Ladies FS Group 2 2018 Skate America



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    6 Bradie TENNELL USA
    8 Marin HONDA JPN
    9 Kaori SAKAMOTO JPN
    10 Satoko MIYAHARA JPN

    に公開 2 ヶ月 前


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    3. Coachella Valley Church

      Bradie who? Yawnnn + skip button

    4. Nathaniel LaFontaine

      Bradie is such a sore loser lol.

    5. longbranch11207

      wow the last skater was on the money

    6. REDPIG

      Brady Tennell, small cheated jumps. Starr Andrews, hunchy bad technique jumps. Marin Honda, a bloody mess.

    7. Айгуль Мешелова

      Сатока молодчина

    8. Оксана Мак

      Sofia look like Zendaya

    9. N0gel N0gel

      Вчерашней юниорке перекатать Хонду, на равных конкурировать с Мияхарой... Софочка, я тебя обожаю!)))

      1. Сухарь Сухарь

        Ну а Хонда - позавчерашняя юниорка. И что, круче Хонды никого не было?

    10. MrQbenDanny

      Call MICHELLE KWAN, skate AMERICA!!!

    11. fuscia

      I'm all about Kaori-chan, my sister in law is from around Kobe, so Konichawa! but Trusova is gonna really be something to see on the Senior level!

    12. fuscia

      New drinking game, take 1 shot every time a skater comes out in Edeas, you'll be drunk soon ;0)

    13. fuscia

      I wanna see Brady skate to some Taylor Swift, like Delicate or something

    14. Татьяна Егорова

      А мне очень понравилась София Самодурова, это все-равно,как в космосе.Молодец,ведь видно,что с каким удовольствием она каталась, да еще и пела.Спасибо Вам,Великий Тренер,Алексей Николаевич МИШИН.

      1. N0gel N0gel

        всем понравилась ))) Софа это самый приятный сюрприз, который можно представить.

    15. Shuangzizuo

      知子ちゃんスピードすごい!スピン美美美✨ あと英語インタかっこいい👏 花織ちゃんジャンプ最高‼︎そして伸び〜るスケーティング‼︎ 最後のガッツポーズ、私も嬉しい😭 真凜ちゃんとりあえず早く怪我を治しておくれ…😭

    16. Simple Truth

      lol Bradie's face at the end... I feel bad for her but Sophia definitely deserved a medal congrats to her.

    17. Rob

      Love the top 3! Well deserved!

    18. B Hodges

      Bradie is beautiful

    19. Eddy

      I'm a big fan of Kaitlyn Osmond (2018 world champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist) and Gabriela Daleman (2017 world bronze medalist), sadly both are not skating this year, Osmond, taking the year off, and Daleman, ankle Injury, but of all the skaters out there currently competing, I like Satoko of Japan the most, something about her that is so intriguing! - and that Sofia from Russia is not bad either, they just keep coming up with top skaters out of Russia, my lord

    20. TheRosemariesuz

      Another new scoring system? Can anyone explain it to me?

      1. Megan Ramsay

        TheRosemariesuz It’s not a totally new system, they just updated it a bit. GOE is now from -5 to +5, some of the base values and percentages are different, and PCS has been adjusted :)

    21. Олег Ж

      Russian girl is the most beautiful ...

    22. Katerina S

      Tara plz shut up

    23. Wizard5

      さっとんもかおちゃんもすんばらしかった〜〜! しかしあのデカ薔薇w あんなのもらっても飾りようないやんかw

    24. B B

      shut up nasty and weird.

    25. Jentany

      I love Kaori!! Don't care what Tara says.

    26. Anne

      Sofia needs to nix those hideous Tanos, those helicopter arms are even worse than the ones Evgenia used to do.

      1. David Salvador

        Well they get extra points for it ... But I don't think it should be every single time

      2. KoraimaLynn

        ¿por que los quitaría si le dan puntitos extras, además que la ayuda a equilibrar su cuerpo en el aire?

