Everything Wrong With Ratatouille In 15 Minutes Or Less



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    With the impending release of The Incredibles 2, we decided it was finally time to go looking for sins in the last Brad Bird Pixar film, Ratatouille. It's about a rat chef, but it's also really excellent, but also full of sins.
    Thursday: Animated sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    1. My Name Is Ashley And I LOVE To Animate


    2. Emma

      Nice try CinemaSins but I don't think 15 and 16 match up

    3. Amy Wildstyle

      This movie is Gordon Ramsay's worst nightmare

    4. Doggy boy


    5. Draven-Bot

      Min 5-6 you said the Restaurant has 4 stars but it lost 2 stars when Ratatouille looked at Paris

    6. Jak Camaray

      ACTUALLY, rats themselves don't carry diseases.... the fleas they carry are the ones with the diseases.... maybe at least look into rat facts for the next one???

    7. livvyosity

      Is it sad that I didnt know Remy's name untill I watched this?

    8. Brooklyn Foster

      6:39 "Okay, back the f*ck up. BEep beep beEp!" Edit: got the time frame wrong

    9. xXLunarStarXx

      4:00 I just now realized Linguini was distracted by Colette.

    10. Reaper LM

      Holy crap! Less than 100! Worth watching!

    11. Anthony Perez

      7:49 TMI

    12. Courage Theplumpbih

      *thats Ratsist* *thats racist* *thats rapist*

    13. Rainite 2

      a lot less sins then some of the others

    14. Games Forever S

      2:50 that’s Francist

    15. Lilly Merlin

      Does anyone remember watching the scene where Linguini was drunk when you were little and being so confused? Cuz I was XD

    16. Madiplays1000

      When he's trying to tell her about Remmie he says,"A small, little..." and she quickly looks down at his you know what. It's hilarious!

    17. Weeple Loves Sheep

      this has got to be my absolute favorite animated movie.

    18. Raiko - 8bp

      6:22 Remy is dry.

    19. Alexa Sanchez

      Everything wrong with this movie🤬😡... Your everything wrong with ruining everyone childhood your wrong why don't u worry about your thing you mother f***ker

    20. Cattastrafe 26

      "Okay, back the f*ck up, beep beep beep!" OMG FAVORITE PART OF THE VIDEO



    22. Kyrgyz Jeff

      I sure wonder what the expression and/or reaction in Victor Hugo’s face would be like if he saw this amazing movie.

    23. Kyrgyz Jeff

      At 10:02 CinemaSins just broke the video record for the most hyphens used, I am certain.

    24. Juraj Pangrác

      Basically, this movie is a crossover of cooking and mecha anime

    25. Hamilton#1Fan


    26. videogamenerd 64

      12:23 we do actually were disguises though, to blend in.

    27. Gamey Raccoon

      you missed a chance at the end to make a rat in a cage joke

    28. TheHawleyBoyz

      This has 1 more sin than How To Train Your Dragon 2 😂

    29. Captain Coliflower

      also at the beginning of the movie the tv sattalite was struck by lightning but the tv still works!

    30. Dartling

      Skinner? SEYMOUR!!!!

    31. Made by Bell Majors

      Amazing video

    32. Caleb White

      The fact is there is nothing wrong with ratatouille

    33. Corn bob57

      Can’t judge perfection

    34. Just A Hobo

      Many chefs have died from bad reviews in real life. Not nowadays but in the past.

    35. MC_DogWarrior

      bomb voyage from The Incredibles 11:53

    36. AceGamer/ The Ultra Gamer!

      Is there a bad Tom and Jerry Episode?

    37. Naman Rana

      Instead of breaking a childhood movie,do reviews on damn anime.

    38. Mr. EZ

      Everything wrong with Mulan

    39. Jono Fancett

      You saying that dirt isn’t the problem for rats in the kitchen, it is disease and bacteria.Commercial dishwashers run at about 80-90°C, which would kill off bacteria. A more believable sin would be 'why the fuck are these rats not dead?'


      2:51 it is very weird for an average person especially a woman to own a gun in Europe


      Also an old lady with a shotgun in France is about likely as a gay person not getting beheaded by ISIL

    42. AlphaOakley

      Rats are actually very clean and it was fleas the carried the plague so they were as much victims as humans

    43. Orange Rabbit

      Do Everything Wrong With Love, Simon

    44. Brad McCool

      Great promotional bit at the end, but how many people do you think make it through that other part be fore that? Its funny but the sinning was the real entertainment. The video is over for most people. Haha, i just sinned CinimaSins

    45. Zachary Leong

      17 minutes. That's a lot of sins.

    46. Daniel Rinehart

      Yay! No fart jokes!

    47. CreeperCraftMC

      6:39 omfg xD this one was funny as shit tho

    48. Protocol 7even

      13:15 can't rats bite through metal? Especially how thin those animal cages are Remy or he's brother should be able to chew thru it

    49. Frank Gress III

      you suck now because you try too hard to be funny

    50. EnnardXD

      That’s ratcist.