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Giants vs. Falcons Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018


  1. Chris Golden

    Aye mann forget all the rest of this game, the true highlight is when Sanu let Landon Collins know he ain't been a big hitter since 2014.

  2. UrGeekDude

    #27 at 11:10 literally took flight right down the middle like a falcon lmao .....btw im a falcons fan too.

  3. Lakshmi Somayajula


  4. Steve Abitante

    We Kick it Very Nice!

  5. Dank Donut

    Tell me why my dad is a falcons fan and my mom is a giants fan?

  6. Damien Lacks


  7. Tempo Archive

    OBJ is one of the greatest receivers I've ever seen. I wonder how good he'd be with a good QB...

  8. Golden Vlogger

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    What an effort

  10. MONSTA

    Falcon fans hoping they gonna beat my Skins. 🤔😆? playing like that. Naw partner. HTTR!

  11. The Byrd Collective

    Sorry ass quarterbacks take sacks on 3rd down

  12. brandon242

    either playcalling is bad or Ryan is way overrated because with those receivers there is no way they should have 4 losses..hell just give me Julio and i could find a way to win.

  13. Shane Hawk

    wow, eli's lineman don't even help him up after they let him get sacked

  14. Madison Clay

    eli manning: please retire. it is past time. you are slow, old, and your arm is completely shot. you won a couple of rings. let it go already. the Giants will not be worth watching again until this man is no longer behind center, simple as that.

  15. Rohan Desai

    Yeah Julio definitely did not lose the ball before he hit the ground.

  16. Jay K.

    Rise up

  17. King jay

    Did anyone see that colide with Beckham 11:32

  18. Raul Veron

    Many mistakes eli

  19. Ramel gotvocalspierce

    We lost by 3 yea we need a new coach

  20. Gerret Outdoors

    I just wanna throw up as a giants fan

  21. bigfreize

    I am as big a Falcons' fan as you will ever meet and I have been spoiled with Julio, but watching some of OBJ's catches blows my socks off. The dude has a rare talent and its so much fun to watch.

  22. Yo Yo

    ffs I KNOW U HAVE TO RESPECT ELI BUT COMMON we need a new and better qb for the love of god legit he has been the leader in only of area since his downfall interceptions....

  23. iali00

    Giants offensive line is not that bad. Talk to Texans about a bad line. Manning just sucks.

  24. Big Chungus

    Lmao the giants where hearing that train whistle all game

  25. GumGumNuke

    giants need to utilize wayne gallman more if they gonna have an offense like this

  26. Brantato

    The 22 yards rushing from the announcer blows my mind, the Giants obviously have an issue with the pass rush from a collapsing pocket from the defensive ends, the Giants also used their pick on barkley yet they dont use his power to punish the pass rush. Delayed hand off up the middle, sweeps with odell, any calls to alleviate the constant pass rush aren't there from the coordinator. They rely so heavily on the pass game that has been shut down so easily every single game, but then they go into the next week and repeat the same thing hoping things will change. I just don't understand

  27. Timothy Two Gun Thompson

    Giants are trash

  28. Mikel Cano

    Who else saw the two giants defenders collide

  29. Jordan Whiteside

    That barely ran the ball

  30. Azariah Caffey

  31. MrSnapy1

    The Falcons should trade Freeman while he is great I think they are a better team with Coleman. If he got enough touches he could be the next Bo Jackson also Freeman has cost them a few big games by not picking up blocks. Not just poor blocking just totally missed standing there while they run around him sacking Ryan. Coleman is one of the most underrated players in all of the NFL staying healthy and getting 25 or more touches a game is what he needs. Don't get me wrong Freeman is amazing but teams fear getting burned by Coleman. In the open field he is like a sprinting gazelle he just needs more touches and the burns would be a very common thing. As a life long Falcon fan It's not a bad situation on offense they almost have too much talent lol. Good to see Ryan calling some plays I think him and Shaub should just take over offensive play calling....

  32. Bryson Canton

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  33. Fyb raines

    1.3 mill

  34. patriot WWG1WGAMAGA

    I really miss watching the nfl I was a life fan spending lots of time and cash weekly. Until you the nfl turned into the "New Fascist League" My family and friends fought and died for this great country. You lost me with your disrespect Stand up! Shut up! While on the clock at WORK! Try it

  35. Rishin Sharma

    Man I haven’t been watching well any giants football by damn they’re SORRY

  36. ATLfalcons RiseUp

    We have a bye week. Now we will be fresh and take care of Redskins

  37. ThaFadeGod

    Skip to 9:54 Shepard it literally wide open on the slant Eli be trippen

  38. 7T&M dimonds

    nyg needs a new coach they shouldn't be loosing this many games with talent like odell, saquon , Sterling sheaperd,Evan engrem and more great stars.WTF! how are they loosing.I also love how they did not give Saquon the ball much...(Sarcasm )...

  39. DirtyBirdSpecial

    Austin Hooper's catch was nasty

  40. Ed Neg


  41. thellow drog

    28-3 for life

  42. King Rampy

    I feel bad for Barkley and JR

  43. BMG Papii

    Giants defense sucks

  44. HeoH83

    нихуя не понял...

  45. luca alvaro

    Tavecchio italian proud

  46. Herbert Collins

    Is it just me if is Eli Manning terrible!?!?