    27. Anne

      Aww, Marin's face when she got her score :-(

    28. 渡辺純代

      ありがとうー! さっとん、かおりチャン、おめでとうございます!! さっとん、品があって柔軟で美しく。更に正確なスケート、感激で鳥肌がたちました! かおりチャン、フリーレッグのテイクバックが最小限でポンポン飛ぶあなたの力強いスケート大好きです♪

    29. Katie Johnson

      Why Tennels current new style reminds me of Alina Zagitova...

      1. Rustam Atayev

        She copied not Zagitova's choreography, but some gestures from Anastasia Gubanova's step sequence. Anastasia Gubanova also skated her 2017 program using Romeo n Juliet music

      2. Anne

        It's literally nothing like Alina except for the lutz-loop.

    30. Kcbg

      These NBC commentators need to shut up during the skating!!!! Tara is so annoying when she talks and talks and talks sooo much you can't hear the music and she just says really catty rubbishy things. During the replays at the end they can talk, but that's when they stay silent!!! WTF? I thought Maxim Trankov was a bad commentator but these two are worse.

      1. David Salvador

        I think they are good... They just tell it like it is...

      2. Kirsten Neville

        theyre so fkn terrible. just awful. ive been a skating fan forever, and i was even a fan of both johnny and tara as skaters, but their commentary is just so insufferably bad.

      3. Davin Yu

        They don't talk at the end bc they cut to commercial most of the time. That's why they have to get their spiel in. I don't mind it bc I end up watching programs I like several times and on different broadcasts.

      4. Marie Hageman

        I miss Peggy Feming and Scott Hamilton. They were great commentators.

      5. SubMarine

        There are a lot of NBC commentators here. Trio. I'd just leave Tara Lipinsky and Johnny Weir alone. Johnny's not as emotional as Tara and could have balanced her out well. Terry, the third commentator (more adult male voice), talks loudly and more than necessary.

    31. Алла Черневская

      Сонечка, с блестящим дебютом. Спасибо, Алексей Николаевич.

    32. Daniel

      Some people think that Rafael Artunian is being too harsh, but imagine if you were a world-class coach and one of your skaters completely bombed, likely out of laziness during practice (if all the rumors are to be believed). Talent is pointless if you're unwilling to work hard enough. I want people to stop gushing about her talent because it's getting to her head.

      1. mish098aimer

        Chi Nguyen but Raf scolded her for not working hard enough at the same time

      2. 714 Ad Astra

        Daniel Finally someone mentions that!!!!! I of course see clearly that Marin has a lot of talent. No doubt. BUT, her laziness and that she aways gives up her programs and threws her performances away even during competitions (for example the Japanese Nationals 2017 FS), it is true and the rumors are right. Although she got a lot of talent, she uses it not for skating but saying always excuses like "oh but my ankle hurts so I could not skate well" "but the next time I´ll do my best" "but I really practice hard since I´m in USA" bla bla bla bla for 1000 times after any competitions. Injury is of course a big difficulity for all athletes, it is important to take a rest when they are REALLY injured. But Marin, come on, no one can believe her excuses anymore. All she must do is on the ice, not in front of cameras. She belongs to a talent agency in Japan, she feels like she is not an athlete but an idol. I´m so sad that she has become like that after she was 16. At any ice shows her call is still "2016 Junior World Champion". Her personal best is still scores from 2-3 years ago. I´m very disappointed from her.

      3. Chi Nguyen She said it herself and she has been practicing much harder ever since she is with Raf. Not to mention, Raf was constantly asking if she was okay after she bombed her FS because she landed her jumps during run through before the FS.

      4. mish098aimer

        Daniel she might have some minor injuries. Her knee was bleeding after she skated. Rafael did ask her if she was ok a few times. But the main problem is something that she and Rafael have to figure out. And yes practicing not hard enough is an issue.

