F | MS | CHOU Tien Chen (TPE) [4] vs Kento MOMOTA (JPN) [2] | BWF 2018



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    The Denmark Open is a HSBC World Tour Super 750 tournament. Held since 1935 as an annual badminton tournament by Danmarks Badminton Forbund the tournament has been hosted in eleven different locations.
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    1. Elonkelon

      Chou is so T H I C C in the thumbnail 😜

    2. Justin Chan

      @BadmintonWorld.tv Please start recording matches from a lower angle - it captures the skill and speed of the players much better, like in this video: jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-pCw2FARf_FA.html Like to promote this for them to see

    3. Kimi Sho


    4. ドングリライト


    5. Wong kah heng

      Perhaps shall install a cam on top of the net shooting the umpire for judging such net shot.

    6. Sanjay Mazumdar

      Kindly provide more matches from Denmark open as we in India are suffering due to some stupid copyright isseue have to be depended on starsports who cut the telecast for some footbal or kabbadi games

    7. a sano

      🏆Congrats. World Champ🇯🇵JPN. 桃田賢斗 選手 😃👏👍

    8. Brinda Rorencia

      Ctc ganteng banget yaa😘

    9. abina4u

      #ChouTienChen is a good player but not a Great player. Each & Every game He ''ll acting very #Cunningly, like he is the Only One who is very Tired. & make his Opponent loosened their Game. Then #ChouTC ''ll take his Cunning Opportunity.. !!! .. ???

      1. Reko evo

        yeah you right, he's very cunning and poker face player.

    10. Sean C

      CTC has an amazing touch and judgement of the shuttle flight with those out calls. Momota has more stamina which saw him through (might have been different if CTC won that first game) but overall it's a very evenly matched final. Great games!

    11. Yunthung Yap


    12. リーフルーズ

      Momota is crazy

    13. hangao siile

      Y no download options

    14. armpitbowling

      Umpire sucks !

    15. nam le

      Momota nó khỏe vãi l. Chen nửa hiệp 3 đuối r.

    16. TheUltimateCarrot Pandus

      You really can't blame the umpire for the fault that momota made in the first game. It was impossible to see without slow motion. It might be unfair but it wasn't really the umpires fault. Although I think they should implement some sort of camera equivalent to hawkeye but with close net exchanges such as this one.

    17. aasdddffg


    18. k JAN

      優勝、おめでとう! ファイナル、15点からの集中力が凄い! 試合中のマナーも最高。 日本人の誇りです。

    19. azriel paie

      momota got a hard opening and ending in this tournament,have to face ginting early and Chou in final and both play a aggressive playstyle..it will be a wonderful experience for him! go for the champions next tournament!

    20. Safuan Pauzi

      Kento Momota such a very clever player, he gave the opponent point 1st to worn out their stamina and then counter attack later, anyway both player show a good playing, thumbs up 👍

    21. Ken Tse

      Momota is so humble. What is decent young man. Hope Harimoto learn from him.

      1. Kalai A.

        Tomokazu Harimoto?

    22. Agnes L

      He is so dang humble!!

    23. abina4u

      Hahahaa..Commentary Gilliam & Morten are really not happy when K Momota won the Denmark Final.. !!! They never seem to appreciate Momota 's hardwork to win the Final.. ??? Why.. !!! I m sure Commentator crys a big bucket tears after the game..

      1. abina4u

        +Krishan Rathi hahahaaa upset Momota.. Hahahaaa Momota is a physically shorter fellow, but he was sincere,Hardwork and trying to enjoy his Game. I think CTC is Upsetting himself..

      2. Krishan Rathi

        Because CTC was so close to upset momota but faltered at the last step.

    24. Rizky Maulana Nugraha

      Where's Steen?

    25. Muhammad Irfan

      which one is light , best between astrox 99 vs voltric z force LD edition vs duora 10 vs arcsabar 11.

    26. Putra Hygiene

      Chou another person can challenge kento

    27. galaxy of my world

      The amazing thing is that this tournament was won by world no. 1 only in every category

    28. Muhammad Irfan

      which racket is using by kento momota ?

      1. RubikvnDevil

        the Duora 10 is the most comfortable one among those you mentioned.

      2. Muhammad Irfan

        dear can you tell me , which one is light , best between astrox 99 vs voltric z force LD edition vs duora 10 vs arcsabar 11.

      3. RubikvnDevil

        Yonex Astrox 99

    29. aimaan zack

      Terrible camera angle at the net.

    30. フリーザ様

      CTCのDUORA Z STRIKの持ち方逆じゃね? CTC is how to hold black and white are reversed

    31. FeatherFlare

      What the fuck bwf why did you speed up video. It messes up the dynamic of the video.

    32. K o n g K o n g

      周天成 金庭 桃田 三足鼎立

    33. gurasan joy

      Well done kento..

    34. Aji Supriyanto


    35. Chan khung lei

      no doubt kento momota is favourite for Tokyo Olympics 2020 to won the first men singles gold for japan although he fail to do so in Jakarta-Palembang Asian games 2018

    36. Elison Naro

      hi @BadmintonWorld.tv i wonder why Indonesia are Blocked?? we can not see the video. our country produce so many good badminton...!!!

    37. Rayray

      Chou Tien Chen should have won the match in 2 games.

    38. Andy chan


    39. Desi Arisandi

      Kemot main y rubber klo sm ginting sedangkan sm yg lain kemot main y cuma 2 set😆. Dan selalu ctc klo ktmu kemot selalu kalah😄

    40. shi ka

      Another good final match. Chou tien chen is amazinggggg, it was unfortunate point in that critical moment. He is doing very well this year, he makes the MS rivalry getting more interesting now

    41. Ju_St

      i assumed the interpreter was more nervous than momota doing the interview. bwf please find a good interpreter next time

    42. just genz

      congratulation, kemot !!! both of u show us a nice game !!! CTC dropped the power, may be effect of his ages, he is On fire when getting old {28years}

    43. Runsun Pan

      Anybody notice the mic only focus on the conversations between Chou and his coach, but not on Momota's side ? In each game's intermission break, Chou's coach's instructions were 100% coverage, yet NONE of Momota's is presented; In the 2 post-game breaks, again Chou's is 100% yet Momota's side is only 5 sec each.This happened even when there are 2 side switches during the entire match. Is there some sort of systematic sabotage to expose the instructions from Chou's coach's playing strategy ? This happened, too, when the world #1 Tai Tzu-Ying (also from Taiwan, where Chou is from) is playing (see jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-PowqJQFaZZQ.html )

    44. KOTheWorld

      I know it's no easy task to interpret accurately in a short amount of time in front of a live audience, but surely there are more qualified interpreters that BWF could have hired? Or does BWF go for the lowest bidder?

    45. nikentitis w

      Mantul, btw pelatihnya ctc kayak dora bawa ransel bae😂

    46. Krishan Rathi

      To be fair it was a very good match both played great badminton only difference was that momota was less tired in the 2nd half of the third set otherwise it was even Stevens in skill and mental toughness level and momota himself acknoledged he needs to work more on his net game.

    47. district9

      Amazing game. Beautifully played and crafted by both players.

    48. Tanto 51naga

      The really big game only momota and ginting

    49. myhero myzero

      Unprofessional empire

    50. Babay IAF

      Feel bad for Umpire stolen CTC point by foult thats momota do...momota rackets cross to far on CTC field.. Why so unfair..it should be best match if Umpire didn't do the mistake ..next time BWF must have challange rulles for neting fouls...seriouslly this is should be consider for the next event