Cowboys vs. Colts Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018


  1. Eric Niemi

    Lol I'm not about to talk to much trash but come on y'all got shot out by the colts and we beat the Rams. Just be quite the rest of the year

  2. flamingo flamingo

    Go subscribe to PewDiePie to stop T Series

  3. Carter Cannon

    HOW BOUT DEm Couugeghdwhd fbwsidiwkscnennwsbcfbbebwsdjhhesnxcjfnd boys

  4. Dominic Delgado

    Colts gonna be that one team in the playoffs that beats everyone except the Patriots bet

  5. Nunya Bizness

    How 'bout them Colts!

  6. Greg Pop-yobitch

    I know Dak Prescot is flat out garbage , but when a team got your number and keep whopping on you like this , that have to do everything eith the coaching staff and not the players

  7. Morgan Guenot

    21 skunk someone had to give up the sticks

  8. Kyle Adrien


  9. Eric Torres

    Like if the cowboys suck

  10. Royce the Prince galvan

    #1 trending. Finally the Colts get the credit they deserve.

  11. ExtraOrdinary MUSIC

    😄 see heres the thang Skiiuuupp

  12. SAAR3KT

    I mean it’s nice and all but, #1 on trending?

  13. BOB JOE

    And if you listen closely you can hear all the cowboys haters creaming themselves.

  14. 杨世淳

    ColtsNation,Let‘s go!

  15. Invincible Speaker

    So we're good only against NFC teams? My Cowboys won't win a playoff game playing like this

  16. Mark Vargas

    So sad Cowboys didn't even score, come on man.

  17. Brendan Chwascinski

    They just don't have what it takes to win in playoffs and the Superbowl this team needs more work they'll never go to a Superbowl not ever

  18. Obi-Wan Jabroni

    Its soothing to know how much you all need Cowboys to slip up so you can feel a bit better about your lil teams

  19. Jim Cowhand

    Margus!! 🐎🐴⭐️💎💰🐴🐎🔥🐎🐴💣💥🐎🐴💪🏻🐎🐴

  20. Brendan Chwascinski

    If they want trouble they are going to get it they always screwup at the end of the season

  21. Brendan Chwascinski

    The Dallas cowboys lose 1 more game there asking for trouble they want it they might get it

  22. Anthony Mcpherson

    Ooo the cowboys nutty 😂😂😭😭😭for that fumble at the goal line

  23. Brendan Chwascinski

    Wow I hope eagles come back to haunt you cowboys you might not see the playoffs if you can't win these games eagles won last night you lose again and the eagles win again you got to win your last game or you can kiss your ass goodbye cowboys guys don't get confident doors are closing and eagles are 2 games from taking first place not good

  24. Mark Vargas

    How did they lose to the Colts lol there not that great. But they can beat the Saints but not by a lot so yeah.

  25. Gary Crook

    ah, back to looking like the Cowboys again.... lol.....

  26. Brendan Chwascinski

    There coach is a loser there owner's a loser for still having Garrett as coach a d the offense suck

  27. scoobdooittoo

    No referee help to aid Dallas this week 'eh?

  28. Lor Dj

    “Dak pReScOtT hAs ThE pOtEnTiAl To Be ThE nExT tOm BrAdY.” -Skip Bayless

  29. j v

    Damn colts choked them out Didn't put nothing on the board ..I wish they'd put foles in ..he would've ate Dallas up

  30. Henry Gallego

    Wheres all the cowgirl fans???

  31. Loose Change9


  32. Alyssa Lemus

    Cowbitchs Lose 😂

  33. Day Day

    Bro I'm from Pittsburgh, and when the Steelers beat New England the fans acted like they won the super bowl...So of course y'all gonna act like Dallas lost it #Haters

  34. Mark Oliver

    How bout dem Cowbitches

  35. Brendan Chwascinski

    There's going to call us losers now fans of my Dallas cowboys

  36. Davis Sr.

    How about them Cowboys now lmaooo 😂😂😂😂

  37. Brendan Chwascinski

    Thanks the last thing I want is someone to start calling me a loser for the way they played

  38. Lord Lu Bu

    The Cowboys collapsing in December!? Who could've seen this coming

  39. Brendan Chwascinski

    That's embarrassing that's the cowboys own fault that they they let refs ruin there game that's your fault Dallas cowboys not us the offense sucks just face it all those injuries and they let you humanlate you wow are you going to lose your last 2 games I think you broke your defense because you can't score they can't do everything and you broke them

  40. Lord Lu Bu

    Cowboys are scrubs, they haven't won any major games aside from one lucky win against the Saints. This is who they are, people need to stop comparing them to the Rams or the Chiefs.

  41. IttyBIttyNipz 69

    gotta give it to the colts you guys out played us good luck in the future

  42. Flint Westwood

    One word...Embarrassing! Cowboys better pick it up or pack it up!

  43. Deacon Marcus Myers

    Dallas will lose to the bucs and giants you just watch lmao

  44. David H

    They still win.. It's like even when the Cowboys lose..they never say the other team *WINS* ..its THE COWBOYS LOSE. Instead of talking bout the teams that are winning all the focus is on the *BOYS*

  45. Ian Gambino

    Darius changed that game with that hit on Zeke when he hurdled. Wacth it again, you can see the hurt in Zeke's eyes. That boy is the best Backer in football right now. Don't even argue it.

  46. Brock Lesnar 2020

    Eagles plz win your division

  47. David H

    Beat the Saints and Eagles...then lose to the Colts..Ok..

  48. Official 700Films

    knock them bums out the playoffs lols

  49. Legit American

    Cowboys going one and done don't @ me.

  50. Jim Doe

    OMG the Cowboys suck