Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples - CONAN on TBS

Team Coco

Team Coco

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    Conan drinks too much coffee and Jordan makes his mustachioed soap opera debut in "Un posto al sole."
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    に公開 3 ヶ月 前


    1. joe Garza761

      1:54 was so awkward when those two guys clapped but no one clapped with them

    2. Alex Arand

      Where is the Italian translations??

    3. pdog109

      they should have got jordan to voice over the real meaning of espresso lol

    4. Rai Wasamura

      Hahahahahahahahaha conan is better much more than jimmy, jay leno..

    5. SingenStatt Atmen

      That whole bit in the coffee house was amazing, they were all having a blast! XD

    6. Christian Gonzalez

      Jordan:“You just had a real experience you should enjoy that” 😂

    7. debbie bledsoe

      OMGosh Jordan is such a good sport. hilarious!!

    8. Stewart Ellis

      When I watched the Jordan gets to work late episode I literally thought he was mentally challenged

    9. Bruins Fan 74

      4:18 I've never seen a statue with such an impressive, crotch bulge in my life. omfg I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    10. John Davidson

      Can someone tell me some bad words or popular insults in italian please.

    11. Jaren Songer

      Conan is my spirit animal

    12. Stunt Panda

      Also it's "eSpresso" not "eXpresso." There is no X in espresso. And as they say espresso literally means pressed coffee, not quick coffee. Jordan is nothing more than a dilettante.

    13. Low Budget Let's Plays

      What's the name of the actress in 6:05 ?

    14. Tard

      The both wrong about what Espresso means. It does mean exactly express, but because it *comes out* fast. It's done in seconds, as opposed to minutes with a traditional drip.

    15. TylerE

      Conan is the whitest white person ever😂

    16. Chrismofer

      "you just had a real experience you should enjoy that" "stop talking to me. shut up. shut up."

    17. Jacqui Ridgley

      I just pee'd myself laughing 😂😂😂

    18. 周润嘉

      whats that 5:31? Opera?

    19. Janne Lindfors

      No coffee for Coco

    20. Cuntslaw

      He called the server at the till 'mister' at the start lol

    21. Simon Charkewycz

      I want it f**king hot!!!

    22. Mr Hardworker

      This whole clip is Gold!! Gold I tell ya! Conan is at the top of his game!!

    23. thumper

      I'm going to start talking like Jordan now see how long it'll last

    24. jos30mm

      That was too embarrassing

    25. Kokica Langarec

      Now conan is doing same as jordan

    26. Lorenzo Duron

      I remember when I tried espresso for the first time, I took one sip and was like, "Espresso? More like Asspresso." because it tasted like ass.

    27. iCeMaN tHe BeSt

      Drug Expresso,Conan is so Hype LMAO

    28. Debra Wolf

      I could watch these videos all day!

    29. PhDInsomniac

      I don’t speak great Italian but Did Conan just sing “I have a butter?”

    30. David Poe

      Cracked up when it showed Jordan

    31. ッAdim

      This reminds me of Logan Pual in Japan.

    32. Aaron Shattuck

      Omg him singing is actually pretty good.

    33. Aziz Dean


    34. Juliana Wong

      Jordan is so full of BS lol He pretends to know Italy but can't even speak Italian! He called that cashier lady "MISTER" lol and he forces such an American-stereotyped Italian accent. Cringy!!

    35. Gelynn ‪

      Conan's coffee shots moment is how I feel when I'm properly caffeinated. Including the "I don't know when to stop." 3:10 - Apparently Italians think we actually add pumpkin to coffee. Not Cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. :P

    36. Lydia Wolfe

      I love how they casually swear.

    37. Phant0m1

      what is the original song called that he is singing ??

    38. Sascha Druschke

      You do not order a Espresso in Italy. Its just called Coffee. If you want a "Coffee" you order a "Americano".

    39. Dinkydo Dinky

      Conan is hilarity 🤣

    40. Emmanuel Saldana

      Goddamn Conan is like Ferris Bueller lmao

    41. Giovanni Ballarini

      femo cagar

    42. Focus Addiction

      Conan to Brazil!

    43. Gus McWilliams

      jordan has been waiting for years for that self validation dig

    44. bodhi tree

      ©🆗🇪 🇫ℹ🇪Nd 🇨🚫🇳🅰N

    45. Jay Koncar

      Wtf did I just watch?

    46. Jynflyn1 -

      It's not as embarrassing because there is a camera

    47. Waleed Chaudhry


    48. Emi Liano

      Imagine Jordan schlansky and Conan O'Brien making a movie together🤔🤣

    49. Adrian Granfelt

      Poor Jordan is just dying inside after Conan took those espressos

    50. Jossder John Brisenio

      who's the girl from 6:09