FULL Sony E3 2018 Press Conference


  1. GameSpot

    Missed the stream? Catch the highlights: jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-tODGWi3qYBM.html

    1. Thomas Parker


    2. LovelyAineChan

      Thanks to Sony for wasting 4 minutes of my life that i'll never get back. Supposed to be getting info on new titles and releases and instead i'm treated to (((obligatory))) terrible jokes and endless acoucistic guitar by some rando. I did not sign up for this terrible ensemble.

    3. Harambo Gaming


  2. as an

    ،، 🖕🖕

  3. Kusuma Putra

    orang indonesia mana suaranya

  4. Markos Yosif poles

    gustavo santorea what a legend.

  5. michael15

    9:02 disgusting

  6. ma_right hand

    Why they gotta show the baby butt for...

  7. TriztPringl

    Destiny By next chapter they mean cut content.

  8. burak avcı

    thıs ıs game sony

  9. Brandon Dekeyzer


  10. okboi117 mmm

    I love Sony's game but why can't they just do it in a Nintendo direct style it's save a lot of time

  11. Rafael Kenan

    Sony Forever

  12. Magic K

    I might gonna buy PS4 only to buy death stranding. Jeee what an amazing imagery!

  13. K REID

    Truly badass

  14. Star Realm 26

    I always thought gaming was a ritual not a religion.

  15. RR gaming

    Microsoft : come here we got a greaseball controller. sony: come here we got good games. me: goes to Sony

  16. This Guy Right Here

    Microsoft are probably laughing at this

  17. Renegado140

    The people here praising the guy who was playing that guitar and saying he is the composer for Last of Us....yeah I dont think anyone gives two shits during E3 since everyone wants to see the new games that Sony didnt even talk about besides a couple of multiplats and thats it that is new.

  18. the legend of Algeria

    Ghost of tsushima 🔥

  19. Markus Williams

    look at the chat replay at 9:00 "i'm 12 wtf"

  20. OmegaReaper817

    Winner: Nintendo Switch and I'm saying this as a PS4 owner

  21. Alex Ya

    What the hell happened at sony. They had lots of money for their success games and consoles and this was their *ONLY SETUP?!*

  22. Cool 3

    fucking and killing prostitutes in gta is perfectly ok but 2 girls kissing in some other game is gross? you are not criticizing this game out of some sense for what is right, you are just criticizing it because it bothers you to see that someone else is different and you hate it. it's time you apes get a brain and realise that out of 7 bilion people not everyone can be the same as you are.

  23. Ronin Kai38

    Fuck this !! A complete failure for Sony. Why in the earth would they make "Elly" a lesbian :( Guess I will just stick with the original game and forget this shitty demo !! I know there are some gays out there in the naughty dog crew but C'mon you just can't do that to the game we loved so much.

  24. Lawrence F

    Come on Naughtydog bring this to PC. my 1080ti is waiting !!!

  25. Maciej Sobczyk

    W końcu się doczekałem ;)

  26. Brandon Mcgowen

    xbox one Wins E3 Team Xbox

  27. The Barona Native

    Xbox won e3, PlayStation won their game presentations, Nintendo won with ultimate, and Bethesda won with skyrim 6, that rage performance, and star field. In short everyone won this years e3, except for EA they lost severely.

  28. MP

    Man, sony had a really hit and miss e3 this year. Microsofts was way better

  29. Pascal Chong

    Where is The e3 held actually?? New York? And is the held place change every year or is it fixed?

  30. amir duhok

    Where's pubg

  31. LAdwv7495

    If we're getting a lesbian game, can they at least be cute?? The ugliest video games characters ever....

  32. Big Toni

    Flute man 🤣

  33. waelXcm

    RE2 holy shiiiiit

  34. Alex Skye

    Lol. Live comments. Ellie just slit some guy's throat, comments are about lesbos. Some guy's guts just got spilled, comments are still about lesbos.

  35. TheMaskIsAnAkt

    Not playing last of us 2

  36. Robot Cat

    Fuck you all There's no PS5 Coming out!

    1. Shelter

      Actually, Sony announced that they are working on it and suspect it to not come out till 5 years later or so.

  37. Aiden Alexander

    Fuckin' old man on a banjo, couldn't afford that orchestra, could ya, MATE?

