Lamborghini Huracan - Forza Horizon 4 | Logitech g29 gameplay



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    A freeroam drive in a Lamborghini Huracan using Logitech g29 on Forza Horizon 4. Enjoy the video.
    My wheel settings :ビデオ-w9c1KNxuhag.html&t=1s
    PC Specification: (DESKTOP)
    Processor : Intel i5 6600K
    GPU : Zotac GTX 1080ti AMP! Extreme
    RAM : 16GB DDR4
    Music Used : Kisnou - Quietness:ビデオ-BtMK_7-JEU8.html
    ⚛️ Kisnou

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    1. Shadman Khan

      Damn that engine tho

    2. made priyambada

      Sound lika a truck

    3. Eshan Playz

      I wish I had this game lol

    4. Waniwan George

      Graphics like GTA 5 but more cooler

    5. SNIPERツ GOD

      Y this so satisfying

    6. Maria Catarina Katia

      Lol !!! Very Nice !!!😎

    7. Aree Pakaew

      pay you for

    8. Leonardo Gamez

      Yo a estos juegos me excita y se me para la verga 😂😂😂

    9. Tony Montana

      That mambo looks really nice 👍

    10. mito 98

      Acelera essa porrra, parece q ta com medo. Viadagi do carain

    11. Gaurang Arora

      Why everyone follow traffic rules so seriously in Forza?

    12. kwertea qwerty

      Lemme be your passenger. I got *weeeeeeed* ?

    13. Eagle Eye

      I got a g 25 wheel, shifter , break n pedal . Anyone want it ?

    14. Eagle Eye

      I would upgrade to a newer cpu like a i7 8700k you can find them for $ 300 now . That n some ddr4 ram n mobo n u out can get better performance

    15. Honey Malik

      Uploader is a piece of shit

      1. Xpertgamingtech


    16. jess may nose

      Are you using a pc?

    17. GrayCode66

      It is so satisfying to watch

    18. casta գգգ

      поставте лайк чтоб иностранцы подумали чтота класное сказал

    19. Jake Paulers

      Awesome car

    20. William Palm

      Can you stop try harding noob

    21. EYELENS clips

      If you release the clutch soon while starting...does the engine turn off???

      1. EYELENS clips

        +Xpertgamingtech!! thanks again...

      2. Xpertgamingtech

        Yeah... I don't know which all but from what I can remember, Project Cars 2, Euro truck simualator 2, American truck simualator, Dirt 4... These all games support it

      3. EYELENS clips

        +Xpertgamingtech thanks for replying.....does any other game do that?

      4. Xpertgamingtech

        Not in forza

    22. Kuba Belohoubek

      jestli řídíš ve hře jako v realitě, tak di do autoškoly

    23. pakandah

      That isn't the sound engine of a lambo

    24. ray kim

      You’re driving on the wrong side of the road LOL

    25. Diego Teliz

      Loved your video man!

    26. Andrew D


    27. TXG Productions

      Who else has FH4 but just watching this just because they want to 😂

    28. Owen Rivard

      Your wheel seems really responsive I swear mine has way more lag are you using default settings or did you play around with the settings?

      1. MoisesEDG

        It actually isn't that responsive. I thought the same at first but that's just the screen record that he probably edited so it can be more closely in sync with the wheel movements but if you actually take a look at the monitor he is playing on you can see the real delay. (Especially in first person)

    29. I AM DANNY EL

      *when you can't afford your dream car

      1. The Legendary Ravioli 囟

        When u can't even afford a good system to play it

    30. King The German Shepherd

      Please show tuning

    31. AlexTheGrumpyOne

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    32. Sohaibe Zaabane


    33. Erick _A_C_

      Two Word for this video: Fucking Amazing!

    34. Brenden Petralia

      Can someone please help me, whenever I try to launch the game it crashes, I bought the 100 dollar version and would love to play it

    35. Calvin Kee

      i hate he shift like that only 5000rpm he already shift 👎👎👎👎

    36. Bambino Vlogs

      He uses two feet to drive a automatic. Loser

      1. Owen Rivard

        Bambino Vlogs Ugh when you’re racing you always do left foot braking. I know he’s not really racing in this video but still that’s how you race.

      2. Shoj Fernandez

        Jealous 20 yr old with no job detected HAHA

    37. Gamer Faris


      1. Owen Rivard

        Gamer Faris that’s for normal driving not racing lol I know he’s not racing in this video but still it’s a racing game and that’s how you drive while racing

    38. Kate smullen

      What game is that

      1. TXG Productions

        Kate smullen forza horizion 4

    39. Jonathan Small

      This stuff was fricking satisfyingly calming, and then 3:55😂👌🔥

    40. FUJ Vlogs

      *SICK* 🔥

    41. Marcos Lima

      Aí mano esse é do PS4 ou PC

      1. Crowl

        Xbox One

    42. free fire Dts 9326

      MOST WANTED ned for speed😅😅

    43. Mukesh Mukesh

      mast H

    44. Mayan J

      the sound in this game is so bad

    45. -KIMG-

      Idk why but this is super cringy

    46. AshVlogz _

      Shifts are too fast 💨

    47. Ydudfu Uffiv

      Perdona como lo as hecho

    48. Oscar ROMEUF

      Pourquoi tu ne parle pas 😭😭😭😭😭😭