Deadpool Takes Over Stephen's Monologue

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    Stephen talks about D.C. every night but, after a visit from Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), it appears the Late Show is part of the Marvel Universe.
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    1. Awesome G

      Deadpool is taking over the world!!!!

    2. Tommy Gulumian

      How did deadpool get erased for the people actually there though?

    3. TAP water

      WOW LOL

    4. Loralyn F.

      And breathes? It would make me so claustrophobic

    5. Loralyn F.

      I wonder how he talks through that mask?

    6. Wandering Oryx

      Trump *audience chuckles* IS *audience begins laughing* A *audience can barely contain their laughter and begin spilling themselves all over the aisles* BOOF *audience dies*

    7. RipLock Gaming

      HA a budget joke. That's new.

    8. Berserk

      I bet that thanos thing looked awkward af from an audience perspective

    9. Stryzzar

      Is Ryan playing Deadpool or is Deadpool playing Ryan?

    10. Saket Arora

      I don't feel very well! 😂😂😂

    11. Saket Arora

      Jimmy!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂


      Lol deadpowl dead

    13. Tensolin01

      Why isn't there a Deadpool talk show...

    14. Topside Entertainment

      What was that Thanos part about? No spoilers please.

    15. Jason_Slade_64


    16. Cody Call

      Bitch destroyed hard drives and documents covering her tracks and this fbi guy says the investigation was done completely and no reason to file charges were necessary????!!! I was guilty a few times and did EXACTLY as she did and destroyed any evidence. Why? Because I was fucking guilty!!!!!

    17. Cody Call

      Jesus fucking Christ! Stephen.... do you have your own thoughts or so you just read a cue card and do so with good tv talent? You go back and forth. Almost as if you’re trying to please “everyone”. You don’t like the president? Get The Fuck Out! Weirdo you had on tonight that got fired; the guy with the wife that says this and that and what a true leader is. Jesus. Seriously? Now our president can’t block people on Twitter? Even under his own personal account? The nfl players bitching about oh it’s my freedom? Coworker of mine made a clear point. NFL players are employed. They work for someone. They’re boss makes a rule you follow it or get fined or fired. Jesus fucking Christ! I hate politics but I must say; I see President Trump as an innovator. He built an empire. Let him build our empire. Everyone who voted Obama president did so to make themselves feel better about racism. Thankfully the PEOPLE voted trump rather than a person who just pointed fingers. (Wanted to say woman but 90% of you who follow this B.S. would bash me for even mentioning she is a woman). In closing let our president do his job. Please. Even with all this high school drama politics are clouding his office he is still managing to improve our nation and the world. He got the north and south to talk and shake hands!!!! Come on! He is moving us forward. No proceed to bash me about my comment placement fbi chomey. Who is making more money now than when he was actually working for our government.

    18. marxyouth

      4:20 Well... if Thanos killed him, at least he can be with Mistress Death

    19. Blue is Trash

      t h a n o s

    20. Jason Malion

      that's a nice holoprojector they used. (they probably projected deadpool's image onto a cloud of fog and made it look real with the different projector angles

    21. Ellijah Ecchi Deshazer

      All night with deadpool. I'd kill to watch it

    22. Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak

      Just watched DeadPool 2....AWESOME! Thank you Ryan and Colbert.

    23. Anthony C.

      Surprised he didn’t shoot someone, or turn someone into a kabob

    24. Slap_A_Gamer

      Not scripted at all...

    25. Kevin A. Weseman

      Dead pool

    26. Random Guy

      Lmao that ending

    27. Lucifer

      colbert is fucking boring

    28. Jonas Charif

      I always thought the eyes and mouth movements were CGI. Turns out the suit just fits him well.

    29. Juan Rodriguez

      Wait.. was this Canon?

    30. Intergalactic Studios

      during the recording of this episode, Thanos snapped his fingers, RIP Spidey, panther, vision, and Deadpool

    31. Muhammad Saleh

      The part where he gets erased by Thanos made me think that everything including the audience is script. I thought they had a real reaction when he appeared.

    32. KInky

      Good to see Deadpool is Gay. btw - I wouldn't spend a dime on a superhero movie but sadly there are few like me....which is why great movies are no longer made. Sad.

    33. jasogne 03

      No guns in the holsters. You’ll see it if you look

    34. Blank

      Well Deadpool is the loveable Mercenary who gets hired to do things! Like bash Trump for Colbert. How much was the mercenary paid?

    35. Swishy Cat

      This is the best thing since chimichangas

    36. Karma Tashi Allemann

      He so funny

    37. Jay PhoenixTM

      I'm surprised he didn't kill anyone

    38. Kingston Singh

      4:20 "Oh god, I don't feel well..." That just killed me lmfao

    39. N.T.O: ALAN


    40. Mordecai Stone

      Good, I'm tired of hearing Stephen's bullshit.

    41. Pascal Simioli

      Gotta love how people cheered way more for Black Panther instead of Infinity Wars. Are they scared someone's gonna call them racist? So much for fighting fascism and then becoming a fascist country. Oh the irony.

    42. Hannah Paige


    43. Deadpool


    44. Zelda

      stephen colbert i dont feel so good

    45. karen

      I love that Deadpool nails Colbert's cadence.

    46. Fallen

      Mr Colbert I dont feel soo good

    47. Dan Onyema

      Saw that one cumming.

    48. Toneng NengPD

      Thanos don't stand a chance for deadpool and deadpool too..

    49. Pride Worth

      Why is there an eye at the bottom left?

    50. I'm A Hooman

      The Late Show with Deadpool.