Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 3)



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    Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Three.
    Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze

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    1. Drew Arnold

      8:27 I don’t agree with HOW Kapernick is protesting, but Em speaks truth here-about freedom and America.

    2. abhishek mishra

      Dear Em I don't care what people think about your album Revival. To me, it was much, much better than Kamikaze. That album had a kind of unique sound to it which I'm hooked to. And yes, thank you for paying such a great tribute to 'Zombie' in your song 'in your head'. It seems like a tribute well deserved. Awesome job done. Please don't think your album wasn't good, because it was great!

    3. June Bug

      This is one of the best Eminem interviews I have ever seen.

    4. Valie Romero

      I dunno why MGK was clowning Eminem’s beard.. For real for real, I think he’s hotter with the beard. I think he’s hot back in 2000, I still think he’s hot now 😍

    5. Nokdang Lusang

      People who said eminem is old revival sucks are now commenting he is the goat The best yatatataatata Lmfao

    6. Secrets Of Sound

      I know how hard it can be to click a fuckn link in the comments it can be annoying af. But if you arent feeling this after 60 seconds, then tear it apart if you must. jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-hJGb8tcttKI.html

    7. Sankalp Tripathy

      10:29 Em smiles!!!!!

    8. Kevin Whitehead

      You a real gangsta if the secret service get sent to your.. House lol

    9. Chimchiminee

      What did he say about sway?

    10. HyeEsDo A

      Rewound it is a real word.

    11. Jason Andrew

      He doesn't have a can of Red Bull in his hand, this isn't Eminem.

    12. Isaiah D

      Eminem is more original than all these new rappers. These other rappers use similar beats and rap about similar stuff. Eminem provides more of a variety of beats and song types.

    13. Randy S

      “I belong here ....clown” -Shady

    14. Stalin Binu

      If proof was alive he would've murdered mgk for real.

    15. Xquavius Ellison

      Still not sure how I feel about the songs with Jessie Reyez on this album but I do like the fact Em can always notice real raw talent when he sees/hear it. She's something else!

    16. JRage15

      Those too far songs ,,,please I feel like he's sucked into this feelings culture. There was a time when the best rappers feared eminem, now he's worried about people's feelings. No wonder every one taking a easy shot.

    17. Riano Rizal

      I believe his true friends are only Paul, Dre, Royce and late Proof.

    18. Ocean Man


    19. Linpek Ngulom

      Im not gonna be america's punching bag🙏 yah!!! Cant agree more. ❤💜💛💚💙❤

    20. Superkrem

      If eminem says it went to far, it deffo went to far lmao.

    21. maya summers

      There's no such thing as "Too far" when it comes to this man. Now I'm curious of the "Too far" songs/rap.

    22. cockedhammer72

      its cool , but Kamikaze is a suicide mission , Retrospect would have been my decision

    23. Kill Me

      0:37 it sounds so much worse than it is

    24. Cattywampus

      Will the real Golf Wang please stand up You can start goblin my nuts Quit acting shady, you so stuck up Has hollywood got you acting tough? Has the catty catwalk got your tongue? You so cool cause you think Em sucks? Your tweets are crazier than Trump's Be a man not a mean girl, you've really sunk Soon you'll be next to Kim in Em's trunk... * Purely just for humors sake; I'm actually a fan of both artists' immensely creative abilities. I think Eminem is a brilliant lyrical rapper, and I love Tyler's use of sound and melodic style. Both incredible talents in their own right*

    25. Brandon Biagiano

      Sorry em but hockey is way better!!! Football is a bunch of overpaid whiny bitches

    26. mohamed hussein

      Eminem you are officially king of hip hop and the world!!!! Intelligent man intelligent artist !!! I need you(I’m a girl forget the name lol) we got the same personality I swear

    27. Cheshire JessiCat theFAM

      I love Em's honesty. I have always been a fan, and always will be. He is a lyrical and beat genius.❤

    28. gilmer contillo

      "Wormholes of looking at shits" Eminem reffering to the internet

    29. Abdulkarim Badawy

      I had one song, then got back to Detroit had another.....decided to do a whole album 😂 #goat That’s me, but with fries 🍟 🤷🏼‍♂️

    30. Furrin E -_-

      I can just put a beat in this and will sound like a fucking freestyle

    31. Sam My

      all these stupid rappers are one some kind of drugs or alcohol, why do you even care Mister Eminem???

