahit Uluç

      Where is Cedi Osman Coach noooo.

    89. Jonard Carag

      Sure na.. indiana pacers na ang papasok sa finals ng east and west con.

    90. Rajko Marinkovic

      Bravo Bogdanovic! Obradovao si mu kevu . .



    92. Travis Peach

      Will you all just relax, they lost 1 game, it’s a best of 7 I doubt very much that LeBron will go out in the first round.

    93. Bane1Mirin

      Bron on his way out

    94. KdJ2's Twin

      Every vid there is comments saying "this team is dangerous" when warriors gonna win anyway. Only exiting series will be these. But warriors will sweep everybody once again. And then another boring finals. Nba boring af. Welp. Time to go back to the nhl playoffs I guess

    95. reneangulotrujillo

      Damn they storm right thru Cleveland!

    96. Byren Ligon

      TO ALL OF YOU please tell me 1 team Jordan beat that was better than any team Lebron lost to? Please dont guess id like a real answer.

    97. Raymart Elan

      Not good cavaliers. Weak team

    98. João silva

      if Houston dont win the title this year and the cavs lose in first round or in semis, im pretty sure Lebron will join the rockets

    99. Alfreda Burgess

      LeBron is trash, he can't carry his team over the Pacers. LAVS are weak on offense but some what ok on defense. Just remember, cant spell LeBron without an L.

    100. SanctumGaming Q

      Pacers played better D and cavs were missing shots