Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples - CONAN on TBS

Team Coco

Team Coco

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    Conan drinks too much coffee and Jordan makes his mustachioed soap opera debut in "Un posto al sole."
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    に公開 8 ヶ月 前


    1. A- DOG

      Well conan was also in HIMYM.....Guess which episode?

    2. Jasmin Khangura

      Looks like Jordan is finally having enough of Conan's insults. It's more entertaining when they mutually insult one another.

    3. Ahmed Ramadan

      Gosh I'm trying to remember what's that famous tune that Conan sings?! Not coming to me at all! Drives me mad :=@

    4. Lycurgus224

      "It's a ballet at the's a dance, it's a dance between man and machine..." lmfao, I laughed so hard at how pretentious that was. Granted, I'm sure that Schlansky isn't like that in real life but his deadpan acting and faux-douchiness is amazing.

    5. Gaetano Lidonnici

      Ok Conan, I'm Italian aaaand i'm Say to Sorry but Jordan Is right, the word "espresso" refer exactly to the speed of the process of making(and drinking) coffee! It's an Italian thing, we also have "espresso train", that Is a very fast train with only few intermediate stops :) Aand another thing, un Posto al sole Is a very common soap opera and maybe the most long-lived but..Is pure trash, made So bad that it's a synonim of poor television for old people and poor-educated house-wives :) And please, next summer come ti Calabria beaches ;)

    6. Elvis Pereira

      In Jordan's defense, he didnt say in verbatim, that was the translation. He simply said its an express activity.

    7. burteriksson

      "This will be the last footage ever seen of us alive."

    8. Alex Landherr

      Schlansky’s revenge...

    9. Dark cadence

      Jordan is a prentencious sociopath ted bundy..

    10. ArtinArt

      actually "espresso" means express and IS a term related to speed. (I'm italian).

    11. Do You Wanna Dance?

      I Like!

    12. dinesh arora

      *This machine is amazing!>>>**** the coffee tastes great and it's very easy to master the process and functions to make the most of it. I would definitely recommend this machine, coffee became a hobby for me and I get to explore amazing coffee because of it*

    13. Izzy

      Omg the Korean girl is sooo cute. I’m in love

    14. Giancarlo Maestrini

      1:08 I'm Italian and what on Earth are you talking about Jordan? the guy is just making coffee 😂😂

    15. ludwig amadeus

      Kek, that guy in the coffee house is awesome! And the birdman too. Italians rock

    16. burteriksson

      "If I was born in Naples, this is what I would be doing right now." Conan improvising shit=priceless.

    17. kosher

      Jordan Schlansky's out of focus cameo is gold.

    18. Michael Hello

      This made me cringe so hard

    19. JTJUlian

      Jordan knows what’s up.

    20. sfgdhdhd

      I find Conan funny af, I like him, I love his humor, I enjoy watching his videos etc ect... But if I were an american I'd be so ashamed :D I mean I can imagine the local italians talking... "another stupid american, and then he climbed a balcony and started singing an opera, jesus those poeople are dumb" :D I am not criticizing Conan, I love him... Im just glad he's not representing my country :D

    21. MissVexo

      What is the song he sings at 5:38 ?

    22. Assasin King

      Jordan looks like ben stiller

    23. Armen Shahinyan

      At 2:56 the man was in such disbelief when he said pumpkin he tries to correct Jordan's Italian thinking he meant to say sugar LMAO

    24. M Em

      I love Conan ❤️

    25. Jose Eduardo Hernandez


    26. Mr Vortex

      His like one of the 3 stooges

    27. Kenneth Wong

      I wish Conan would visit San Jose and enter my home

    28. kurt teruel

      that guy on 6:09 asked for abortion wth

      1. Jimmy

        i guess in europe its not taboo like in the US

    29. Griff Mac

      Conan is the most beautiful genius I've ever seen

    30. Diana Diana

      HAHAHHAHAHAH Jordan is such a know it all. Italy makes him excited

    31. Seth Horne

      Conan is the human genius

    32. OL 2016

      I’d like to see Fallon make me laugh like Conan does...........uhhh I don’t think so.

    33. Reggie the bunkler

      Roman Empire Ronan Empire Conan Empire Nuff said

    34. Shiahian Reeves

      How can his Jordan keep a straight face!?

    35. Ra-eeSA CT

      Wtf Conan sings so well

    36. That Kurd Gamer

      jordans face is very punchable

    37. Gaurab Chatterjee


    38. Alejandro Munoz

      Conan looking like the swoll Conan the barbarian

    39. Lovisa Maanmies

      This is hysterical!👌🏻😂

    40. Carrison Li

      This is peak Conan-Jordan.

    41. WarehouseRique

      Never seen this but this made me laugh

    42. Libertatem

      America please built a wall around yourselves.....

    43. OlympusMons

      This is a very funny stuff 🤣😂

    44. tag maker


    45. Robert B

      He licked that man's forehead

    46. Salam Rahman

      We need jorden back.

    47. wasabiattack

      Is that Apolonia from Godfather at 6:56??

    48. Syed Shah Nawaz Ali

      The Italian actress was so tall. I mean Conan is a very tall man.

      1. Roberto sanchez

        👠 probably, if she is around 5'8" high heels can probably make her stand close to 6'.

    49. Konstantinos Drakopoulos

      Conan is the real life ace ventura

    50. Justin Dinkins

      Jordan kinda grows on you after a few clips . Lol