    32. Patricia Holbrook

      I admire him even more now.

    33. most definitely

      lol I love Em, but Sway made him see the irony in his "I don't give a f**k" mentality

    34. CIMO TIME

      Its really weird to hear him talk like this when iv spent my life listening to him say shit like 'Fuck that! Take drugs, rape sluts Make fun of gay clubs, men who wear make-up Get aware, wake up, get a sense of humor'

    35. Randy Ramos

      Sway left out lord Jamar!

    36. Wesley David

      one of the few people that when i listen to actually makes sense.

    37. Sonic Titan

      "If I ever need a ghost writer I need to put the mic down" That's so true.

    38. Ed win

      And black people (not all) try to call Eminem a racist and all these degrading terms.. Em is speaking for you, to his prominently white fan base, that takes bravery. He's on your side and he understands your struggle from a third person perspective, but you (People like Lord jamar) choose to bash him.. meanwhile you give Kanye infinite chances as he embarrasses you.. I'd gladly trade Kanye for Em. I could tell Em truly cares about minorities, those without a voice, those who face racial discrimination, and is willing to risk his career to stand up for them, but would it be worth it, when the group of people that you're standing up for rejects you... Em has to be the most blackest white person in the world, he gets 'it'.

    39. Lukas Williamson

      Hold on...Shady thinks something went too far? Did he make gun threats or some shit? Jesus...

    40. KaLk! MuS!C

      Whose shoes were you burning? Looks like burning an evidence... Listen to River

    41. Josh McDermott

      Gonna vote for him twice bruh.

    42. KaLk! MuS!C

      Mother fucker is an Illuminati guy. His name is Praveen Bhajantri. Check His DNA. Don't know if the real eminem is alive or not. Plastic surgeried himself as eminem... Man look at that fucker talk. I'll be killing him boys. I grew up with that guy dressed up as eminem and FYI MGK is in India. And we have a good back up for MGK over there. Man inform it to CIA or FBI. If you see this message. I am Rahul Bhajantri... His half Brother!! Looking at the way you guys are interviewing him it looks like he's in good hands... I understand the frustration of the person interviewing Mr Praveen Bhajantri...

    43. Tilted Mouse

      straight support em for the anti trump, cypher was wicked, haters just stood on the wrong side of the line in the sand..... Bad choice...

    44. Michaela Woods

      Em: sorry if I was ever a dick to u.. Em: I don’t think I was ever a dick to u....... Also Em : was I......? Sway: I think one but it’s ok 😂

    45. Danny_US

      It’s gonna be weird seeing him without the beard again

    46. Max L. Thomas

      Lol, funny how being called a faggot is suddenly the ultimate evil. I was called a faggot growing up like nobody's business. It was just name calling, NOW it's downright blasphemous to say it. Its weird cuz I always took offense to the context with which I was called a faggot never the word itself. Now if you say it YOU are the direct reason someone committed suicide... I don't think people understand that one word is FAR FAR FAAAR from the reason people get depressed. Heterosexual kids get called faggots, it was about saying something mean not a direct assault on homosexuals.

      1. PAPICOCACOLA510

        It’s a a pussy generation now. Just keep saying it til it’s normal lol boys will be boys

    47. jesus Son of God

      Em is so fucking cool man . Dude is so awesome. Revival was good to me

    48. Yajie Liu

      10:39 pure gold. Real man apologizes.

    49. Ryan Jones

      Thank God that he didn't receive any bomb last week for trashing Trump......lol

      1. Renee Brown

        Did he trash trump again?