Derrick Rose Full Highlights 2011 Playoffs R1G1 vs Pacers - UNREAL 39 Pts, 6 Dimes, 3 Blocks, MVP!



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    1. Jake Rojas

      22 Rose waa something. She knows

    2. Sojiro Kimura

      He is too fast comparing with Westbrook

    3. Valentin o

      This team coulda been something special i swear 😓😓

    4. its yeshau not jesus

      Poor rose. Too much insane ability for his knees to take.

    5. klove20w

      Love to see some D Rose classics

    6. Wahyu Fernando

      I really really happy watch this.. DRose always

    7. Yuchen He

      there are no player dare to play like D rose,and they were right.

    8. IVORY !

      Most them fouls would’ve been flagrant in todays game. It’s sad he got no respect from the refs and still don’t, even after coming back from the injuries and putting up 50.

    9. Leonardo Trinidad

      its like watching in fast forward

    10. Astro Uchiha

      Westbrook who kyrie who D Rose was both of them combined

    11. Tyler Fall

      AND he NEVER travels

    12. ロッキー

      やっぱり何度見ても器用なタイプではなかったんだよなー こうして改めて見てみると身体能力に頼ったプレイが目立つ 確かに身体能力はとんでもない化け物じみてるけどフィニッシュがかならずボディコンタクトからの上体を崩したタフショット、それでも決めてくるあたり流石と言いたいけど怪我するのは必然だった気がする

    13. carl hauzer

      his so fast

    14. 王志雄

      can 2011 bulls get champion if he's not injured?

    15. Bill Russ

      That pass at 5:48🔥🔥 damn Drose

    16. SLR 762

      😮 rose did some super human stuff this game

    17. Mark  Reagan

      Damn Drose looks like raging BULL. Can't compare his recklessness...

    18. intenserush01

      D-Rose earned every free throw that night. Not like other superstars that flop 🤣🤦‍♂️

    19. ScrewGang LB

      That boi had on the 9.8 ounce shoes 😭😭 I use to have them bitches

    20. ExploreFoods Doodle

      After watching this i almost forgot who is westbrook curry and irving

    21. Calebfoust3443

      7:05 chills man, chills... that split second where everyone holds their breath, then ecstatic relief.

    22. Chicote 2.0

      He would have been better than Michael jordam

    23. Kelvin Corteza

      Michael Jordan Rare "Superhuman" Video Clipsビデオ-_23gH2WMbE4.html&t=384s

    24. D1 Bound l 7 l

      He was the second coming of mj for a reason

    25. Jordan Daniel

      Anybody miss short cut rose?

    26. Happy Family

      Respect thats what i love about basketball.. Watching this amazing game on 2018 and cant stop cheering though its so old and gold.

    27. Wrecktifyz

      This fag steph curry is lucky drose got injured. D rose use to shut down curry and school his dumbass on offense. Bulls definitely would have won a championship with rose that year if he didn't get injured.

    28. Nico Baco

      wtf did i just see

    29. GOD

      D Rose is the GOAT

    30. Geraldo Ricky

      4:47 Are you kidding me ?!!! He is flying to the defender 🤦‍♂️.. look at Pacers bench reaction

    31. Kenneth Cruz

      19/21 ft🤯

    32. Patrick Sarona

      He should have typing Kyle Korver's game winner

    33. Lj Panes


    34. Angelo Mendoza

      These were the days when Drose was the face of the nba.

    35. Oliver Hough

      No one could guard him they HAD to foul him when he got to the rim. God damn.

    36. Louis Chen

      He spinned too much and jumped with full power, which broke his own legs early.

    37. Kristijan Poklečki

      The difference between D Rose and Westbrook is clearly visible in the last action of the game. D Rose attacked the rim, lured entire Pacers defense and PASSED the ball to his most leathal shooter. Westbrook's simply doesn't have thet rational unselfishness built in his software. Even now, after all those damn injuries, D Rose still has all the skill, but back then, with his athleticism, he was beyond spectacular.

    38. Cave Man

      I still think Boozer was a mistake or a waste…and we should've gotten a better front court to help Rose. the fact the we are so dependent on Rose's Isolation costs his knees and Thibodeu should've drawn a more versatile play for others. Hamilton too, I'm not sure of him. A one-man team is not a consistent competitive team, it's always a matter of time before it'll disintegrate. It's like trusting one solo pillar to support a big ass structure, if it cracks, everything goes down.

    39. Thi Nguyen


    40. Mark Raymond Agsalud


    41. Abhishek Murali

      4:16... It's like he activated a secret jetpack on his feet. He literally weaves through defenders into spaces you can't even see as a viewer. No wonder his 50 pt game against a DPOY like Rudy happened. Rose has been challenging and messing with bigs throughout. It wasn't only about speed and athleticism. He knew how to fool the big man under the rim. Thats why even without that same explosiveness now, he couldn't challenge Rudy so many times

    42. Derrick Hallvc

      7:03 so scary Collinson leaves Korver wide open to triple team DRose.

    43. Cool Brothers

      He was the 💪 strong version of A.I

    44. Kam Mike

      Wish he'd turn back to this form

    45. Jax

      Honestly his game looks so much More polished now than his mvp yr... Wow.

    46. Silky Baby

      Crazy how they talk dat bullshit about this man now. Purely Unappreciative.

    47. Gian Cruz

      3:27 That play summarized just how fast drose was in his prime. The defender didn’t have time to react to him because of how fast he was coming at him.

