Lamborghini Huracan - Forza Horizon 4 | Logitech g29 gameplay



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    A freeroam drive in a Lamborghini Huracan using Logitech g29 on Forza Horizon 4. Enjoy the video.
    My wheel settings :ビデオ-w9c1KNxuhag.html&t=1s
    PC Specification: (DESKTOP)
    Processor : Intel i5 6600K
    GPU : Zotac GTX 1080ti AMP! Extreme
    RAM : 16GB DDR4
    Music Used : Kisnou - Quietness:ビデオ-BtMK_7-JEU8.html
    ⚛️ Kisnou

    に公開 3 ヶ月 前


    1. Aghil Taghia

      Is this as enjoyable as it seems?

    2. Nicholas Too

      You started driving very civilized.

    3. _ Vitinhooo_

      Manda bem demais no volante 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    4. Christer Reinhard

      Bruh, what was the shifting in the start😂

    5. Reetinder Singh

      wtf they drive slow

    6. Naruto Uzumaki

      So good 👍


      How to skip human verification for forza horizon 4 in Huawei y6 please tell me

    8. YUU URATA


    9. Koragh

      good car good handling too for a fast car

    10. Abbas Alichi

      Is this on ps4

    11. Music Sabotage

      9:24 Did you pay for that ticket XD

    12. J M


    13. Elidar Asanaliev

      Збс че ещё сказать

    14. Alexander Richmond

      One thing that I dont find realistic is how fast the car is going. When the speedometer says 100 km/h, for example, the car is going more like 60 km/h.

    15. games

      never seen anyone using left foot on a brake pedal xx

    16. Alex Capo

      Is he using his left foot to brake lol? I don’t know much about racing cars but when I drive I don’t use both feet

    17. Rraakkeem Jjoonees

      Can you go off-road in this game

    18. Eddie M

      Is it possible to play this game with VR? It would be amazing

    19. Nome Cognome

      Nice driving

    20. scas 123


    21. lookintothesky123

      Can you play this with a vr headset and steering wheel?

    22. Victor

      WOW fantastic graphics!!!

    23. Carlos De La Ossa

      You’re a good driver.

    24. Anish90

      Only noobs use this view

    25. Mr Teach

      What is game name you of this game

      1. DizzyDwarf

        Forza Horizon 4 is the name of the game

    26. Mr Teach

      I want this game

    27. Ayush Kumar

      Which game is this

    28. Pranjal VW

      Left hand steering system and Left Side driving. Amazing

    29. 노형목젖

      내차가 왜 저기있냐

    30. Leo

      aprende a meter cambios che

    31. Liong Marlin

      What is that's online??

    32. Ian Balisi

      Man,where are you going??

    33. Cara Me

      The name game?

    34. Cool Tech

      How many gigabytes is this game

    35. Sohil cracian

      Is game ka name kya hai

    36. RIC182 o

      How is possible that u play with steerling wheel ,for ps4 , on Forza Horizon 4, witch is for Xbox consoles

      1. Leon Kormov

        He plays on pc


      U are a smooth driver😺


      U are a smooth driver😺

    39. ZB Valory

      Are this game online?

    40. David Brown

      What’s is the link to the game for pc? And what rig is that weel?

    41. KADER

      the gamplay is a real life

    42. Sakarias Karlsson

      This is the new fm7 918 for fh4. Its the magic cheap jack of all trades supercar that everyone has. i got 3 of them already

    43. Sebastian Verheyen

      As a ps4 user this is the only Xbox game I really want

      1. Abdul Rahman


      2. Spongewilly 69

        So true. Maybe a few backwards compatible games also

      3. Sebastian Verheyen

        +Anderssen 1115 I'm good with playstation, after all are some of the gran turismo games just as good as the forza games

      4. Anderssen 1115

        Buy a PC, i have a PlayStation and a pc so i dont need to touch that gross Xbox console

      5. Sebastian Verheyen

        +xxChrisThe Legendxx the crew project cars and gran turismo if they release a new game

    44. Aaron Marshall Dalusung


    45. .m.

      scenic drive

    46. Josh Arkta

      *its a ps4 wheel wtf*

    47. biaxe brothrs

      My Turkish Honda s2000

    48. freddieVevo

      you cant play forza on a ps4... EXPOSED

    49. Yusuf KARAOĞUZ


    50. Kenneth Grooms

      This looks like real life

    51. ZIKRI RTG

      grafik is good

    52. Ong Juon Yuan

      Do Aventador please

      1. Xpertgamingtech

        Will do!

