Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan



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    Tennis star Naomi Osaka revealed her celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan, so Ellen tried to play matchmaker for the two. Plus, the 20-year-old opened up about her recent U.S. Open win and the controversy over her opponent Serena Williams.

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    1. V

      She’s kinda socially akward

    2. Armando Fraile

      This is painful to watch, she is so awkward

    3. Jessica A.

      I thought she was a very tanned Japanese girl. Now I know she's half-Haitian. She's really quite demure when off court.

    4. Dee Soho

      She gotta be mixed wit black I dnt think she full Japanese

    5. 黒瀬勝夫

      Right answer.

    6. John Monks

      You wouldn’t do this to a male athlete, so why do you think this is acceptable. Pathetic.

    7. still fucked

      we all know only trannies are invited to Ellen. so there you are.

    8. Marko San

      typical japanese people shes so KAWWAAAAAIIII

    9. Rumbidzai Mwendera

      Any feedback on the hook up...lol

    10. Speed King

      Seeing humble Naomi makes me hate Serena more.

    11. Joel Wright

      Its not racism or sexism, its Steroidism

    12. spazke

      Naomi was not made for this world of show business..But she will learn..eventually

    13. Kabelo Themane

      She is honestly just the sweetest human. I want to be sweet like this.

    14. Eric Augustus

      her voice is sweet asf i think i got diabetes now 😩

    15. abarronboy

      That was all rehearsed.

    16. TAMMU

      5:21 >>>>>>> 5:34

    17. Aerive Studio Cinema

      Sweet and meek like Haitian Ladies Levi’ 🌹👸🏽💎

    18. Damm Lee

      Mike is into white gurls he had a party with white gurls only

    19. trent8002003

      Why is she so painfully shy? She was brought up in America, wasn't she?

    20. Rick Meijer

      She's absolutely lovely. Totally adore her.

    21. WDMtea

      I may not always agree politically with Ellen, however she will always have my respect for what she does and the kind heart she has.

    22. Sue N

      awww... Naomi is so adorable.

    23. Trelise' Avery-Moore

      So kawaii and a fireball on the court!

    24. 伊藤朝美

      who is the women next to Namoi Osaka?

      1. 伊藤朝美

        monkeyking I see Thankyou for teaching me.

      2. monkeyking

        ellen degeneres

    25. Monty Python

      Ok! was that 65 inch tv box empty? He handled that like it was a 32 inch lcd. Oh! congratulations Naomi

    26. Thornton Nguyen

      Not gonna lie. I’m still curious what would’ve happened had Serena not lost focus due to the distraction of the Umpire, and the extra set given to Naomi. Very surprised nobody told Naomi what was happening at the time too. It would’ve been so amazing if she boycotted the match with Serena. Both players are excellent indeed, but only the first time machine can tell

    27. Kellee Gorham

      Ellen she acts like your little sister

    28. Giorgio G.

      I love how calm and smart she is !!!!!! OMG !!!!

    29. kirsty ferguson

      She is just so sweet bless her! X

    30. Wombat Girl

      Naomi is so humble & sweet 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️

    31. Ronnie R

      She’s like a perfect match for drake!

    32. Vivian Mao

      She's so cute!!

    33. chris r

      It's ok serena will whoop her ass next time, just luck.

    34. Denvers Ineus

      Of course she is half Haitian that the reason why she's humble.

    35. Patton Benry


    36. Patton Benry

      She's really a soft, humble, adorable and loveable Girl!

    37. life

      The girl is sooooo sweet and shy!

    38. TPD

      I found out about the match due to the whole Serena controversy. And i thought that was highlight of finals. But no one mentions Naomi and just how incredible she is as an athlete and as a person. How the hell can a story about Serena's controversy ever overshadow the victory of this. Its insane. She deserves all the praise she gets

    39. merjan jabarkhil

      Were you knitting😂😂😂

    40. KA_gg

      Love love Naomi. Breath of fresh air

    41. Erick Yugesai


    42. Its Lexi

      Literally me if I was on Ellen 😂😂

    43. Katharina Littleperson

      She's too pure for this world ❤

    44. bonn1

      Ellen is an idiot

    45. Brianah Culver

      She’s so stinking cute 😍


      I love how Naomi keeps her poise and grace.... I am glad she won.

    47. bp

      She is adorable

    48. MrRuss10000

      GMAB. Trash TV.. Ellen wants to eat that chick . You can smell the stink from her Vagina

    49. Manoj Borude

      Soo humble and Adorable!!!

    50. Su Su San Sansisar

      She's sooo pureeeeeeee!!!