Fan Zhendong vs Timo Boll I 2018 ITTF Men's World Cup Highlights (Final)

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    Review all the highlights from the Fan Zhendong vs Timo Boll from the 2018 ITTF Men's World Cup
    Video Creator: TTLondon2012
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    1. Austraveler

      Love Timo Boll :D

    2. dani80 m

      Monstre fan...

    3. Josh Yang

      Respect to Timo, he is always a winner in my book. He seems like a nice and great ambassador to our sport.

    4. amy zheng


    5. アカネヤ

      Great video!

    6. linthant htoo

      Love you guys.

    7. uncle ruckus

      Hes sponsored by t-mobile

    8. Reik Matzen

      Do Not like this Chines

      1. 淫文菜

        and i do not like you

    9. Tukang mbedil.


    10. Carolane Pich

      j'adore le tennis de table, c'est vraiment ma deuxième vie

    11. Fxri Trader

      Timo still has it, but congrats fan zhendong

    12. BLACK ADDER360

      which ball has been used

    13. nunyabiznes nunyabiznes

      This American Narrator isn’t very neutral at all. It sounds more like he’s for the other white guy, Germany’s Timo Bill.

      1. Darío Gutierrez

        We've been in love with him every year of this century.

    14. Ravi Gurung

      Fan z d 🚀

    15. KS Tan

      love you fan zhendong. You deserved to win

    16. Göktürk Akgül

      Timo is. The most talented table tennis player in my opinion

    17. Kev Ger

      Age of 37......

    18. elzidmonkey theonezid

      Did Harimoto won?

      1. Herbdoulaye Yousef

        +elzidmonkey theonezid Yeah, he's definitely a prodigious talent, but he needs a lotta work to perfect his techniques

      2. elzidmonkey theonezid

        Herbdoulaye Yousef Thanks for the reply btw...

      3. elzidmonkey theonezid

        Herbdoulaye Yousef The kid is good but he need to practice more!

      4. Herbdoulaye Yousef

        He didn't, He lost to Timo Were you really expecting him to win??


      I m big fan of FAN ZD 💐💐💐 Congratulations 🎖️🏆🥇

    20. 荒野豆腐

      Too fast...

    21. Jay K

      Great match. But dont want to see Fan throwing his racket away right after the game. That racket abandoned would be precious for the people like me :(

      1. Herbdoulaye Yousef

        He picked it up right before he shook hands with Rosskopf, It's just the ecstasy was too much for him to contain

    22. Richard Briones

      Timo Boll has reached that status that whether he wins or not, fans will always love and support him. Maybe no longer the best in the world, but still currently the best in Europe. Truly a “people’s champ”.

    23. Yanuar Tri Aditya Nugraha

      Vad Fan!

    24. Ji Ke Zhang

      come on Europeans! I really feel sad about Timo. It is because there are still no one who can replace him in the whole Europe. He has fought 3 generations of Chinese players (1st generation: Ma Lin, Wang Hao and Wan Liqin. 2nd generation: Zhang Jike, Ma Long and Xu Xin. 3rd generation: Fan Zhendong and Lin Gaoyuan) and he is so alone when facing the chinese. It is important to think about why the European table tennis is supported by a 37-year-old player :( Can we see any bright youngsters from European in the future?

      1. Marko Gregl

        Me m8

      2. MotorKoiKarpfen

        I think as of recently there has been some talent in Pitchford and Moregardh or maybe even Franziska, they just need some more polish to compete

    25. 16 12


    26. Viktor Beloff

      One point to Timo for respect

    27. beatfox9

      WOW rally @5:43 incredible!

      1. beatfox9

        deja vu @9:04

    28. Stanley Choi

      Why is everyone throwing their rackets lately? xD

    29. MILFcummer

      He’s getting old barely cannot step wide and fast......


      epic performance for fan zhendong and timo boll. Fantastic player, with speed, coordination, and movement raction.. Hello every body, don't forget to visit my channel "AJI PINGPONG'. There are any videos about table tennis. thank you

    31. Rafael Witt

      What does he scream when he hits a point?

    32. How Wong

      Fanzhengdong much more better than when he played Ma Long earlier this year. And unbelievable Timo Boll ! at 37 beats Harimoto and plays final against number 1

    33. Kenta Matsudaira

      believe it or not you will loose in Tokyo 2020 olympics with such play Fan unless you try to be able to control the ball and use of inside the table more it doesn t work you just hit the ball strongly and Congradulations to Timo too

      1. Herbdoulaye Yousef

        Kenta Matsudaira Of course, it's competitive sports and its the Olympics, as there are very little margins between the top players, he'll be 'loose' and pumped to play his best and win. But if you mean lose, which I guess you mean!!, then you'll have your favorite to win, so who's your pick??

    34. Selim Aslan

      Fan Zhendong💣💣💣

    35. Triranjan Borah

      well played by timo boll

    36. baptiste jegu

      vivement les championnat du monde 2019

    37. 이성희

      왕 하오랑 똑같이 생긴 사람이 누군가 했는데 왕 하오였네 ㅋㅋ 올림픽 금메달이 없어서 아쉬운 선수..

    38. Jürgen B

      Fan is very strong. Boll was bad.

      1. Jenson Brooksby

        How could you say Boll was bad?

      2. Herbdoulaye Yousef

        Jürgen B Boll wasn't bad, He just couldn't withstand the speed and power of Fan

    39. Don HUO

      respect to Timo, very excellent player. Wish him stay longer in the matches. Fan increases drastically these years, but needs improve his stability I think. The difference between Fan and Ma Long is that Ma seldom makes mistakes and always keeps calm.

    40. banarne

      Oohh maan

    41. Rickii Hall

      5:53 Timo got deja Vu with jike😌

    42. Alireza Ghadiri


    43. CHAN K.Y.


    44. Chen Yizhou

      his coach is Wang Hao!

      1. Herbdoulaye Yousef

        Chen Yizhou Yeah, I think you should've known that for some time now!!

    45. Алексей Фролов

      Не, безусловно (самый) высокий класс! Вершина пирамиды! Беспокоит другое,-что за недотёпы (29 чел.) ставят анти лайк!???

    46. vinnnywong52

      FZD, the lean machine killer. Abit surprised the way he threw his bat after winning match point. That's your precious weapon, you don't just use it and abuse it. Probably he got carried away. Very entertaining game though and a big fan of FZD

    47. イケメン、


    48. Tony cheng


    49. 3DWaffle

      Amazing forehand and backhand by FZD