Cowboys vs. Redskins Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018


  1. Mystic Ninja

    I went to that game with dream seats no joke

  2. Neil McCauley

    Ohh how short lived this victory was 😂😂😂

  3. suck a cock

    Love the Cowboys and they are now a better team but the kicker needs to be fired. He's always missing fg

  4. mindo lava Sandoval

    Bruh have you seen when he broke his leg

  5. Vahid Mortazavi

    Idk why the Cowboys got that kicker. Gosh he sucks. He's gotten better but he still barely getting the football thru the field goal

  6. Eros Cohen

    8:13 - the guy in blue jacket and Cowboys cap....

  7. tyler holloran

    How you like it now Redskins

    1. TCT92Graphics

      Took 20 injured players and signing Amari Cooper to beat the Skins even with "Sack" Prescott and Zeke so Congrats to Dallas thats quite a lucky break.

  8. Deadpool

    Redskins got lucky they refs won it for them

  9. Janelle Spencer

    I like you c

  10. VastFlux

    What is that? Like 2-3 games lost by a field goal? Maybe Dallas shouldn't have let Bailey go, eh? This scrub replacement keeps costing them wins.

  11. MidgetMan037 Gaming

    Snap Infraction doesn't exist in the rulebook.

  12. Zac Dee

    WOW I wanna see the Cowboys LOSE

  13. John S

    👏👏👏👏first place belongs to the boys

  14. Leonard MH India and pz Adams NFC be a problem is I

    You do with your car nothing that can help me out with that x🙂😙😎

  15. Disheartened6

    getting pumped for tomorrow thanksgiving! let's go boys!

  16. Dublin Dave

    I don't see why the cowboys do wear these uniforms more.

  17. ijams sum

    When the wind blows your way and the ball bounces your way its your year !!! Even the flags are going the Redskins way HTTR !!! After last years terrible injury bad luck it came around and now the Eagles are frustrated and struggle to win games even at home the injuries the Eagles have is unlike last year ! The Redskins still win somehow with over half the OL out ?

  18. Jim Watts

    DA Prescott leads the Redskins to another victory!!!

  19. Lucas Moss

    Cowboys sucks ass

  20. Julius Morgan

    as an actual redskin, I approve of this victory

    1. Julius Morgan

      meanwhile cowgirls always selfdestruct+Jacovien Daniels

    2. Julius Morgan

      +Jacovien Daniels ha ha we shall see

    3. Jacovien Daniels


    4. Julius Morgan

      +Jacovien Daniels actually I'm a,steelers fan

  21. FortLuke

    here bacause of fortnite

  22. Kyle Rodenberg

    The sound of the football hitting the goalpost is the best sound in the world. #PackersareAmericasTeam.

  23. Jamie Armey


  24. Dejour Ross

    Cowboys got screwed over

  25. Roll tide#1

    Where cooper at

  26. st fu

    Cowboys suck

    1. John S

      ..the life outta your season. 😂😂

  27. Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    Refs decided this games outcome. The timing of the flag is obvious.

  28. Travis Donald Stanley

    Hey Smith. Stay in bounds next time with 001:47 to go when you are that short.

  29. Steve Cohen

    please do not let romo call boys games. He's so very partial to them it's disgusting.

  30. Blake

    u had one job kicker!! one job!

  31. Kanard Williams

    Alex Smith can make a team better with good players but he is not elite Andie Reed made a good move Ap is going to need 200 plus rushing every game if the make the playoffs because Alex can't carry the load

  32. Varo Kobarz

    Dallas Trashboys zeke needa get out of there

  33. MrGoodDay329

    Are quarterback sucks!!

  34. Christian Calderon

    It’s been 20 yrs we have not won a super bowl

  35. Vissal

    The last time I heard FedEx erupt like it does at 8:06 was when RG3 had the 72 yard TD run against Minnesota in 2012.

  36. Dem boys 88 True blue

    4:35 ... #71offense false start not called .. he flinched.. one of many calls not made during this game at Washington

  37. JD87

    Dallas quarterback laying down every game please do not subject the Cowboys fans to 10 years of this garbage followed immediately by 10 years of Tony Romo and his garbage

  38. MrGrreatness

    Cowboys got robbed. The Dak fumble in the endzone & the snap penalty on the kick (among other things like not being able to stop Adrian Peterson) cost them the game

  39. Ethan Crafton


  40. QuisSantana Holmes

    Dak needs to drop back farther that’s why he can’t look down the field because he feels to cluttered and that’s why he’s running and making throws unbalanced

  41. Carson is better than Dak

    Dak fumbling the ball in the endzone 8:00 Best part of this game! lmfao! He reminds me of Romo!

    1. Carson is better than Dak

      +John S I was going to wait until the Cowboys choke in the playoffs to message you back but I figured I 'll respond now. So John just wondering are you actually from Dallas or are you one of the million fake Dallas fans that have never been to Texas...? I think after the Cowboys choke in the playoffs, I'm going to turn my blue-ray player on and watch the Eagles Superbowl to celebrate. Dust off your VHS because that's the only Cowboys Superbowl you'll be watching.

    2. John S

      Cowboys ending your season was the best part of our games. 😂😂😂

  42. Joseph Opanel

    Week 7, Dallas at Washington. Priceless.

    1. Jacovien Daniels


  43. Metro Bradsey

    3:17 look at Zeke get bounced

    1. Jacovien Daniels


  44. Chris White

    I knew this day would come 😁😁😁

  45. The Ritzilla11

    Why did we release bailey

  46. Daniel Deleon

    Not surprised at all its I'm possible for the cowboys to go 2 in a row

  47. j1k


  48. king lock

    WHERE YA AT ~! IM BACK and i told you cowgirl`s last year fluke ur team really suks #21 is overrated he cant catch out the backfield like mack-kamara-srpoles=shady lmao BUMMMMMMMSSSSSSSSSSSS WHERE YA AT ~!!!! WHO DAT ~! HAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA LAUGHIN AT YOU SUKKAS AHHHHHHHHHHHHH-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AHHHHHHHHHHH

    1. Jacovien Daniels


  49. Pewdiepie Pewdiepie

    We’re not going anywhere with trashcott and clapperclown smh..

  50. Fyb raines

    Redskins for life cowboys suck

    1. Jacovien Daniels

      Fyb raines YALL SEASON DONE, STFU