      5. Daniel

        Even her former coach has commented on her laziness. Has she had an injured ankle since 2017? LOL

    33. 犬黒

      坂本選手はまだ手先の表現に雑さがあるというか、洗練された印象を受けない部分がちらほらありますね。 演技中は各要素のレベルを取ることで頭がいっぱいでそれどころじゃないのかもしれないけど、テクニカルコンポーネンツでは宮原選手を上回っているのに、トータルでは及ばない原因はそこだと思いました。コーチも指摘はしてるはずなので、真摯に受け止められるかどうかですね。

    34. Евгения Гайдарлы

      София зажигает как Лиза Туктамышева. Они и по темпераменту как сестрички, и "папа" у них один - Алексей Мишин

    35. Chee Meng See

      Arm over the head when done excessively and especially when poorly should be penalised. Less is more.

    36. Yaniris Silvestre

      Thank you 🙏🏽 for uploading.

    37. Mihail K

      Warmest congratulations to Sofia - fantastic job!!!👏👏👏

    38. spandau

      Bradie's face at the end LOL

      1. Anne

        Reaction meme

    39. marrymisuzu

      踊りは上手いのにジャンプが安定しなくて残念! 悔しいわ〜❤️

    40. Ирина Чепкасова

      "Хулиганка" София,дала жару. Ай,молодца!!!!!!

    41. things beautiful

      bravo satoko!!!!!

    42. Iqbal Mikey

      wow..bradie romeo and juliet better than alena kostornaia? am i right?

      1. B Hodges

        Yes, I think you are

      2. I T

        LOL. No No No. Alena's choreo is not bad, and sorry, but Bradie doesn't have amazing choreo in this program.

      3. Anne

        Alena's R&J is a travesty because of that awful choreography. Bradie's is far better in that regard. Alena has much better lines and skating skills though, so I'd be interested to see how she would skate this version.

      4. mish098aimer

        Iqbal Mikey as much as I dislike the voice overs in Alena's program, it's still better than Bradie

      5. Katie Johnson

        Nope. Not a chance.

    43. 1122masao


      1. takochama


    44. Ирина Елышева

      София, супер!!! Зажигательно, красиво, браво, девочка!!!

    45. Erika Sono

      確かに宮原選手の演技が、夏のアイスショーでのお披露目時より、一段とスピーディーでエネルギッシュ、情熱的になりましたね。 それでいて、時折、ハッとするような色香がある。 とはいえ、ザギトワ選手の《カルメン》に比べると、エレメンツをこなしながらの感情表現という意味では、今一つかな? 飛ばしすぎてしまって、細部の表現が翳んでしまっているような。 ザギトワ選手の《カルメン》も、カルメンの心情表現という意味では、まだ進化中。 二人とも、これから、シーズンを通して、どうプログラムを深化させていくのか、楽しみです。 得点はまだまだ伸びそう……他の選手達が引き離されるかも? ............................ 宮原選手のこのFSの演技に私が不満なのは、プログラム全体の構造的な緩急にもっと留意して、プログラムの中心をなす主要メロディーが表現している大人の女性の艶やかさやその陰にある暗い情熱と憂いの対照を鮮やかに浮かび上がらせるべきだと思うから。 このプログラムは、大人の女性の艶やかさを描き出したピアノによるテーマ(A)が冒頭と終盤近くに2回現れ、それに挟まれる形で、憂いを含んだ弦楽器の緩やかなテーマ(B)が現れる構成。 テーマBは、3度繰り返され、ステップシークエンスの入る2回目は、まるで足を引き摺るような重苦しい低音の刻みが、深い悲しみの慟哭のように響き、3回目で感情が高ぶるようにテンポが速まると、テーマBが中断されて、移行部(E)になだれ込み、テーマAへの回帰となる。 2度現れるテーマAは、ピアノのアルペジオやトレモロを駆使した導入部(C)を伴い、艶やかなテーマAが現れるや否や、それをかき消すように、弦楽器が速いテンポで奏でる不穏で暗い情熱のような移行部(D)になだれ込む。 二度目に現れる際には、移行部Dの途中から、《四季・冬》が被さるように重ねられ、最後のコーダ部では、遂に凄絶な冬にすべてが駆逐され、突然の死のように中断されて終わる。 つまり、プログラム全体は、あでやかに現れた若く美しい女性が、不穏な情熱に駆られ、憂いに沈み、また感情を高ぶらせ、その麗しい魅力を花開かせるように見えた矢先に、運命が暗転して最期を迎えるさまを描き出しているのだ。 その間の変転す彼女の運命の明暗を描き出さなければ、このプログラムのもつ意味は伝わらない。 念のために楽曲構成を図式化しておくと、以下の通り。(主要テーマをA、B、それに付随する導入部をC、移行部をD、Eで表示。反復の際には多少の変容を伴う) 41:28 導入部【C1】(3S) 42:06 テーマ【A1】(3Lz - 3T) 42:15 移行部【D1】(Ch Compo Spin) 42:40 テーマ【B1】(3Lo, Fly Camel Spin) 43:15 テーマ【B2】(Step Sequence) 43:51 テーマ【B3】(3Lz, 2A - 3T) 44:07 移行部【E】 44:24 導入部【C2】 44:35 テーマ【A2】(Choreo Sequence) 44:53 移行部【D2】(3F - 2T - 2Lo, 2A) 45:05 移行部に《四季・冬》が被さってくる 45:27 コーダ《四季・冬》(Layback Spin)

