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    Actor, comedian and physician Ken Jeong uses the power of Twitter to answer even more common medical questions. Will you get the flu from a flu shot? Can stress make you sick? What IS E. Coli?

    Ken's comedy special, "You Complete Me, Ho" is streaming on NETFLIX now.
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    Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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      Good thing lexii only had 4 I's in her name

    3. Monse Herrera

      What movie is he in? Not like a doctor show i feel like a show like Alexa and Katie or luv and maddie

    4. Garrett Kajmowicz

      I suspect the drinking question was about consuming alcohol. Alcohol inhibits the production of Anti-Diuretic Hormone, resulting in greater diuresis as well.

    5. Alessia Pin

      “If you have more then three questions in a tweet, you’re obviously an alcoholic” 😂😂😂 dyingggg

    6. Katie Bullock

      "left atrium gal myself" Oml iconic

    7. Cassandra Kemara

      So ecoli is like icarly?

    8. Cherry_blossom57504 Times2

      Lesly Chou!

    9. Michael DeSanta

      Next on *WIRED:* Ken Jeong on Dox Support.

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    13. Ben Hill

      I'm getting changnesia all over again.

    14. MrsShocoTaco

      Never had the flu shot, never had the flu. My dad gets the flu shot every year, also gets the flu every stinkin year. Just sayin.

    15. Mia Dio

      Imagine going to the doctor’s office for a cold and getting this guy 😂😂

    16. Slyrya x

      Funny and informative! Thank you

    17. Jayce Scott

      I love Ken.

    18. Mariam Simba

      I just randomly clicked this video and didnt know that it was #1 on trending. Lol 😂

    19. ashley cant think of a name

      me right before an exam 4:23

    20. Mar DR

      I took a chance on your bronchitis advice,... I did not get the bronchitis, but the physical affection was not worth the outcome still

    21. clockwork Murph

      Yees antibiotics will kill the kombucha

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    23. Unleashed

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      seemed like he was trying to hard to be funny

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    31. Premaseelan T

      Thank You for inviting we to watch this lol

    32. Kathy Faye

      “That’s more common sense “😂

    33. sillysallyceli

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    41. Andrew Leal

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    42. PeaceLoveJoy AJ

      He’s so stupid

    43. Mapanget Ako

      I thought he said Kin Joungun

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      “Be like my friend Louis oh his brain fell”

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      “Are you french kissing somebody’s lung?” 😂😂😂

    50. Krystal Chun

      "How tf do you put a brain back in" This is why you're medicine and not surgery >.< JK, you left yourself open for that.

    51. Samuel Hernandez

      Watching this after watching he's Netflix special=Perfect!!!

    52. Daniel Russell

      I got the flu shot in October and no flu. Colds yes

    53. Juwayriya Khan

      “ uh you can’t forget to breathe. Or you DiEe.”

    54. finnshere

      Instagram model😂

    55. Bob and Pk

      Ken jeong un 😂😂

    56. Stacey Pickren

      I love you! Great info, doc❤️

    57. Darth Djent

      2:18 yes you can. thats what the shot does to your body. so your body learns to fight it.

    58. Karla Hernandez

      De traficante a doctor ya se te acabaron los lingotes que te robaste el la tercera parte de la pelicula ? Viva leslie chao

    59. Jona Cadena

      Dr. Ken Jeong needs to collab with Dr. Mike Like if you agree !!!!!

    60. Mia phoenix


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    62. Straight Flizzy

      If I didn’t just watch his Netflix special, I wouldn’t have recognized him as the actor. 🤣

    63. 100 subs with no videos

      1:54 $100 to anyone who can spell that noise

    64. John Tommy

      Funny men!!!

    65. liv ziegler

      can someone ask him why my ear drums burst like 4 times a year? i’m annoyed by it

    66. A Benitez

      so i'm wtahcing the video then out of nowhere my friend says doctor ken is hot

    67. Mâkâ Ersù

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    68. milica konatar

      dang he really dragged THE alissa ashley...

    69. Berberry Blurberry

      So funny!

    70. RoseTylerTheDoctor

      everyone knows the Miranda rights are named after Lin Manuel Miranda

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    73. Keenan A

      Why is this censored?

    74. Viv Forrester

      No joke, this video had me dying!!!😂😂

    75. Bill H

      I thought he was a dentist. Here's the deal with getting sick after a flu shot. Flu shots are typically given about the same time as the first of the early winter, late fall "colds" start making the rounds. People get a cold around the time they get their flu shots. It's coincidence. The flu...way way different than a cold.

    76. onesimus ricky

      I can't believe this guy is actually doctor...

    77. Nathon Crosby


    78. Sterling Archer

      What Was it like on star trek?

    79. sophisticated x

      I love how he’s a good doctor that knows stuff and is way smarter then me lol and is still funny at the same time 🥰

    80. Dumb Thumb

      The Gordon Ramsay of doctors.

    81. Ghost Assassin77

      swweeeetttt. so when is part 3?

    82. Noah Robles

      5:37 “My wife’s a doctor, folks”

    83. I lost my keys

      help I lost my keys

    84. Jake C.

      I got the flu or some puking/pooping bug because when Dawn of the Dead came out in 04 the commercial trailers scared me so much I would shake and tremble for hours after seeing it daily multiple times a day. I was 14 years young.

    85. Kenté Lol

      @Alissa Ashley 3:35

    86. Otto is not My real Name

      Seriously didn’t expect him to be serious

    87. Sonny Lee

      There are 4 “i”s

    88. Hannah Nicole

      Can someone @ me his youtube chanel if he has one?

    89. zay

      i *need* him to talk about anti-vaccine mums

    90. Kate2309

      Tetnis shot 😂

    91. 69 subscribers without a life challange

      i want a doctor like this

    92. Lily :3

      E.coli = Icarly great way to start of the year am i right?

    93. Paul Cheetos

      Ken Jeong is the best

    94. Dun Lop

      Are u a real doctor?

    95. That One Guy Who Needs Subs

      I literally get sick every single time I get the flu shot.

    96. lee barba

      3:17 no. that’s michael jackson...

    97. Jacob Gonzalez

      Am I the only one who noticed the medical display thing lost the other half of his face

    98. Chris Perez

      *You don’t forget to breathe.* *Or you die.* *LMAO* 😂😂😂😂

    99. Blue Plays

      I like the masked singer

    100. Make and Eat gummy leeches exe

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