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Kobe Bryant Drops 60 in Final Game of Career!!



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    The Mamba went off for his final game scoring 60 points and leading the Lakers to a come from behind victory.
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    1. TheSaltMaker

      28-50 FG, classic Kobrick.

    2. Faka Scorpion

      It was a freakin epic night.. the best regular season game I saw in my nearly 18 years of watching the nba

    3. Tyree Powell

      Thank you Kobe Bryant!

    4. Yilun Tang

      Miss this motherfucker.

    5. Moritz Mackrodt

      3:38 hes feelin it right there,what a smooth Shot !

    6. Clint Orris

      If he played every game like it was his last, he would've had more than seven 60 point games.

    7. Berke Yologlu


    8. James Riley Marroquin

      Top 3

    9. w h y

      Best player who played for one team

    10. Alberto Rodriguez

      I never liked Kobe very much, but I must admit that he is great. The best achievement of Kobe is not to be compared anymore with Jordan. He earned his own place with his own name among the stars.

    11. Zulma Provencio

      my kid is name Bryant and are dog name is kobe

    12. Petros Tripilas


    13. MediCali951

      Absolutely the greatest of all time. Gordon Hayward was getting the work lol

    14. balla4lyf23

      this had me so emotional lol

    15. Kabaddi Planet

      Those 60 points tells that KoBe retired too early. 🙏🏼

    16. Mavelyn Canonoy

      Lebron James is ruining Lakers reputation now in 2018

    17. three Houston

      💁🏼‍♀️看美女露点私🈲️视频➕微信girL6393👰哥哥发货哥哥方法风光h hhi

    18. Eka Firmansyah

      anyone still watching at Oct 2018

    19. Joshua Tafili

      I blew literally my entire savings to be there in his farewell game. It was so electric and so intense goosebumps all over. It was very much worth every penny. Had a close to zero bank account by the end of the night but I went to sleep with the biggest smile on my face that night.

    20. Paulo Adeva

      Dwight Howard made 411 accounts to dislike this video

    21. Courtney Gibson Jr

      Lebron should end his career with Cleveland

    22. MR. Madulo

      The end of an era, Kobe Bryant, the best player of all time

    23. bryant 69

      Whao el mejor

    24. Angel Quijano

      Not even Jordan put up a performance like kobe did in his last game


      And kids think lebron on Kobe level 🤣😂🤣😁😁never ever will be on Kobe or Mike or Pippen level..

    26. fidel carter

      Jersey was soaked. Strong finish!! Give God and your family your all like Kobe gave fans and the NBA. RESPECT

    27. Kay Cheong

      legend long lives in our life that will never fades.. we say lengend we undoubtedly think about MJ, Kobe . and lets see if the next one will be .....

    28. advait iyer

      i will forever remember kobe

    29. horrormena

      correct:61 pts!!! or maybe my mistake, i dont know but he is a living legend!!!

    30. Maximillianmus servant

      One of the few if not only players who could drop 60+ ppg against modern competition

    31. RAKI


    32. Christopher Deshawn Hogue Jr.

      If I was Utah I wouldn't even play defense just to honor the goat

    33. dodgers doon1130

      Will be coaching king James to a championship soon. Love my lakers😍😍

    34. harris jamil doez


    35. Steven Coffman

      The next statue at staples will be kobe

    36. NBA Section

      Thumbs up if you cried, watching his last showdown!!! My feelings was so mixed up. So happy for him to go out like that, but fact that he's leaving game of basketball, was killing me whole that year...

    37. Watts Laker

      we love u BOI !!!!

    38. Shizamous Lamoste

      Kobe is the only one who can beat Jordan in one on one the greatest thing that happened to my life thank you mamba and mamba out.

    39. Shizamous Lamoste

      Thank you mamba for 20 years in LA

    40. Joseph Sayers Panda

      He just of did this every game maybe they would be better lmao

    41. Shang Tsung

      They probably fed the ball to him every play.

    42. Izaia Morris

      Kobe traveling at 1:24

    43. Nate M


    44. Jalen Green

      Greatest of all time

    45. Michael Campbell

      3rd greatest all time!!! Michael Jordan Lebron James Kobe Bryant

    46. joels5150

      I don't hate Kobe per se, but this might have been the game by which great players began to be judged by the new hallmark of efficiency. I.E. Today if Durant shoots 13-30, it's a bad game.

    47. Mengali mejbon

      I feel like i was watching the old kobe the # 8 ....nice one kobe am a big fan of you ......your the best .....

