Kingdom Hearts III - E3 2018 Frozen Trailer Reaction Mashup

Kingdom Reactions

Kingdom Reactions

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    1. blue - fur

      My class in a nutshell

    2. Chân Triệu Vân

      Ok they can take my money They can take my f*cking life just release this game fast as they can

    3. James Chris

      I love it when the scream over it and have to ask questions later because they werent paying attention.....

    4. Bastian Arcbast

      Millions souls were silenced, and suddenly cry in terror

    5. 吉野谷星音


    6. Ms. Teechar

      Everyone freaks out at Aquanort.

    7. Gêmeos do Mistério is back


      1. Gêmeos do Mistério is back

        +Kingdom Reactions discord? He

      2. Gêmeos do Mistério is back

        +Kingdom Reactions oloco vc eh br

      3. Kingdom Reactions

        Ta pronto, estou tendo problemas pra rendenizar e o trabalho está consumindo meu tempo pra resolver : (

    8. mochi chan

      I had the same reaction too 🤣😂😣

    9. jefthereaper

      This is the true joy of reaction mashup trailers as the entire vid becomes incoherent screeching when a big revelation is shown.

    10. TheNameCannotBeFound

      3:04 Top row, 4th person from the left. Do you even lift, bro?!?!

    11. 柊黐


    12. DBC5 radio

      Kingdom hearts 3 is less impressive if you're not a fan and remember kh3 on ps2 it's only a px upscaling and some new story levels. If a normal person look at kh3 and 2 and 1 together you could argue that this game were a more impressive accomplishment on ps2 than ps4.

    13. Logan Collins

      These reactors are kinda young. . Or. Being born when the first kingdom hearts came out.

    14. ArceGus

      This sounds like a Sr. Pelo video

    15. Vyxlene

      Does no one cares about Anna?

    16. Xpro Glxlxr

      Reaction-mickey ok Reaction-Elsa Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG White hair girl- wat wat !!!!!€\€|€|€!~$~¥~¥{$${${$|’kendjffnjbbjfjkekkk&3&3882

    17. Spoticle

      3:00 This is why I love being a gamer and a KH fan. Never seen any other fan base with such passion so thank you all (even those of us just watching the video) for just being yourself and for being so passionate about something you love 🍻💛 Just a couple months to go now 😏

    18. Ahmad ferdi Ilham mahmudi

      Noo poor aqua

    19. いちまんこメレンデTV


    20. Alex S

      Fucken shook bro #aqua #tomuchfeels #WTF! Bro they better have a great explanation for this shit like holy shit! Acting like a give a Fuck about frozen I need aqua answers 😭😭 my teenage heart geeking and is crying out! These reactions though! I purchased this game 2 years ago lmao 😂

    21. Iacopo Battaglia

      OMG! END

    22. ボロゾーキン


    23. Robert Thurlow

      I love these reactions to Aqua. Such genuine emotions from each person. Makes me love and appreciate the Kingdom Hearts community as a whole.

    24. TRIPPY ZAY

      *Ears explode*

    25. S. Nagata


    26. blagh mrblafh

      Why are they going crazy over dishwasher personalities fighting each other?

    27. Edgar Gutiérrez

      Naturaleza humana Por cierto que canción que voz que letra, épico

    28. Dustin Totten

      She's been trapped forever. They literally worked the ridiculous time delay into the plot lol.

    29. Evil Toothpick

      Plot twist: Aqua willingly becomes evil

    30. Ernest

      It's funny none of these are synced. Just utter noise.

    31. ぼっち.


    32. sw sw

      みんなKH好きすぎだろww 早くやりたい!

    33. Jesus Castro

      I never played a single KH games

    34. valor key

      why larxene is a big deal everybody seems shocking

    35. Irvin W

      2:55 was the second Papa Namura made the KH famdom go apeshit. Lol.

    36. Fate Wielder

      My favorite part of this video is when everyone gets crazy at aquanort 2:52

    37. アルフミニオン


    38. esceping add


      1. Sonaさん

        Mid Mark アクアが闇堕ちしたから 詳しいことは分からんけど・・・

    39. VintageGaming

      I cant hear anything

    40. Daxternator 2117

      I made a vid and was not included

    41. Ro X aS

      2:55 the moment we got our hearts broken ;_;

    42. Deathboy XX

      "Mickey... you're too late." Fanbase implodes.

    43. Hell Daddy


    44. UnKnOvvNPeRsOnA

      3:05 Top middle. Damn bro, you gotta chill that.

    45. Jōjirō Takajō

      I think I found the #1 ear rape

    46. Spoticle

      One of the biggest reasons why I love watching stuff like this is because it makes me happily realize that I'm just one of many people in the world that's this passionate about games (KH in particular) So just wanted to say thank you for putting this together as well as an even bigger thanks to the amazing community I now realize I can be a part of. Cheers all 🍻

    47. felexis123

      Aqua: Mickey... you're too late! The entire World: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    48. jairo avila

      Your too Late!!!!

    49. 緑のきゅうり


    50. Soulestia Foefire

      Me and my friends who are childhood fans of the game in a nutshell.