Fifth Harmony - Don't Say You Love Me



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    1. Shayak Ray

      U r the best always for me

    2. Joseph Symon Ndede

      ok.. pottasium

    3. irene olazo

      They're so beautiful. Specially Dinah,Lauren ally and normani...

    4. Girly Girl

      Is this their last song??

    5. Gerda Hattingh

      where is the fifth one?? Why is there just 4??

    6. Norma Ofelia Pirir Patzan

      muy linda loren

    7. HOI YEE NG

      Where is Camila?

    8. Sebastião Da Silva

      Volta fifth harmony

    9. FAN GIRL

      Thank you for telling us be brave,be honest,and we're beautiful in our own way and reflection I need a little bit more time to see you all together as fifth harmony but there is no way it will be true because it's done, it happened and I wish I had no expectation to expect that this really gonna happened but knowing all of you is worth it and all the happy memories you gave is all in my head so I'm gonna leave my heart out of this sadness and support each of you to your own destination and we are family.

    10. Kevin Parra

      Dont say you loveeeee

    11. FAN GIRL

      Happy birthday Dinah jane

    12. Poision SnaKe


    13. André Solidão

      Dona do álbum

    14. Lorris Thorpe

      I've been waiting and I've been patient

    15. Lorris Thorpe

      Don't say miss me when u don't call Don't say you hurt without the scares

    16. LpEg tvdtlwouat

      I love u guys

    17. Pandiņa Lion

      I don't like new fifth harmony, because there aren't 2 girls and new singer I don't like! Why all fifth harmony don't like Camila Cabello? She really good sing and other girl who not in the fifth harmony I like to!

    18. racher chloe Abellera

      loved the song tho❤️fourth harmony

    19. Hano Sweet


    20. lonely god

      fifth harmony more like fake harmony 😂

    21. Amanda Correria

      *THANK YOU*

    22. Lydia Maartin


    23. Sangam Pariyar

      beautifully arranged, written and sung... thank Fifth Harmony... "Don't say me love me unless you do" -best line

    24. Preet K

      Don't say you love me when you don't buy food for me 😫

    25. gali tal

      Don't be such a bitch to camila and I then we'll talk

      1. Juan Jauregui

        they weren’t a bitch to Camila though?

    26. Astuti Anomsari


    27. Astuti Anomsari

      im proud of you forever

    28. Grazy J

      they dont deserve 26M. they deserve hundred million views and likes.

    29. Gabriel Valderrama

      5k likes and it would surpassed 700k likes

    30. Kia Shanae

      How shitty to find a song to describe you exact situation. Makes me wanna hate the song, but I can't.

    31. algibran 28

      Thank you my lovely fifth harmony 😢😊

    32. AstraTV

      Treated Camilla like shit and now your music lacking since she left ahaha

      1. Juan Jauregui

        how though?

    33. Enrique Martinez Calmet Services

      Fifth harmony needs to retire

      1. Enrique Martinez Calmet Services

        Juan Jauregui yes they do

      2. Juan Jauregui

        no they don’t

    34. Anand jaiswal

      I'm missing camila cebello

    35. Ashleigh Burks

      Fourth harmony?

    36. carlos gaxiola

      No que fifth harmony se había separado?? Que alguien me diga

    37. Ismael Gaona Gutierrez

      Mis amores

    38. Rubi Safira

      Senti muito a falta da camila nesse clipe aa, mas tá otimo

    39. AlexPlays312

      Who's here before 1 billion?

    40. Rantiny Fazira

      But i'miss you☹️😢and love you

    41. Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez

      i miss ot5 so much it hurts

    42. Taisi Fernanda

      2:15 😢

    43. Miranda Campos

      Thx for all i love you so much girls thx for show me how to live the life 😔♥️

    44. نان الحربيّ.


    45. Igor Oliveira


    46. Maritza Lopez ruiz

      Las AMO 😍😣😢😢

    47. Jaiden Milam

      Y’all fell off the face of the earth when the only talented one left the group

    48. It’s Ruby

      U guys are so mean I hate you girl and it should be 4 harmony because the best one left

      1. Juan Jauregui

        how are they mean?

    49. Monica Martinez

      Odio ya no ver a camila con ustedes todas son increibles pero me gustaria que se arreglaran 😢 yo se que no importa lo que yo diga pero de nada sirve seguir así ya que el rencor hace daño a quien lo siente

    50. a. r. lucchesi

      The door stayed open. A true sign that a return might be written in the pages for Fifth Harmony.