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Cowboys vs. Eagles Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2018



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    The Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 10 of the 2018 NFL season.
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    1. Jeremiah Shea

      I got to meet four Dallas Cowboys at a fan meet and greet last week as a birthday gift, one of whom let us fan wear his Super Bowl ring in a pic!! There was even a former Cowboys cheerleader there I got my pic taken with!! Best B-day EVER!!!

    2. ThatOneGuy 123

      Remember Dak has a better all time record than Wentz lmao. Dak never had a losing season and Wentz st this point has had TWO losing seasons! Dak>Wentz I’m a Giants fan btw. Dallas just deserves a tad bit more credit than what they get now.

    3. Orange Lake

      But who does Eliot play for (stupid voice)

    4. Everardo Rodriguez

      5:00-5:05 awuzie did an amazing job ......great play....he prevented a big play

    5. umainebearman

      Man if the Eagles had played their good QB in this game they might have won. Instead they started Wentz.



    7. donald deluxe

      bruh, the eagles aren't going into another superbowl run if dallas keeps this defense healthy and paid. 11:54 THIS is why I like LVE's future, he uses the blockers in order to get the angle he needs to make the tackle.

    8. Venonmous626

      What a ride it was

    9. Gordon Hickman

      Die eagles die

    10. Deshaun Johnston

      Cowboys nation



    12. Daniel Rodriguez

      Cant even tell you of how proud I am of my team feels good to be a cowboy

    13. Sylvia Martinez


    14. Butter Man

      The Eagles Can Fly really high But will never reach the Star ⭐️

    15. Kev Sims

      "They worked the middle, but not deep enough"! 😂😂😂

    16. Daryl Wagner

      Eagles are the worst most pathetic fans,stadium are trash,I will never go their game again.It was disgusted,trashy place,rude people.Way to go Cowboys.

      1. Dboyz6294

        Eagles fans= Lowlifes

      2. Big albert

        this post was made by the cowboy gang

    17. I AM A LOTT Beltran


    18. Francisco Junior

      Eagles choke on the big d

    19. Khyymer Brown

      Eagles need Nick foles back

      1. John Gotti

        Khyymer Brown well well well

    20. leboye Michael

      Good game but it's a question mark moving forward with ur Qb .for the cowboys to win a superbowl dark need to play well I don't expect you to take eagles in overtime with all those injuries eagles have.

    21. Bily Bill

      Eagles need stop blitzing in put extra bodies to cover In secondary. Fletcher Cox can get sacks without blitz. Cox is like the strongest defense player to hold in NFL.

    22. Pologuy Makingit

      Is all about them boys them “COWBOYS”

    23. orlando alexander

      Take it in the face!!!😂😂😂

    24. Mike Snyder

      oh wait. is this even the right game! lol either way the Eagles lost. lmao

    25. Mike Snyder

      Wentz is an overrated ass clown. you guys should have stuck with Foley

    26. Mike Snyder

      COWBOY UP!!!

    27. Mike Snyder

      Amari Cooper is one bad ass sumbich

    28. Mike Snyder

      Cry Eagles Cry... How Bout Dem Cowboys!!!

      1. Big albert

        wait until you lose to the giants then you'll be saying the cheated.

    29. T Good

      Congratulations to the Dallas cowbums for winning the Superbowl tonight....oh wait this wasn't a Superbowl win....this was just a regular season game....oh well who won the chip last year....oh the why is Dallas cowbums sooo hype like they won the chip....🧐🧐🧐🖐👎👎👎👎👎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 no new rings for you...

      1. Big albert

        yall hype yall have five ring that was like 20 years ago yall hype and act like yall gods.

      2. Blasto Manto

        T Good It’ll take the Eagles another 50years to win a Superbowl and the Cowboys still have 5 Superbowls hahahahahahahha talk to us when you’ve caught up

      3. Alex Espinoza

        LOL stfu y’all just a one hit wonder, who has more rings tho?

    30. bg mck

      I got two words for you....Skip...Bayless

    31. Arty Munoz

      Same exact score the last time we beat the eagles on OT with Jason Witten

    32. Aaron Haselrig

      I guess The Eagles came and Wentz

    33. Chris Arthur

      Eagles should have broken Wentz knee and they would have at least made the playoffs this year.

    34. Eagle fly

      What a bs game!! Cheating Ass refs!!

    35. Aaron Weimer

      cowboys are my team

    36. Joshua Cortes

      Shannon Sharpe is about to get an Ear Full on Undisputed 😂 I’m a Giants fan but I love football, can’t wait to see Skip go crazy lol.

    37. Sargonian12

      Kenyan drake spoiled skip Bayless greatest day ever


      Alright cowboys next practice , syncing up with receivers on long passes. Get that down title is yours!!

    39. I Scott

      Then Damn Cowboys are off the chain!!!!

    40. Jack C

      Who’s here for week 17

    41. WhiteDynamite Mapping

      Cowboys sweep eagles

    42. Elijah Cantu

      Is we beat them again tomorrow, omg that is gonna prove the cowboys still will always be the best in the east, and that they’re still alive

    43. Juan Mendez

      How about that Cowboys D??? Long live COWBOYS NATION!!!!!!

    44. Alexander

      I bought and wore a cowboy construction hard hat that I order from eBay to the job site. And all I can say is dam I've been getting alot of HEAT from the workers...F#@& Em

    45. Shake

      Eagles got next game

    46. Ryan Cornett

      Cowboys let's be great and take care of business.

