Deadpool Takes Over Stephen's Monologue

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    Stephen talks about D.C. every night but, after a visit from Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), it appears the Late Show is part of the Marvel Universe.
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    1. Steven K

      You all suck Niggerr shittt through a skinny straw Democrats are desperate for buckets of horse cummm while the country goes to the immigrant dirt fukkers MAGA MAGA

    2. Steven K

      Deadpool needs to slice colberts anti American democratic horse cockk suckin head off

    3. Aron Fredriksen

      I wish Deadpool had his own tv show

    4. Batınsu Ayaz

      “You don’t have the budget for this Colbert!”

    5. Sheldon Reynolds

      We will never say enough

    6. Alvaro Sarria

      Is the Late Show in the MCU???

    7. Jocelyn Lopez


    8. Gavin C

      Goes from bashing trump over twitter posts to childish shit like this lmao way to be consistent Stephen

    9. TecnicStudios

      *during commercials* "HA I'M BACK, you thought Thanos could kill me? Think again! Hey any remember the Thanoscopter? I do!"

    10. pgh lego films pgh

      I love you dead pool

    11. Glenn Cox

      Cuz u had to inject race...and yeah all your jokes every night are just anti-Trump bullshit. Youre old news and people hate this shit

    12. Misan

      dead pool is not a hero right?

    13. Mesut DURMUŞ

      Great ending... :)

    14. The Dark Lord Cthulhu

      I love Deadpool

    15. Christ Prima

      Deadpool is so cool

    16. Lesego Saaza

      Weird that some people complain of too many Trump "jokes" but I believe Hitler would get the same treatment .Trump is a nasty guy and most people just hate him and want to ridicule him. Fair game as he also does the same to his foes.

    17. Kindergarten Kakao


    18. Erika Garibay

      This was wack im sorry

    19. Haydel Lezama

      Deadpool is my favorite marvel character

    20. Baz The Storyteller

      "You know who you should never have on your show?" Wolverine.

    21. Baz The Storyteller

      When they mentioned Jamie Foxx, shame they didn't make a joke about Amazing Spider-Man 2.

    22. Shaelynn Dixon

      Can Deadpool please get his own late night show! It would be the best thing ever.

    23. Yoshifan623

      Ryan if you're watching this, you're so ahmazing

    24. Got a weed on ma pocket

      Deadpool is the best ryan reynolds

    25. Nafisa Quazi

      I love deadpool with my whole soul

    26. David Awomi

      Actually Deadpool staring X-Men Wolverine Hugh Jackman right hand

    27. Tony Watts

      is deadpool going to battle thanos in the next avenger movie?

    28. legend at everything

      4:21 Deadpool: looks at 👌 Thanos: lel Deapopl : I don't feel so good

    29. Challenging Gameplay

      Deadpool should run this show

    30. Chinook Animation

      Ryan Reynolds doesn't play Deadpool He IS Deadpool

    31. GodlyPotat0 671

      This is why Ryan Reynolds is the best actor in my opinion

    32. EG Prelaw

      Venom isn’t a superhero

    33. Sephorabliss

      I'm only here for Deadpool 😍😄

    34. Salman Ceferov

      Hello from Azerbaijan. Please tell me where can i buy the original deadpool costume??

    35. Daniel Carranza

      Flashdrive I will see real clowns

    36. GotherL

      I already said over 10 years ago there were too many super hero movies and now look at it. Literally 9/10 top box office is occupied by superhero movies by Disney. Even Deadpool 2 is created by Fox which just happens to be owned by Disney. They went from kid-friendly movies to just being a box-office bully.

    37. SpottedTeil Mist


    38. Haqster

      Anyone realized that Jimmy somehow reminds of Tony Stark/ Robert?

    39. gthawkings

      wait.... what!!!! Isn't Deadpool Immortal,and cursed by Thanos not to die?!?!?


      Nnnnooooooo, Thanos erased Deadpool too. Fuck you Thanos, lol

    41. Mohamed Naufal

      I have never met a person who doesn't love DP...YET And that includes my sisters 😂

    42. Ayush GURUSWAMY

      Cause we all know that trump likes to leak in Russian Hotel Rooms.

    43. josh yo 85 cool

      Dead pool fuck yeah

    44. Sandra Brown

      Fucking thanos

    45. Hunter Irby

      Hillary likes her leaks on Gmail

    46. Hunter Irby

      I don't like him or his show but I like dead pool so u get a like

    47. Spanky Harland

      stephen hates Trump because he is jealous of him. Trump is rich, the President and has a knock out wife....stephen is just a late night wanna be superhero....

    48. Robert Rowley

      The ending of this is my favorite.

    49. Harrison Littrell

      4:20 Even the R-rated ones are fading away!

    50. Tech Roar

      0:25 Imagine celebrities walking out on the stage like that and no one claps. 😂 It would be an incredibly weird and uncomfortable thing to watch 😂