  38. Gamer Danger

    Fuck PlayStation plus

  39. Asylum11

    The lesbian scene is very disturbing and weird

  40. D Boy

    the xbox fan boys couldnt even post L without feeling stupid thats why you didnt see no L like that lol

  41. Crishelle Underwood

    I love how everyone is talking shit on anyone who mentions Xbox. Yall do know that PLENTY of people have both systems right? And PC too. Myself included. So owning all 3, I can and will damn well say what I do and don't like about any of them. Just saying. Perspective, get some.

    1. nullruby bradshaw

      Crishelle Underwood but most people love to treat Sony like there a god

  42. Amit Kumar


  43. Renato Andrade


  44. DeadofWinter321

    Ugh, Sony had the most disappointing E3 this year like last year.

  45. MythicRaven76

    The only thing that could make this good is fortnite cross-play

  46. Alexander Anastasopoulos

    I did hear that Sony is doing so bad nowadays due to competition from modern manufacturers that their head quarter in Japan will be moved to a tent 😂

  47. Seng Sopheak

    I like the last of us 2

  48. Skaddadle

    To all the people who said Sony was going to do better: at least you weren’t as bad as EA’s conference

  49. Golden 47

    What the fuck happened to Sony E3. I'm a Sony Fan since PS2. But they really fucked up this time. Keep it like it was before next time plz. This was boring when they start talking

    1. Golden 47

      Still SONY has best Exclusives and I'm hyped for these new upcoming games.

  50. saltyfries6911

    cross play Sony that's all we fucking want

  51. BGL PROS

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    dude wtf =, he just ripped off ths demon dayz test

  53. Σπύρος Γότσης


  54. Grumpy Gavin

    Video opens with a dude talking about church and another dude playing a banjo. I’m waitin for the rick roll

  55. Farzad Hakemi

    what is the name of instrument?

    1. Blayor Mac

      The Sony banjo

  56. Farzad Hakemi

    what is the name of instrument?

  57. bobbydylanio

    The Last of Us 2 is getting incredibly close to photo-realism. As someone who started back in the 16-bit era its exciting to say that we're finally nearly there. These graphics are utterly phenomenal.

  58. Cypher

    thought this was for games not music

  59. Cotton Candy

    1st n last time I'll be watching an PS4 con.. well, unless they change up their set up cause it was eh.. liked an few of the games coming out on the PS4 tho 👍

  60. DrPancak3

    dude release the ps5

  61. TIZZiDoDis

    dis was soooooo boring

  62. InterestingPerson123

    Wow compared to the xbox e3 this is kinda shitty... We've already seen these games before. I only watch e3 to see new games, whats the point is seeing games you already know?

  63. James W


  64. zarman189

    I thought the new last of us would fill in the gap of what tommy did when him and Joel split. Idk how I feel about this...

  65. piyush mehta

    The last of us 2 is the best thing ive seen ever!

  66. charles kidder

    So freaking evil, long time sony fan, bought the original PS when it came out have had every system since.....This is not a joke, God is sovereign and you mock him at your own peril. Churches are for worshiping the most high God not sony....

  67. Arnav Nandedkar

    Noooo.Ellie is a fuckin lesbian .

  68. KappaGamer

    Countdown talks look more than whole conference. XBOX was way better

  69. beath allowance k

    Dining light

  70. Johnny mcdongh


  71. Johnny mcdongh

    I can wait for next gen

  72. matatias 412

    Sony necesita sacar otro ninja gaiden

  73. Malibu Beatz

    I'm here to see a fucker play guitar. I'm here for GAMES

  74. Vainglory 2KW8Ω

    Get a load of how that smug, aging hippie on the banjo is pursing his lips. It's like he thinks he's so good at it that he wants to French the sound of his own music or maybe he just got a whiff of his own shart and he's really proud of it. I hope a pigeon craps on his stupid hoodie; maybe that will give him an excuse to dress his age.

  75. kkv2786

    Kojima is on some grown up drugs! ‘damn fine coffee you’ve got here in Twin Peaks’

  76. Blackburn 031

    I do not speak so much English, so I only saw the games, so like you if you understand what they say, ¿Can you tell me who you think won the e3? Thanks :)

  77. Culiref M0nst4r

    The is the most boring fucking E3 in years. I just forwarded, Death stranding, spiderman, the last of lesbians, and then I realized, "shit, that was the whole conference"

  78. Rey Rivera

    So let me get this straight... Sony shows tlou, spider, death, ghost, res2 and control. They showed nothing new aside from control and ghost, and e3 is all about new announcements. Gotta give credit where its due and xbox easily wins this for me. Also like fucking no release dates on those games, for all we know they can come out 10 years from now.

