Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 3)



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    Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Three.
    Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze

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    1. Emmanuel Cofield

      Em is lowkey trash, called Tyler a *** just because he didn’t like his song.

    2. Andrew Shreves

      The goat is a globalist commie... damn shame, STILL love em, even if he's misinformed.

    3. wddr12

      The funny thing is Tyler the creator is more similar to a young Eminem than MGK

    4. The weed Whisper

      Sways all you were a dick once lol

    5. Hot Dogs

      “People have died for these rights to be able to protest and take a knee”. Maybe protest, but those people would be rolling in their graves to see someone from their own country disrespecting the anthem and flag that they fought and died for. What the fuck Em


      Well if that unreleased song is ever released its staple name is “Too Far” and I fucking want it

    7. vagelis93codex

      beat name at the end of this video?

    8. Mr. Ouija

      To this day , Eminem lost a battle against Donald Trump. He took that L. Crazy. He’s supposed to be “Untouchable” That lets you know where his fan base is. He knows this and he’s shook.

    9. Eileen Kennedy


    10. Samantha Carroll

      machine gun kelly 😕 more like Matthew got killed 😂

    11. LaLa H. K.

      Thank you Em and Sway for this real talk, grown ass man sit down. 💯 Em you are truly one kool ass chill dude! With the vibe you give, ... I am just straight smitten for you all over again like we back in ‘02! Sway you kool too man! ❤️ Much LoVe & Alwayz ReSpEcTz 💯

    12. Graeme Flores

      Em: i was never a dick to u Sway: .... Em:.... Was i? That cracked me up lol😂

    13. human observing the outsideworld

      I just lost some respect to Odd Future thinking they backstabbers. Man this shit really broke my heart for em and my admire for OFWGKTA

    14. A&A Company

      Ребята, у меня на канале русская озвучка.

    15. david ramirez

      Behind a rapper with such good and witty lyrics there is an intelligent person Behind a mumble rapper there is a ventriloquist telling him that stupid things must sing, how to dress and how to act to influence young people

      1. marco ramirez

        david ramirez crocs

    16. oK.A.Y

      When I heard Venom (Pause 😢)..................LEMME TELL YOU when i heard venom it made me want to watch the movie even more. Venom is such a bad ass song as well as lucky you and fall. But damn

    17. oK.A.Y

      The whole burning the shoe is dumb asf to me 😂 you bought the shoe Nike already got their money from you haha people are really dumb

    18. William

      Nice guy almost ruined the album straight up should have shelved

    19. William

      Nice guy was THE WORST record of all time

    20. William

      Jesse reyez was terrible on this album. Her voice was awful man, just awful at least in the context of this album.

    21. un known

      It's not about the bar's in the cypher you say lol. Your a rapper. It was trash simply because of the bar's. No one would hate so much if you actually rapped good

    22. Neck Bone

      Shady XV was a dope album fuck them oddball futures

    23. matthew mann

      A decent improvement to Revival

    24. Your Mother


    25. jmilliHTX

      air maxs fresh as fuck

    26. Your Mother


    27. respect2142

      Do people not have any respect any more? Eminem is an OG, these "rappers" should watch what they say about those that have come before them and dominated the game, Eminem is that dude... dont ever forget ! Killshot be the warning to these others as well, keep that mouth shut... shadys back.

    28. dante garcia

      Yo when the fuck did em become politically correct what is this shit. "That homophobic slur" and " calling him that word I hurt alot of other people" that's some bullshit

    29. Lee Roy Jones

      Eminem is Jesus he has returned

    30. Zac Odell

      My mom likes valium and Lots of Drugs that's why I'm on What I am On because I'm Like Her. )=(#imonDrugs)=(

    31. Lamin La'Tre'l

      I Must Drink Alot Of Mountain Dew!! DETROIT!! STAND UP!! 6Mile Wade & Chalmer's!!!! Eminem You's My Nigguh!! You Damn Right I Said My Nigguh!!

    32. Diane V

      OMG he is thin-skinned af. SMMFH. GTFOH. Tyler didn't like your ish. Why care? Just because you took him on tour, you felt he had to suppress opinion? Perhaps you didn't want him to publicize his opinion? #controlfreak

    33. Yamil A

      I rewond it

      1. Lamin La'Tre'l

        only Eminem can slide with that.. 😄😄😄

    34. LoCk Gaming

      Yup Facts em

    35. Crazy A

      3000 people without a brain

    36. Joe Pena

      please release that song that supposedly was to far! omg you really are a rap God em! I loved your music since I was a little kid! no one can compare to you.

    37. Jacob W

      No Em, you have to be a fucking moron to not understand that kneeling for the anthem is a disgrace to this country and is just more anti American, globalist propaganda.

    38. U LI

      As an old fan, I'm so happy watching Em so healthy and sober 😍😍😍

      1. Lamin La'Tre'l

        he Actually looks better than he has ten years ago.. round the time he came out with "Not Afraid"

    39. SS

      I feel like Eminem is tripping way too hard over the beef with Tyler. There's nothing wrong with criticizing other people's work; my friend is a producer and I feel like it would be a disservice to him actually if I said that I liked all of his music. And at the end of the day, even though Tyler might not have liked some of Eminem's recent projects, he still idolizes him as one of the greatest in the rap game; I mean fuck, Odd Future probably would not have come into existence if an MC like Em hadn't burned a path through the industry. I don't think he should take it too personally if the people he vibes with don't like some of his music, don't seek out people who are yes men in your life, or else how can you expect to grow or trust that those people are even genuine?

    40. Mohlala Mohlala

      "aiiii dude...you deserve tap!"

    41. Miguel Cornelio

      Only if pac was alive?

    42. Kai Bush

      GOLF WANG 🏌🏽‍♂️🐺

    43. DirtySouthJR

      Eminem just used the "Right side of history" ....line reffering to himself.... wow

    44. Candy Gross

      Listening until he started talking about Trump and Colin Kaepernick 🙄

    45. Donnie Kimmerly

      Em just needs to shut up about politics ..believing the lies behind black lives matter and anti trump and whatever he sees on cnn. Good rapper just a shame he’s a liberal sheep.

    46. Victor Morales

      Eminem worried about saying faggot ....times really have changed .

    47. SoaR Fameful

      You know what I'm saying?

    48. Combustion

      I really don't like Colin Kaepernick but anyone who says Nike is a terrible company for what they did is honestly so fucking stupid. Imagine someone you really don't like using a loudspeaker, are you gonna hate the brand that made the loudspeaker?

    49. LucidVisionnn

      I’ve never seen Eminem smile😂😂