Every Wedding Speech Ever



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    I've never been funny before, but I'm gonna go ahead and try it right now, on the most important day of your life!
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    Katie Marovitch
    Ally Beardsley
    Brennan Lee Mulligan
    Mother - Katy Dore
    Father - Steve Brown
    Guest - Jessie Hixenbaugh
    Wedding Guest 1 - Adam Henry
    Wedding Guest 2 - James Tolbert
    Wedding Guest 3 - Erika Wilhelm
    Director - Michael Schaubach
    Writer - Katie Marovitch
    Producer - Jessie Hixenbaugh
    Production Coordinator - Olivia Aguilar
    Editor - Yaniv Elani

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    1. Zach Thompson

      Why are the top 3 comments all about the best man being a brother who isn't close? Now watch this comment become the 4th highest. Just kidding, it won't.

    2. Donald Dumper

      And everyone's thinking about the fact that they're gonna bang hard later.

    3. Eneathepeanut

      I don’t no about the best man thing the last wedding I was at they were the grooms best friend and the bromance between those two was so strong I shipped them more than the bride and groom

    4. SpookyRays

      Hello smosh is that you?

    5. TheFineLime123

      I'd love to get married to a beautiful lime.

    6. Abdul Jalil

      So nc

    7. MrHustler

      Chill out MOM Damn it why do you have to do this every time!

    8. Vicenta Erickson

      Hey guys, Smosh didn’t patent the idea of making a video titled “Every ______ Ever”.


      @collegehumor the title is Honest every speech weddng

    10. chill bro

      They copped smosh

    11. Danny SJ

      Smollege Humor

    12. Oskar Hylin

      Have you been watching Smosh lately?

    13. Oskar Hylin

      Have you been watching Smosh lately?

    14. Grant Thomas

      Smosh rip-off

    15. Корово Зебра

      Katie is so fucking funny in this sketch

    16. Edward Lamuge

      I hate weddings, it is so boring and awkward and uncomfortable and so much more in negative way, it makes me never marry, well not with hundred persons in your party.

    17. 99% chance that I’m gay

      Actually funnier than Smosh’s Every blank ever

    18. bio field

      Lol the last wedding I went to it was just a roast

    19. Berry Blue

      Uhm... ripping off smosh now?

    20. Robert Montoya

      Ugh, that chick needs to ditch that shade of lipstick. She looks like Kristy the clown.

    21. The Best The World Had To Offer Channel

      Feminism is killing marriage, I wonder what relations will look like into the future.

    22. Gucci Babe

      Copying buzzfeed here

    23. LT Coyt

      By smoshn't

    24. DiZz Fire

      Stole this from smosh

    25. Isaac T

      Stole the name from smosh

    26. Robert Berkowitz

      I'm suddenly very concerned about my brother's upcoming wedding.

    27. Robert Theiss

      Here Katie have all my personal info

    28. RoVeR

      wow there are way less "Is this Smosh" comments than I thought

    29. WeiYinChan

      I’m gonna elope

    30. Anna Ly

      weddings are overrated anyways I don't really want one. I just don't see the appeal or the fun. I know of some people who married and say that their wedding day was the most tiring day of their life too.

    31. Diamond Snow

      Thought this was one of Smosh’s videos lol

    32. Slytherin G

      You copied every blank ever from smosh

    33. vicsaurus

      Dry AF. Love it.

    34. Randomjification

      I really thought this was a Smosh video

    35. Bwana Beast

      Good try...

    36. Say_Hello_Aidan


    37. Xio Ntron

      who's that very cute girl in yellow. btw, i dont mind having that kind speech in my wedding ahaha

    38. Varun Mani

      SLURP Ok heres a mostly unheard of wedding speech, so Katie here is really not a creamy vanilla topping in makeup.. but god if she were one! SLURP guess i am gonna hv Vanilla all over my dreams tonight.

    39. Lightning Bug

      This is why I had no speeches at my wedding. A reading before the vows and then everyone got to eat.

    40. Pines 105

      *continues for 10 more minutes*

    41. Andrew Caddel

      Nice job copying smosh

    42. Gabriel Bassil

      I will do this for ten minutes..... Waaahwashgaww

    43. itsThatTime

      What is this Smosh?

    44. what is that???

      Why are the comments in youtube much more positive than on their social media

    45. Josh .3


    46. Abhram Maglanque

      I thought this was smosh.... 😅😅

    47. The Bound Bowman

      Ahhh, see you ruined it at the end.

    48. s p o t the f r e n c h i e and take p a r i s

      No play fortnite instead

    49. pop5678eye

      Seriously, I haven't been to a friend's wedding I honestly enjoyed. Awkward conversations with 'relatives' I don't know or care about, food that is way too generic to appeal to anyone, music also so compromised nobody actually likes it, and by the end either have to awkwardly look after a friend who drank too much, or get drawn into a fight between two relatives/friends you didn't want to alienate... Oh, and you still had to spend a lot of money you really wanted to save, and set aside two days when you'd rather just have called in sick to the world...

    50. hdl726

      the thumnail look like Logan Paul