Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)

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The Game Theorists

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    This is it Theorists, the FINAL ANSWER on the "age old" mystery that has haunted Pokemon fans for years! Ha, see what I did there? All of that binge watching has finally paid off! Today we solve Pokemon's BIGGEST mystery, how old is Ash Ketchum?
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    1. Adrian Avila

      Omg that RuPaul reference I just love it!!!!!!!

    2. Joven Salameda

      What I'm supposed to date someone OLDER THAN ME 10/2= 5+7 =12

    3. KirisAnims .OFC.

      I wish I was that innocent and old.. But the same body :c IN THE END POKEMON HATERS ARE NOW FANS (Not me)

    4. hungry joker

      the question is how old is the sarena from kalos. she should be about the same age as ash. because they knew each other during a summer camp as kids

    5. thumb n

      maybe the aloa ash just traveled through the kanto region and thats why he has memories from that time. You also showed memories from that time like the bulls for example

    6. NERDISTB3ACH Twitch

      Anyone else catch the fact that MattPatt has a newborn baby boy. Congrats man good luck with raising your new son.

    7. Chris Mejia

      At 5:00 in the video what is your minimum I’m 12 and I divided it by 2 and it was 6 and add 7 it’s 13 dose it mean I should date 13 year old people

    8. Random Cat Name

      Who does everyone in the Pokemon world speak unnaturally slowly

    9. Tannerlini

      So 8 year olds can only date 11 year olds? Please explain.

    10. TJ And AJ

      Its Are-Key-Us MatPat. Get it right

    11. Rainshi

      man the animation quality got really bad for this last season......

    12. Xantho

      Hmmm, so close.

    13. james bond3w

      So a 21 yrs old Ash got kissed by 11 yr old Serena? Does that mean jail time?

    14. it's obviously Emily

      OH MY GOD CONGRATS PAT I wish your family the best

    15. The Element Of Surprise

      Isn’t it very weird how Serena kissed a 19 year old?

    16. DestinyGamez 2006

      I love the intro lol

    17. EPM 101

      5:04 That feeling when you’re 14. And that rule really doesn’t work if you’re below 18.

    18. Sk8trgod420

      Thanks for making this. ♥ You are Da Powerful!™

    19. Steven S

      Matpat can you do a theory on the new FNAF book, The Fourth Closet?

    20. Shea Mora

      Lol I have the same birthday as ash

    21. JCstyles357

      oh my god i just started watching johto jorney's and this intro was hilarious.

    22. Jordan C. Wilde

      4:44 i loled hard

    23. prelien 469

      Well another childhood show ruined but its alright cause i learned much more disturbing things from other shows i watched as a kid

    24. Tailb Thomas

      14/2 7+7 .......14 Matpat wtf

    25. IbMeLh3

      Ash is no longer the same age as me Q-Q

    26. Briston

      I like totoro

    27. Matthew Greet

      I wanna know why the ten year old Ash was allowed to go adventuring unsupervised.

    28. Slender Mane

      What’s next ash modern family

    29. Gravuun Lok

      Me and Ash share the same birthday and are roughly the same age! Cool!

    30. Nerdstuff

      I really appreciate your work :)

    31. GrandCatapult

      Ahh, time bubbles. If you think Ash is old, consider the paradox that is Bart Simpson.

    32. Lil ZaAn


    33. xm0shx AJ

      I feel bad for MatPat because most game makers do not put in that much common sense with these details. MatPat is analysing nothing, and he is probably wrong because of the developers. But, I still love to videos! 😊

    34. Alex Pridham

      maybe their another way to see this like maybe... all of the generations are in different timelines gen 1 and 2 are in the same then 3 and 4 , etc no proof but it mite be more of the simpler answer i have. at least u can share the show with the new baby in the family.

    35. Doge Emperor

      You pronounced Arceus wrong

    36. Lizardmaster55102 Momo

      If you can watch all 1020 episodes of Pokémon Judy’s for this you should watch one piece and do a theory on that. There’s lots of secrets and mysteries to be uncovered.

    37. K

      8:17 Was expecting Vsauce music...

    38. Yassmeena Haidar-Ahmad

      Dermatologists HATE him! Click here to find out his secret!

    39. Mystic System

      I don't think the "half your age plus 7" works with characters in fantasy worlds.

    40. Matthew Devlin

      Talk about incredible work ethic. As a father myself, I know how incredibly intense the first few months of raising a newborn are. Matpat you deserve major props, as does Steph of course, and I hope you enjoy parenthood with Stephanie! Congratulations!

    41. Endy's adventures

      Also, another thing cartoon creators weren't paying attention to, which is neck & neck with Ash's age is his height, which stays the same FOREVER.

    42. ThePsychicClarinetist

      Damn, Ash is about the same age as the Pokémon franchise (Just slightly younger)! 😱 I think I guessed correctly in the last episode, so yay? He's 2.5 years older than me. I don't wanna grow up either, Ash! We'll both get excited for "childish" things together! 😂 Congrats on the extensive research that went into this video, MattPat! 😁👍🏼 I can only imagine the headaches you've had for this theory! 😅 Good luck on your future theories and thank you for finally giving us the answer we've been trying to figure out for years! 😊👌🏼

    43. Jack Yu

      how old was ash when serena kissed him again? i lost track. someone help.

    44. Jules Klein

      YO I WAS ALMOST RIGHT! So close! This was was an awesome set of episodes!

    45. Candiz


    46. T-rannosaurus Rex

      So your saying ash skipped a decade of education just to catch animals?

    47. Anubarak313

      not realizing that sun/moon is a reboot where ash went to alola instead of orange islands. disappointing ending yo.

    48. Osvaldo Martinez


    49. Future Levi //Foxy fan Alessandro Paredes

      Mat can you not say bad words

    50. Lil Leo

      my birthday is may22 too