      1. 凸凸凹

        Erika Sono 長えーよ!

    46. tisa ***

      Молодец София, красотка! Утерла нос этой бледной моли, выскочке Теннел! 👍✌Самые красивые фигуристки России Алина и София!💙💚💜

    47. Дарья Пеонка

      Молодец, София! Зажгла по полной программе! Показала чудеса эквилибристики с прыжками.

    48. Дарья Пеонка

      Браво, Сатоко! Откатала ПП шикарно! Красивая программа.

    49. alenawish

      Congrats to Satoko! I would put Sofia on the 2nd place, she looked more beautiful on the ice.

      1. Davin Yu

        Sofia is a better performer but she is nowhere near as good a skater/jumper as Kaori

      2. Araceli •Chely•

        alenawish But she is Russian right? I was talking about every Russian lady that I've seen, and that's why I admit that Alena even if she is young has a lot of artistry that others don't (she is very rare amoung Russian ladies). Of course I remember Sochi (trust me, a LOT of people do) that event along with SLS02 are things that should NEVER be forgotten. For me Sochi was the worst, they didn't even tried to hide it...But anyways I really have to go, have to study for a very important exam in two days. Take care! :)

      3. alenawish

        You said Russian skaters, not Trusova (but we are not talking about young ladies). You remember Sochi?!)) You should remember previous Olympics and all unfair rewarding.

      4. Araceli •Chely•

        alenawish oh no, I was not talking about Alina, actually I think Alina is more artistic than other Russians like Evgenia (to much phantomine, not exactly artistic), Trusova and many others. American skaters are not very elegant to my taste but I was not talking about them either. Anyways you should know that since 2014 PCS are rewarded differently and for me unfairly since then they appear to reward jumps over artistry even if they have bad technique (like Evgenia on her lutz) but anyways, I don't want to fight over this, honestly I'm so tired ^^U since Sochi (that big disappointment with so much inexplicable score inflation) this sport is not the same, I don't have the energy anymore sorry, so I'll go now. Take care :)

      5. alenawish

        Let me think... I guess you are talking about Alina Zagitova and her skating from one side to another, right?)))) If so, what can you say about those american skaters? BTW I liked Satoko's skating here, but only hers, not others japanese girls (they were not artistic)

    50. Дарья Пеонка

      Марин сменила тренера, а результата как не было, так и нет. Полностью слила свой прокат. Желаю хороших прокатов на ЧЯ.