    53. agung gunawan

      Challenge race

    54. Lontra Gamez

      Eis que vc joga um exclusivo da Microsoft com um volante da Sony

    55. Manbir Singh

      thumbnail > actual game

    56. ScopingYouOut

      I'm happy, I just got the Lamborghini Veneno.

    57. star dusty

      I feel like he actually got to the destination


      I like that game


      I like the graphics

    60. c k

      Very nice video bro ,👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    61. Nandhu Krishna

      The shadows are in the same direction

    62. Debtanu Skyress

      this game would have been perfect with decent car sounds

    63. huntii

      Forza horizon 4 = who can slide faster

    64. ________________

      Soo...did u get a license??

    65. Rohit Kumar

      I love Lamborghini hurricane❤️

    66. Boomer Kutyu


    67. JroctheBEAST24 Perez

      Explain why I see a PlayStation logo on the steering wheel

    68. VC_Ghost

      im jealous ::::((((

    69. Ayoub Sister


    70. Iwan Saputra

      Bang Lamborghini harapan dong bang

    71. Breezy Harley

      Uuuuch quiero jugar también me encanta ése juego 🎮🎮🚗💨

    72. Deadly Blade

      This game graphic is too bad! Can you try GTA San Andreas?

    73. Agii daw

      And when he reach 200 kph, Maxwrist suddenly shows up😂.

    74. Un Believable

      That s so lit

    75. Oscar Lai

      i would like to have signal light ~ and a reverse light

    76. Rahul Dewangan

      What Game Do you played in this video !! And what is the setup ?

      1. Xpertgamingtech

        Check description

    77. Nickey somra

      You don't know how to drive

    78. Ñééđłę Wëëď

      I dont know why........even though its just a game.......i almost i was in it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    79. Zealand Wylie

      Is this an automatic?

    80. seirdo

      @xpertgamingtech Have you thought about overlaying your controls faded over the gameplay?

    81. XLucasX XReyesX

      soy el comentario en español q buscabas :v

    82. video games

      soooo killing graphics..i like it

    83. Luke Cage

      Ps volante pro forza ?

    84. wurl DA

      what game plase ?

      1. Cardboardguy 14

        It says what game it is in the video title.....

    85. Hüseyin

      Best channel and super videos

    86. Leo Garcia

      How do you play forza horizon when its a xbox exclusive

      1. Xpertgamingtech

        No worries

      2. Leo Garcia

        Well sorry for not knowing that

      3. Xpertgamingtech

        Every wheel works with PC

      4. Leo Garcia

        I mean your not wrong but i saw a playstation controller and logo on the steering wheel

      5. Xpertgamingtech

        Its Microsoft exclusive. Not Xbox exclusive. I play on windows 10

    87. ProEvanGamez

      How do you get the Huracan.

    88. Hadise Fan

      I hate the street system in England

    89. Hendra Santoso

      So realistic

    90. Lucky Duck

      Hmm... I have that steering wheel but it’s for Xbox but it doesn’t work☹️☹️☹️

    91. Lucky Duck

      I have a toy version of that Lamborghini 🙂

    92. Hamza Jawad

      how. is this game name

    93. Joseph

      Smooth af makes me want to get one

    94. Musawir bullo

      Graphics look dope but that hand quality is extremely poor

    95. Alaksa.F TV

      Devel sexteen

    96. Sergio poma pera


    97. Ahmed Amine

      What is the name of the game

    98. DennisHecox

      damn it looks clean and neat. perfection!

    99. PATISHAH

      great driving!

      1. Xpertgamingtech


    100. gongwei he

      什么游戏?在哪下载?手机可以玩吗?。 小学生三连