    48. Lou Tabajen

      Still an emotional experience to this day

    49. Hunter Lee

      I watched this game in awe

    50. F BI


    51. George Obusan

      MJ's last dance: Beats Jazz in Finals Kobe's last dance: Cockblocked Jazz from entering Playoffs

    52. j6z7

      Proof why u dont need to rely on the 3 to drop 50+. A finisher right there

    53. urazs oktay

      This is how angels play..Even if they are not young anymore. I've torn my achilles tendon just like Kobe playing basketball ahah. I checked, lol we tore the achilles tendon at the same age. 😇

    54. Colin Ryan

      Black mamba

    55. George K

      poor camera angle

    56. Jennie RedRose

      This brings tears to my eyes each time I watch it. That was an amazing last game. Straight Amazing!!!!

    57. Jennie RedRose

      I hate hate hate the Staple Center announcer. The dullest wackest voice EVER! He made kobes last game sound lackluster!

    58. Abhi Naka

      What is this Kobe’s a legend

    59. NordicOnur Honca


    60. Gabriel Guerrero

      Can anyone tell me why he retired? You fucking drop 60 in a don't retire any time soon

    61. Prison Riot


    62. NBA TV

      Kobe looks like tupoc

    63. Esra AKBULUT


    64. Salvatore Minniti

      you know he took almost all the shots probs

    65. GezusGaming

      If he's the greatest. what's the point of scoring 60? what's there to proof? Exactly... nothing.

    66. Johnny

      you know what? MJ and Kobe's last game was against the Jazz. The only difference is that MJ's last game was at the finals. Coincidence?

    67. Music4life 47

      Seeing this makes me cry man

    68. Token Smitherton

      I love how it doesn't matter how old he is, he's just so skilled that it doesn't matter. The only way he can be garbage is if his body gives up on him like him breaking his legs or blowing out his back

    69. Earl Fung


    70. Paolo Sanchez

      what if Kobe's last game was againts tbe 73-9 Golden State Warriors. then Kobe stopped them to beat the record. #Mamba

    71. P A

      As celtics fan... Man do I respect kobe as an athlete... Paul Pierce last game in Boston was emotional... This one feels just as well


      yeah on 100 shotz taken...

    73. Joshua 윤호 Han

      He should have worn a special jersey with 8 on one side and 24 on the other

    74. Fred Hale

      Serial killer

    75. Steven Coffman

      There will never be another kobe

    76. Patrick Mccaskill

      Westbrook shoot 43 shots in his prime for 46 points Kobe shot 50 for 60 points on his last legs😂😂😂🐐🐐💯

    77. highqualvids

      I would hope he scored 60 points considering he took 50 shots.

    78. Daniel Zhang

      Ironically that the last play of his career was an assist

    79. MisterOrange Gaming

      380 people who disliked are probably the players who were in his 40-80 point games.

    80. Nasty Nas

      Rigged af boii

    81. newthrash1221

      This man is the definition of work ethic. Greatest i’ve had the pleasure of watching.

    82. F.B.I


    83. Reizell

      1:31 I didn’t know Kobe was that flexible

    84. Tin

      Really wished mj played one more season, so he could face lebron.

    85. Om Patel

      Have you reconized that michal jordan's last game with the bulls was against the utah jazz and Kobe's last game was against the utah Jazz. What a cousitience

    86. William Zhou

      The GOAT

    87. Gyron Cruz


    88. TheDesGamer

      1:25 wait that isn’t a travel?

    89. Amadej Mirtic

      Its 2018 and I still can't get over it #goat

    90. I'm Peng God


    91. yung josh

      First and last points were free-throws

    92. Yassin Abdullatif

      The black mamba lives on

    93. Ghost Plays

      Kobe's the only guy that needs a farewell tribute. And they of course had the shitting espn commentators for it

    94. pornhubhatesme

      It's fun to watch cuz it is like a culmination of all kobes knowledge from the last 20 years applied in his final match

    95. Jayden Le

      MJ last game= Utah Kobe last game= Utah Who else is going to play Utah on their last game?!

    96. Glitter Fartz

      First career point was a free throw 81 point game last point is a free throw Farewell game last point is a free throw 🐐

    97. Eclipse07

      Oh yeah? I dropped 87 on my last mycareer game!

    98. SavageSlime

      Best player ever⛹🏾

    99. Ceejhay L

      2:28 Referee: This is not going well for you.

    100. Simon LastName