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Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan



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    Tennis star Naomi Osaka revealed her celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan, so Ellen tried to play matchmaker for the two. Plus, the 20-year-old opened up about her recent U.S. Open win and the controversy over her opponent Serena Williams.

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    1. Bod 7

      She is sssoooooooo wird

    2. Luke Ivan Bacon

      A champ you'd love to love. No air.

    3. BAWSTON

      She look like side show bob

    4. Raju Tamang

      U r so beautiful and kindness Player and humble I wish u Will win more trophy coming future

    5. No Return

      Naomi Uhmmm Osaka .. i love her uhmms tho..too cute

    6. gagaslayonce

      She’s so adorable and also funny

    7. Zach Busa

      Ellen is so natural...i love how he speaks..❤️❤️❤️❤️

    8. Shewit Tewolde

      This how a human being is suppose to be , humble, shy and disciplined. Modern ultra-liberalism and leftist culture ruining the human inner beauty and innocence.

    9. Saurabh Sawake

      She is soooooo adorable 😘😘

    10. Jon as it is

      How long has that TV been behind the stage??

    11. Kaze LAB Games

      she is so cute.

    12. Alaura Connelley

      Shout out to ellen for being the goat wingwoman ;)

    13. goku9491

      Is she deaf?

    14. Clorox Bleach

      They were booing the referee btw

    15. jarre toles

      Regardless Serena shouldn't have lost her cool. She's an intense player so of coarse she was caught up in it all. But i don't think she wanted to take away from Naomi at all. I think seeing her get booed made her see she went about it the wrong way.

    16. Mr Bamaga

      Boys and girls this is a LADY. Take note of her humility, natural beauty and mannerisms. Ladies these days are a dying species.

    17. 9446 ROBO

      She is amazing and pretty women. My kind of lady. Congrats on your win. May you have many more. God bless.

    18. Denise Drummond

      So, what did Mr. Jordan say?

    19. Sanjay Gnanaseakar

      How the f**k people dislike this?? She is so adorable..

    20. KWF

      I LOVE Ellen. Such a sweet woman and a wonderful person.

    21. Jacob Quinlan

      Shes the cutest human I've ever seen in my life. Shes the embodiment of a shy anime girl lol

    22. VandalAudi

      “I’m sorry, but are you a real person?”, the question that was dying to be asked to Ellen, but nobody has the innocence to do it like Naomi did.

    23. AEROTRAP

      She's is very polite and pure hearted, refreshing to see in today's society

    24. m718o

      I don’t think she can handle dating a black guy. Not her type with her personality.

    25. ngichuru3

      Where is she from? She looks like black Japanese if possible.

    26. An Vo


    27. Akhil Vyas

      I want her to win everything there is to win.

    28. DoubleDOwnage

      This man just runs out with the empty box for PR LOL.

    29. I am Hassan

      So beautiful and polite...😚

    30. Ed Mark Arreza

      So adorable

    31. Bitson George

      Can't be more shy than this

    32. Taylor O

      She’s my spirit animal and I love her and I want to protect her we r so much alike oml

    33. Honey Boy

      She’s so cute, my heart can’t take it, I love her so much :”)

    34. No Return

      Naomi you are so cute~~

    35. Santiago Avalos

      She is like that because she has a japanese upbringing. That's how they are educated. To be humble and respectful in public so as not to shame the family. But in their normal surroundings they are just like any other human being.

    36. LonghornsLegend

      She's so freaking sweet and adorable.

    37. dave latumbo

      What a nice girl.

    38. ajay kuncham

      Firstly..i like the Ellen voice,,,and now I like Osaka's answers which she gave humble way...superb

    39. altovise14

      She's so humble and normally real, with her shy self. It's so refreshing!

    40. ToaLim 92

      Ellen is so cool yeah

    41. rusty

      ellens really working here

    42. Alejandro Gomez

      Ellen is so cool and I like the way she interviews her guests and makes them feel relaxed. Especially this girl, she seems hella shy.

    43. Zen


    44. swacfan100

      Sweet girl , her parents did an awesome job

    45. chidon tochi

      I love you Naomi

    46. Akeem Joseph

      She is quite adorable 😊

    47. Hearts And Ducks

      It looked like there was nothing in that TV box. That guy carried it with a bit too ease.

    48. dailytennisworld

      this was so tense 😬

    49. Tony Z.

      pretty? no.. funny? no .. talented? yes!

    50. Kati Meraki

      It's a shame that people are more concerned about her race, ethnicity, and cultural background, ect.. How about congratulating on her success, commenting about the interview? Or, even better, what Micheal responded?

