Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 3)



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    Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Three.
    Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze

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    1. Maggie Lynch

      10:14 what was that 😂😂😂

    2. Santi Dahoni

      He's really hotttr

    3. Maxine Rodriguez

      14:19 they moved their foot nsyc freaked me out lmao

    4. J F

      Respect to Eminem. Always keeps it real. He’s an entertainer so he’s there to entertain. People taking shit too literal. It’s about the music.

    5. Tomasz Jaśkowiec

      F... the pop world men! we're waiting for you Shady!!!

    6. BeachLoverGirl

      Eminem is the Rap God❤️💙😍🥰

    7. Mario Bianchini

      I agree that there is still racism in this world... don’t agree with how Kapernick went about expressing his hurt and frustrations. I don’t agree with Kapernick but I’d still wear Nike’s. I voted for Trump but still like Eminem. The world isn’t just black and white ( no pun intended ). You can stand for many things in this world. One doesn’t have to cancel out the other.

    8. Kinghulk 1055

      Eminem is the king 🔥

    9. The Don

      I agree Em its like "a Sheppard fucking his sheep. Fuck what you heard" - Eminem

    10. Kyle Mark Warner

      8:07 was real, not just about that subject but today's society in general

    11. anonymous writer

      Em talks about people trashing revival like talkin bout his lil child that people don't like much

    12. Anya Sharp

      He’s peng

    13. Billboard Won a BTS Congrats

      Love u Em, Revival was Dope it's just that there is a lot of kids nowadays, it hurts to see u hurt. ❤️

    14. salim bsoul

      This shitheads attacking Eminem just to get some headlines and people pay attention them !!

    15. Parker Jacobs

      I would most definitely assume that Jesse Reyes saw this and was absolutely amazed that THE GOAT had the positive reaction of her! I need to listen to her more honestly

    16. bluewhale18

      Em watching too much cnn


      What a joke , you call the Kamikaze album too far ? I can say the great Eminem can go even more further than this

    18. Frances Laboy

      I need a collaboration w @SnowThaProduct and EMINEM!!! #WOKE #everydaydays #staywoke

    19. Frances Laboy

      Hes still as fine as he was when I first fell in love haha facts!!

    20. Smiggy The Gamer

      Greatest lyricist of all time

    21. shelby14 sweet

      Seems like he regrets a lot of shit he’s said. Fuck that EM!! Don’t be sorry for what you said EM. You the GOAT and you gotta let MF know you wanna talk shit Ima give it back to you 100 Fold!!

    22. FoxyGamer1672 - Roblox, and More

      Bruh he is getting old he has a beard now, he is 46 years old I miss the old Eminem:(

    23. Tyler Raisl

      For each and their own but i can't stand revival

    24. Jewish Male

      Does anyone hear Eminem say lyrics from his songs just in normal conversation and you finish it off

    25. Nadir Dz

      Hello Eminem how are you??

    26. devin ray

      This generation has gone soft. It's interesting to see Em hold back because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings though. I respect that, and we should all be kind to each other. But I personally think everyone has become an over sensitive bitch and it's sad. Can't do much anymore without hurting someone's feelings.

    27. Ashley Wolf

      Whys he sound like hes out of breath?

    28. Gil Santiago

      I wanna hear da 2 songs Dre took off..!..

    29. Richard Sutherns

      you can see the pain in his eyes

    30. Jesse James

      3:40 I completely agree with Sway... You made an album called Kamikaze implying that you are risking everything and then you retract one or more tracks from the album because they went "too far" even though the entire point of the album was to speak your mind; sometimes speaking your mind means offending people.

    31. Kylie Cruse

      Em should do a track with hopsin

    32. Aloysius Kanata

      R.I.P.☠️ MGK😂😂😂

    33. Nico Vella

      My god Eminem looks different

    34. Meghan Baird

      I will never understand the backlash on Revival. That album is genius, classic Marshall and in my top three albums ever. I dont understand why if the beats and the music arent for you, fine, but you can't at least, AT LEAST, appreciate the lyrics and genius wordsmithing of that album. It has some of the deepest, best bars of any of his work. Ive been a Stan for 20 years, and Revival is fucking genius.

    35. Aaron Khan

      As a STAN since you dropped KORN in 1999(Follow the leader ex LP)"my culture down under in my community of welfare recipients" Created a revolution for us teenagers to relate too and never since MJJ-Beatles-Stones in music History you as well as them crafted motion screenplay in our doped minds with words from the Sony boombox and we grew up Personally No Artist can do (Kick off) A epic Poetic Ballard.

    36. peoplewillallsmile

      Em really hurt esp when he talked bout Tyler and Earl. You can see the pain in his eyes

    37. Chris Kelly Nicole Gibson

      I don’t get it, i love revival 🤷🏼‍♂️ and Kamikaze is amazing.

    38. Asad Khan

      Blackest white dude I have ever seen !

    39. Jesse Saxon

      Shady is one thin skinned insecure dude.

    40. Mini Fitz

      You knew it's bad when EMINEM says. It was too far

    41. jc harrison

      Eminem could have just said your saying shit they already know about me....like the end of 8 mile...that would have been enough to shut that Rapids Devil song DOWN!

    42. Conner Ashford

      Eminem apologizing for saying a gay slur...? NOOOOOOO! For so many years he refused to apologize because his raps were always in tongue and cheek.

    43. my real name

      his eyelash is to die for...

    44. Deaner Wiener

      This guy is gonna be 60 in 10 years...that's so weird to think about lol

    45. imreallydead.

