Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



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    We've been asked to sin this movie for years. And finally we did. And now we regret it. This movie... this is not my kind of movie. Here are the sins of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
    Next week: Song sins & recent sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    1. LyricGeekShow&TheGameShow

      Cinemasins do you watch the movies before you sin them up

    2. Daisy G.

      am i the only one who gets creeped out by johnny depp playing Mr. Wonka? 😭

    3. Revanth N Rajan


    4. Uniquegirl 10

      *Wonkanda Forever*

    5. Zarhyl Corx

      How is a cinema sins video #1 on trending?WTF

    6. Elyza Aq


    7. Jason Voorhees

      Oh shit #1 trending congrats

    8. JackForsaken

      Childhood movie.

    9. jimmy wagner

      They did talk about how the prince can't live in it soo

    10. Jbest D

      Do a quiet place

    11. Yoshimation

      Everything. It’s fucking horrifying.

    12. Armitage Trekreli

      My friend lost it when he saw Grandpa Joe kiss in the BEGINNING cause it belongs in the end, we also thought Augutus had a fake face

    13. Head&Leg

      Congrats on trending!

    14. Kyle Jorgensen

      This just in guy finds problem in fictional movie in other news the sky is blue.

    15. Static the Gaming angel dragon

      Trending baby

    16. Yustina Lopez

      F u

    17. Treco The Durk-A-Dur

      Wow #1 on trending

    18. Ashley Weiss

      These are the reasons I just can't understand why some people say they prefer this version over the original.

    19. Paytonn cc

      4:45 "Beats by Dre sound cancelling abilities" IM DEAD OMF

    20. Diego Ignacio


    21. leothefox

      "This movie exists." I can't stop laughing! The best sin of them all!

    22. Leandra Frontuto


    23. SmølTølBean

      Damn #1 trending

    24. X MP

      The first sin killed me ☠️

    25. thirsty for views

      This movie is so good though :(

    26. Me Do

      #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting #TheBodyShop

    27. Natalia

      It's like that *one* person at the movies when they give their personal opinion

    28. skillful THESLAYER

      What Do you Mean?,I Never Sin

    29. Afif Ahmed

      Your movie sins don’t make any fucking sense. If you can find so much sins then go and a movie by yourself. Let’s how you do bitch.

    30. Elijah Miniuk

      How is Wakanda pronounced? A) Wa-Khan-Da B) Wa-Can-A-Da The correct answer is "B" as Wakanda doesn't exist.

    31. Foop-a-doop loop

      CinemaSins: "look like Hamilton" Me: *runs to his house and kicks down door* "DID SOMEONE SAY HAMILTON"

    32. Ader Family Homeschoolers

      we have a Hershey PA video if you can't take the trip ;)

    33. Revanth N Rajan

      I haven't seen the first sin since The Amazing Spider-Man. *DING*

    34. Mystical Titan

      Wow #1 on trending this is stupid

    35. Rusticabcd

      The worst thing is that I knew about this film before I even knew the original.

    36. Piebear _atl

      Congrats on #1 on trending

    37. Twitch__ Dark

      Kinda late 😂

    38. Rusticabcd

      #1 on trending.

    39. hah mdhgd

      Why is this trending above sober

    40. Water

      Number one Trending

    41. Hannah_Hamilton 12

      The original was waaaayyyyyy better. This movie is some booty cheeks

    42. Sans The Skeleton

      Nice on #1 trending

    43. Kam Yoncé

      A sin to the movie sinner for not knowing that its only one actor and he is multiplied to play the oompas

    44. LaVitabella17

      Lol I loved this movie. There are a lot of asshole kids so it works.🤔

    45. chanitito bul

      This movie was a trip

    46. Rohit Bisht

      Why do i need to know this? 5 minutes later - oh that's why

    47. Giselle Perez

      #1 on trending

    48. Cosmic Com

      I’ve been waiting

    49. BenTLA

      Fudge Mountain

    50. Dirk Diggler

      Yeah, the boat isn't a dragon, it's a seahorse. DING. Sin for wrongful sinning.