    51. k y

      Her skin colour is black but she wants to represent as a Japanese. That's all.

    52. Isaac Kim

      I hope she reads these comments cuz it’s true

    53. Sxphella

      I LOVE HER SHE IS SO SHY ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    54. Salvador Hernandez

      Miss Naomi Osaka for President of Japan, the USA, and Haiti! First tri-country President...

    55. Jose Franco

      Nobody care about you until you get famous 🤷🏻‍♂️ I called hipocresía in Spanish 🤔to get more views 🤡

    56. 中本浩子

      It's nonsence to talk about her nationality, her DNA or which country she represents. She is just a superb world champion. I'm proud of her not because I'm Japanese but because her play is awesome.

    57. Tapiboba

      she is the cutest thing i have ever seeennn!!!!

    58. serengnil Sereng

      I loved her innocent and honesty,she is so cute too.god bless you osaka

    59. shu bono

      0:10 lolololololol

    60. S A

      OMG!! Im from japan and although shes speaking in English but she really sounds like or does seem like normal Japanese? idk how to explain this but her character in this video at least is so Japanese...

    61. Tejas Surve


    62. Midia Mutsvangwa

      its my first time to see her but l fell in love with her she is soo humble lm loving her

    63. Alina Sorokin Gacha life pro lover

      I play tennis

    64. Tarik Rahman


    65. natasha syberia

      It's sos strange that you are a real person :D cute

    66. Nirav Godhania

      so dope man

    67. Joseph Bradshaw

      Federer and Serena are the king n queen of tennis.

    68. Amalia Rahayu

      She is so adorable 😭😭

      1. 高橋あずさ

        Yes ! I like her so much ♡

    69. Mark Cruz

      On the court she looks japanese but here she looks african american

    70. SteppinLady Underwood

      This young Queen won another championship! You go girl!!!🎉😍

    71. Kevin Corcoran

      She’s great...wish she would embrace she is also part American and grew up here

    72. king quad s

      Michael must not date her, whites will disown her and start unexplained losing streak

    73. N


    74. cat 1


    75. Joe Cochran

      She's super awkward.

    76. Junior Noel


    77. jyusuken

      こんなに楽しそうにしてるなおみ選手をはじめてみたー。魅力をひきだすエレンさんの素敵な笑顔とパーソナリティ! 日本の一部のマスコミ、下品な3流インタビューアーはゴシップを求めたり足をひっぱろうとするので近づかないでほしいー

    78. KingCo Anderson

      Give it time, with a little media training and more exposure she will open up. She seems like a Sweet girl.

    79. Supaman USA

      Ellen is so funny I love her show

    80. Letter neupane

      she is dawn too down to earth👌 huge respect🙌

    81. Jessica Lontaan

      She's so cute ... 😄😄😄

    82. lapko luna

      Ellen please get her back, she won the AU-Open...

    83. Hasan Solusi

      She is awesome, now No. 1 WTA

    84. Filip Hanić

      Stay,away from ellen. Thank me later

    85. booyah2u 2

      I do not care where she comes from. All I know is that she seems like a very humble person who has been raised and loved well. Peace.

    86. safari0317

      おめでとうナオミちゃん!!! エレンショーに出てたんだね!

    87. alok navdikar

      Janigga . Finally life complete.✌️

    88. Arianna K

      What happened with Michael? Did Ellen send the photo in the end?!

    89. frs 12

      You can tell she is not black Americans from her manner alone. Such a humble & graceful lady

    90. Elsa t

      I'm Japanese and her personally seems like a Japanese. 普通に友達になれそう。

    91. Food Beggars

      Tunnel vision leads you to success ,,,She doesn't even know what was going on in the match .

    92. McDonogh Rahloh

      Was Sloane on Ellen's show when she won the US Open?NO ELLEN!Ellen try to get an interview with Ole Anderson.

    93. Derick Mcfarlane

      seriously Ellen i need my tv i have to watch you from phone h darn i am Jamaica wont get

    94. Yoyo Dam

      The only thing that Haiti could be proud of

    95. Peter Hammer

      She is definitely one of the most likeable athletes considering all sports.

    96. a basher

      very naive and innocent and spontaneous. hope remains this way; she doesn't even know that she's funny ; my new idol

    97. Jean-Charles Jean-Baptiste

      Naomi is GREAT, I just reconciled myself with the men thanks to you

    98. VikingFitness

      Naomi = Waifu

    99. tigist seifu

      Here after the Australian open win🥰

    100. Aidan W

      She's literally the cutest thing. Period.