DRUM GUN *ONLY* CHALLENGE in Fortnite Battle Royale



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    I play Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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    1. TripleThreat

      Who else is watching after it was vaulted

    2. CliBBaChin

      I miss drum gun ;(

    3. SkullZy

      Who’s watchin’ after drum gun got vaulted?! (RIP drum gun 1 like=1% more chance of drum gun coming back!)

      1. TripleThreat

        SkullZy I am rib the drum gun

    4. jokolennon81

      1 like = 1 prayer

    5. Daniël van Wijngaarden

      I want the drum gun, revolver and tactical smg back...

    6. BLITZ_ultrabloop Gamer

      1 like=a higher chance for the drum gun to comeback

    7. Thanos The legend

      Too easy a challenge I made this after it was vaulted

    8. S Al K

      My heart feels broken

    9. Vection

      it's. not. a. challenge.

    10. Plane Bigheaded

      Player619 will 619 you

    11. Coloured

      Vikk is on Ninjas level. Don’t @ me.

    12. What Is Sleep?

      Vikk,i dare you to victory ONLY using tactical,without shield or any med kit/bandage

    13. Luke Murphy

      Oh right I am stupid great vid anyway vik

    14. Luke Murphy

      Where is the face cam

    15. Teso 101

      5:45 vik didn’t kill him

    16. XxSL3NxX

      18:42 llama lol (underneath tree)

    17. Kartikay Sharma

      6:07 now that just sounds amazing

    18. beast jets fan

      How do you get that glow when guns are dropped on the ground?

    19. Liam Miller

      12:34 purple rocket launcher ?

    20. KING SO's SHOOTA #IWillSlapCashNasty

      Stupid Indian motherficker👎

    21. WiseGoober

      Vikk gonna turn into Ali-a if he keeps on like this.


      I remember Lmg only this is literally the better version

    23. Josman Mazariegos

      Ail-A post this video

    24. Tiago Dias

      Hey, another type of video you could do is a win without sound, so that you don t hear the opponents etc.

    25. Merijnio666 Devilpriest

      Wow epic last fight

    26. Juan Torres

      this fortnite channel is dead


      what's your mouse sensitivity?

    28. Milk

      I love your voice.

    29. JayleonTV

      Does Fortnite have Skill-based matchmaking

    30. Jesus Salvador Sanchez

      Feel like the tommy is better than epic rifles

    31. Rossybhoy 1967

      1:20 obviously vik knows about sitting in basements

    32. Rossybhoy 1967

      Such a gr8 vid but Jurassic world evo plz

    33. BV7 WoW

      You are forgetting about The Sidemen Trivia Challenge anniversary. You should do that video.

    34. Sam Wood

      Vik is such a good gamer. Hes very good at tons of games

    35. Lil Kenz

      Vikky ikky with da flikky

    36. Young Goon Kaskar

      wth at 13:10 how does he manage to get your shield to 1 and your health to 1 ????

    37. igamer04


    38. JacKTiiKZz

      It’s coming home


      I actually love vik man he's so fucking funny and just seems like a genuinely nice guy. I respect him as a creator, I see the effort that you put in vik. I find it hard to choose but if I had to you'd be my favorite sideman. GG

    40. lil rayco

      Fortnite copied pubg with the Tommygun

    41. DeeDeeX X

      More golf why no golf.......

    42. Lennon

      You can hold in when building if you don't already but doesn't look like it

    43. Jackson Clark

      Let’s not lie this was pre recorded

    44. Jaze Moede

      Sup vik

    45. Its Bailey

      Best sounding gun in the game

    46. Luc Ditton

      Where’s Jurassic World Evolution at?

    47. The_Scout_Master_ 11

      When you use this gun aim right of the person it seems to flick left

    48. Arturas As


    49. Anthony Lew

      Do the Ali-a intro

    50. J1.munni J1

      You didn’t get your 8th kill your kill got sniped😂