    48. Can we get 10,000 subscribers which is my deam

      Old drose or new drose he’s still the same guy but it’s just he can’t always show it because he’s been through so much he will be remembered as an MVP and a all time bull

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      Una verdadera locura

    50. Sriram Dasarathy

      6:12 that's quite unlikely to happen today

    51. Jackson Pfeilsticker (Student)

      just watching this and looking at how hard he lands its no wonder he got hurt

    52. Blaiden Troxell

      your such a fucking hoe

    53. Rashawn Mckennie

      The Timberwolves should start him

    54. Xboxlove1

      this boy gave his heart mind and soul to the game

    55. Xboxlove1

      they need 2011 rose in 2k

    56. oh money

      This is a legit question RUSSELL in his prime or D ROSE ? Both MVP's both insanely athletic.

      1. Gerald Reyes

        the comparison should be 3rd year drose vs 3rd year westbrook.

      2. lassseerrr yah

        Idk rose wasn't even in his prime truthfully sadly enough cause he was so young and had that injury out of nowhere. If rose never got injured he most likely would have been the best pg for the next 6-7 years after his mvp season. So idk tbh..

    57. oh money

      HE's backkk

    58. oakblackbird

      Derrick Rose was a monster. It's very unfortunate he doesn't have the same springs in his legs anymore. He was awesome to watch every game.

    59. BELIEVE

      Insanely athletic 22 yrs old destroying shit like this... im 22 And sont sleep on rookie Paul George he became a starter caz Frank realized Rush was weak as shit

    60. majack blangka

      Play station mode

    61. K swoosh Off the wall

      Now we all can see this kind of rose again. Welcome back d.rose

    62. Dale Doback

      damn these commentators really had his dick in their mouths lmaoo

    63. NotChokezyTTV

      Only 90s kids will remember 😢

    64. Japan Living

      Kyle Korver quietly holding it down. Silent assassin.

    65. Kim Adrian Zablan


    66. Nunu Nunu

      Rose is so skills

    67. Kavin

      Dude was somethin else, glad to see him doing well again!

    68. Skyrim

      I remember Derrick Rose's 2011 games. Great player then and now.

    69. Rudy Straight

      i cant tell his 50 pt game win serious, since he has all those dreads. he need to get this clean fade.

    70. Patrick Enewally

      bro this guy had blistering speed. literally look at the way his limbs move. it’s like abrupt and weirdly twitchy

    71. Airon Jay Cuario

    72. Bin-Yen Tsai

      The way he played made him get hurt easy.

    73. J. HE

      It is amazing to know that D. Rose used to play in this way!

    74. Colby Galberth

      4:47 bruh he was hella explosive. I'm glad to see him have his confidence back

    75. MossInBlood

      He has the intensity Lebron has goin up to the basket but like.. Every single play

    76. Ryan Heard

      I miss Derek Rose the way he was during those times in his career.

    77. The Boys Just Wanna Eat Ass

      Is it me or did i hear Russel Westbrook at 2:16 as the other point guard in the history of the nba that could have a sequence like derrick rose

    78. aznmafia77

      Rose > westdick

    79. EritreanMusiq

      Fuckin monster. No one could guard him.

    80. Kevin Masters

      The way Derrick Rose lands after jumping is why he always gets injured. He doesn't know how to land safely and comfortably.

    81. Paul bandilla

      The best slasher of pg position!

    82. 兎都 UTO


    83. Daniel Del Bot Jerez

      Probably the most acrobatic player when finishing since MJ.

    84. Paul Daley

      D Rose was just in a different gear man

    85. don john lucero

      dont let him get started with his secret move “the injury “

    86. nikos koutsilieris

      i miss this man :( so amasingly gifted! i wish he keeps on trying and gets back where he belongs

    87. j r

      The nba would be so different if he didn’t get injured

    88. Jerald Vincent Zumel

      You can see how he got his knees busted. All this awkward landings on one leg put to much stress on his knee. God DRose! The Heat wouldnt have made to 4 straight Finals if you just stayed healthy.

    89. Youngdanny45

      Boy just gets fouls all day lol I guess

    90. Yun Meng


    91. Ricardo Modesto

      Who's watching this after that legendary 50 point game?

    92. Ray Felix

      even steph cant beat d rose?

    93. Вячеслав Силантьев

      Who here after he got 50 Ball on Jazz?


      This just shows you that Rose's style of play lends itself to injury. He ran toward the basket with relentless speed and took a lot of really unbalanced shot attempts. And man did they try and take him out in the paint. The percentages were against Rose when you combine his risky style of play with the amount of stone walled opposition he faced night in and night out. He was bound to land awkward or tweak something sooner or later. Player's need to learn about playing a style of play that will limit injuries not leave you prone to being injured repeatedly. Kyrie plays a very risky style as well, he'll have numerous season ending injuries through out his career too if he isn't careful.

    95. Steven Barry

      Who's here after his 50 point game

    96. 15blackfox

      Wish I got to experience this rose and Chicago bulls in person. Loved this team.

    97. Flyness

      4:46 look at where this man took off from... OFF TWO LEGS! Unreal

      1. Derrick Williamson

        Yea bro unbelievable amazing

    98. londi nol

      Point guard history! Mgnt says, look at westbrook, look at harden, look at lillard, look at lowry, look at drose, we dont want to happen this at sCURRY's carrier, we need that goddamn ring at more season, bring us DURANT are were DONE! The owner said, OKEY bring them all make this team like an all STAR😅

    99. Enoch Hines

      Can we get a rip in the chat for Derrick rose