      When Eminem himself says he went too far you know it’s serious 😂😂

    46. Worst Nightmare 2.0

      Shit chill

    47. Greg Greg

      I don’t like the Tyler the creator Haters but Yonkers was terrible

    48. daniel fonseca

      MGK should have contacted EM talked an he would have blown up but he wanted smoke an got smoked!!! Dumb ads he could have been on some shit

    49. Nikki Platt

      In 1999 I was a Freshman in high school, I was raised on Country music but I stood in line to buy the Slim Shady LP. Loved him ever since. But you alienated probably half if your fans with the Trump stuff.. it's how the market works my friend. I don't agree with Em on the political side, but I still say he's the greatest rapper ever.

    50. Johnathon Spiesman

      Yo heard gatekeeper lst weekend thought the same shit. Reyes has some real shit

    51. Jon Snow

      He meant soccer right?

    52. Frankie Cuellar

      I always been a em fan man! Much love from Orlando! ✌️

    53. Kopano Mosese


    54. CoverSoundz

      People asked me why I like Eminem even if I am not into those genres , It's quite complicated because I have seen people broken while bullied by some asssholes but Eminem came from those things which is crucial and moreover he showed them his skills in his art and work who called him weird things but still managed from Detroit which was hell at his time . This thing that he did great it's motivation to many or at least to me as I have /am seen/seeing bullying on internet....

    55. Ethan Walters

      10:29 first time I saw em laugh but it wasn't a full laugh

    56. adrenaline

      3:40 I bet the song that went too far was something about Trump, like some gory slim shady shit and Dre was like brah I don't know about this

    57. Ste Thompson

      Love em but his style went down hill years ago ...still the g.o.a.t

    58. The Random Guy

      “Was I ever a dick to you???.......was I???”

    59. ThePokerbrat626

      Eminem is goat

    60. all BALL

      sway's shirt is g

    61. saga07 saga07

      Dislikes from mgk fans🤣🤣

    62. Vampe

      Eminem, my love - Ur always finding probs where there aint one :( enjoy life

    63. William Wilson

      Em you 👑 so much love bruh #wiltron#

    64. deadandcontent

      I really want to hear that song that went "too far"😁

    65. Shxdy

      Not career wise but interanally Eminem and filthy frank have the same energy

    66. EastCoastLifestyle

      Em is a genius! Lyrically, politically (although he’s a little too PC surprisingly) and he’s a pretty social communicator. As an artist, he gets a hard 9, as a person I’d give him at least an 8.

    67. b1blazin13


    68. Puppet Master

      Lol if the song sounds good and/or I can connect with it then I’m gonna listen to it. If it doesn’t then I won’t...it’s that simple.

    69. john kalafatic

      He soft af now can't take a shot without being a bitch

    70. john kalafatic

      His new music is fucking trash hes so petty and full of himself his new bars are week af

    71. Inysse Tyler

      Eminem such a rap god that he can go: *Alright now you need a spanking* or should I say, "a tap"

    72. NobodyCares!

      fuck tyler man..

    73. Cha- Mtee

      Damn, I grow up listening to this Legend 😍 ♥ the reason why I LOVE rap.

    74. Alex Isaacs

      I want to hear the song that "went too far" this is the same motherfucker who wrote "Kim"

    75. Kash Meer

      Em... I love you... I fuck with ur flops too... But come on, dnt says hit about President Trump... #MAGA

    76. Revelation Rainbow

      Can we kiss yet?


      2:20 Dre didn't like the critiquing too

    78. Sandra Morales

      CRITICS: join the chat MARSHAL: left the chat SLIM SHADY: join the chat CRITICS: Left the chat *welcome back slim shady*

    79. Seth Kinstle

      so I wonder if all those disses he did actually had an impact in ruining careers I'm talking back in the day not kamikaze. but I wonder if some of those artists would be bigger now. obviously dissing someone nowadays is different and I think a lot of the power is stripped from it. idk though

    80. Seth Kinstle

      eminem can go too far but slim shady can't. slim has no limits but em is still not afraid so

    81. AdrianGFX

      It’s like a baby shrimp fuckin’ with a freakin’ shark the size of a whale. Like for real.

    82. sneakgame 3657

      How was em a dick to sway?

    83. Tony Gallegos

      Hey yo shady what ever happened to the game man collaborate with him man

    84. NativeWolfOG

      Wow!! 3:56 He threw up the hand signal.. some people will understand what I’m talking about but this interview doesn’t mean nothing

    85. ianthia

      People bitching about how Marshall's gone soft and everything gets to him......to me it makes him more real and just a person like the rest of us. It really paints him in a different light and it's really fucking cool to see how he's matured and how his personality has a lot of depth

    86. Tatarialiyu22 aliyu

      Eminem 👍👏

    87. ItsFernie


    88. IntR Gold

      when he said i really wanted to fuck with her he regreted it

    89. Sksk Sksk

      Eminem don't give a fuck

    90. Fat Joe

      So I went down the worm hole of looking up shit 😂😂😂😂

    91. Show Box

      What did Em say about Tyler that was so hard???

    92. Javo Gallegos

      But Revival is a masterpiece.

    93. Datmando

      This is what interviews are supposed to be. Saying what’s on your mind, unlike these late night hosts who make their guests uncomfortable and it becomes an ass kissing contest.

    94. Don Jackson

      Em has grown he's the same but u can tell how he's matured

    95. Niloufar Rouzi

      am i the only one who really liked revival?!😕

    96. Shobhit Sharma

      I love eminem so much that till now i have not heard rap devi sorry* raptrash

    97. hiiipower iii

      Hell yeah. Finally Em said football is the best game. Huge fan of football 🏈

    98. Niki Reynolds

      He's THE GOAT. Quit hating you racists bastards. THE BEST RAPPER IN THE WORLD IS WHITE AND PEOPLE CAN'T TAKE IT. I LOVE IT!!!!!!



    100. Chungus ate my kids

      Damn just realized that Eminem is old when he said he sees a lot of news