    47. B Henderson

      Wentz has 7 ints on year, Chris says it should be 14 with 7 drops. 18 TDs and should be 14ints Hummmmm maybe this guy is human.

    48. Martha Zapata

      This week

    49. Disheartened6

      getting pumped for this sunday again against the eagles👍👍👍

    50. lil tariq

      Nah it’s crazy how every time we do the last second lateral thing there’s always a player wide open by himself to walk into the end zone. This time Alshon was ten feet away by the sideline alone. Last time we played the cowboys. There was 9 people tackling Marcus Johnson and a convoy of 8 or so of our players vs three cowboy players

    51. Emmitt Smith

      Who here because they’re playing on Sunday.

      1. Martha Zapata


      2. Them_Eyes_Thou

        Me lol 😂😂😂

    52. Vanette Sanchez

      It feels so good to see the Eagles lose hahahaha 😈

    53. newport OG

      wentz played great

    54. Shannon Mccall

      And if the Eagles would have picked off that pass in the first quarter down around the end zone it would have been a different story you got to remember fourth quarter of 2020

    55. Shannon Mccall

      Dougie won a Superbowl with a backup quarterback and all kinds of injuries who's Dallas's backup

    56. Shannon Mccall

      Hey let me know when Jason Garrett wins the Superbowl then we can talk

    57. A Hooe

      Sunday, we are going to punish the cowboys.....

      1. John S


    58. your friendly neighborhood bacon

      People say the eagles are better but here are facts here, we beat them in week 10 and what team lost to the saints 49 - 7, oh yeah that was the eagles and who beat the saints oh yeahhhhh the dallas cowboys

    59. Robert Bastian

      Eagles get ready for your 2nd loss in the dome!

    60. ScorpionX

      So I'm looking back on this because of the upcoming game, and die hard cowboy fan or not we need to do better when guarding receivers, now we've shown that with the saints win but Nick from watching this has a literal cannon as an arm and our defense has to expect that coming into this game. Our offense especially dak needs to figure out when to throw the ball or just throw it away or sacks are going to be a other issue this time around. I think were good with the running game and we have grown but don't let the red skins lose/win with reverse to a win/loss with the eagles

    61. JayVlogs

      Coming back to see this cowboys, damnn , what a different team in just a couple of games

    62. magnus nuako

      Pause at 8:05. Dak has Amari Cooper wide open at the top of the screen :/

      1. UnKn0wN JuJu

        magnus nuako he was gonna throw it but the way he grips the ball was like he was gonna run at first but he saw him getting open and the ball slipped out his hands

    63. randy martinez

      Go cowboys

    64. Rashad Wilson

      The Dallas cowboys win cowboys 27vs eagles 20

    65. SM


    66. Rizzo Aristotle

      @11:00 Great block from Zeke!!! Gave up his whole body to save Dak

    67. BADNEWZ Da Assassin

      Here because my boys are making me so proud. #PlayoffBound

    68. Dy1313lan !!!

      Eagle fans are the worst 😂😂😂booing your team every time they mess up

    69. Lor Dj

      Like if eagles are overrated

    70. Kingdom of the champion

      They did 2 unnecessary pitches to golden tate

    71. Terry Lewis

      A pick 6 missed a fg not taken and Dallas still should've lost..

    72. Fabian A

      Fly eagles fly lmfao fucc outta here

    73. Randy Martinez

      Cowboys are going to the super bowl

    74. Connie B

      Yep. You are a grown man. Sorta.

    75. Johnathan Rodriguez

      I am a cowboys fan but brett maher is bad where is dan baliy

    76. Jamria Gilchrist

      Cowboys are awesome and cool🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈😎😎😎🙂🤔😘😘😘😘😘

    77. Jamria Gilchrist


    78. EdmacZ

      You would think winning a SB would chill the Eagle fans a bit, but it’s made them even worse and bitter.

    79. giggity goo

      Cooper is running great routes but I want Dak to quickly deliver the ball on stride.

    80. James Jimenez

      Haven't heard of taco whatever in a long time

      1. Them_Eyes_Thou

        He was hurt

    81. James Jimenez

      Jaylon smith shawn lee and the rookie best 3 linebackers

    82. Terrence Blackburn

    83. ronald how about dem boys thomas

      The didn't do that snap shot against the saints

    84. the who

      You know the Game good when its over 10 minutes

    85. jbrad



      I hate cowboys its suck.

    87. Marcus Jones

      How bout them Cowboys

    88. Carl

      Damn that ending was pretty intense. Hell of an attempt.

    89. Bhigdeek POWER

      Eagles can still make it to playoff this year IF they put back NICK FOWLES as the started.

    90. Carlos Solis

      Let's go DALLAS

    91. zog zog

      3:57 Glad that Eagle was not a Unicorn.

    92. LuckyGhost18

      Darby can’t hit

    93. Henry Skedel

      Eagle fans are morons

    94. Henry Skedel

      Can't stop.elliot

    95. creek hed

      Al Michaels....BEST Play-By-Play EVAH!!!!!

    96. Canaan Nelson

      Like if the eagle are trash this year

    97. Jeffrey Gómez vlogs

      Eagles are done against the saints tommorow like you you agree

    98. julian posadas

      Zeke can compete in the olympics wtf