Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples - CONAN on TBS

Team Coco

Team Coco

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    Conan drinks too much coffee and Jordan makes his mustachioed soap opera debut in "Un posto al sole."
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    1. Doug Carruthers

      4:54 Conan just got burned worse then anyone in history

    2. Doug Carruthers

      Jordan is such a good actor to be able to sit their with 6ft4 red headed string bean bouncing around in his face and not laugh he deserves an Oscar lol

    3. Ahnaf Raihan


    4. Ricochetrabitt

      Conan broke out into a three stooges act lmao!

    5. Joe Buddens Therapist


    6. Nikki Beray

      New drinking game: take a shot every time conan tells jordan to shut up

    7. Arpita Kunder

      When caffeine kicks in

    8. Laura Tárkányi

      It was painful to watch this

    9. cheng lin

      3:30 that is exactly how the America treats other countries

    10. RE Ohtz

      Next time you go to Naples, take me! I was born there and know what to do and definitely speak better Italian than Jordan!!!!

    11. Treesuh

      3:04 I have the same reaction to that nasty too lmao

    12. Treesuh

      Yassss Naples! Pomigliano D'arco represent!

    13. Randy Angel

      Jordan looked like a serial killer in that soap opera

    14. Randy Angel

      Conan gets drunk on coffee

    15. Randy Angel

      I dont get what that meant at 4:57

    16. Bill Bowers

      Conon is one of the best comedians ever. Go long on Amazon, my friend.

    17. gurucarcar

      The bird call guy....super cool.

    18. Sara Khan

      Conan is gold..

    19. aldorejna

      American idiot ...

    20. YOT GAMING

      I love you Conan 😂😂,you make me happy

    21. YOT GAMING

      I love you Conan 😂😂,you make me happy

    22. Jensen Gameplays

      I love Jordan. The chemistry between Conan and Jordan is always amazing. Truly brightened my day ❤️

    23. SSA MotorSport

      That Jordan dude is pain in the ass

    24. Aaron Floris

      The Ending Had Me Dying 😂🤣😝😂🤣😅🤣😂

    25. Red Nosey

      Jordan so creepy in the background xD

    26. Roey

      so funny 😂

    27. rambam77

      from cafe to bird caller, most 180 transition in a conan remote

    28. WingedBull1

      4:59 I would Bitch slap him.

    29. chester

      super friendly italian people. is that european thing?

    30. Strange Wayfaring Stranger

      HAhahaha Conan is so great here. I love the Three stooges stuff he did. I want whatever the hell he is having.

    31. Emmanuel Woo

      anyone know the title of the song conan was singing in the balcony? i mean the actual song.

    32. Tanner Beverley


    33. C R

      Coney, please come to India.

    34. AubroX BroX


    35. machuki96

      Conan: "You wanna get another one?" Jordan: "No. I'm satisfy. I know when to stop." Conan: "And I... do not."

    36. Stefos

      Jordan looks like a Pedophilic woman lover

    37. ryan smith

      I just want to know who the girl is from the mexican soap opera 😂😂

    38. Taotaomona

      Absolutely great. I’m gonna start looking at one of these Conan on tour (or Conan with Jordan anywhere) Videos every day - just for a good laugh. This is one of the best !

    39. Buying On a Budget

      Jordan always keeps cool no matter what he wears... or naked.

    40. bugger490

      This is a mock up. Conan is going to have his fun and the little French dude with the comb over was a good sport.

    41. Michael Lovett

      Contrary to popular belief, an espresso does NOT have as much caffeine as a regular cup of American drip-style, coffee machine-made coffee! If you doubt me, look it up. I helped a friend start a coffee business 28 years ago, and I learned EVERYTHING there is to know about coffee.

    42. Lyndell O

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    43. Lyndell O

      GET RID OF CABLE/SATELLITE TV NOW! ONLY $20 A Month for 500 streaming channels on any device👇👇👇 Get PAID💰💵 per referral Too

    44. Hannah Russell

      PBS just did a thing on the whistling hill talkers in Italy. That is a dying language!

    45. stevebrownrocks

      Old guy at 4:00 is great! 😆

    46. Carl Winslow (Big Guy)

      I never knew you can get drunk on espresso.

    47. AlexanderImAlsoGr8

      Jordan was right about the espresso meaning express activity. It has several meanings, one of them being that it is a speed beverage, quick to make and quick to have, something you drink on the go.

    48. Joe A

      Conan is just obnoxious and being the ugly american.

    49. Baobab Bombastic

      Wow Conan in my city, when did it happen?

    50. Angela Ferro

      Io lo amo

    51. John Wayne

      Oy vey yes goyim enjoy our corny jewish humor and over the top acting as we make money off of your views. *rubs hands together*

    52. Keith Slagerman

      These are so cringy to watch.

