Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins

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    How long did you date before getting married?
    What couple would last longer stranded on a desert island?
    Did you move in together before marriage?
    Are harper and Cannoli getting any fur siblings?
    What is your favorite memory together?
    If Steven was one of the dogs which one would he be?
    What was the first thing Steven thought of you?
    What is it like dating a Latina?
    What is it like working with each other?
    Desi if you had to save you life … ?
    Best Trip Ever?
    What are your biggest petpives with each other?
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    1. Albena Ahtardzhieva

      Desi you are sooo beautiful!

    2. jules12188

      what is your husbands zodiac sign? he seems so chill & mellow! you guys are really cute together!

    3. Diana Mendez

      You guys are so great 💓💓💓💓

    4. Kathrin

      Please! No bananas, no drama, no over done attitude or some of these crazy things. I love to watch all of your videos because of you, your personality and humor. Sure the relationship/friendship with Steven and Katy is a bonus. But it's all about you. Love you

    5. Gabbymcee

      I had a lowkey chola vibe from you but that Sweetheart tattoo just confirmed it hahah love you Desi!

    6. Hannah Walker

      So I live in Virginia, your father in law lives in va, so you guys should come here and visit and do a meet up!

    7. Jennifer Toscano

      It’s crazy how it’s 3 years later and Steven still says the same things about Desi 😭 he loves her passion and drive and still looks at her the same ❤️

    8. JustMeee

      Hello Desi. Can you do a video about how you got over Steven's Fboy issues and got back together with him? Like, the trust and all that? lol

    9. Katie Atkinson

      Pink huh? 🤔

    10. Colipopkola

      You guys are great together I think we all can see how you balance each other out and it's just so cute! 😍

    11. Gabriela Valladolid

      Where do you get alll your cute headbands??

    12. Layla A

      I swear Steven looks like the better-looking Jon Bernthal from the punisher

    13. MaryHelen Salas

      Haha when you say do makeup with a 🍌 lmaoooo

    14. jhenifer portillo

      Desi and Steve! it is such a dark night for me and you guys have NO CLUE how much better you guys made me feel. y'all made laugh, brought back motivation and put a great back into me. truly enjoyed this video to the fullest. love you guys tons!!

    15. Larissa Ceragioli

      honey do this make up tutorial PLEASE

    16. BeautyByLesliee

      I love you guys 💕💕

    17. Jamie Hilliard

      Omg I have the same inner lip tattoo with a similar background story. Mine says something else and a heart but the heart faded. And my friends was literally gone in 2 weeks....while 10 years later mine is still there 😂😂🤣🤣

    18. Leah Hogan

      Wow I didn't know he did the dose of colours packaging or for the sunglasses

    19. Unique

      The way Sven looked at you when he said I love you OMMMMGGGG😭💞

    20. Yoselin Guzman

      Steven is so handsome! You’re so blessed desi! love you 💓

    21. Hayley Challender

      For a whole section of the Vlog, my nipple was out.... STEVEN! hahahahahahahahaaha

    22. love0vanessa

      Just guys are good together.Came over from Nikki’s channel.

    23. Emily A

      What foundation are you wearing here? xx

    24. Ariel Durkin

      LOL them talking about the breakfast he made was sooo sexual “what do I do with it then?” “Mmm tell me more” 😭😂

    25. Samantha March

      "Wow what's going on with your hair?" Died. 😂😂

    26. Moonchella Beauty

      Just love you guy's 💖💖💖

    27. MeValeJJ

      Your so lucky my bf never wants to be with my family.

    28. Its Me Natty

      Y’all are too cute.

    29. Perla M

      The best couple ❤️

    30. Kleivi Vidales

      They answered my question 😤😂❤️

    31. Brieann Smith

      Okay, seriously... Everyone deserves to have someone who looks at them the way Steven looks at you Desi. Love you guys so much. Seriously makes me happy to see you guys happy!

    32. Ana Rivera

      WHAT ARE YALLS ZODIAC SIGNS lol someone please tell me! Love you guys so much 🥚❤️

    33. rice.bunny

      this video made my day!

    34. Perla Sonora

      I love you guys

    35. April Showers

      sven, pls give some tips on making graphics!!! i just switched my major to graphic design, so that would be cool to watch

    36. Katherine Q

      Love a good Q&A. Steven and Desi, actual couple goals

    37. Fay Ali

      Tutorial please in this loooooook

    38. Beautyninaa

      Couple Goals ❤️

    39. Gi Miranda

      I can feel the love you guys have for each other, so beautiful 💕 (also I couldn’t stop staring Desi’s makeup)

    40. Stana VieVI

      stevens dance ii cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💛💛😂😂😂😂

    41. Jade-Emerald Green


    42. Stella Carl

      Only Q&A I would completely watch til the end *-* most times I get annoyed when there are questions I'm not interested in knowing the answers. But I could binge watch those videos from you guys if it was possible :D

    43. Nicole Lavithi

      Can you film this makeup?! You look gorgeous 🤩🤩

    44. Ashleigh Nygaard

      No stay the way you are

    45. JanyllHquez

      Love you guys!!

    46. Olivia Hale

      Can u do like an outfit video and how you match your outfits with accessories bc I swear you are so gorgeous in everything😘

    47. Caitlin Kelly

      I see so much respect for each other. That sometimes disappears after being married for a while. You are meant for each other

    48. Caitlin Kelly

      Those impressions 😂😂

    49. Rebecca Cardenas

      All I want in life is for someone to look at me and talk about me the way Steven looks/talks about Desi

    50. Cynthia Divaney

      I challenge you to make a video of you doing something casual like cooking dinner or cleaning the house but edit it the same way you do your vacation vlogs! I LOVE YOU GUYS! 💋