  79. Ain'tMyself

    Ewww lesbos...fuck them

  80. 1 Broke Gamer

    You fuckers tripping this was fire

  81. Dee Cee

    nobody gives a damn about people playing instruments, just give us the information we want about games without all the fluffy bullshit. worst.

  82. bird Samora

    they let kojima go full kojima... that's a bad idea

  83. bird Samora

    lou2 made me ink

  84. MATsolidsnake44

    E3 2018 : Microsoft > Best show! Sony > Best first party games!

  85. nima rz

    does anyone have any subtitles for e3 showcases? any language would do

  86. The Idiot You Know

    The ad I had to watch was e3 xbox

  87. Nick white

    The last of us will be amazing

  88. Kultseven

    My OVERALL opinion!!!..... honestly i thought the conference was pretty damn good except the intermission and lesbian scene was just ughhh. its fine to do it but i feel like alot of games are incorporating female protagonists and gays for some reason/forward thinking bullshit. just didnt fit the IP IMO but whatever. the intermission was whack.. just talk about last of us 2 real quick instead of 2 more minutes! 2 more minutes! sigh. Actually, they should have waited on the samurai tsumisha or whatever it was called to premier at e3 instead of a week ago as well. should have shown new never before seen games at the end like most conferences... Control was cool but kinda let down with lacking any more new IPs... the 5 or 6 AAA games they had were 9/10 though really excited for them! Xbox still did better though and they had good exclusives that i would be willing to play and buy an xbox one x for for sure! in the end, all 3 samurai games were probably my favorite. the dark souls one Sekiro, and tsumibisha thing and probably nioh 2 looked sick!!! DMC 5 dope. Gears 5 dope. Halo maybe dope. spiderman dope. Resident evil 2 dope. death stranding kinda dope. last of us 2 pretty dope. tomb raider okay? doom eternal sick af. control cool. cyberpunk 2077 goty hopefully. ac odyssey i love mythology ill buy, first since unity and super colorful. KH3 looks sick. fallout 76 looked okay.. skyrim 6 hype af. days gone is a buy. red dead dope but not at show..? some platformers on xbox looked good... ummm metro exodus looks really sick. crackdown 3 is whatever. Jump force maybe? wolfenstein youngblood probably really good. rage 2 maybe good. anthem umm still gonna buy probably. quiet man interesting. beyond good and evil 2 is a must buy. dying light 2 is like goty material. i think thats it :) Cant remember what else but EA conference was the worst for sure... XBOX bethesda then sony in that order.. Sony was still good for sure just lousy setup and bad chronological order for games kinda tbh. If i were to say my favorites would definitely be Sekiro!!! and Tsumibisha!! Both samurai games done really well.

  89. Online Fighting Games


  90. Tomislav Panić


  91. bex

    I love the musical performances they're really beautiful.

  92. Joe Garcia Jr

    Why is everyone saying Sony was a disappointment? That was some quality games they showed.

  93. MrCool

    Before seeing The Last of Us Gameplay I was wondering why Sony did a tent and saying they could do better but it's kind of cool that it seems like they're in the same tent that's in the video game nice Sony

  94. Dalki el conejo

    Phalanx 2 conffirmade

  95. Userve 25

    Where is the Guy who put the timers

  96. Thiago Oliveira

    If game industries keep on trying to shut the mouth of liberal militants by promoting here and there what they want, it will in the future start ruining the freedom of creativity of the game makers. Mark my words. And apparently majority of gamers HATE when companies of anything try virtue signaling with liberals, as if they were trying to compensate the fact that liberals promote anti-capitalism, which is something that goes right against game industries and all their progress.

  97. Vicxx18

    Spider man looks great.

  98. PR TV

    Damn I’m so glad they didn’t mess up this game! Oh wait pushing lesbians in the game to be political correct???? Yup game ruined, I’ll stick to days gone thanks

  99. Abegail Horton

    Intro was weak Compared to Microsoft

  100. Jose Ramirez

    What's the deal with the guys playing the instruments it was a struggle to watch it all. Spiderman was the best I think.