    53. bhaffar

      This is the funniest thing I saw Conan do

    54. Rachy Choo

      This js hilarious

    55. Medina Medina

      Hes great white borther

    56. Thatsalotta Nuts

      Now I know what Spongebob meant when he said that he didn’t speak Italian

    57. Jnn F

      Finally a Jordan video. I needed this !

    58. africanmynthon

      2:30 So that makes it the second time Conan licked Jordan's forehead. Will there be a third???

    59. Dio Brando

      Espresso actually does mean express activity - source I’m italian.

    60. Bee Deal

      Jordan with the wig and mustache reminds me of high school Ross from friends.

    61. C05MIC infinity

      don't know if this is staged but totally disrespectful if it's not. kinda like jake paul in Japan but that's just my thoughts with the whole coffee act couldn't tell if he's interpreter was offended or playing along.

    62. Rabies Babies

      This is the guy who goes to a 3rd world country raped by Hillary Clinton and spends a years salary to stay in a resort 50 miles away from the main city away from the slums. Conan the cuck fart.

    63. daniel KHOO

      ignorante LMAO

    64. Lina Wong

      Lmao I love this man so much.

    65. Kevlar Pfam

      Lol this has to be their best bit

    66. Hazyj peepme

      Sanduskys out? Good for him he knew how to motivate a player.

    67. marcs

      0:26 Jordan is right, it's called espresso because of its fast preparation, also, you speak good Italian, go Jordan. Ignoranti are the Conan staff.

    68. Dark 9cat

      i like this channel, conan really funny

    69. Antonella Beretta

      “IGNORANTE!!!” 😂🤣😂🤣

    70. ripdajacker23

      Conan after espresso is a giant toddler after candy

    71. AW AV

      Hahaha...Jordan looks like John Oats !!

    72. Michael Silva

      The cameo with Jordan in the soap at the end of this was great. Made me crack up laughing.

    73. Cancun771

      Probably the 2.000th nerd to point it out but Schlansky also used the singular when it should have been the plural 'espressi' etc.

    74. Harri v'Jah

      4:05 that back and forth was perfect ...oh sorry *Perfetto!*

    75. Edmund Mondo

      Actually, The words express, expres and espresso each have several meanings in English, French and Italian. The first meaning is to do with the idea of "expressing" or squeezing the flavour from the coffee using the pressure of the steam. The second meaning is to do with speed, as in a train. They're both right. Ignoranti!

    76. Hibernation

      I NEVER laughed so hard to a JP-news video in my life.

    77. StarBassPrincess

      5:21 REC's new news reporter :D

    78. Swiss Gamerz Channel

      Did he really appear on this soap opera in Italy ?

    79. victoria beguet day

      the waiter's face when conan says zucca lol

    80. Anna Nguyen

      the man who gave conan the coffee and free stuff was awesome

    81. TheJCJexe

      IGNORANTE! lol

    82. Squanto

      I'm still fn dying from when he licked him!!!! Ahahahahahaha

    83. RMG pattern Making16

      very good system

    84. James Medina

      sippin a coffee now...infused with thc. cheers!

    85. msdogooder

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    86. Tramaine Terrance

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    87. Jess

      Conan, you bring me joy

    88. Marmda Sun

      That coffee high is real

    89. Cesar Garcia

      Conan is getting super annoying. Let Jordan be free. Don't cage him. Don't try to control him.

    90. Vale Violet

      O my God😂😂😂😂 "Un posto al sole"!? I watch it every evening!!! 😂😂😂😂

    91. Brandon Mclain

      He needs a polite slap to the throat. Such a pretentious D'bag.

    92. howlswithwolves

      1:19 I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

    93. Gamekiller Productions

      Now I just want a bunch of different soap operas to have random Conan and Jordan in it lol

    94. zecarioca2

      Omg I love this so Much. Bahahahaha

    95. Idtelos

      Conan on Coffee = Robin Williams on a normal day. lol

    96. Kushal Nitnaware

      #ConanIndia #ConanMumbai

    97. iNfamos Wordz

      Conan and Jordan are freaking hilarious as a comedy team! Like a 2018 odd couple. They feed to do a movie with Jim Carey, Dwayne Johnson, Key & Peele, Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams, ice cube, and Kevin Hart. Why these specific actors you ask??? Well , simply because this my random comment readers is a comment from some JP-news viewer that's why.

    98. Hannah Meaker

      Conan opera album featuring jordan schlansky on celo coming soon in winter 2018

    99. DarkstarDarth

      Conan on crack and Jordan had

    100. Jacob Quincy

      Love the look on Jordan's face when Conan is acting like an absolute fool