  47. big bob

    they have no problem getting rid of the black players, but will hold on to eli manning shitty ass. Fire jerry reese who's black and put together 2 super bowl wins. every one complains. hmmmm wonder why? gettleman comes and ruin the team , no one says anything ...hmmm wonder why?

  48. anthony smith


  49. Tevin Dugas

    Cant wait until Justin Herbert get drafted by the Giants cause we in desperate need of a new young mobile quaterback

  50. james roberts

    Next week the Giants should think about playing with an offensive line.

  51. Big White Cock

    Giants are a cuck franchise.

  52. Sidiki keira

    Remember watching this in jail... one of the inmates refuse to watch the giants game and kept turning the tv off/ threw toilet paper at the TV ... 5 minutes later he started reading the prison inmate rulebook to the CO... for godsake, they make you watch the Giants game in jail

  53. hotyomi1

    5:51 Eli throws soft lob for obj to go get easy td idk what he was and is doing it’s over for him....

  54. Brad Willis

    The Falcons need mike locksley from Alabama

  55. The Glorious

    Are the Giants making effective use of their run game with Barkley? Chose him for this!


      Yeah. Surprised me since our run defense has been terrible all year but Grady Jarrett came back from injury and he clogged up the middle.

    2. The Glorious

      BLOOD RED BLAZE ok was hard to see from the highlights:)


      They tried to get him going, we shut it down.

  56. David Gray

    odell made ole dude to sit down at da end 🔥😂

  57. SsrHallOfFame |SYNERGY|

    If this was madden, Julio’s fumble would’ve been ruled incomplete with no option to challenge it.

  58. Micah Ethan Miller

    Beckham blew your boy up! What was he thinking going head up with a guy running downhill while he was practically standing still? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  59. Jimothy

    why did they go for 2 at the end

  60. Ryan Davis

    But eli can't make the throws

  61. Garçon

    Trash ass giants, love watching them lose

  62. Hector perez

    Last guy got rocked

  63. M-Dub 13

    11:32 OBJ ROCKED HIS WORLD!!! 😂

  64. yellowfly791


  65. Georgia Fan

    Looks like the falcons new field goal kicker making a shine.

  66. Austin Davis

    I don’t think NYG needs a new QB they need a new offense and coach

  67. Ray Jacob

    Is nobody questioning why they would go for it with two quarters left, when a company doesn't make profit you dont blame the works but the managers

  68. Corbz 13

    Who’s a Atlanta Falcons fan here!!!

  69. Dang Kid

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  70. your flooring

    Eli too scared to play in nfl now even with the new qb rules....sorry but his time is up giants need to move on...ELI RETIRE

  71. Chris Mason

    If NY didn't should themselves repeatedly they may have won. Bad coaching more than anything. Eli actually looked good. He just has no Oline and a terrible coach.

  72. Londzale

    Eli Out!

  73. babe blue

    Damn hardy lol @11:32-11:35

  74. Tom Adams

    forward progress stopped before fumble

  75. Nicholas Crescenzo

    If im right or wrong if giants never went for 4 and goal on 1 yard line giants would had take field goal made it 9-13 down and Falcons score 23 and Giants score 2 TD that would be in Overtime 23-23

  76. Ellen O'Neill

    5:49 holding on desmond trufant

  77. Braden Gregory

    Eli manning playin trash this game get rid of the ball all ready

  78. Kaybe Vang

    404 Giants offensive line not found

  79. blake wagner

    Matt ryan all time great

  80. Carlos Perez

    Play calling was a mess for the Gmen. Ridiculous.

  81. mannySABEEEE

    Bay Bay Beckham LolololololololLoserLolololol.

  82. thielees

    That train whistle does NOT make me want to chew my hands off.

  83. Lil Maxwell


  84. JaysGaming Inc, FEARTHISGAMER

    Anyone else feel like if it wasn't for Eli Mannings brother Peyton he would be a nobody? He really has no talent except for a halfway decent arm... I can only imagine if #12 The G.O.A.T ever had any WR talent like Julio or Odell(besides Randy Moss those few years) Brady would be unstoppable!

  85. TsunTzu

    Not even a giants fan and this was frustrating to watch. My sympathies, NY.

  86. Guilty till Proven innocent

    That hit Beckham made at the end was crazy.

  87. Jefferson Williams

    Yall see Odell at the end ?? Dang ! 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ 11:32

  88. Waffur

    Falcons get a W we still got a chance to make the playoffs

  89. Cameron Germann

    Julio didn't fumble and Jesse James still cought that pass.

  90. Steven Porter

    That was a fumble on the nyg

  91. Joey_ Breezy

    I’m sorry Eli is done he’s not mobile enough to get out of the pocket and in this time you need to be able to scramble

  92. Dhaval Sakaria

    NY missed many good chances near touch down boundry.....

  93. Herobrine1998

    The Giants are doing bad this year come on Giants you do better

  94. The Trilluminati

    Barkey, Shep, OBJ, and our defense held their own. Eli, O-line, & coach were terrible. Why the hell did we play man coverage for the entire 2nd half?... Against Julio...

  95. Christian C

    Wasup with the train horn for the falcons?

  96. Edgar Huh

    Too much sacks for nyg

  97. Donavan McDabb

    Shepard was open on the 2 pt conversion 🤦🏾‍♂️

  98. SuperSaiyanPikachu

    -"Giants vs. Falcons Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018"- " *sack compilation* "

  99. Foivakos Jordan

    eli must retire.

  100. # Thunderup

    11:30 how embarrassing is that in the film room