Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

The Film Theorists

The Film Theorists

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    The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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    1. Kawaii Cathena


    2. Le Goober

      0:58 But doctor strange didnt stop him from doing it, which means that it was part of doctor stranges vision. And when doctor strange disintegrates, he says that this was the only way, which means it had to happen. Oof

    3. Gabe Oliger

      You need to play Jurassic world evolution

    4. andria demuria


    5. Amber S.

      MatPat "It was living in the dinosuar equivalent of a tiny house." Me "They should just sell the place to Disney. Then only mice in overalls and gloves will get eaten.

    6. Jac Colbert

      but wait, you do see a bit of the T-rex's enclosure. Near the beginning when the kids first get there and they're running around there is an announcement letting people know its feeding time for a rex, tons of people gather around inside a large faux tree with a double sided mirror inside allowing us to see a decently large area though not looking as large as the 4 football fields it still looked to have more space than the I-rexs. You have to remember the reason that dinosaur had that particular enclosure as due to the nature of the beast and to keep the best eyes on it to research (though they dropped that ball pretty hard, why wasnt there a human sized door that they could have used?!)

    7. Amber S.

      MatPat "The average T. Rex was just a wee bit bigger." Me"...shut the fuck up MatPat...

    8. Amber S.

      "Everything the light touch's is our kingdom."

    9. jm

      listen...the films could be terrible and id stick around for the dinosaurs

    10. Amber S.


    11. RieleeChayse


    12. Glampkoo

      Dafuk why did you suddenly start using imperial units by default? Use metric ffs (not saying you should rule out imperial completely). Only 3 countries use backwards measuring systems.

    13. The Airsoft Equalizer

      Isla nublar ee sla new blar

    14. Teresa Zimberg


    15. Kalita McKeen

      Someone need to get better at #clickbait

    16. Teresa Zimberg

      This is my mom's acooent she died

    17. Chloie Piniero


    18. creeperingreen

      You sould know that start tord didn’t fuq up cause strang didn’t stop him

    19. Lily Hoffman

      Don't forget there were 2 irexs

    20. Wamble

      Maybe we just shouldn't bring back dinosaurs back

    21. Raya Goulding

      Today is your pratpats birthday #pratpat

    22. Nicholas Thompson

      Diz dude is zo smart.

    23. Jake The Dog


    24. James Gaming and Unboxing channel



      when you realize he assumed the Indos gender

    26. Parker Nelson


    27. SuperSayinOmega The Gamer

      dam cris chat is hot

    28. Tristen Harris

      T rex was not 18 feet long 40 feet tall. Those measurements should be reversed

    29. The_Dark _Hunter

      why is the t rex in the video 18 feet long and 40 feet high? really?

    30. Pigatron prime

      Jurassic park 3 was good!!!!

      1. LKRandom

        Pigatron prime I’m sorry what

    31. PatrickTube HD

      10:29 charmander!

    32. joakim selonen

      eheheheh ok ill give u that one it was a good joke CLICKBAIT! XD

    33. Megaforsworn

      #PrattPat prepare for a lot of wattpad fanfics

    34. Melody Campbell

      I had a Jurassic world add before this video... Ha! The irony!

    35. automobiili

      MatPat Chris Pratt Bromance?

    36. Gerom Larayos

      I guess Island Nubar's Manager was just Really Stingy and Lazy.

    37. JustMeaty


    38. West The Survivor

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    39. Tamati Newey


    40. Tamati Newey


    41. Echo4Bravo1998

      Sorry Stephany (don't know if i spelt that right) but Mathew has found his new bae (ugh why did I use that word) #PrattPat

    42. Noxwell.

      8:20 Do you mean 'millions?'

    43. Lucas Box

      Well if Clair would of just checked for the Dino in the actual place there they wouldn’t of had to open the door there for meaning the i-Rex couldn’t of escaped 😎

    44. Delactic - Roblox Events and more!

      after watching some vids I decided to sub!

    45. hunter foss

      need i remind you, the raptors aren't velociraptors, there more suited towards utahraptor

    46. Jude Gaming/vlogs


    47. OfficialPinkaMenaX

      @8:20 Matpat saying that the people running Jurassic World weren't doing enough research then says dinosaurs existed billions of years ago. Smh Also I'm pretty sure the small octagon was a temporary containment cage until it was moved to its permanent cage for display. It was way far north on the island away for guests and had a only the one view platform. I doubt that was its permanent enclosure. If anything you should go after the Velociraptor enclosure; its way smaller and has 4 dinosaurs in it. Also the Velociraptors are already 2 meters tall, way taller then they should be, and Wu even says that the dinosaurs are modified for tropical climates so that point also fails.

    48. Summer Rose Gold

      Maybe if you don’t mind think about a theory on the science behind the Dino squad ability to transforms into Dino’s

    49. Sally ArtWolf

      Me:-Sleeping- You:Wake up he’s doing it Me:OOOO!-Runs to iPad and watches-Oooo

    50. Nickola

      i watched the whole ad and clicked on it bc i want you to get more money so our first date can be somewhere nice 😉