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    50 gamers and 50 celebrities will pair up to battle for the ultimate Victory Royale. One team will rise to the top for ultimate bragging rights and $3,000,000 in charity prize money. Which duo are you rooting for?
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    1. Jay T

      I wanted Mark and Pete wentz..

    2. Princess Chloe

      Wheres ceeday?

    3. Princess Chloe

      Hey fortnite! I know your prob not going to see me say this but i reslly need vbucks! Im sorry if i sound greedy! But i love your game! I only have 1 win.... But this stream is so cool! Thanks

    4. Princess Chloe

      Poor lazerbeam...

    5. Princess Chloe

      You know how they play on pc? What if u only play like PS4 or Xbox? Owo

    6. Jáchym Hrdina

      you dont put f*****g pineapple on a f*****g pizza, Gordon Ramsey

    7. Dylan Gallagher

      omg it's so funny hearing how bias Lupo is when it comes to talking about Ninja

    8. Giovanni Diaz

      I think it should be Myth and Pokeimanie together

    9. Kirsty_Blackley _621_

      I will never forget that Muselk killed Myth 😂

    10. chickendary wings

      ninja is the best

    11. MurryCoolz HD

      Whens the next fornite pro am tournament

    12. lMegaFrost 4565

      I was going for cizzorz

    13. sebash14 army


    14. sebash14 army

      Fortnite for android

    15. abdifatah Hamad

      I know that ninja is going to win

    16. Olandoboy Cloud781

      Pokimane and TSM Myth Should be together cause they are cute playing with each other

    17. Outfit Rees

      Why does the storm go to 7-5???

    18. Cobetoto 123

      I was tryna see myth vs poki

    19. SuperJayBro

      Where is Tfue??

    20. MooseMovies !!

      This is the best game ever it turned non-gamers into a gamer in a split second

    21. iAmCaliberz

      I think we can all agree that watching Ali A get shit on in the Dubs game was the highlight, honestly I wouldn't have invited that piece of shit anyway....

    22. Nine Lives

      The llama lunge looks fantastic

    23. Shayden Leitschuck

      preston is better than all the other nubs

    24. XxJUAN_ GUCCIxX

      I was here for Dakotaz but when i don’t see him on the screen I was like WTF fortnite

    25. Cynothus

      oof muselk got "many more'd"

    26. Esteban Baron

      Add the old song back plz

    27. notanewbie dude

      "This is absurd!" **nods**

    28. Jada Pollard

      If you wish to pick up a technique to get Vbucks you just need to do a search for " *pranaholistico fortnite* " in Google or Yahoo. I tried out an hour ago and it was good.

    29. ATE Conro

      markiplier isn’t a celebrity or a pro. I’m confused

    30. shade edits

      ali-a and pete wentz im crying😂😭

    31. Dat Boi

      Omg I died so hard at the boogie dance challenge and the fat kid was doing and omg I was laughing so hard like a hour and could it breath it was so cringed and laugh so hard wow

    32. Mr.Clean

      Lachluen is a gay fuckboi

    33. JuniMotion Games

      I thought when they said celebrity they meant justin beiber ,Ariana grande ,selena gomez people like that

    34. Gael Martinez Gomez

      lil yackty what’s good?

    35. maggie gray

      markiplier plays fortnite? news to me.

    36. oskar Marsh

      hi daddy

    37. Mr. jooker KN

      حمار إلي قاعد يرقص يوم جا يدخل

    38. Riinnyy :3

      the shade at ali a has me gone ‘ he’s probably busy wondering what to put on his thumbnails ; how many yellow arrows can fit on one screen ‘ 😂💀

    39. SoIget1killAGameandimomegaisthislogic?nook

      I’m going for ninja!

    40. iiElectro YT


    41. BooDues Gaming


    42. E Szcz

      If they have another pro am they should add trippie red

    43. IDK

      Why was lupo not playing

    44. Stanisław Stefański


    45. AllPurposeVlogs

      I want fortnite on android

    46. Diego Ch

      Were's tfue?

    47. Kevin Lauerman

      Ninja is very classy when he loses

    48. Alexander Reed

      U guys ever going to fix the Mac glitch so we can actually get in the main menu

    49. Caitlin Hines

      Btw freetimez in meh twitter

    50. Caitlin Hines